January 29, 2018

The 2018 NW La. District schedule

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Here’s What NW La. District Senior Olympics Offers This Year March 16‐May 29
Senior Residence Communities Competition
Friday, March 16 BEAN BAG BASEBALL, 9 A.M. Bellaire Fitness Center, 4330 Panther Drive, Bossier City.
Friday, March 23 WASHER PITCH, 8:30 A.M. Azalea Estates, 516 Flournoy Lucas Rd., Shreveport.
Open Division
Friday, April 6 BEANBAG BASEBALL, 9 A.M., VFW Post #4588, 1004 Jeter St., Bossier City, NOTE: Teams that avoid
Saturday, April 7 elimination continue play on Saturday, April 14, 9 a.m., same place.
Tuesday, April 10 OPENING CEREMONY & SENIOR HEALTH FAIR, 9 A.M. Bossier City Civic Center,
620 Benton Road, Bossier City
Thursday, April 12 TABLE GAMES, 9 A.M. (Skipbo, Phase 10, Mexican Train Dominoes) Bossier Council on Aging,
706 Bearkat Dr., Bossier City (Choose and list your partner for Skipbo)
Friday, April 13 DOMINOS, 9 A.M. NW La. War Veterans Home, Arthur Ray Teague Parkway, Bossier City.
Thursday, April 19 TABLE TENNIS, 5:30 P.M., Bossier Recreation Offices, 3223 Old Shed Road., Bossier City
Saturday, April 21 DARTS/ACCURACY THROWS, 9 A.M. Knights of Columbus Bossier, 5400 E. Texas, Bossier City.
Saturday, April 21 TRACK AND FIELD, 8:30 A.M., Benton High School, LA Hwy.3, Benton, LA.
Monday, April 23 POOL, 8-BALL, 9 A.M., Randal T. Moore Senior Center, 3101 Fairfield Avenue, Shreveport
Wednesday, April 25 CHESS, NOON, Randle T. Moore Senior Center, 3101 Fairfield Avenue, Shreveport.
Thursday, April 26 MARKSMANSHIP, 1 P.M., 22 rifles and pistols, Shooters USA, 357 Magnum Drive, Bossier City.
Monday, April 30 WASHER PITCH, 9 A.M., Bellaire Fitness Center, 4330 Panther Drive, Bossier City.
Thursday, May 3 BOCCE BALL, 9 A.M., Betty Virginia Park, 3800 Line Ave., Shreveport Note: Bring your own chair!
Friday, May 4 HORSESHOES, RECREATIONAL, 8 A.M., Knights of Columbus Bossier, 5400 E. Texas, Bossier City.
HORSESHOES, ADVANCED, 9 A.M., Knights of Columbus Bossier, 5400 E. Texas, Bossier City
Saturday, May 5 ARCHERY, 9 A.M., Red River Archery Range, 4099 Radcliff Road, Shreveport.
Monday, May 7 SHUFFLEBOARD, 8 A.M., SINGLES. Bill Cockrell Community Center, 4109 Pines Rd., Shreveport
Tuesday, May 8 SHUFFLEBOARD, 8 A.M., DOUBLES. Bill Cockrell Community Center, 4109 Pines Rd., Shreveport
Tuesday, May 8 RECREATIONAL & 5K WALK, 9 A.M., Brownlee Park off Brownlee Road, Bossier City.
Wednesday, May 16 GOLF, 9 A.M., Querbes Park, 3500 Beverly Place, Shreveport
CHIP & PUTT, 1 P.M., Querbes Park, 3500 Beverly Place, Shreveport
Wednesday, May 9 TENNIS, 9 A.M., Bossier Tennis Center, 4330 Benton Road, Bossier City ( flexible scheduling )
BOWLING, MIXED DOUBLES, 1 P.M., All-Star Lanes, 9130 Mansfield Road, Shreveport.
Friday, May 11 BOWLING, DOUBLES, 1 P.M., All-Star Lanes, 9130 Mansfield Road, Shreveport. (Choose your own partner).
Saturday, May 12 LADDERS GOLF, 8 A.M., Knights of Columbus Bossier, 5400 E. Texas, Bossier City.
Tuesday, May 15 MINIATURE GOLF, 6 P.M., Party Central, 4401 Viking Drive, Bossier City.
Wednesday, May 16 BOWLING, SINGLES, 1 P.M., All-Star Lanes, 9130 Mansfield Road, Shreveport.
Friday, May 18 BOWLING, SCOTCH DOUBLES, 1 P.M., Holiday Lanes, 3316 Old Minden Rd., Bossier City.
(Choose your own partner. Teams are either one man and one woman or two women).
Wednesday, May 23 BOWLING, 9 PIN NO TAP, 1 P.M., Holiday Lanes, 3316 Old Minden Rd., Bossier City.
Friday, May 25 BOWLING, TEAM, 1 P.M., Holiday Lanes, 3316 Old Minden Rd., Bossier City.
(Four players to a team, either two men and two women or four women. Make up your own teams)
Tuesday, May 29 CELEBRATION 10 A.M., VFW Post #4588, 1004 Jeter St., Bossier City
Rain Dates: Bocce Ball, May 10; Rec. & 5K Walk, May 15; Mini Golf, May 22; Horseshoes, May 17; Golf and Chip & Putt, May 21
Track & Field, April 28
NOTE: If you are unable to play in an event you signed for, please call Bette Turner at 318-470-6264 at least a day prior to your event.
If you have questions specific to events, contact the following parties who act as coordinators of events:
Accuracy Throws, Bocce Ball, Bowling, Darts, Shuffleboard, Washer Pitch, or Retirement Communities activities,
Marilyn Hainey (318-617-6765)
Archery, Emma Brown (318-572-6102)
Beanbag Baseball, Duane Chilton (318-742-8867 or 318-453-3866)
Chess, Bob Taylor (318-742-7111)
Dominoes, Lowrane Johns (318-741-2763 Ext. 127)
8-Ball Pool, Lillian Trammel (318-773-0574)
Golf, Chip & Putt and/or Miniature Golf, Marilyn Creswell (318-771-8302)
Horseshoes and/or Ladders Golf, Gary Price (318-294-2545)
Marksmanship and/or Table Games, Jackie Conner (318-742-9440)
Opening Ceremony and/or Celebration, Ronny Comstock (318-658-3811)
Recreational and/or 5-K Walk, Jim & Kay Aldrich (318-401-1442 or 318-401-0611)
Table Tennis, Velma Johnson (318-294-3681)
Tennis, Todd Killen (318-213-2108)
Track and Field, Frank Trammel (318-286-8454 or 318-949-9316)

