May 13, 2016


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DSC_1087 (4).JPG DSC_1072 (5).JPGHigh series in Friday’s Doubles Bowling at All Star Lanes came from Don Preuett and Mike Berry (left photo) for the men and Gayle Pearce and Jean Smith (right photo) for the women.
Mike Berry and Don Preuett posted a 1,149 and the mother-daughter team of Gayle Pearce and Jean Smith a 1,010 for the top scores in the Northwest District Doubles Bowling competition at All Star Lanes Friday.

Pearce-Smith won the women’s 50-59 age bracket ahead of Rhonda Ward and Ann Glisson who had the next best series (980) on the women’s side of the event. Elaine Ingersoll and Beth Broner won the Gold Medal in the 65-69 bracket with 964, third highest series of the day on the female side.

J.R. Morse and George Patton (1,109) and Curtis Drayden and Clarence Greene (1,107) finished 1-2 in the 60-69 men’s age bracket and followed Berry-Preuett in the leading series standing.

High individual series for men went to J. R. Morse (639) and Morse and Gary Price shared high-game honors (227). On the female side, Ann Glisson at 528 had the high individual series and Joann Smith at 194 the high individual game.

Females Ages 50-59: Gayle Pearce-Jean Smith 1,010 Gold. Rhonda Ward-Ann Glisson 980 Silver. Robin Rothenberger-Jane Pace 869 Silver. 60-64: Charlotte Harris-Mary Magness 933 Gold. Cathie Etheredge-Jo Ann Henderson 891 Silver. Gaila Clark-Mary Cowser 852 Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll-Beth Broner 964 Gold. Paula Hadwin-Lajuana Shirley 928 Silver. Rachel Preuett-Red Fletcher 900 Bronze. 70-74: Brenda Beck-Lynn Stuckey 959 Gold. Diane Smith-B.J. Ellison 899 Silver. Janet McKenzie-Margie Floyd 844 Bronze.75-90 plus: Gwen Jordan-Betty Hustead 720 Gold. Eleanor Ritchie-Sue Crow 717 Silver. Shirley Faulk-Jean Brown 608 Silver.

Males Ages 60-69: J.R. Morse-George Patton 1,109 Gold. Curtis Drayden-Clarence Greene 1,107 Silver. Wayne Mayo-Ken Kristick 1,057 Bronze. 70-74: Mike Berry-Don Preuett 1,149 Gold. Larry Hadwin-L.D. Nash and Robert Washington-Richard Rice tied at 1,002 for Silver. James Rogers-Bob McCollum 970 Bronze. 75-Plus: Jim Draper-Gary Price 963 Gold. Ernest Good-Dick Hainey 910 Silver.

May 12, 2016


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DSC_1092 (3).JPGDonna Cole (left) and Ed Reynolds were female and male medalists in Miniature Golf.
DSC_1095 (1).JPGTop female scorers included (from left) Juanita Tucker, Mary Price, Louise Rowell and Linda Brangham.
DSC_1094 (2).JPGA father-son medal performance for Jerry Warren (front) and Jimmy Warren

Donna Cole and Ed Reynolds, two newcomers to the Northwest District’s Miniature Golf competition, posted the low score in their respective divisions Thursday evening at Party Central in Bossier City.

Reynolds shot six-over par 42 to pace the men’s competition, a stroke better than last year’s low scorer Harold Harvill, Bob Taylor and Lionel Brangham, who conducted the event. Cole posted 48 to lead the women, two better than Juanita Tucker and three ahead of Mary Price.

It is interesting to see the attention Harvill draws in this event (he has been low scorer 14 times over the years). When Taylor, who beat Harvill for the honor in 2002, rolled in a hole-in-one on the 18th hole, he realized he had tied Harvill at 43. Alas Taylor and Harville were in the same age bracket (70-74) with Reynolds. Under tournament rules, ties are broken by a scorecard playoff in determining the medal standings and Harvill captured the Silver Medal and Taylor settled for bronze behind Reynolds’ gold.

Brangham won the Gold Medal in the 65-69 age group. Bill Snow and Jerry Warren also won age group Gold Medals among the men.

Besides Cole, Carol Estrada, Juanita Tucker, Mary Price and Louise Rowell won Gold Medals among the women. On the women’s leader board, Tucker 50, Price 51, Rowell 52, Linda Brangham 53 and Sally Vaughan 54 followed Cole. Top men’s scores included Steve Pinkley 47. Jerry Warren 47, Jimmy Warren 47 and Bill Snow 47.


