May 19, 2008

Lancasters Named Athletes of the Year

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05athletics 024.JPG Jo Ann Blasingame (shown at left presenting a gold medal to a track competitor) is the winner of the 2008 Hazel Gay Memorial Award. (Click photo to enlarge image) 

Chuck and Jeri Lancaster were chosen the Athletes of the Year and Jo Ann Blasingame won the coveted Hazel Gay Award as the 16th NW La. District Senior Olympics drew to a close with an Athletes Supper at Southern Hills Recreation Center.

Jackie Conner was named Volunteer of the Year.

The Lancasters will represent the district at the Celebration of Athletes during the Louisiana Senior Olympic Games in October.  They follow Bob Taylor Jr. and Joyce Freeman in the honor.

Blasingame’s award is named for the late Hazel Gay who was instrumental in getting the district games restarted in 1996, a year after the YMCA of Shreveport-Bossier discontinued its sponsorship of the event.

Conner is a long-time competitor and coordinator of events. The marksmanship event, one of her responsibilities, had a banner year, doubling participation in 2008.

The 2008 district competition drew 411 competitors in the 22 events and that is an increase of nine over the 2007 figure. 

May 18, 2008

Ursery Named Lanier Memorial Winner

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bowling 108.jpg Jean Lanier, wife of the late Jesse Lanier, presents the award named for her husband to Dan Ursery, chosen outstanding performer in the 2008 NW La. District Senior Olympics track and field championship (click photo to enlarge image).

Dan Ursery, who spent a full day competing in both the sprints and weight events, captured the Jesse Lanier Memorial award as the outstanding performer when the 16th NW La. District Senior Olympics drew to a close May 17 with the track and field championships.

Ursery, who has been a regular in the seniors competition for the past 10 years, won his 65-69 age bracket in the 50-meter dash (7.52), best posting of the event, regardless of age. But he matched off with two of the meet’s best entries in the rest of the sprints and weights, Larry Smith and Vince Breaux.

Smith, co-winner of the Lanier Memorial Award last year, beat Ursery in the 100 with a 12.76 time (Ursery posted a 13.44) and in the 200  with a 27.65 (Ursery ran a 28.60).

Breaux, of Lafayette, uncorked a 135-1 throw in the javelin, a 128-2 in the discus and a 39-3 in the shot put with Ursery second in each.

Top two finishers in each age group for the discus, shot  put and javelin qualify for the LSOG championships in Baton Rouge in October.

The Results
(Competitors marked OD are from outside the district.  For medal purposes, they do not  surplant a district competitor, but receive identical medals. Competitors marked 1, 2 or 3 receive corresponding medals, gold, silver and bronze.)



50-54   1. Cathy Vanderloos 46-11; 2. Pam Elder 37-11; 3. Joyce Freeman 28-1.

55-59   1. Sandi Triplett, 56-8; 2. Betty Smith 28-0.


60-64   1. Vince Breaux 135-1 (OD); 1. Dan Ursery 67-7.

65-69   1. Fred Watson (OD) 123-9. 1. Julius Cassels 84-5. 2. Don Lynch (OD) 80-1. 2. Bob Taylor Jr. 78-3.

70-74   1. Joe Goerner 76-7. 2. Bill Johnson 38-10. 

80-84   1. Richard Hainey 52-8. 2. Ken Howard 48-9.



50-54   1. Cathy Vanderloos 67-5. 2. Pam Elder 49-5.

55-59   1. Sandy Triplett 58-9. 2. Joyce Freeman 36-1. 3. Betty Smith 31-3.


60-64   1. Vince Breaux (OD) 128-2; 1. Dan Ursery 97-6. 

65-69   1. Fred Watson (OD) 118-2. 1. Julius Cassels 101-7. 2. Harold Landry (OD) 95-5.

70-74   1. Charles Jolley 97-5. 2. Joe Goerner 72-9. 3. Bill Johnson 44-10.

80-84   1. Dick Hainey 59-5. 2. Ken Howard 50-2.

Shot Put


50-54   1. Cathy Vanderoos 28-0.

55-59   1. Sandy Triplett 23-3. 2. Betty Smith 20-3. 3. Joyce Freeman 17-1 ¼.