May 27, 2017


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Paula Hadwin and Curtis Drayden bowled high serieses to pace the singles division in the District bowling competition at Holiday Lanes.

On the women’s side, Hadwin put together a 582 series, sandwiching a high game of 247 along the way. Gayle Pearce and Lynn Stuckey each had 211 games as the second highest of the day. Pearce (526) and Stuckery (523) were 2-3 in the series standings.

On the men’s side, Drayden posted the best series (640), closed out with a 279 game, the high of the day. L.D. Nash and Fred Walters, each at 243, were close behind for high game honors. Nash and Don Preuett each posted serieses of 626, second best on the day.


Females Ages 50-59: Gold-Gayle Pierce. Silver-Frankie Smith. Ages 60-64: Rose Mary Crawford. Silver-Martha Susla. Bronze-Gaila Clark. Ages 65-69: Gold-Paula Hadwin. Silver- Cathie Etheredge. Bronze-Judy Lee. Ages 70-74: Gold- Lynn Stuckey. Silver-Sally Moody. Bronze-Janiet Lanclos. Ages 75-80: Gold- Brenda Beck. Silver-Red Fletcher. Bronze-LaJuana Shirley. Ages 81-plus: Gold-Betty Hustead. Silver-Gwen Jordan. Bronze-Lucille Godwin.

Males Ages 55-64: Gold-Joel Montgomery. Silver-Greg Clark. Bronze-John Clark. Ages 65-69: Gold Curtis Drayden . Silver JR Morse. Bronze- Mike Whitehead. Ages 70-74: Gold-L.D. Nash. Silver-Bob McCollum. Bronze Bubba Ogden. Ages 75-79: Gold-Don Preuett. Silver-Fred Walters. Bronze- Everett Fuller. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Dick Hainey. Silver-Jim Draper. Bronze-Gary Price.