Female Ages 60-64: Donna Cole 48 Gold. Linda Johnson 64 Silver. No Bronze awarded. 65-69: Louise Rowell 52 Gold. Linda Brangham 53 Silver. Betty Smith 62 Bronze. 70-74: Carol Estrada 56 Gold. Jeanette Kohlnhofer 56 Silver (tie broken by scorecard playoff). Marilyn Hainey 58 Bronze. 75-79: Juanita Tucker 50 Gold. Sallie Vaughn 54 Silver. Kay Aldrich 57 Bronze. 80-84: Mary Price 51 Gold. Doris Carter 56 Silver. Retta Matthews 64 Bronze.

Males Ages 65-69: Lionel Brangham 43 Gold. Steve Pinkley 47 Silver. Jimmy Warren 47 Bronze (tie broken by scorecard playoff). 70-74: Ed Reynolds 42 Gold. Harold Harvill 43 Silver. Bob Taylor 43 Bronze (tie broken by scorecard playoff). 75-79: Bill Snow 47 Gold. Jim Aldrich 49 Silver. Leon Darden 54 Bronze. 80-89: Jerry Warren 47 Gold. Gary Price 52 Silver. Les Brosset 54 Bronze.

May 11, 2016


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DSC_1092 (2).JPGMargie Floyd and Curtis Drayden (second and third from left) led the way in Mixed Doubles bowling with a 1,068 series at All-Star Lanes. ahead of the Joann Smith (left) and her partner Bill Laurenson (not shown), who had a 1,066 series. Cathie Etheredge and George Patton (at right) had the third best series of the day (1,055).
Margie Floyd and Curtis Drayden combined for the top series in NW District Mixed Doubles Bowling Wednesday at All Star Lanes in the first of six bowling events in the 2016 Senior Olympics.

With Drayden posting a 647 series, including a high game of 253, the leading pair posted a 1,068 score, two pins better than Joann Smith and Bill Laurenson. Third best series belonged to Cathie Etheredge and George Patton (1,055).

Floyd-Drayden won the Gold Medal in the 65-69 age group, ahead of Sammie Cox and L.D. Nash (1,045) and Rachel and Don Preuett (1,026). Smith and Laurenson claimed the 55-59 age grouping ahead of Gary Price and his daughter Jeanne Smith. Etheredge-Patton ruled the 60-64 bracket ahead of Gaila Clark and Wayne Mayo (965) and Mary Foisy and T.R. Morse (939).

Gayle Pearce and Mike Thomas won gold in the 50-54 age bracket with a 986 series. Rhonda Ward and Bubba Ogden were second with 910.

In team events such as doubles, the age designation is made usjng the age of the younger participant.

Laurenson had the high series for the boys at 648 with Drayden a pin back. Wayne Mayo (558), J.R. Morse (532) and Mike Thomas (520) rounded out the top five. Cathie Etheridge (561), Paula Hadwin (528), Sammie Cox (522), Rachel Preuett (504) Mary Maness (476) and Gayle Pearce (466) led the way for the girls.

Drayden had the high game for the men while Etheredge (223) led the ladies.

Next for bowlers is doubles Friday the 13th at All Star.

Ages 50-54: Gayle Pearce-Mike Thomas (986) Gold. Rhonda Ward-Bubba Ogden (910) Silver. 55-59: Joann Smith-Bill Laurenson (1,066) Gold. Jeanne Smith-Gary Price (840) Silver. 60-64: Cathie Etheredge-George Patton (1,055) Gold. Gaila Clark-Wayne Mayo (965) Silver. Mary Foisy-J.R Morse (939) Bronze. 65-69: Margie Floyd-Curtis Drayden (1,068) Gold. Sammie Cox-L.D. Nash (1.045) Silver. Rachel and Don Preuett (1,026) Bronze. 70-74: Lajuana Shirley-Richard Rice (988) Gold. Mary Magness-Danny McEacharn (919) Silver. Diane and Ray Smith (900) Bronze. 75-90-Plus: Red Fletcher-Jim Draper (1,004) Gold. Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey (863) Silver. Gwen Jordan-Ernest Good (788) Bronze.

May 10, 2016


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DSC_1119.JPGDiane Smith (center) won gold in females 70-74 age group with Ruby Thomas (right) and Teresa Lambert (left) taking silver and bronze.
DSC_1116.JPGMarie Fitzgerald (center) won the 80-84 women’s gold with Delores Gentry (right) and Retta Matthews finishing 2-3.

Save for the pucks clicking against one another or banging into the wooden side boards, there usually isn’t much noise during Senior Olympics shuffleboard. No raised voices, just polite conversation and a lot of quiet strategizing. So it’s nice to hear some kickback between contestants. It reminds you that there is intense competition.

