May 24, 2010

Eddie Shaw Had Home Field Advantage in Rec Walk

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 Eddie Shaw (front center), flanked by the rest of the competitors in the one-mile recreation walk, was on familiar ground in the event at Old Brownlee Park in Bossier City. She grew up on the property when it was a cotton plantation.
Just say Eddie Shaw had a home field advantage in the NW La. District Senior Olympics one mile recreation walk.
“We used to live right over there,” said the 81-year-old Ms. Shaw, pointing to a vacant expanse of Bossier City’s massive Old Brownlee Park. “This was all the Robert Whitaker Plantation and my mother was a cook for the people who owned the land. As children we would walk and play all over this area.”

The parish recreation department and parish school board later became owners of the 50 acres which has been transformed into a modern, well-appointed park area with pavilions, ball fields and walking paths.  It was on one of those walking paths that Eddie Shaw covered a mile’s distance in 19.5 minutes for second place in the 80-84 age bracket which was won by Olivia Lewis (19.2).

Faye Scroggins in the 60-64 division had the day’s best mile time (16.4), ahead of Ruby Thomas (17.2) with Betty Dark and Beth Thomas crossing the finish line at the same time (22.2) for third.

Gary Price and Jo Ann Blasingame each covered the 5K distance in 41.1 to claim the gold.

Here are the full results:

One Mile–50-54 Shelia Hunter (18.3), Robert McNeil (31.0). 60-64 Faye Scroggins (16.4), Ruby Thomas (17.2), Betty Dark and Beth Thomas tie (22.2). 80-84 Olivia Lewis (19.2), Eddie Shaw (19.5). 85-89 Dora Hullaby (22.0), Luvenia Edwards (22.1).

5K–Jo Ann Blasingame and Gary Price tied at 49.1 each. Doyle Blasingame 53.4.

May 22, 2010

Vince Breax Wins Lanier Award in Track and Field

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058.JPG022.JPGVince Breaux receives the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award (top photo) as the outstanding athlete in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics track meet from Jean Lanier and family members. Debbie Roeten takes time out from her busy day for a laugh (lower photo) with other competitors during the meet.

Vince Breaux and Bruce Navarre of Lafayette and Howard Sklar and Debbie Roeten. Those were the names front-and-center in the 18th Northwest Louisiana District Track and Field meet May 22.

Breaux captured age-group golds in discus (124-6), shot put (39-6 1/2) and javelin (124-4), with best overall efforts in two of the three.  For his work he was named the winner of the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award, emblematic of the meet’s outstanding performer.

Navarre, a former track All-America at Northeast Louisiana University (now ULM) broke the meet’s composite record in the discus, his collegiate event.  He had a throw of 149-5, eclipsing the record held by Breaux  (137-7 in 2005).

Sklar posted a 2:36.98 in the 800 meters.  That’s the best time run by a district competitor, bettering Wayne Roper’s 2:41.07 in 2007.  The composite record remains with Dickie Morgan, an out-of-district runner who clocked 2:31.52 in 2004.

And Roeten. Well she was omnipresent on the track.  She ran all six races that were offered.  She had times of 9.18 in the 50 meters, 18.94 in the 100 meters, 48.15 in the 200 meters, 1:43.19 in the 400 meters, 3:49.31 in the 800 meters and 8:14.81 in the 1500 meters.

The record book saw some changes in age group marks. Breaux got 65-69 records in shot put and discus.  Sandy Triplett in women’s 60-64 set marks in discus (55-6) and javelin (49-3) and Betty Smith posted a new shot put mark (23-9) in the age group. Fred Watson set marks among the 70-74 men in discus (113-7) and javelin (123-8) and Wayne Hanson raised the 80-84 javelin mark to 57-5.

On the track, Jenneth Merriman set marks in the 50 meter (10.33) and 100 meter (20.17) for 60-64 women and Pam Elder wiped out the 400 meter (1:28.59) and 800 (3:15.27) in the same age bracket.