55-59   1. Murph Murphy (OD) 33-7.

60-64   1. Vince Breaux (OD) 39-3. 1. Dan Ursery 32-2.

65-69   1. Julius Cassels 34-6. 2. Fred Watson (OD) 32-7. 3. Harold Landry (OD) 33-2 ½.

70-74   1. Charles Jolley 37-3. 2. Joe Goerner 31-4. 3. Bill Johnson 17-5 ½.

80-84   1. Dick Hainey 29-7. 2. Ken Howard 22-8.    

50 Meters


40-49   1. Jenny Hackman 9.8.

50-54   1. Betty Smith 11.31.

80-84   1. Burtie Smith 11.62.


50-54   1. Tim Mitchell 7.95. 2. Rocky Cascio 8.11.

60-64   1. Dan Ursery 7.52.

65-69   1. Joe Maxey 9.72. 2. Bill Birchfield 9.93.

100 Meters


55-59   1. Sandy Triplett 17.33.

80-84   1. Burtie Smith 24.11.


50-54   1. Alvin Curry 13.69. 2. Tim Mitchell 14.95.

60-64   1. Larry Smith 12.76. 2. Dan Ursery 13.44.

65-69   1. Joe Maxey 21.93.

70-74   1. Joe Goerner 16.24.

200 Meters


55-59   1. Sandy Triplett 40.02.

80-84   1. Burtie Smith 1:03.84.


60-64   1. Larry Smith 27.65. 2. Dan Ursery 28.60.

70-74   1. Joe Goerner 35.74.

400 Meters


50-54   1. Pam Elder 1.27.99.

55-59   1. Sandy Triplett 1.33.02.


50-54   1. Alvin Curry 1.10.25. 2. Rocky Cascio 1:14.66.

65-69   1. Don Metoyer 1.19.61. 2. Julius Cassels 1.22.11.

800 Meters


50-54   1. Pam Elder 3.09.21.

55-59   1. Sandy Triplett :31.54.


65-69   1. Don Metoyer 3.04.91.

Jesse Lanier Memorial 1,500


40-49   1. Jenny Hackman 6.39.16.

50-54   1. Pam Elder 6:42.81.

55-59   1. Sandy Triplett 7:34.08


50-54   1. Rocky Cascio 6.44.99.

55-59   1. Nelson Bailey 6:57.12.

65-69   1. Bill Birchfield 8:39.74.

70-74   1. Bill Johnson 15.10.62.

May 16, 2008

Friske Sets Singles Bowling Pace

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bowling 084.jpgClaude Fiske (left) celebrates his gold medal with Bowling Coordinator Marilyn Hainey. (click photo to enlarge)

Claude Fiske, soon to celebrate his 90th birthday, rolled his way to a gold medal in the 85-90 age bracket of the NW La. District Senior Olympics singles bowling tournament at All Star Lanes May 16. 

 Friske, originally from Saganaw, MI, posted a 466 series to outdistance Wes Rance (432) for the top medal in the age bracket. The winner’s series was 133-146-153.

High women’s series came from Teri Ringey (507) in the 55-59 division. Her games were 156-204-147, with the 204 the best distaff single game effort of the day.

Curtis Drayden’s 649 in the men’s 60-64 was the best series of the day. He opened with a 232 and followed with games of 195 and 222. The 232 was high game, two better Bill Free’s top effort in the same age bracket.

The 1-2-3 finishers qualify for the LSOG meet in Baton Rouge in October as do bowlers who reached pre-determined levels in their age bracket.

(G=gold, S=silver, B=bronze and Q=qualified)
55-59   Teri Ringey 507 G; Marlyn Salad 475 S; Kay Free 426 S. Ann Barber 379, Joyce Freeman 343.60-64   Lois Adger 486 G; Linda McCollum 477 S; Ezell Barber 463 B; Willie Joyner 453 Q; Shirley Rupert 447; Geneva Strain 427; Geneva Markray 404; Betty Short 403; Jeri Price 401; Susan Berry 385.

65-69   Kay Staples 500 G; Lillian Irving 466 S; Shelby Kautz 434 B; Margie Floyd 411; Minnette McElhannon 409.