So when bystanders watching Betty Smith’s match with Diane Gray appraised her effort with “that’s a great shot,” Gray’s response was refreshing. “Not for long,” she said determinedly, sending her puck right at Smith’s, knocking it sideways and settling in for seven points for Diane.

Now we’re talkin’. Let’s have a cheer. Some foot-stomping from the spectators. Let’s make a Wave.

Alas Gray, making her first start in Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics shuffleboard Tuesday, couldn’t delay Smith’s march to a medal in the females 65-69 age bracket. Betty won the match easily and would later claim bronze in the bracket behind Gold Medal winner Elaine Ingersoll and Silver Medal winner Linda Comstock.

A large field of players spent a little over four hours sifting out the winners at Bellaire Baptist Fitness Center.

Jackie Conner, who won Gold Medals in the National Senior Games (1999 and 2001), had too much savvy for her foes in claiming the women’s 85-plus category ahead of Maxine Thomas and Dorothy Depanion. Other women’s Gold Medals went to Diane Smith, Donna Cole, Marie Fitzgerald and Red Fletcher.

On the men’s side, Duane Chilton, Doyle Blasingame and Les Brosset won Golds.

And gentility prevailed all day.


Females Ages 55-64: Donna Cole Gold Shelly Quarles Silver. Linda Johnson Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll Gold. Linda Comstock Silver. Betty Smith Bronze. 70-74: Diane Smith Gold. Ruby Thomas Silver. Teresa Lambert Bronze. 75-79: Red Fletcher Gold. Sherrie Vullo Silver. Jacque Wall Bronze. 80-84: Marie Fitzgerald Gold. Delores Gentry Silver. Retta Matthews Bronze. 85-Plus: Jackie Conner Gold. Maxine Thomas Silver. Dorothy Depanion Bronze.

Males Ages 50-74: Duane Chilton Gold. Tony Cole Silver. Art Harman Bronze. 75-79: Doyle Blasingame Gold. Curtis Boyett Silver. 80-85: Les Brosset Gold. Gary Price Silver. George Jernigan Bronze.

May 9, 2016


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>Race Director Jim Aldrich poses with female entrants (left photo) and male medal winners (right photo).
Kay Aldridge was back in form after a year’s delay, sweeping to two Gold Medals in the Northwest District’s Mile and 5-kiloometer Rec Walks Monday Brownlee Park. She was joined in a sweep of gold by Duane Chilton.

And in a first for the District, a puppy was awarded a Gold Medal. Lexie, Velma Johnson’s puppy, followed her master through the entire mile course. When the Gold Medal was placed around Velma’s neck for first in the 55-69 age bracket for women, Lexie got her own medallion. “It’s okay,” assured Johnson, referencing the Senior Olympics target demographic, males and females 50 years of age and older. “:She’s 50 in dog years.”

Aldridge swept to two golds in 2014 but didn’t repeat last year because the event was rained out. She had best times of 13.13 in the one mile and 42.17 in the 5-K. Those ranked behind only Chilton’s 12.18 and 39.44 among the males.

Faye Scroggins managed to medal in the women’s 5-k (bronze in the females 55-69 age group). “That’s my first 5-k in 37 years,” she said proudly when she accepted award.

One Mile
Females Ages 55-69: Velma Johnson 15.05 Gold. Donna Monroe 16.07 Silver. Faye Scroggins 16.58 Bronze. 70-79: Kay Aldridge 13.13 Gold. Sherrie Vullo 13.37 Silver. Jeanette Kohlnhofer 17.36 Bronze.
Males Ages 70-74: Duane Chilton 12.18 Gold. Ed Reynolds 14.44 Silver. 75-79: Fred Walters 13.18 Gold. Curtis Boyett 15.27 Silver. Doyle Blasingame 17.38 Bronze.
Females Ages 55-69: Donna Monroe 48.43 Gold. Velma Johnson 48.44 Silver. Faye Scroggins 52.11 Bronze. 70-79: Kay Aldridge 42.17 Gold. Sherrie Vullo 45.53 Silver.
Males Ages 70-74: Duane Chilton 39.44 Gold. Ed Reynolds 47.09 Silver. 75-79: Fred Walters 43.11 Gold. Curtis Boyett 49.23 Silver.

May 8, 2016


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Old hands Doyle Blasingame and Gary Price in Skipbo and Jeanette Kohlnhofer in Phase 10 claimed Gold Medals when the Northwest District pulled up a chair for Table Games at Bossier Council on Aging.

