May 11, 2009

Bowling Results

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Kim and Ronnie Griggs, helped by Ronnie’s 738 series, posted the highest score of the day in winning the 55-59 division of the Mixed Doubles Bowling competition in the NW La. District Senior Olympics.

Ronnie Griggs had games of 246, 214 and 278 in his big series.

Randy White rolled a 700 series alongside Joyce Freeman, but it wasn’t enough to beat George Taylor and Tooter Herring in the 50-54 division. Taylor-Herring had a 1,049, 41 pins better than White-Freeman.


50-54—George Taylor-Tooter Herring (1,049) Gold; Randy White-Joyce Freeman (1,008) Silver; Barry and Kathy Brasfield (1,005) Bronze.

55-59—Ronnie and Kim Griggs (1,182) Gold; Bill and Kay Free (1,129) Silver; Tim O’Laughlin-Hazel DeLude (871) Bronze.

60-64—Steve and Susan Berry (1,145) Gold; Charlie McCoy-Kathleen McCoy  (1,142) Silver; Dennis and Marie Bamburg 1,129) Bronze.

65-69—Don Preuett-Kay Staples (1,016) Gold; Richard Rice-Ruth Sanders (984) Silver; John Westerfield-Margie Floyd (926) Bronze.

70-74—Everett Fuller-Mandy Hawkins (1,117) Gold; Aaron Smith-Notra Odoms (986) Silver; Erv and Betty Jo Duncan (834) Bronze.

75-79—Jim Draper-Phyllis Page (1014) Gold; Dick Hainey-Betty Hustead (950) Silver; Howard Robertson-Connie Bogues (746) Bronze.

May 6, 2009

CCOA Chunkers, Summerfield Estates Top Bean Bag Baseball

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opening ceremonies and games 041.jpg

Chunkers rule the roost in 2009 Bean Bag Baseball competition (click image to enlarge).

When their backs seemed against the wall, the Caddo Council on Aging Chunkers roared back to win a pair of games and the gold medal in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Bean Bag Baseball competition held during Opening Ceremonies and Health Expo at Bossier Civic Center..

The Chuckers, who survived the losers’ bracket to reach the final round, beat the Airport Park Giants, 21-14 to force a showdown for the title. Then the Chuckers pulled away with a big six-run fourth inning in the gold medal game to beat the Giants, 25-16, for the title.

Live Oak Retirement Center’s domination of the Retirement Communities Division ended at the hands of Summerfield Estates which won the gold medal game 32-21 over the Live Oak Rookies. Since the division opened in 2005, Live Oak teams had won the gold medal each year. This year Live Oak had enough participation to form two teams. The No. 1 team was eliminated in prelims, but the new kids, the Rookies, made it to the finals.

Summerfield Estates claimed ta 6-4 lead in the final match after an inning of play and never looked back.

Merle Gore Practices What He Preached

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Retired basketball coach Merle Gore and a surprised Melba Phillips captured free throw shooting gold medals in the NW La. District Senior Olympics.

Gore, who fashioned dominate teams at Trinity Heights Christian Academy, provided the district games with a portable goal to be used in Bossier Civic Center during the district’s opening ceremonies and health expo, proceeded to reel off seven of 10 free tosses to dominate men’s play. Phillips, who used an underhanded shooting technique reminiscent of Rick Barry, matched Gore’s effort to beat Willie Mae Joiner by a basket, 7-6, in the women’s division. Phillips, appeared genuinely surprised by her accomplishments, was cheered on by her partners from the Country Diamond dance team.

Free Throw Results


50-54 Debbie Alexander Gold, Sheilia Hunter Silver.

55-59 Dianne Lewis Gold, Linda Knighton Silver. Joyce Freeman and Dorathea Stone Bronze each.

60-69 Melba Phillips Gold, Willie Mae Joiner Silver, Gloria Griffin Silver and Betty Dark Bronze each.

70-74 Emily Smith Gold, Marge Short Silver.


55-69 Merle Gore Gold, Tim O’Laughlin Silver.

70-79 Les Brosset Gold, Curtis Cooper Silver, Gerry Robichaux Bronze.

80+ Henry Ward Gold, Dick Hainey Silver.

May 3, 2009

Tucker Works Way Through to Bocce Gold

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pickleball 039.jpgKeeping an eye on the target (click image to enlarge).

Juanita Tucker fought her way through the largest field to the Gold Medal in 2009 Bocce Ball as the NW La. District Senior Olympics moved into the month of May.

