May 21, 2011

Ken Prude Burns Up District Track

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055.JPGKen Prude accepts the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award from Jean Lanier (left), widow of the former Senior Olympian, after capturing two gold medals and a composite record in the 19th running of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics track and field meet.  Track and field coordinator Gerry Robichaux is at right.

Ken Prude, running in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics for the first time, smashed the 400-meter record in winning two gold medals as the 19th edition of the district competition came to a close Saturday (May 21) at Airline High School.

For his performance, Shreveporter Prude was voted winner of the Jesse Linear Memorial Award, given the outstanding track or field competitor. Prude blistered the 400 meters in 61.23 seconds, breaking the old mark of 65.31 set in 2009 by Mike Cox, who finished runnerup to Prude Satrurday with a 66.68 time.

Prude, 55, also won the 800 meters in the time of 2:44.03.

In two of the closest duels of the day, Mike Loyd bested Howard Sklar in the 100-meters with a time of 13.7 to 13.83 and Sklar came back to win the 200 meters, 28.3 to 29.19.  

Vince Breaux of Lafayette, who won the Lanier Award in 2010, broke his own 65-69 age group record in the  shot put with a 39-8 1/2 throw, two inches better than his mark a year ago. 

In the 70-75 age group Charlie Richard of Lafayette threw the javelin 103-9 and threw the discus 28-9 1/2, setting out of district records in both. Jimmy Adams of Alexandria established an out-of-district record in the 80-84 shot put with a 25-8 mark.

The 19th edition of the district games was the largest ever, drawing 570 competitors into the 7 1/2 week long sports and games carnival for those 50 years of age and older.


(Note: Out of District (OD) competitors get medals according to their performance, but they can not displace a competitor who is running in his or her own district)


50 Meters–40-49: Jenny Hackman 9.11 Gold. 55-59: Karen Leon 11.59 Gold. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler 14.82 Gold. 80-84: Burtie Smith-Griffin 15.40 Gold. Maxine Thomas 19.77 Silver.

800 Meters– 40-49: Jenny Hackman 3.28.58 Gold.

100 Meters–40-49: Jenny Hackman 18.52 Gold. 55-59: Karen Leon 23:10 Gold. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler (OD) 29.05 Gold. 80-84: Burtie Smith-Griffin 26.10 Gold. 80-84: Maxine Thomas (OD) 35.19 Gold.

400 Meters–55-59: Karen Leon 2:09.22 Gold.

1,500 Meters–40-49: Jenny Hackman 7:11.71 Gold. 55-59: Karen Leon 9:31.01 Gold.

200 Meters–40-49: Jenny Hackman 12.73 Gold. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler (OD) 1:02.39 Gold.  80-84: Burtie Smith-Griffin 1:04.39 Gold.  


50-Meters–55-59: Larry Smith 7.20 Gold. Dan Ursery 7.27 Silver. Tim Mitchell 7.62 Bronze. 65-69: Robert Sutton 8:03 Gold. Duane Chilton 8.89 Silver. 70-74 John Impson (OD) 8:10 Gold. Curtis Turner 10:93 Gold. Joe Scales  13.57 Silver.

 800 Meters–55-59: Ken Prude 2:44.03 Gold. 60-64 Don Brown (OD) 2:52.00 Gold. 70-74: Tad Jurgens (OD) 3:17.90 Gold.

100 Meters–55-59: Howard Sklar (OD) 13.83 Gold.  Paul Barnaby 17.36 Gold. Tim Mitchell 18.46 Silver. 60-64: Mike Loyd (OD) 13.7 Gold. Larry Smith 14.16 Gold. Dan Ursery 14.63 Silver. 65-69: Robert Sutton 14.95 Gold. Duane Chilton 15.26 Silver. 70-74: John Impson (OD) 15.17 Gold. Joe Scales 27.57 Gold. 75-79: Charlie Richard (OD) 16;10 Gold. Joe Goerner 16.95 Gold. Curtis Turner 20.96 Silver. 80-84: Jommy Adams (OD) 25.92 Gold.  

400 Meters–55-59: Ken Prude 1:01.23 Gold (Establishes new composite record for the district, bettering the 1:05.31 from 2009). Paul Barnaby 1:21.33 Silver. 60-64: Mike Cox 1:06.68 Gold. Mike Loyd (OD) 1:09.69 Silver. Ken Endris (OD) 1:11.93 Bronze. Also Don Brown (OD) 1:13.16. 70-74: Tad Jurgens (OD) 1:33.17 Gold. Joe Scales 2:95.14. Gold. 75-79: Curtis Turner 1:43.17 Gold.