In Dominoes at the Northwest Louisiana Veterans Home, the Depanions, mom Dorothy and son Gary, each won age group Gold Medals.

Phase 10–Jeanette Kohlnhofer Gold. Flo Arrant Silver. Betty Smith Bronze.
Skipbo–Doyle Blasingame-Gary Price Gold. Rose Black-Moss Kirkendall Silver. Dorothy Depanion-Jackie Conner Bronze.
Dominos–Male53-65: Mac McCowan Sr. Gold. Gary Depanion Silver. Moss Kirkendall Bronze. 90-94: Charles Bryant Gold. Lem Green Silver. Clifford Wells Bronze. 95-plus: Mer Faust Gold. Olin Wise Silver. Washington Wilson Bronze. Female 77-91: Dorothy Depanion Gold. Jackie Conner Silver. Ivy Thomas Bronze.

May 7, 2016


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DSC_1059 (2).JPG
DSC_1066 (1).JPG
DSC_1064 (2).JPGMedalists in Ladders Golf include Tony Cole and Lionel Brangham (l-r, top photo), Claudia Beene, Ruby Thomas and Teresa Lambert (l-r middle) and Curtis Boyette, James Russom and Duane Chilton (l-r, lower photo).

It is a game, full of gnashing of teeth, moaning, staring off into the distance, nearly crying and other responses to near misses. It is Ladders Golf as played in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics.

On a warm, sunny Saturday morning 30 contestants in the sports carnival for men and women 50 years old and older played their way to medals and memories in a game that is the Northwest District’s own, played in none of the other districts that make up the Louisiana Senior Olympics Games (LSOG). Donna Monroe, Velma Johnson, Ruby Thomas, Mary Jones, Mary Price, Jackie Conner, Tony Cole, James Russom and Gary Price nabbed Gold Medals for their work and perseverance.

“It is the old ladders game you can buy at the toy store for the kids to play in the backyard,” explained Doyle Blasingame, who introduced Ladders Golf to the seniors festival a few years ago as Redneck Golf. “We have made a few changes (like using PVC pipe instead of wood to make the 3-foot wide by four-foot tall ladders with three crossbars).” The piping gives more bounce than wood and therein lies the catch.

The object is to toss the ropes (two orbs the size of golf balls connected by 30 inchers of light rope) so they will wrap around or hang on one of the three crossbars. Points are awarded for rungs your ropes hangs on, how many times they loop around the rungs and if they survive the throws of your opponent who can knock them off. The unpredictability of the ropes and fragile staying power are keys to the frustration of the players.

“It’s aggravating,” said Teresa Lambert, retired from the Sabine Parish Association for mentally impaired. Teresa took home a Silver Medal. “It’s frustrating. But it’s fun,” added the first-time player. “What those ropes do, how they will bounce or miss tangling on the rungs or how they will come loose when your opponent hits a rung is just unpredictable,” she added. She is asked how she tries to control the outcome of her tosses. “I pray a lot,” she responds, laughing.

Females Ages 50-59: Donna Monroe Gold. Donna Cole Silver. 65-69: Velma Johnson Gold. Linda Brangham Silver. Peggy Massey Bronze. 70-74: Ruby Thomas Gold. Teresa Lambert Silver. Claudia Beene Bronze. 75-79: Mary Jones Gold. Juanita Tucker Silver. Sherrie Vullo Bronze. 80-84:Mary Price Gold. Retta Matthews Silver. Nell Bartlett Bronze. 85-plus: Jackie Conner Gold. Ivy Thomas Silver.
Males Ages 60-69: Tony Cole Gold. Lionel Brangham Silver. 70-79: James Russom Gold. Curtis Boyett Silver. Duane Chilton Bronze. 80-89: Gary Price Gold. George Jernigan Silver. Dick Hainey Bronze.

May 6, 2016


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DSC_1064 (1)1.JPGDSC_1052 (1).JPG
DSC_1079 (1).JPGDSC_1065.JPGDSC_1107.JPGDSC_0986.JPG The Northwest District looked in on our participants. Marge Snyder beats the rain with a shot during the District golf tournament (top left). Kenny Carter serves during tennis championship at North Bossier Tennis Complex (top right) Men’s winner in the golf event, Ted Teel (left) and tournament director Gerry Robichaux mug for the lensman after the golf medals were given out (mid left). Gary Panzar hugs marksmanship director Jackie Conner wearing his shooting medal (mid right). George Levesque puts a “Canadian Curl” on a return in table tennis (bottom left). Tom Koch intently watches his Bean Bag Baseball toss head toward the target (bottom right).