70-74   Juanita Tucker 462 G; Lajuana Shirley 441 S; JoAnne Cobb 430 B; Carole Neely 435Q; Jean White 408 Q; Marylyn Ballard 403 Q; Marilyn Lytle 396; Red Fletcher 375; Shirley Wood 330.

75-79   Jimmie Moreland 440 G; Gwen Jordan 427 S; Connie Bogues 425 B; Teresa Howard 385; Betty Krause 373Q; Hazel DeLude 368 Q;  Annie Ardis 322.

80-89   Betty Hustead 444 G; Frances Hutton 411 S; Marie Powell 383 B; Myrtle Davis 349 Q; Miriam Hollenshead 289.


50-54   Barry Brasfield 517 G; Randy White 465 S.

55-59   Fudge Fulgham 592 G; Don McGhee 486 S.

60-64   Curtis Drayden 649 G; John Webb 614 S; Bob McCollum 612 B; Bill Free 603 Q;

Harry Strain 479; Rodney Dixon 379; Terry Byrnes 320.

65-69   Mike Berry 583 G; Don Preuett 558 S; Roy Harris 535 S; Larry Ringey 534 Q;  Wayne Gates 509 Q; Harold Miles 502 Q; Don Lynch 480 Q.

70-74   Everett Fuller 504 G; Jim Draper 487 S; Gary Price 468 S; Bill Johnson 441; Harry Simmons 349.

75-79   Ken Ramey 522 G; Frank Adger 478 S; Austin Knox 473 B; Erv Duncan 470 Q; John Grimsley 418 Q.

80-84   Dick Hainey 499 G; Martin Nutt 438 S; Danny Grant 363 B; Ken Howard 267.

85-90   Claude Friske 466 G; Wes Rance 432 S; Howard Robertson 399 B.




May 14, 2008

Vascocu-Tynan, Free-Strain Top Bowling Doubles

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Ted Vascocu and Kenny Tynan kept the best for last in winning the gold medal in men’s 50-54 doubles bowling as the NW La. District Senior Olympics crowned another set of bowling stars at All Star Lanes.

Vascocu-Tynan rolled the top series, 1,289, to beat Charlie McCoy and Randy White (1,248) for the gold medal. McCoy and White made a late rush until the final games of the day, when Vascocu and Tynan combined for the highest single game (500) of the tournament. Vascocu had the high individual game of the day (288).

Kay Free and Geneva Strain walked away with the women’s 55-59 age bracket gold, rolling the top distaff series (988) and the top game (347) of the day. Margie Floyd’s 223 paced women’s high individual game.


(G=gold, S=silver, B=bronze)


55-59   Kay Free-Geneva Strain 988 G; Joyce Freeman-Teri Ringey 882 S; Lois Adger-Marlyn Salad 876 B; Ann Barber-Ezell Barber 838; Mary Foisey-Lajuana Shirley 734.

60-69   Margie Floyd-Shirley Rupert 984 G; Shelby Kautz-Susan Berry 897 S; Kay Staples-Minnette McElhannon 875 S; Ethel Davis-Lillian Irving 789; Betty Short-Eleanor Richie 759; Jeri Price-Janet Cloud 701.

70-74   Barbara Offer-Mary Frances Sanders 920 G; Betty Krause-Manhdy Hawkins 884 S; Shirley Wood-Jimmie Moreland 869 B; JoAnn Cobb-Betty Hustead 857; Wanda Hunter-Marilyn Ballard 837; Carole Neely-Marilyn Lytle 822; Jean White-Miriam Hollenshead 736; Annie Ardis-Lily Fridenberg 657.

75-84   Connie Bogues-Teresa Howard 827 G; Frances Hutton-Marie Powell 737, S.


50-54   Kenny Tynan-Ted Vascocu 1,289 G; Charlie McCoy-Randy White 1,248 S; Barry Brasfield-Everett Fuller 1,064 B.

55-64   Bill Free-Harry Strain 1,198 G; Fudge Fulgham-Don McGhee 1,099 S; Curtis Drayden-Rodney Dixon 1,086 B.