Females Ages 50-59: Gold-Rhonda Ward-Ann Glisson 942. Silver-Gayle Pearce-Joann Smith 917. Bronze-Debbie Burch-Becky Parker 876. Ages 60-64: Gold-Rose Mary Crawford-Jane Pace 932. Silver-Diane Smith-Martha Susla 859. Bronze-Gaila Clark-Mary Foise 841. Ages 65-69: Gold-Cathie Etheredge-Joann Henderson 937. Silver-Judy Lee-Brenda Beck 874. Bronze-Paula Hadwin-Lajuana Shirley 823.. Ages 70-74: Gold-Lynn Stuckey-Red Fletcher 1,008. Silver-Sally Moody-Janet Lanclos 859. Ages 75-plus: Gold-Margie Floyd-Kay Staples 864. Silver-Gwen Jordan-Betty Hustead 778. Bronze-Bettye Tullis-Lucille Godwin 767.

Males Ages 60-64: Gold-James Rogers-Steve McCarter 1070. Silver-Greg Clark-Bubba Ogden 1066. Bronze-Joel Montgomery-Ray Smith 1007. Ages 65-69: Gold-J.R. Morse-Jeff Wilcox 1,280. Silver-Curtis Drayden-L.D. Nash 1173. Bronze-Steve Berry-Fred Walters 1160. Ages 70-plus: Gold-Gary Price-Jim Draper 996. Silver-Everett Fuller-Richard Rice 942. Bronze-Roger Hoeman-Dick Hainey 916.

Ages 50-54: Gold-Rhonda Ward-Bubba Ogden 1101. Silver: Gayle Pearce-Mike Thomas 1019. Ages 55-59: Gold-Joann Smith-Bill Lawrensen 1188. Silver-Sally Moody-John Clark 973. Bronze-Gaile and Greg Clark 885. Ages 60-64: Mary Foisy-J.R. Morse 1079. Silver-Joann and Robert Washington 908. Bronze-Martha and James Susla 853. Ages 65-69: Gold-Diane Jobe-Fred Walters 1063. Silver-Cathie Etheredge-Johnnie Taylor 1041. Bronze-Margie Floyd-Curtis Drayden 1015. Ages 70-79: Gold-Kay Staples-Don Preuett 1020. Silver-Diane and Ray Smith 1011. Sue and Mike Toloso 959. Ages 80-plus: Gold- Red Fletcher-Jim Draper 1012. Silver- Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 817.


Ages 50-54: Gold-Rhonda Ward-Bubba Ogden. Silver-Joan Bradford-Jeanne Smith. Agesm 55-59: Gold-Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurenson. Silver-Gaila and John Clark. Bronze-Judy Person-Glenda. Ages 60-64: Gold-Debbie Childs-Spike Prokopf. Silver-Mary Foisy-JR Morse. Bronze-Martha and James Susla. Ages 65-69: Gold-Diane Jobe-Fred Walters. Silver-Paula and Larry Hadwin. Bronze-Margie Floyd-Curtis Drayden. Ages 70-74: Gold-Diane and Ray Smith. Silver-Elaine Ingersoll-Beth Broner. Bronze-LaJuana Shirley-Richard Rice. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Betty Husted-Dick Hainey. Silver Mary and Gary Price. Bronze-Red Fletcher-Jim Draper.


Females Ages 50-59: Gold-Frankie Smith. Silver-Robin Rothenbrger. Ages 60-64: Gold-Kim Price. Silver-Gaile Clark. Bronze-Martha Susla. Ages 65=69: Paula Hadwin. Silver-Cathie Ethredge. Ages 70-74: Elaine Ingersoll. Silver-Diane Smith. Bronze-Beth Broner. Ages 75-79: Gold-B.J. Ellison. Silver-Brenda Beck. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Red Fletcher. Silver-(tie) Betty Hustead and LaJuana Shirley. Bronze-Retta Mathews.

Males Ages 55-69: Gold-JR Morse. Silver-Curtis Drayden. Bronze-Mike Whitehead. Ages 70-79: Gold-Bob McCollum. Silver-Larry Hadwin. Bronze-Fred Walters. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Jim Draper. Silver-Gary Price. Bronze-Dick Hainey.