May 5, 2016


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DSC_1059 (1).JPGDoubles Gold Medal winners Ricky Gross and Don Rogers (right) and Silver Medal winners Kenny Carter and Ed Dilworth (left) flank NW District Coordinator Ron Comstock in the top picture. Gold Medal winners in singles Lenda Patterson and Tommy Poljak stop for the camera with their new medallions (lower photo).

Two new names and two familiar ones dotted the results in Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics Tennis at North Bossier Tennis Complex Thursday.

Don Rogers and Ricky Gross, who usually confine their tennis to Querbes Park in Shreveport, ventured across the Red to capture the men’s doubles title for players 63-79 years of age. They beat Ed Dilworth and Kenny Carter, 8-0 in a pro set.

In men’s singles National Senior Games runner-up among 75-79 year olds Tommy Poljak defeated the 73-year-old Dilworth, 6-1, in a best-of-three match when a burst of realism overtook Dilworth.

In women’s singles, Lenda Patterson, a regular in leagues and women’s groups at North Bossier, bested Velma Johnson, 8-3 in a pro set in a match between ladies in their 60s. They continued and Patterson took two more sets, 8-5, 8-5.

Patterson said Johnson used soft returns to draw her into the court for most of her points. “I was hitting my forehand well,” she remarked about her own game.

“We enjoyed getting out and meeting players away from Querbes,” said Rogers, a retiree from American Airlines. “It was good to play on some good clay surfaces against some new folks.” He said he and Gross, who usually partner when they play with their regular Querbes group, “stayed away from unforced errors.” The duo seemed to control the pace of the game, also, off Rogers’ powerful forehand.

Carter, now 79, and Dilworth were both club and teaching pros in their younger days. Kenny, who played tennis alongside Tommy Robinson for Coach Dub Robinson at LSU in 1957-59, said he decided to give the game up two years ago. “I just put my rackets away.” But he begun working back recently at Dilworth’s invitation. “We played once together before this event,” he said. “I’m glad to get back.”

When asked what led to Poljak’s win Dilworth said, “I don’t know . . . If you come in, he passes you. If you stay back, he slices you with drops. He has all the shots. It’s obvious he’s been playing a lot,” he said of the national Silver medalist. In summation he said, “Tommy just cleaned my plough. We were going to play three-sets. But I told him after the first set. ‘Tommy, you’re just cleaning my plough,” adding there wasn’t much disagreement with the assessment.


Women’s 65-69 Singles: Lenda Patterson Gold. Velma Johnson Silver.
Men’s 77-79 Singles: Tommy Poljak Gold. Ed Dilworth Silver.
Men’s 63-79 Doubles: Don Rogers-Ricky Gross Gold. Dilworth-Kenny Carter Silver.

May 4, 2016


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DSC_1054.JPGDSC_1063.JPG Nelson Bailey (left) ponders a move while Bob Taylor (right) makes his first move in the District Chess competition.

The game of chess has a thousand moves, but there was little movement among winners in the 2016 Northwest District results over what happened in 2015.

Nelson Bailey, the top ranked player in the event, won the Gold Medal in the 60-64 age bracket while Bob Taylor won the 70-74 age bracket just as he did a year ago. And the year before that and the year before that and ...

It's almost always the Nelson and Bob Show in chess in our district.

"Bailey has a ranking in the top 1,400 players in the country," said Taylor, who ranks among the top 1,600. When they meet up in the round robin event, Nelson and Bob usually battle to a draw. So it was Wednesday and Nelson claimed his age bracket. Taylor outdistanced Bob Sutton, winner of the Jesse Lanier Memorial Track Award two years ago, and Robert Stockman who shared the Silver Medal in the age grouping.

Taylor's toughest struggle in his age grouping may have come against Stockman. They played a two-hour match before Taylor finally pinned Stockman's king in a corner.

"Matches usually divide themselves into three phases, beginning, middle and end play," Taylor said. "I made so many mistakes I was in trouble early," he said. But he relied on an aggressive, attacking plan to gain the advantage in the middle portion.

Taylor was asked about the many strategies named after players and series of moves. "There are series of moves that have become famous throughout the ages. All kinds of names that you can find in the myriad books on the game," he said. "There are guys who read all the books to learn them all. I call them chessnuts," he said, smiling.

"I like the game because I love competition. Figuring things out. You get yourself in a fix and you try to think your way out," he said.


Ages 60-64: Nelson Bailey Gold. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold. Bob Sutton Silver. Bob Stockman Silver.

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