1,500 Meters–55-59: Paul Barnaby 6:52.36 Gold. 60-64: Don Brown  (OD) 6:16.36 Gold. 70-74: Tad Jurgens (OD) 6:51.89 Gold.

200 Meters–55-59: Howard Sklar (OD) 28.30 Gold. Paul Barnaby 33.91 Gold. Tim Mitchell 36.21 Silver. 60-64: Mike Loyd (OD) 29.19 Gold. Dan Ursery 31.63 Gold. Bob Lindsey 34.64 Silver. 70-74: John Impson (OD) 33.66 Gold. Joe Scales 1:01.9 Gold. 75-79: Charlie Richard (OD) 34.71 Gold. Joe Goerner 40.11 Gold. Curtis Turner 45.19 Silver. 80-84: Jimmy Adams (OD)58.95 Gold.



Shot Put–65-69 Mildred Reeves 14-4 Gold. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler 19-9 Gold.

Discus–65-69: Mildred Reeves 28-5 1/2 Gold. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler 37-7 1/2 Gold.

Javelin–65-69: Mildred Reeves 26-0 Gold.  


Shot Put–60-64: Dan Ursery 27-5 1/2 Gold. 65-69: Vince Breaux (OD) 39-8 1/2 Gold (Breaks his own age group record of 39-6 1/2). Harold Landry (OD) 30-4. 70-74: Charles Jolley 34-8 3/4 Gold. Wallace Martin (OD) 33-6 Silver. Julius Cassels 33-3 Silver.  75-79: Charlie Richard (OD) 28-9 1/4 Gold (establishes a new age group record for out of district competitors). Joe Goerner 27-1 Silver. Les Brosset 22-4 Bronze. 80-84: Jimmy Adams (OD) 25-8 Gold (establishes new age group record for out of district competitor). Jack Haller Sr. (OD) 23-9 Silver.

Discus–60-64: Dan Ursery 76-8 Gold. 65-69: Vince Breaux (OD) 121-6 Gold. Harold Landry (OD) 80-1 1/2. 70-74: Julius Cassels 92-1 3/4 Gold. Wallace Martin (OD) 88-1 1/4 Silver. Charles Jolley 85-9 1/2 Silver. 75-79: Charlie Richard (OD) 80-7 3/4 Gold (sets record for age group). Joe Goerner 64-8 Gold. Les Brosset 53-6 Silver. 80-84: Jimmy Adams (OD) 60-1 1/2 Gold. Jack Haller Sr. (OD) 55-9 Silver.

Javelin–60-64: Dan Ursery 54-3 Gold. 65-69: Vince Breaux (OD) 120-10 Gold. Harold Landry (OD) 75-10 Silver. 70-74: Julius Cassels 75-2 Gold. 75-79: Charlie Richard (OD) 103-9 (Establishes age group record, better than 70-7 by Ken Howard 2002). Joe Goerner 66.8 Gold. Les Brosset 40-2 Silver. 80-84: Jack Haller Sr. (OD) 59-4 Gold. Jimmy Adams (OD) 44-8 Silver.  

May 15, 2011

Miscelleneous Results

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Chipping/Putting Results

Chipping–Female 65-69: Susan Berry Gold. Male 60-69: Sam Merritt Gold. Joal McKenzie Silver. Robert Gatti Bronze.  70-79: Bill Snow Gold. Gary Price Silver.

Putting–Female 65-69: Susan Berry Gold. Male 60-69: Robert Gatti Gold. Sam Merritt Silver. Joal McKenzie Bronze. 70-79: Bill Snow Gold. Gary Price Silver.

May 13, 2011

Bowling Results

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FEMALE– 55-59: Gayle Pearce 502 Gold. Carol Miller 421 Silver. Kathy Center 323 Bronze. 60-64: Betty Jones 542 Gold. Jean Wilson 482 Silver. Diana Carrier 472 Bronze. Qualifiers Kay Free 467. 65-69: Willie Mae Joyner 531 Gold. Brenda Beck 528 Silver. Lynn Stuckey 506 Bronze. Qualifiers Rita Buckley 496, Minnette McElhannon 484, Diane Smith 483, Janet McKenzie 471, Margie Floyd 447, Susan Berry 445. 70-74: Kay Staples 546 Gold. Ann Glisson 487 Silver. Queen Abner 407 Bronze. 75-79: Jimmie Moreland 536 Gold. Jeri Lancaster 509 Silver. Mary Price 464 Bronze. Qualifiers Gwen Jordan 431, Marilyn Lytle 379. 85-89: Connie Bogues 405 Gold. Betty Hustead 386 Silver. Frances Hutton 290 Bronze.