On the men’s side Larry Smith ran the best ever 60-64 100 meters (12.08) and Mitch Dickson of Longview, TX, posted the best-ever century for non-district runners ( 13.36). In running 16.75, Joe Goerner posted a new 75-79 mark in the 100 meter also.

(OD indicates competitors from outside the NW District. They are presented medals rated on their performance. In-district competitors are ranked in the medal standings for their standing against other in-district competitors).
Shot Put

Women 60-64 Betty Smith (23-9) Gold; Sandy Triplett (23-7), Silver. Men 50-54 Bruce Navarre (32-4) Gold. Men 60-64 Harold Landry (29-9 1/2) Gold (OD), Dan Ursery(27-9 1/2), Gold. Men 65-69 Vince Breaux (39-6 1/2) Gold (OD), Julius Cassels (30-7 3/4), Gold; Clarence Pinion (25-3) Silver. Men 70-74 Charles Jolley (35-8) Gold; Fred Watson (35-7) Silver (OD); Don North (32-2) Bronze (OD). Men 75-79 Joe Goerner (32-2) Gold; Les Brosset (20-7) Silver. Men 80-84 Wayne Hanson (23-3), Gold.


Women’s 60-64 Sandy Triplett (55-6) Gold; Betty Smith (34-4), Silver. Men 50-54 Bruce Navarre (149-5) (New Composite Record, breaking 137-7 by Vince Breaux, ‘05). Men 60-64 Dan Ursery (87-4) Gold. Men’s 65-69 Vince Breaux (124-6), Gold (OD), Julius Cassels (95-8) Gold, Harold Landry (83-9), Silver (OD), Clarence Pinion (67-11), Silver. Men 70-74 Fred Watson (113-7), Gold; Don North (96-2), Silver (OD), Charles Jolley (88-8), Silver. Men 75-79 Joe Goerner (81-7), Gold, Les Brosset (57-6), Silver. Men 80-84 Wayne Hanson (44-5), Gold.


Women 60-64 Sandy Triplett (49-3) Gold; Betty Smith (37-7) Silver. Men 60-64 Dan Ursery (73-4) Gold. Men’s 65-69 Vince Breaux (124-4) Gold (OD), Clarence Pinion (76-3), Gold; Julius Cassels (74-7) Silver. Men 70-74 Fred Watson (123-8) Gold; Don North (108-5) Silver (OD); Charles Jolley (63-0) Silver. Men 75-79 Joe Goerner (65-7); Les Brosset (41-4) Silver. Men 80-84 Wayne Hanson (57-5), Gold.

50 Meters

Women 40-54 Debbie Roeten (9.18) Gold; Jennie Hackman (9.27) Silver. Women 60-64 Jenneth Merriman (10.33) Gold; Betty Smith (10.88) Silver. Women 80-84 Burtie Smith-Griffin (12.54) Gold. Men’s 55-64 Larry Smith (6.91) Gold; Mitch Dickson (7.11) Silver (OD); Dan Ursery (7.17) and Tim Mitchell (7.17) dead heat for Silver. Learohn Caldwell (8.12) Bronze. Men 65-69 Robert Sutton (7.28) Gold. Men 70-84 John Impson (8.35) Gold (OD); Joe Goerner (8.62) Gold; Joe Scales (11.56) Silver (OD); Herman Maiden (17.06) Silver.

100 Meters

Women 55-64 Debbie Roeten (18.94) Gold; Jenneth Merriman (20.17) Silver; Betty Smith (22.64) Bronze. Women 80-84 Burtie Smith-Griffin 24.96) Gold. Men 55-59 Tim Mitchell (18.65) Gold. Men 60-64 Larry Smith (12.08) Gold; Mitch Dickson (13.36) Silver (OD); Dan Ursery (13.37) Silver; Learohn Caldwell (15.12), Bronze. Men 65-69 Robert Sutton (15.35) Gold. Men 70-74 John Impson (15.12) Gold (OD); Joe Seals (23.00) Silver (OD). Men 75-79 Joe Goerner (16.75) Gold. Men 80-84 Herman Maiden (34.25) Gold.