65-69   Don Preuett-Mike Berry 1,211 G; Roy Harris-Larry Ringey 1,104 S; Wes Rance-Wayne Gates 807 B.

70-74   Jim Draper-gary rice 1,143 G; Harry Simmons-James Samuels 778, S.

75-89   Austin Knox-Erv Duncan 1,010 G; Danny Grant-John Grimsley 853, S; Dick Hainey-Howard Robertson 837, B.

May 12, 2008

Horse Shoe, Redneck Golf Results

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Horse Shoes



55-64   Geneva Strain, Gold; Teri Ringey, Silver; Joyce Freeman, Bronze.

70-74   Mary Price, Gold; Jeri Lawrence, Silver; Juanita Tucker, Bronze.

80-84   Frances Hutton, Gold; Marie Powell, Silver; Pauline Strickland, Bronze.


60-64   Harry Strain, Gold; Doug McDaniel, Silver; Ernie Shemielewski, Bronze.

65-69   Bob Taylor, Jr., Gold; Larry Ringey, Silver.

75-84   Tom Koch, Gold; Ken Howard, Silver.



55-59   Diane Ware, Gold; Betty Smith, Silver.

60-69   Jenny Cardin, Gold; Catherine Harris, Silver.

70-84   Lily Friedenberg, Gold; Annie Ardis, Silver; Anneliese Malloy, Bronze.


65-69   Chuck Lawrence, Gold; Roy Harris, Silver.

70-79   Frank Vela, Gold; Les Brosset, Silver.



Redneck Golf Results


50-59   Teri Ringey, Gold; Betty Smith, Silver; Joyce Freeman.

60-69   Geneva Strain, Gold; Catharine Harris, Silver; Cariolyn Mllenschieder, Bronze.

70-74   JoAnn Lonadier, Gold; Lily Friedenberg, Silver; Mildred Prince, Bronze.

75-79   Jackie Conner, Gold; Annie Ardis, Silver.

80-87   Anneliese Mallory, Gold; Pauline Strickland, Silver; Frances Hutton, Bronze.


60-64   Harry Strain, Gold; Doug McDaniel, Silver.

65-69   Roy Harris, Gold; Bob Taylor, Silver; Larry Ringey, Bronze.

70-74   Gary Price, Gold; Les Brosset, Silver; Doyle Blasingame, Bronze.

75-79   Frank Vela, Gold; Tom Koch, Silver.

80-84   Dick Hainey, Gold; Ken Howard, Silver.




Differential Carries Ringey to Shuffleboard Medal

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It took a point differential breakdown before Teri Ringey walked away with a gold medal in the Shuffleboard Singles Division of the NW La. District Senior Olympics May 11-12.

Ringey won the women’s 50-59 age grouping gold medal over Betty Smith and Joyce Freeman by rolling to a larger total point differential in her three matchs, plus 37 to Smith’s  plus 15 and Freeman’s minus 1. Each woman compiled a 2-1 won-loss record on the day.

The husband-wife team of Chuck and Jeri Lancaster claimed a gold in the 65-69 age bracket of doubles, followed by Lily Friedenberg and Juanita Tucker and Bob Taylor and Bette Turner.

First and second-place finishers in singles and doubles qualify for state competition.

Singles Results

55-59   Teri Ringey, Gold; Betty Smith, Silver; Joyce Freeman, Bronze.

70-74   Juanita Tucker, Gold; Jeri Lancaster, Silver; Lily Friedenberg, Bronze.

75-79   Jackie Conner, Gold; Betty Krause, Silver; Annie Ardis, Bronze.

80-84   Anneliese Malloy, Gold; Frances Hutton, Silver; Pauline Strickland, Bronze.


65-69   John Westerfield, Gold; Chuck Lawrence, Silver; Bob Taylor, Bronze.

70-74   Les Brosset, Gold; Gary Price, Silver; Doyle Blasingame, Bronze.

80-84   Dick Hainey, Gold; Ken Howard, Silver.

Doubles Results
55-59   Joyce Freeman-Annie Ardis, Gold; Teri and Larry Ringey, Silver.

65-69   Chuck and Jeri Lancaster, Gold; Lily Friedenberg-Juanita Tucker, Silver; Bob Taylor-Bette Turner, Bronze.