MALE–55-59: Randy White 687 Gold. Ronnie Griggs 634 Silver. 60-64: Curt Drayden 640 Gold. Don McGhee 606 Silver. Sam Wilson 569 Bronze. Qualifiers  J.R. Morse 540, Dennis Bamburg 516. Clarence Green 513, Dan Hardy 503, Bill Carrier 502. 65-69: Ray Smith 642 Gold. Bill Free 629 Silver. Charlie McCoy 608 Bronze. Qualifiers Mike Berry 597, Richard Rice 591, Harry Strain 578, Bob McCullom 558, Harry Gaske 546, George Levesque 540, Ed Briggs (OD) 507. 70-74: Don Woolsey 617 Gold. Don Preuett 599 Silver. Mac McCowan 522 Bronze. Qualifiers Don Lynch (OD) 530, Everett Fuller 521, Jay Fortenberry 507, Bill Gordon 491. 75-79: Gary Price 643 Gold. Jim Draper 582 Silver. Ernest Good 567 Bronze. Qualifiers Frank Adger 529, Erv Duncan 487, Smitty Smith 474. 80-84: Dick Hainey 507 Gold. Jimmy Adams (OD) 451 Silver. Bob Butland 448 Silver. Danny Grant 317 Bronze. 90-plus: Howard Robertson 479 Gold. Claude Friske 478 Silver. Wes Rance 322 Bronze.


FEMALE–50-59: Janet McKenzie-Gayle Pearce 1,004 Gold. Cathy Centerr-Harriet Briggs 773 Silver.60-64: Gwen Jordan-Mary Kullenberg 964 Gold. Brenda Beck-Linda Devan 924 Silver. Ann Barber-Ezell Barber 852 Bronze. 65-69: Lynn Stuckley-Notra Odoms 1,003 Gold. Louis Adger-Geneva Strain 960 Silver. Diane Smith-Nancy Dusang 913 Bronze. 85-89: Betty Hustead-Frances Hutton 891 Gold.

MALE–55-59: Ronnie Griggs-Charlie McCoy 1,262 Gold. Frank Adger-Randy White 1,221 Silver. Ed Briggs-Claude Friske 950 Bronze. 60-64: Harry Strain-J.R. Morse 1,254 Gold. Clarence Greene-Curt Drayden 1,234 Silver. Don Hardy-Richard Rice 1,088 Bronze. 65-69: Bob McCollum-Bert Carroll 1,239 Gold. Bill Free-Don Woolsey 1,236 Silver. Mike  Berry-Don Preuett 1,208 Bronze. 70-79: Ernest McCowan-Erv Duncan 1,080 Gold. Gary Prize-Jim Draper 1,075 Silver. Everett Fuller-Smitty Smith 1,041 Bronze. 80-84: Dick Hainey-Howard Robertson 1,028 Gold. Danny Grant-Bob Bell 773 Silver.


50-54: Jeannie Smith-Gary Price 1,145 Gold. Gayle Pearce-Tracy Smith 998 Silver. Shaw Maddox-Dopn McGhee 988 Bronze. 55-59: Cathy Center-George Taylor 292 Gold. David Lamar-Queen Abner 834 Silver. 60-64: Kathleen and Charlie McCoy 1,275 Gold. Lynn Stuckey-Curt Drayden 1,237 Silver. Susan and Steve Berry 1,198 Bronze. 65-69: Geneva and Harry Strain 1,220 Gold. Bob McCollum-Notra Odoms 1,211 Silver. Brenda Beck-Bert Carroll 1,077 Bronze. 70-74: Kay Staples-Don Preuett 1,205 Gold. Ann Glisson-Doug Horne 1,122 Silver. Chuck and Jeri Lancaster 1,031 Bronze. 75-79: Gloria Hoofnagle-Ernest Good 963 Gold. Frances Hutton-Jay Prudhomme 957 Silver. Gwen Jordan-Bob Bell 898 Bronze. 80-84: Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 1,011 Gold. Connie Bogues-Howard Robertson 893 Silver.