Tucker won the women’s 70-74 title by surviving pool play and then sweeping the championship round over Jacque Wall (Silver) and Janet Cloud (Bronze).

In matter-of-fact fashion, Harry Strain, Doyle Blasingame and Dick Hainey claimed men’s gold medals in their age brackets without losing a game.

The event drew 30 competitors.


55-59—Linda Knighton Gold. Joyce Freeman Silver.

60-64—Janice Bennett Gold. Geneva Strain Silver. Betty Dark Bronze.

65-69—Jo Ann Blasingame Gold. Carolyn Mullenschlader Silver. Annette Kellogg Bronze.

70-74—Juanita Tucker Gold. Jacque Wall Silver. Janet Cloud Bronze.

75-79—Jackie Conner Gold. Annie Ardis Silver. Bette Turner Bronze.

80-84—Frances Hutton Gold. Teresa Howard Silver. Connie Bogues Bronze.


65-69—Harry Strain Gold. Chuck Lancaster Silver.

70-74—Doyle Blasingame Gold. Gerry Robichaux Silver.

75-79—Dick Hainey Gold. Les Brosset Silver.

May 2, 2009

Johnson-Johnson, Garcia-Fortuna Top Pickle Ball

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pickleball 067.jpg Faces in the 2009 Pickle Ball Event (click to enlarge image).

The husband-wife team of Jo and David Johnson and the state champion team of J. Garcia and Dave Fortuna captured top Pickle Ball honors in the 2009 NW La. District Senior Olympics Saturday.

The Johnsons, of Natchitoches, won the mixed doubles title in a round-robin competition after claiming the 60-64 age group crown by beating fellow Natchitoches players Lila and Joe Lodridge.

Garcia and Fortuna, who won the 50-54 age bracket title in the LSOG at Baton Rouge last October, beat Uwa Herrmann and Ken Kerry in the same age group in the district and then rolled through round-robin play.

The mixed doubles provided some of the best pickle ball of the day with lightning quick volleys and scrambling retrievals making for extended and exciting rallies. And some of that came from two tennis devotees, Kathleen Lowdermilk and Donna Cox.

Cox teamed with Fortuna and Lowdermilk with Garcia. Both adapted to the game quickly and played the net well, exploding volleys for winners.

I think this is a great workout,” Cox said afterwards. “I’d encourage other tennis players to give it a try. I think it can help your tennis.”

This is better than aerobics,” Lowdermilk said after playing five matches. “I especially like it (as exercise) because you keep score. If you are not keeping score, it’s not fun.”

The tournament was played at Noel Methodist gymnasium and was directed by Fortuna and Garcia.



Medal Round

Jo Johnson-Lila Lodrige d. Kathy Brasfield-Betty Smith 11-1, 11-0.


50-54 Medal Round

Dave Fortuna-J. Garcia d. Uwa Herrmann-Ken Kerry, 11-2, 11-2.

65-74 Medal Round

Dale Higgenbotham-David Johnson (65-69) Joe Lodridge-Gerry Robichaux (70-74), 11-1, 11-2.


60-64 Medal Round

David Johnson-Jo Johnson d. Joe Lodrige-Lila Lodridge, 11-7, 11-2.

50-54 Medal Round

J. Garcia-Kathleen Lowdermilk d. Dave Fortuna-Donna Cox , 11-9,, 11-1.

Overall Men’s Doubles

Herrmann-Kerry d. J. Lodridge-Robichaux 21-11. Higginbotham-D. Johnson d. Herrmann-Kerry 11-5, 11-0. Garcia-Fortuna d. Higginbotham-D. Johnson 11-9, 11-1. Garcia-Fortuna advanced over J. Lodridge-Robichaux by default. Gold—Garcia-Fortuna, Silver—Higginbotham-D. Johnson. Bronze—Herrmann-Kerry.

Overall Mixed Doubles

Garcia-Lowdermilk d. L. Lodridge-J. Lodridge 11-2, 11-5. J. Johnson-D. Johnson d. Garcia-Lowdermilk 11-0, 11-4; J. Johnson-D. Johnson d. Fortuna-Cox 11-4, 11-5. Fortuna-Cox d. L. Lodridge-J. Lodridge 11-1, 4-11 retired. Gold—J. Johnson-D. Johnson. Silver –Garcia-Lowdermilk, Bronze—Fortuna-Cox.

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