70-84   Frances Hutton-Pauline Strickland, Gold; Jackie Conner-Anneliese Malloy, Silver; Doyle Blasingame-Dick Hainey, Bronze.


May 10, 2008

Staples-Preuett Mixed Bowling’s Best

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Kay Staples and Don Preuett rolled the high series of 1,108 to pace Mixed Doubles Bowling in the 2008 NW La. District Senior Olympics May 9 at All Star Lanes.

In winning the 65-69 age bracket gold medal, they put together games of 381, 364 and 363. Preuett rolled 200, 199 and 189 in the winning effort. Staples had a 181, 165 and 174 series. Diane Smith and Gary Price finished second in the 65-69 group with a 932 series  and Teresa Howard and Harold Miles finished in third spot with an 829.

Susan and Steve Berry moved up from the 55-59 age bracket to the 60-64 age group and won a second straight title with a 1,023 series.

Ron Hall and Randy White rolled high individual games of 223. Teri Ringey’s 185 game topped the women.


55-59   Joyce Freeman-Randy White 946 Gold.

55-59   Kay and Bill Free 1,093 Gold; Teri and Larry Ringey 986 Silver; Shirley Rupert –Ron Hall 983 Bronze.

60-64   Susan and Steve Berry 1023 Gold, Geneva and Harry Strain 1015 Silver; Catherine and Roy Harris 952 Bronze.

65-69   Kay Staples-Don Preuett 1,108 Gold; Diane Smith-Gary Price 931 Silver; Teresa Howard-Harold Miles 829 Bronze.

70-74   Phyllis Page-Jim Draper 1,015 Gold; Patty Yeoman-Austin Knox 913 Silver; Betty Jo Duncan-Erv Duncan 907 Bronze.

75-79   Betty Hustead-John Grimsley 948 Gold; Connie Bogues-Howard Robertson 799 Silver; Annie Ardis-Danny Grant 621, Bronze.

80-84   Myrtle Davis-Dick Hainey 858, Gold; Rances Hutton-Martin Nutt 857, Silver; Marie Powell-Claude Friske 844, Bronze.

May 8, 2008

Curds At Top of Mini Golf

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gun sports 022.jpgThe hottest foursome on the course consisted of (from left) Bob Taylor Jr., Steve Pinkley, Frank Curd and Harold Harvill, Taylor, Pinkley and Curd shot scores of 40 and Harvill a 41. (Click image to enlarge)

It was a good night for Joann and Frank Curd in the NW La. District Senior Olympics miniature golf tournament.

The husband-wife team claimed gold medals in their age brackets and they were at the top of the overall leader board in the event staged at Party Central in Bossier City.  Joann shot a score of 47, three better than Chris Fournet of Lake Charles in the women’s overall standings.

Frank shared low score with Steve Pinkley  and Robert Taylor Jr. as each paced an age bracket in the men’s division. Harold Harvill finished next in the overall scoring at 41.


55-59   Teri Ringey 53, Joyce Freeman 68. 60-64   Chris Fournet 50.

65-69   Elaine Thompson 52, Carolyn Muellenschiader 59, Fay Worthington 59,  Annette Kellogg 61, Jo Ann Blasingame 62.

70-74   Joann Curd 47, Mary Price 52, Atlean Snow 53,  Doris Carter 53Bonnie Gidion 54, Jeri Lancaster 56, Lily Fridenberg 64.

75-79   Annie Ardis 67.

80-84   Frances Hutton 52, Pauline Strickland 62.


55-59   Mike Fournet 43, Robin Chandler 54.

60-64   Steve Pinkley 40, Terry Byrnes 58.

65-69   Bob Taylor Jr. 40, Harold Harvill 41, Larry Ringey 52, Chuck Lancaster 54.

70-74   Frank Curd 40, Gary Price 49, Bill Snow 51, Gerry Robichaux 54,  Doyle Blasingame 56, Joe Thompson 56.

75-Plus Ken Howard, 54.