200 Meters

Women 40-49 Jennie Hackman (40.19) Gold. Women 50-54 Debbie Roeten (48.15) Gold; Jenneth Merriman (48.30) Silver. Women 80-84 Burtie Smith-Griffin (63.93) Gold. Men 55-59 Tim Mitchell (58.62) Gold. Men’s 60-64 Larry Smith (27.13) Gold; Dan Ursery (28.17) Silver; Mitch Dickson (29.00) Bronze (OD); Ken Endris (33.00). Men 65-69 Robert Sutton (33.91) Gold; Julius Cassels (37.06) Silver. Men’s 70-74 John Impson (33.88) Gold (OD). Men’s 80-84 Herman Maiden (80.09) Gold.

400 Meters

Women 60-64 Pam Elder (1:28.59) Gold; Debbie Roeten (1:43.19) Silver. Men 60-64 Mike Cox (1:06.61) Gold; Learohn Caldwell (1:15.73) Silver; Ken Endris (1:21.11) Bronze (OD).

800 Meters
Women 50-54 Pam Elder (3:15.27) Gold; Jennie Hackman (3:23.93) Silver; Debbie Roeten (3:49.31) Bronze. Men 50-54 Howard Sklar (2:36.98) (Best in district ever, bests Wayne Roeper’s 2:41.07 in 2007) Gold.

1,500 Meters

Women 40-49 Jennie Hackman (7:03.79) Gold. Women 50-54 Debbie Roeten (8:15.81) Gold.

May 19, 2010

Tennis: Tight Matches and Miller’s Time

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Top photo: Ken Jantz and Chris Miller (from left) fought back to upend Jay Boyd and Steve Gore (at right) in the men’s singles 4.0 and above division of the NW La District Senior Olympics tennis tournament and share a winning moment with N. Bossier Tennis Complex pro Elana Engleman. Lower photo: Ellen Francis and Patty Guanella (at right) defeated Karen Jantz and Sue Prudhomme (from left) in the women’s 4.0 Doubles Championship and share the eye of the camera with tournament coordinator Gerry Robichaux.

Mike Hambree and Ellen Francis edged their way to the mixed doubles title and Chris Miller and Ken Jantz fought their way back to win the men’s doubles crown in the NW La. District Senior Olympics tennis championship at N. Bossier Tennis Complex May 13-16.

It took a tie-breaking method to determine the mixed doubles of the 4.0 and Above division after Hambree-Francis and teams of Tom and Patti Guanella and Jay Boyd and Sue Prudhomme each recorded 2-1 records in the four-team round robin. To forge the tie,  Hambree-Francis won a tense battle with Boyd-Prudhomme by taking a 10-point tiebreaker (10-6) after the teams split sets.

Miller-Jantz had an even harder road to travel for the men’s doubles title, beating Boyd-Steve Gore 6-7 (7-4), 6-4, 10-6.

Miller also won the men’s singles title, beating Tomas Poljak, 6-1, 6-1, in the pivotal match of the round robin. It was a case of the 52-year old Miller having too much speed and power for his 70-year-old opponent.

The District Olympics tennis took on an international flavor when Poljak beat Paul Cha in an opening round of men’s singles round robin. Poljak won 16 national titles when he played in his home country of Bosnia. Cha, who recently opened Avacado California Roll Sushi Restaurant in Bossier City, concentrated on baseball in his youth in Seoul, S. Korea and didn’t take up tennis until his late 40s.


4.0 Up Level

Mixed Doubles

Mike Hambree-Ellen Francis d. Tom and Patty Guanella, 6-3, 7-5; Jay Boyd-Sue Prudhomme d. Ken and Karen Jantz, 7-5, 4-6, 10-5. Guanella-Guanella d. Boyd-Prudhomme 7-6, 6-4; Hambree-Francis d. Jantz-Jantz, 6-3, 6-3. Guanella-Guanella over Jantz-Jantz forfeit; Boyd-Prudhomme d. Hambree-Francis 6-3, 7-6 (10-6. Gold: Hambree-Francis. Silver: Guanella-Guanella. Bronze: Boyd-Prudhomme (used tiebreaking method).