May 9, 2011

Ogywn On Target in Free Throws

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David Ogywn turned in a performance matched by only two others in the 19 year history of the Northwest District Olympics when he hit a perfect 10of 10 in free throw shooting Monday. That perfect mark matched two put up by John Chism in 2004 and 2005. Joe Pulliam matched that in 2006. Ogywn also won the hot shot competition.

Mary Dusang scored six of 10 to pace the women shooters.


Men–60-64: David Ogwyn Gold. 65-69: Duane Chilton Gold. Clarence Pinion Silver. 75-79: Gerry Robichaux Gold.

Women–50-54: Shelea Hunter Gold. 60-64: Betty Smith Gold. 65-69: Mary Dusang Gold. Willie Joyner Silver. Jan Bennett Bronze. 70-74 Barbara Wheeler Gold. Jacque Wall Silver. Red Fletcher Bronze (all three places decided in shootoff). 75-79: Marie Fitzgerald Gold. Jo Jernigan Silver. 80-84: Eddie Shaw Gold.


Men–60-64: David Ogwyn Gold.

Women–65-69: Pearlie Bell Gold. 80-84: Maxine Thomas Gold.

May 8, 2011

Results of Horseshoes

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Men–50-54: Michael Willett Gold. Roy Havermane Silver. 60-64: Roosevelt Morse Gold. 65-69: Harry Strain Gold. 75-79: Gary Price Gold.

Women–70-74: Juanita Tucker Gold. 75-79: Jeri Lancaster Gold.


Men–75-79: Art Mathews Gold. Gary Ponder Silver.

Women–55-64: Betty Smith Gold. Linda Knighton Silver. Kathelene Bryant Bronze. 65-69: Geneva Strain Gold. Darlene Stone Silver. Ruby Thomas Bronze. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler Gold. Rita Holloway Silver. Jenny Carbin Bronze. 75-79: Mary Price Gold. Marie Fitzgerald Silver. Retta Mathews Bronze. 80-84: Maxine Thomas Gold.

May 7, 2011

Miller, Estes Tops in Table Tennis

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pinmgpong horseshoes 008.JPGChris Miller stretches for a forehand in his battle with Sam Wilson during table tennis championship.

 Chris Miller and George Estes ruled singles competition in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics table tennis May 6.

Miller used straight sets wins over Dan Keisler and Sam Wilson to capture the 50-64 age bracket gold medal. Estes  beat Bob Taylor in three sets for the 65-69 gold medal. Keisler took third place and the bronze medal with a straight sets win over David Ogwyn.

The age group winners were dominant. Miller went 11-5, 11-7, 11-6 over Keisler and 11-6, 11-6, 11-2 over Wilson. Estes toppled Taylor by identical 11-9 counts. Miller and Estes then teamed to beat Taylor and Wilson in the 60-69 doubles, taking sets by 112-3, 11-3 and 11-8.


Men’s Singles–50-64: Chip Miller Gold. Sam Wilson Silver. Dan Keisler Bronze. 65-69: George Estes Gold. Bob Taylor Silver. 70-plus: Earl Speights (OD) Gold. John Ray Gold.

Men’s Doubles–60-69: Miller-Estes Gold. Taylor-Wilson Silver.

Exhibition: Dan Ogywyn-Dan Keisler d. Earl Speights-Jo Speights.

May 5, 2011

Harvill, Smith Tops in Mini Golf

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035.JPGHarold Harvill (right) and Betty Smith were the low scorers for the two categories in the NW La. Disrict Senior Olympics miniature golf tournament.

Four aces sang a sweet song for Harold Harvill in the NW La. District Senior Olympics miniature golf tournament.

Harvill posted the quartet of hole-in-ones on  the way to a two-over par 38, seven strokes better than Bob Taylor in the 60-69 age grouping and five better than Bill Snow who was next lowest and winner of the 70-74 age group. Top scorer in the women’s division was Betty Smith, whose 51 claimed the 60-64 age group ahead of Sandra Hardy’s 52.

Play took place at Party Central in Bossier City.


FEMALE–60-64: Betty Smith 51 Gold. Sandra Hardy 52 Silver. 65-69: Carol Estrada 53 Gold. Susan Berry 57 Silver. Darlene Stone 62 Bronze. 70-74 Juanita Tucker 53 Gold. Dot Turner 54 Silver. Red Fletcher 55 Bronze. 75-84: Jeri Lancaster 54 Gold. Erna Oliver 55 Silver. Mary Price 58 Bronze.