Fournets Shoot Their Way to the Top

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gun sports 010.jpggun sports 002.jpg gun sports 005.jpg

Medals in marksmanship went to Jackie Conner, Elaine Thompson, Carolyn Muellenschlader, Joyce Freeman, Chris Fournet and Theresa Ringey (from left in photo at left) in the women’s division. Larry Ringey, Joe Thompson and Mike Fournet (center photo) and Don Floyd and Ernie Chemielewski (right photo) won medals among men. (Click photo to enlarge image)

Chris and Mike Fournet, visitors from Lake Charles, were shooting stars May 8 in the NW La. District Senior Olympics marksmanship competition held at Shooters USA.

Chris dominated the 55-59 women’s pistol competition with a score of 83, some 35 points better than the nearest competitor, Joyce Freeman of Shreveport.  Mike ran off with the men’s pistols (ages 55-64), posting a solid 192 score. He also breezed the competition in rifle shooting with a 260 score.

The Smiths are regular competitors in the Southwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics.

Allen Smith, defending champion in pistols, was the top local shooter with a 214 score in the 65-69 age bracket.

The Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Department again supplied range officers and scorers for the event which ran smoothly with its biggest field ever (17 shooters).

Pistol Results
55-59 Chris Fournet (OD) 83 Gold, Joyce Freeman 48 Gold, Theresa Ringey 31 Silver.

65-69 Carolyn Muellenschlader 91 Gold, Elaine Thompson (OD) 90 Silver, Nita White 71 Bronze.

75-Plus Jackie Conner 87 Gold.


55-64  Mike Fournet (OD) 192 Gold, Ernie Chemielewski 120 Gold, Robert Turner 82 Silver.

65-69 Allen Smith 214 Gold, Don Floyd 108 Silver, Larry Ringey 68 Bronze.

70-84 Ray Hutcheson 224, Gold, Ken Howard 70, Silver, Joe Thompson (OD) 56 Bronze.

Rifle Results
55-59 Theresa Ringey 91 Gold, Joyce Freeman 17 Silver.

65-69 Elaine Thompson (OD) 42 Gold, Carolyn Muellenschiader 34 Gold.


60-64 Mike Foyurnet (OD) 260, Gold, Ernie Chimielewski 90, Gold.

65-74 Don Floyd 110 Gold,  Joe Thompson (OD) 90, Silver, Larry Ringey 80, Silver.

Note—OD indicates out-of-district competitors.

May 7, 2008

Trichel Leads Women in Darts Competition

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Luda Trichel posted the top score for females in winning the 70-74 age group gold medal in the NW La. District Senior Olympics dart competition.

Trichel scored 195 points which was 46 more than her nearest rival (Dolly Maness) for top score of the day. Maness won gold in the 75-79 age bracket.

Darts Results

50-54   Linda Knighton, Gold

            Dorathea Stone, Silver

55-59   Betty Smith, Gold

            Dianne Lewis, Silver

            Teri Ringey, Bronze

60-64   Robbie Day, Gold

            Ellendell Harbour, Silver

            Janice Bennett, Bronze

65-69   Diane Smith, Gold

            Sharlotte Mullins, Silver

            Mildred Prince, Bronze

70-74   Luda Trichel, Gold

            Jeri Lancaster, Silver

            Emily Smith, Bronze

75-79   Dolly Maness, Gold

            Annie Ardis, Silver

            Mary Knight, Bronze

80-84   Betty Holliday, Gold

            Frances Hutton, Silver

            Marie Powell, Bronze

85-89   Sue Garrison, Gold

            Lena Sheffield, Silver

            Doris Graff, Bronze

95-plus Alma Edwards, Gold


55-69   Harry Strain, Gold

            Robin Chandler, Silver

            Terry Byrnes, Bronze

65-69   Bob Taylor, Gold

            Bill Burchfield, Silver

            Chuck Lancaster, Bronze

70-74   Gerry Robichaux, Gold

            Gary Price, Silver

            Smiley Nehls, Bronze

75-79   John Grinsley, Gold

            Billy smith, Silver

            Curtis Cooper, Bronze

80-89   Dick Hainey, Gold

            Ken Howard, Silver

90-Plus W.J. Cooksey, Gold

            Harbin Boddie, Silver

            Henry Ward, Bronze

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