Ages 50-59: Gold-Minds in the Gutter (Bubba Ogden, Spike Prokopf, Rhonda Ward, Ann Glisson). Silver-Spare Parts (Charlie Brinegar, Jane Pace, Joann Smith, Bill Laurenson). Bronze-Alley Oops (Cathie Etheredge, Debbie Burch, Betty Parker, Lynn Stucky). Ages 60-64: Gold-Bayou Buddies (Lily Fridenberg, Mary Foisy, JR Morse, Don Preuett). Silver-Has Beens (JoAnn Henderson, Joann Washington, Robert Washington, Richhard Rice). Bronze- Odd Balls (Gaila Clark, Judy Lee, Janiet Lanclos, Sally Moody). Ages 65-69: Gold-Salt and Pepper (Diane Jobe, Kay Staples, Curtis Drayden, James Bird). Silver-Just for Fun (Larry Hadwin, Paula Hadwin, Fred Walters, LaJauna Shirley). Ages 70-74: Gold-It’s Happening (Elaine Ingersoll, Beth Broner, B.J. Ellison, Nancy Dusang). Ages 80-plus: Gold-Hot Stuff (Gary Price, Mary Price, Red Fletcher, Jim Draper). Silver-Never Too Old (Betty Hustead, Gwen Jordan, Roger Hoeman, Dick Hainey).

May 20, 2017


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It looked like a blue wave sweeping over the Party Central miniature golf course when the NW Louisiana District Senior Olympics held its championship May 16. Most of the 36 contestants wore their snappy blue Senior Olympics T-shirts given to all entrants in the 25th year of the district.

When it came to determining the low scorer of the night, Harold Harvill must have left the other men in the event a little blue. He shot a two-over par 38, five strokes better than Bill Snow, his nearest competition. Harvill’s total was one of the lowest ever in the event.

Elaine Ingersoll paced the ladies with a 48-stroke total, with Vicki Mericle, Janeth Kahlenhofer and Kay Aldrich each posting 54s for runner-up honors.

Lionel Brangham (43) and Steve Pinkley (43) were behind Harvill and Snow in the men’s division.

Last year, Ed Reynolds fashioned the low score (42) in ending a long domination by Harvill in the men’s division by a single shot. Donna Cole’s 48 was low score for the ladies in 2016.

Females Ages 60-69: Vickie Mericle 54 Gold, Linda Johnson. 58 Silver. Betty Smith 58 Bronze. Ages 70-74: Elaine Ingersoll 48 Gold. Jeanette Kohlenhoffer 54 Silver. Claudia Beene 58 Bronze. Ages 75-79: Kay Aldrich 54 Gold. Salie Vaughn 64 Silver. no bronze awarded. Ages 80-84: Doris Carter 56 Gold. Atlean Snow 58 Silver. Red Fletcher 59 Bronze.

Males Ages 65-69: Lionel Brangham 45 Gold. Steve Pinkley 47 Silver. no bronze awarded. Ages 70-79: Harold Harvill 38 Gold. Bob Taylor 51 Silver. Leon Darden 59 Bronze. Ages 80-84: Bill Snow 43 Gold. Jim Aldrich 51. Silver. Walter Hall 51 Bronze.

May 12, 2017


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Richard Gibson posted the highest score of the day in winning the Gold Medal for archers 50-54 years of age in the Male Compound Release division of the NW La. District Senior Olympics archery championship at Red River Bowmen’s Range May 6.

Gibson finished with 887 points (40x). The Silver Medal in the division went to Chip Hemphill with the second highest point total of the day, 868 (30x). Robert Miller, in winning the Gold Medal in the 60-64 age group, had the next highest total, 867 (20x).

Denise McKelvain and Becky Harris competed in the women’s compound release, Denise scoring 816 in the 50-54 age bracket and Becky 779 in the 60-64 age group.

The Results

Female Compound Release–Ages 50-54: Denise McKelvin Gold. Ages 60-64: Becky Harris Gold. Male Barebow Recurve (no sights) Ages 60-64: Timothy Wachtel Gold. Ages 70-74: Jim Metzger Gold. 87 with 40 in the Male Compound Release–Ages 50-54: Richard Gibson Gold. Chip Hemphill Silver. Todd Clifton Bronze. Ages 60-64: Robert Miller Gold. Ages 65-69: Kerry King Gold. Jacques Bulliard Silver. Jerry Harris Bronze. Ages 80-84: Bill Brown, Gold. Male Recurve (with sights)–Ages 55-59: Davis McKelvain Gold. Ages 65-69: Robert Lowry Gold.


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DSC_1426.JPG Jay Boyd and Rhonda Rubben all smiles
after winning mixed doubles Gold Medals.