Men’s Doubles Final

Chris Miller-Ken Jantz d. Jay Boyd-Steve Gore, 6-7 (7-4), 6-4, 10-6.

Women’s Doubles Final

Patti Guanella-Ellen Frances d. Sue Prudhomme-Karen Jantz, 6-3, 6-3.

Men’s Singles

Tomas Poljak d. Paul Cha, 6-4, 6-3; Chris Miller d. Cliff Ashton 6-2, 6-3; Poljak over Ashton, 6-2, retired. Cha over Ashton, default, Miller d. Cha XXXXXX; Miller d. Poljak XXXXX. Gold: Miller. Silver: Poljak. Bronze: Cha.

3.5 and Below

Women’s Doubles

Sally Joiner-Jennie Johnson d. Tommie Sue Brooks-Barbara Gamble 6-0, 6-0; Paula Jones-Kay Richard d. Lenda Patterson-Patti Sauer 6-1, 6-2. Joiner-Johnson d. Jones-Richard 6-2, 6-4. Patterson-Sauer advanced over Brooks-Gamble 2-0 retired. Jones-Richard advanced over Brooks-Gamble forfeit. Joiner-Johnson d. Patterson-Sauer 6-3, 6-3. Gold” Joiner-Johnson. Silver: Jones-Richard. Bronze: Patterson-Sauer.

Men’s Doubles

Tom Guanella-Dick Bailey d. Sam Merritt-Thomas Knowles 6-3, 6-1; Merritt-Knowles d. Clarence Pinion-Gerry Robichaux 6-4, 6-2; Guanella-Bailey d. Pinion-Robichaux 6-4, 6-2. Gold: Guanella-Bailey. Silver: Merritt-Knowles.

Mixed Doubles

Lenda Patterson-Thomas Knowles d. Paula Jones-Sam Merritt, 6-3, 7-5; Merritt-Jones d. Gerry Robichaux-Clare Mizell 6-4, 6-0; Patterson-Knowles d. Robichaux-Mizell 6-2, 6-4.

Men’s Singles Final

Clarence Pinion d. Joe Rice, 6-3, 3-6, 10-4.

May 5, 2010

Former Champs Return in Bean Bag Baseball

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255.JPG236.JPGHail to the Champions, the Krewe of Elders (above) and Live Oak Residential Community (below).  Each team returned to the throne in the 2010 Bean Bag Baseball.

The Krewe of Elders and Live Oak captured gold medals in Bean Bag Baseball, as former winners reasserted themselves in the event.

The Krewe, which was displaced in 2009 by the Caddo COA Chunkers, staged a comeback to win the open division and Live Oak, which won four consecutive titles before bowing in 2009 to Summerfield Estates, won the Retirement Communities division.

It took two victories over the Silver Sluggers for the Krewe of Elders to win. Coming through the loser’s bracket, KOE beat the Sluggers 32-30 to force a final game. KOE never trailed in the showdown, beating the Sluggers by 31-24. The Sometimers (nee Better Than Best) claimed the bronze medal in the open bracket.

From 2005 through 2008, Live Oak had things their way before Summerfield Estates claimed the gold in 2009. But on showdown day at Bossier Civic Center, Live Oak won easily over Summerfield to reclaim its hold on gold.

May 2, 2010

Sponsors Step Up for Golf Event

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In addition to LANDERS Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep, which was the presenter of the NW La. District Senior Olympics golf tournament, we had additional help from hole sponsors and we gratefully acknowledge them:

  • Barksdale FCU Blanchard
  • State Rep. Henry Burns
  • Jim Burton, Shelte Insurance
  • Cascio’s Market Bistro
  • Dr. William Steen, Steen-Hall Eye Institute
  • F.Q. Hood, Attorney
  • The Practice Tee at Benton and I-220
  • PGA Teaching Pro Martin Stuart
  • Kroger Food Store Benton Road
  • Lachle Electric
  • Joey Robichaux, Sales Agent Kilpatrick Life Insurance
  • Signs at Work
  • Don Ashworth, State Farm Insurance
  • Tag Rome, State Farm Insurance
  • Sam Spivey, State Farm Insurance
  • Steadman’s Sports Center
  • Tri-State Industrial
  • West Shreveport Business Association