MALE–60-69: Harold Harvill 38 Gold. Bob Taylor 45 Silver. Don Hardy 46 Bronze. 70-74: Bill Snow 43 Gold. Doyle Blasingame 52 Silver. Chuck Lancaster 55 Bronze. 75-79:Gary Price 53 Gold*. Gerry Robichaux 53 Silver. Les Brosset 54 Bronze. 80-89: Doug McBride 54 Gold. Thomas Deville 57 Silver. *–won scorecard playoff.

Lynn Beaty Still Has a Good Shooting Eye

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007.JPG  Lynn Beaty (second from right) was the high scorer in both rifle and pistol competition in the District Marksmanship competition at Shooters USA.  Other medal winners were (from left) Bob Turner, Al Peterman, Les Brosset and Joe Dernovich.

 Lynn Beaty of Haughton, trying his hand in the Senior Olympics for the first time, walked away with two gold medals in the marksmanship competition of the Northwest District May 5 at Shooters USA.

If you’re putting two and two together, this is the same Lynn Beaty who helped Coach Billy Montgomery and the Haughton Buccaneers to the state high school basketball championships in 1968 and 1969. He was a shooter back then too, only it was jump shots and set shots as he and Kenny Covington, Benny DePrang, John Bradshaw and Kenny “Snake” Cowan were the Bucs’ starting five both years.

Beaty, now 59, scored a 207 out of a possible 300 in .22 pistol shooting and had a 172 in .22 rifle shooting to outpace the marksmanship field. Al Peterman, a marine veteran, was second in both categories for ages 55-64. He scoresd 183 in pistols  and 55 in rifles. Age groups were combined to provide competition for medals. Bob Turner finished third in pistols.

“My wife showed me her entry form for the tennis tournament and said I ought to get into something,” Beaty said. “I was unable to make the archery competition so I thought I’d give (shooting) a try,” Beaty said.

Les Brosset and Joe Dermovich swapped places in the pistol and rifle shooting for the 70-79 age category. Dermovich was the better in pistols (132 to 76) and Brosset had the edge in rifles.

On the women’s side, Dot Turner blistered Jackie Conner in pistols, scoring a 186 for the gold to Conner’s 88 for silver.

A Perfect Union

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112.JPGThis group of ladies from Union Parish traveled to take part in our District Olympics activities May 4.

The Northwest District Senior Olympics welcomed some new visitors in our 19th year, as a group of women from Union Parish took part in our Opening Ceremony and Health Fair May 4.

The nine ladies wanted to be involved in Senior Olympics activities as they have been in the past in the Northeast District. However, they had no place to go when their district was unable to stage events this year.  So they asked if they could join our gang. “You betcha!” said NW Secretary/Treasurer Bette Turner. So the ladies came callin’.

And they took home a raft of medals in darts and accuracy throws and generally seemed to have a good time, making new friends easily with their outgoing personalities. The visitors were Mary Miller, Barbara Nolan, Maxine Thomas, Marie Fitzgerald, Mildred Reeves, Charlene Dilce, Kathlene Bryan and Mornia Bryan.

May 4, 2011

Burtie Smith-Griffin Makes Fast Work of Craft Fair Competition

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 078.JPGBurtie Smith-Griffith’s Great Blue Heron painting nabbed two of the biggest honors in the 2011 Senior Olympics Crafts Fair.

Burtie Smith-Griffin’s painting of a Great Blue Heron captured both the Best-in-Show and People’s Choice honors in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Craft Fair May 4.

She’s the same Burtie Smith-Griffin who has run her way to scads of medals in the district, state and national track and field meets. She will make her way to Houston for her seventh National Senior Games this summer where she is qualified in the 100 and 200 meter events.

Other Results

CeramicsOwl clock by Olivia Lewis, first. PhotographyFive Generations by Earnestine Tyler, first. SewingBlue/White Quilt by Jacque Wall, first; Door stop Bunny by Glenda McCarl, second; Red/Blue Quilt by Jacque Wall, third. NeedleworkPegasus by Glenda McCarl first; Cross by Polly Overby, second; Rudolph by Glenda McCarl third. CraftsGourd by Carol Maddox first; Gourd Egg by Polly Overby second; Greeting cards by Polly Overby third. PaintingClapboard House by Judy Firmin first; Duck on Wood by Carol Maddox second; Great Blue Heron by Burtie Smith-Griffin third.

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