December 23, 2010

Basketball expands in 2011

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The basketball shooting competition in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics will expand in 2011 to include a “hot-shot” contest to go along with free throw shooting.

Entrants in the 50-54 and 55-59 age brackets will shoot from spots behind the three-point line. Older contestants will have three minutes to shoot from five spots around the foul lane. They will take two shots from each of the spots which will be at the baselines between the three-point line and the lane, at the elbows of the foul line and lanes and at the top of the key. Contestants with the most baskets will win medals within the basic age groups.

“The ‘hot shot’ competition was held in the past but we shifted away from it in the last three years,” said Gerry Robichaux of the district steering committee.

“Hot Shot” will be staged May 9 at 10 a.m. following free throw competition at Bellaire Fitness Center at 4330 Panther Drive in Bossier City.

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