May 1, 2010

Geneva Strain Nabs Bocce Ball Gold

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reside4nce 015.JPGThe ladies turned out in big numbers for the NW La. District Bocce Ball championship at Betty Virginia Park April 30. (Click on image to enlarge)

Geneva Strain dominated the Women’s 65-69 age bracket of the NW La. District Senior Olympics bocce ball championship April 30, but it took scoring differentials to determine the silver and bronze medal winners.

Strain won three and lost one in round robin play. Nancy Dusaul took the silver medal, and Diane Smith the bronze after they and Jo Ann Blasingame each had two wins and two losses.

Smith and Dusaul were playing in their first tournament and finished strong in the round robin.

Other age group winners in the women’s division were Fern Belton, Beth Thompson, Juanita Tucker and Teresa Howard in women’s and Dick Hainey and Gerry Robichaux in men’s.

Thompson and partner Betty Dark bested Juanita Pinion and Jackie Conner in the lone doubles match completed before rain washed the tournament out.
Bocce Ball Results

Female 50-64 Beth Thompson, Gold; Betty Dark, Silver.

Female 65-69 Geneva Strain, Gold; Nancy Dusaul, Slver; Diane Smith, Bronze. Jo Ann Blasingame 4th, Minuette McElhannon 5th.

Female 70-74 Juanita Tucker, Gold; Martha Shaw, Silver; Red Tucker, Bronze.

Female 75-79 Fern Belton, Gold; Bette Turner, Silver; Jackie Conner, Bronze.

Female 80-89 Teresa Howard, Gold; Frances Hutton, Silver; Connie Bogues Bronze.  Emily Marshall 4th.

Men 65-74 Gerry Robichaux, Gold; Harry Strain, Silver; Doyle Blasingame, Bronze.

Men  75-79 Dick Hainey, Gold; Les Brosset, Silver.

Get-Even Time in Pickle Ball

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There was an element of revenge in the 2010 NW La. District Pickle Ball championship May 1 as J. Garcia and Kathleen Loudermilk and Dale Higginbotham and David Johnson turned the tables on teams that beat them a year ago.

Garcia-Loudermilk won the mixed doubles round robin, ousting David Johnson and his wife Jo from the gold medal stand. Then Higgenbotham and David Johnson turned on Garcia and Dave Fortuna in a spirited men’s doubles that highlighted the card played out at Noel Methodist Church gym.

Garcia and Loudermilk won all three of their matches in the round robin, scoring a 2-11, 11-6, 11-6 victory over the Johnsons who finished with the silver medal. Loudermilk was a steady counterpoint for the athletic Garcia and battles at the net often consisted of six to eight volleys at point-blank range. Dave Fortuna and Ann Leonard won the bronze thanks to a key victory over Joe and Lila Lothrige, 11-2, 11-6.

Higginbotham, who sings in community opera, hit all the right notes in a showdown for the men’s doubles gold. He backed the angular David Johnson with good quickness afoot in an 11-7. 11-5 victory. Higgenbotham admitted that evening the score with Garcia-Fortuna, who won their age bracket at the LSOG meet last October, felt very good.

Jo Johnson and Lila Lodrige beat Loudermilk and Leonard for the women’s doubles gold, 11-2, 11-9.

“We managed to keep pickle ball alive on our calendar and hope things will grow in the next year,” said Gerry Robichaux, who oversaw the tournament for the District. “Dave Fortuna and J. Garcia did a terrific job conducting the event and we again got an assist from the folks from Natchitoches, Higgenbotham, the Lodriges and the Johnsons. And we have been assured that next year Tom Burkhart, Regional Director of the U.S. Pickle Ball Association,  will offer assistance to our effort. So stay tuned.”

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