Jay Boyd teamed with Rhonda Rubben and Alan Cox to win Gold Medals ln doubles play during the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics competition at North Bossier Tennis Center May 10.

Boyd and Rubben bested Fred and Kim Lucky and Herman Lejune and Rebecca Williamson in mixed doubles. Boyd teamed with Cox to win the men's doubles competition over teams of Gene Cassanova-Bob Litton and Ed Dilworth and Rick Namie.

In women's doubles, Gold Medals went to Sandy Botzohg and Anna Marks, Peggy McCrary and Rubben, Kayla Litton and Shirley Martin and Sue Cummer and Bonnie Cox in various age divisions.

"With the help of Kaye Cochran, president of the Northwest Louisiana Tennis Association, and Todd Killen, the NBTC pro, the 2017 tournament experienced phenomenal growth," said Gerry Robichaux, formerly in charge of tennis for the district. "We had seven players last year and 34 players this year. Doing the math, I found that that was a very large percentage of growth."

Officials and players alike complimented Killen and company on the conduct of the event.

Women’s Singles—JoAnnMarks Gold. Velma Johnson Silver. Dee Messier Bronze.
Men’s Singles—Roy Thomas Gold. Ed Dilworth Silver.
Women’s Doubles Ages 50-54: Sandy Botzohg-JoAnn Marks Gold. Linda Fowler-Sallie Meshell Silver. Jan Bino-Linda Cox Bronze. Ages 55-59: Peggy McCrary-Rhonda Rubben Gold. Kaye Cochran-Ann Allred Silver. Sheri Hightower-Gloria Smith Bronze. Ages 60-64: Kayla Letton-Shirley Martin Gold. Terry Shinn-Annetta Davidson Silver. Jinnie Johnson-Sally Joiner Bronze. Ages 66-72: Sue Cummer-Bonnie Cox Gold. Patti Guanella– Sandra Vickers Silver. Carrol Kurtzman-Ann Swor Bronze.
Men’s Doubles—Jay Boyd-Alan Cox Gold. Gene Cassanova-Bob Litton Silver. Ed Dilworth-Rick Namie Bronze.
Mixed Doubles—Jay Boyd-Rhonda Rubben Gold. Fred and Kim Lucky Silver. Herman Lejune-Rebecca Williams Bronze.

May 8, 2017


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Winners from the Chip and Putt competition gather for a
photo op on Querbes Park Golf Course’s veranda.


Chip Hemphill, who asked Senior Olympics officials to see to it he was entered in archery and golf, was right on target Monday at Querbes Park, posting the best score of all contestants in golf.

Hemphill, in the 50-54 age bracket, shot a 73 on nines of 35-38 in winning medalist honors by four shots over Dwayne Pickett who toured Querbes in 37-40–77. Ricky Dunn was third in medal scoring with a 41-37–78 in a tournament that could boast the most scores ever in the 70s in the 25-year history of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics.

It was a big weekend for Hemphill as on Saturday he won a silver medal in archery’s male compound release (50-54 age group) with an 868, second highest individual score of the day.

In a change from years past, golf coordinators Richard Beall and Vickie Mericle returned the tournament to the venerable old public course and held the chip and putt competition after the golf championship. It made for a long day, but there were few complaints from the golfers, who were treated to lunch and given goodie bags, made possible by the generosity of local merchants Home Depot, Edwin Watts Golf, Academy Sports, Gerrison’s Nursery, Outback Steakhouse, Fishing Frenzy, Brookshires and Julie Anne’s Bakery.

Ages 50-54: Gold-Chip Hemphill. Silver-Rickey Dunn. Bronze-Richard Gipson. Ages 60-69: Gold-Jeff Coulson. Silver-Steve Pinkley. Bronze- Malcolm Martin and Robert Miller (tie). Ages 70-74: Gold-Dwayne Pickett. Silver Don Ashworth. Bronze-Bob Jahnke. Ages 75-79: Gold-Mike Davis. Silver-Bill Bunyard. Bronze-Leon Darden. Ages 80-84: Gold-Harry Allen. Silver-Larry Rowe. Bronze-Jerry Warren. Ages 85-89: Gold-Thomas Bachman. Silver-Ray Mitchell.

