February 12, 2009


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Views of Northwood Hills GC where LANDERS Dodge

Chrysler Jeep will present the annual NWLSOG Golf Tournament

Northwood Hills Golf Club will be the site of the 2009 Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics golf tournament April 24. LANDERS Dodge Chrysler Jeep is the presenter of this year’s event.

As part of the event, LANDERS will offer an automobile as reward to the first senior participant making a hole-in-one on a par three hole to be designated before play begins.

Located off the Old Mooringsport Road in Blanchard, just 10 minutes from downtown Shreveport, the pine-laden, gently-rolling par 72 Northwood Hills course is where a young Hal Sutton honed his game and began a career that produced 14 professional titles, including a PGA Championship.

New course manager Eddie Sageer said the course will provide a good test for the seniors and promised a tournament they will enjoy.”The staff is excited about having the opportunity to host the seniors,” Sageer said.  He pointed out that Northwood Hills has been undergoing yearly maintenance on greens and throughout the course and it should be in prime shape for the senior event.

As part of the tournament, LANDERS will present a new car to any senior entrant making a hole-in-one on a par three to be designated before the tournament begins.

This is another step in our effort to provide different venues for our senior golfers,” said Gary Price, coordinator of golf for the district. “We will periodically entertain ideas for new surroundings, but we are pleased to be at Northwood Hills and look forward to a long stay.”

The district tournament is a qualifying event for the LSOG tournament to be played in Baton Rouge later in the year. The top three scorers in each age and sex category will qualify for the state competition as will those players whose score meets minimum requirements for their age.

Entry forms can be downloaded from “entry blanks” on this website. They will be available at Northwood Hills and other area golf clubs by February 20.

Tennis Moves to N. Bossier

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Elana Engleman, professional at N. Bossier Tennis Complex, will welcome senior tennis players April 13-16. (click image to enlarge)

Tennis competition returns to the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics April 13-16 at a new location and with a new format.

The North Bossier Tennis Center, 4440 Benton Road, will host men’s doubles, women’s doubles, mixed doubles and men’s singles and women’s singles play. North Bossier pro Elana Engleman will help event coordinators with the tournament which will conduct play at two level, using USTA ratings. There will be competition for players with a 2.5 rating (considered the entry level) and for those with a 3.0 rating or above. Coordinators feel this will make for better competition throughout the event.

Sponsors for the tennis competition include Joe Tauzin of Tauzin Financial Group and Dr. Allan Cox.

“We are quite happy with the prospect of reaching more senior age players with Elana’s help and think the USTA levels will entice more people to become involved in the tournament,” said event coordinator Gerry Robichaux.

Tennis competition has been based at CHRISTUS Schumpert Wellness Center’s indoor courts on Industrial Loop for several years. No tennis competition was held in 2008.

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