Leading Scores
Chip Hemphill 35-38–73. Dwayne Pickett 37-40–77. Ricky Dunn 41-37–78. Jeff Coulson 38-42–80. Harry Allen 41-41–82. Mike Davis 43-47–84. Bill Bunyard 41-44–85. Larry Joubert 43-43–86. Charles Knox 41-46–87. Steve Pinkley 45-44–89. Larry Rowe 45-44–89.

Chipping Contest
Ages 50-54: Gold-Richard Gibson. Silver-Chip Hemphill. Ages 60-64: Gold-Robert Miller. Silver-Malcomb Gibson. Ages 65-69: Gold- Steve Pinkley. Ages 70-74: Gold-Larry Joubert. Ages 75-79: Gold-Bill Bunyard. Silver-Leon Darden. 80-plus: Gold-Jerry Warren.

Putting Contest
Ages 50-54: Gold-Chip Hemphill. Silver-Richard Gibson. Ages 60-64:Gold-Robert Miller. Silver-Malcomb Gibson Ages 70-74: Larry Joubert. Ages 75-79: Gold-Leon Darden. Silver-Bill Bunyard. Bronze-Mike Davis. 80-plus: Gold-Jerry Warren

May 3, 2017


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The prospects of inclement weather sent another NW La. District Senior Olympics activity to its scheduled rain date.

Bocce Ball will be played on May 11. The competition was scheduled for Thursday, May 4, at 9 a.m. in Betty Virginia Park. However, because of rains Wednesday when preparations were scheduled to be made and after looking at weather forecasts for Thursday, district officials made the decision to move to May 11 in Betty Virginia Park at 9 a.m. Earlier, the district Track and Field competition was moved from April 29 to May 20 at Airline High School because of prospects of rain.

April 27, 2017


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The husband-wife team of Linda and Lionel Brangham stole the show in NW La. District Senior Olympics Marksmanship competition’s .22 pistol division Thursday (April 27) at Shooters USA.

Linda posted a 195 of a possible 300 in outshooting Jackie Conner (45) and Gail Thompson (27). Lionel scored 214 to win the men’s pistol division for shooters ages 65-75. John Godwin took the Silver Medal with a score of 175.

In the pistol division for ages 75-85, Dan Saxton had the high mark of the day at 227. James Russom took the Silver Medal with a 46 score.

“Whenever Dan Saxon shows up, everyone is playing for second place in high score,” quipped district Marksmanship Coordinator Conner about the seven-time winner of the honor in the district.

In the .22 rifle competition, Don Floyd claimed the Gold Medal with Lionel Brangham winning the Silver Medal.

The Results
.22 Pistol Division
FEMALE–Gold-Linda Brangham. Silver-Jackie Conner. Bronze-Gail Thompson.
MALE–Ages 55-70: Gold-Lionel Brangham. Silver-John Godwin. Ages 75-80: Gold-Dan Saxon. Silver James Russom.
.22 Rifle Division
MALE–Ages 65-75: Gold-Don Floyd. Silver-Lionel Brangham.


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Due to heavy rains at midweek and the prospects of more rain on the weekend, officials have opted to postpone the District’s track and field tournament to the rain date of Saturday, May 20.

In concert, the track and field chairman Frank Trammel, District Coordinator Ronny Comstock and District facilitator Lionel Brangham made the decision Thursday morning after Trammel and his aide inspected the Airline field. The shot put and discus areas were in standing water, Trammel said, adding that marking those areas and the javelin site would be very difficult. “We talked with Channel 3 weatherman Joe Haynes about what may be ahead on Saturday and then decided to postpone,” Trammel said

“So we are off to May 20, same time and station (8:3 a.m. at Airline field),” Trammel said. All entries will be honored and new entries will be accepted until May 18

Young Taylor Makes Move in Chess

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Tray Taylor joined his father, Bob, at the top of the medal stand in chess competition.

The Taylors were joined by another familiar name wearing Gold Medals when the boards were cleared as Nelson Bailey repeated his 2016 performance. Robert Stockman also claimed a Gold Medal.

The Results

50-54 Ages: Gold-Tray Taylor. Silver-Rob Batten. 60-64 Ages: Gold- Nelson Bailey. Silver-Rick Reicherstbach. 70-74 Ages: Gold-Robert Stockman. Silver: Robert Sutton. 75-79 Ages: Gold-Bob Sutton. Silver-Robert Stratman.

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