May 4, 2011

McEachern, Stell, Strain Best in Accuracy Throws

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038.JPGSmiley Nehls takes aim with a football in the Accuracy Throws competition.

Harold McEachern, William Stell and Geneva Strain posted top marks in the Accuracy Throws competition of the NW La. District Senior Olympics Wednesday.

Contestants threw a FRISBEE disc, softball and football from distances of 15, 20 and 25 feet for those age 74 and below and 10, 15 and 20 feet for those 75 and above. The object is to make each implement pass through a 25-inch ring five feet off the ground. Contestants have two throws from each distance with each implement and successful attempts result in 15 points from the first distance, 20 from the second and 25 from the third. A perfect score is 360.

McEachern (77) scored 310 points. Stell (60) scored 305 points and Strain (66) 230 points. Each won gold medals in their age brackets: McEachern in men’s 75-79 age group; Stell in men’s 60-64 age group and Strain 65-69 women’s age group.


WOMEN–50-54: Faye Jamison (95) Gold. Terry Merritt Silver. 55-59: Pat Stell (115) Gold. Margie Brewer (95) Silver. Diane Lewis (55) Bronze. 60-64: Lillian Trammel (165) Gold. Betty Smith (145) Silver. Kathlene Bhyran (125) Bronze. 65-69: Geneva Strain (230) Gold. Pearlie Bell (175) Silver. Dianne Smith (140) Bronze. 70-74: Gloria Griffin-Pratt (225), Athlean Snow (200) Silver. Jean McEachern (155) Bronze. 75-79: Marie Fitzgerald (185). Margaret Baldwin (115). Barbara Nolan (65). 80-84: Dorothy Depanion and Mry Miller (150 each) Golds. Pauline Sells (145) Silver. Maxine Thomas (80) Bronze. 85-89: Alma Baird (200) Gold. Betty Holliday (105) Silver. Natalie Robinson (95) Bronze. 90-95: Sunshine Cobb (140) Gold. Frances Hutton (90) Silver.

MEN–48-59: Curtis Chandler (185) Gold. Robert McNeil (145) Silver. 60-64: William Stell (305) Gold. David Phillips (175) Silver. Clarence Greene Jr. (115) Bronze. 65-69: Bob Taylor (185) Gold. Harrry Strain (155) Silver. Duane Chilton (115) Bronze. 70-74: Chuck Lancaster (190) Gold. Bill Snow (135) Silver. 75-79: Harold McEachern (310) Gold. John Ray (250) Silver. Smiley Nehls (230). 80-89: Doug McBride (150) Gold. Dick Hainey (100) Silver. Robert McCain (90) Bronze.

G. Strain, McEachern Dominate Darts

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Geneva Strain in women’s 65-69 age bracket and Harold McEachern in men’s 75-79 age group posted the top scores to highlight dart competition in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Wednesday.

Strain racked up 186 points in a runaway in her age bracket. McEachern dominated the 75-79 men with a 184 score, 65 points better than his closest rival. One of the closest battles of the day came in the 75-79 age bracket for women where Marie Fitzgerald edged Margaret Baldwin, 130-128, for the gold medal. In the men’s 65-69, Bob Taylor won the gold over Harry Strain a similar two-point margin.

A highlight of the day came in the 90-94 age bracket where Col. Steve dePyssler won a silver medal. In 1992 when the District Olympics opened, dePyssler competed in all 21 events that were offered and medalled in several.


WOMEN: 50-54: Terri Merritt (92) Gold. Faye Jamison (51) Silver. 55-59: Linda Knighton (151) Gold. Ruth Barham (121) Silver. Dianne Lewis (99) Bronze. 60-64: Carolyn Martin (99) Gold. Beth Thompson (92) Silver. Betty Smith (79) Bronze. 65-69: Geneva Strain (186) Gold. Lessie Loggins (143) Silver. Ruby Thomas (132) Bronze. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler (132) Gold. Alice Brooks (119) Silver. Athlean Snow (115) Bronze. 75-79: Marie Fitzgerald (130) Gold. Margaret Baldwin (128) Silver. Lucy Leonard (97) Bronze. 80-84: Dorothy Depanion (136) Gold. Mary Miller (60) Silver. Maxine Thomas (63) Bronze. 85-89: Eddie McCall (86) Gold. Betty Holliday (66) Silver. Lady Stacy (62) Bronze. 90-94: Jaye Byrd (37) Gold. Sushine Cobb (11) Silver.

MEN–55-64: David Phillips (94) Gold.  Curtis Chandler (92) Silver. William Stell (83) Bronze. 65-69: Bob Taylor (121) Gold. Harry Strain (119) Silver. Duane Chilton (102) Bronze. 70-74: Chuck Lancaster (79) Gold. Bill Snow (71) Silver. 75-79: Harold McEachern (184) Gold. John Ray (119) Silver. Smiley Nehls (117) Bronze. 80-84: Steve Vasko (113) Gold. Dick Hainey (75) Silver. 85-89: William McBride (60) Gold. Robert McCain (37) Silver. 90-94: Henry Ward (153) Gold. Steve dePyssler (73) Silver. Boddie Harbin (16) Bronze.


Krewe, Astros Headed for Another Showdown

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1471.JPG068.JPG Krewe of Elders (left) and the Live Oak Astros (right) won the gold medals in their respective divisions of Bean Bag Baseball May 4. That will lead to another showdown later this year. 

The Krewe of Elders and the Live Oak Astros defended their respective titles in NW La. District Senior Olympics Beanbag Baseball Wednesday as part of the 2011 District Opening Ceremony and Health Fair at Bossier Civic Center.

The Krewe bested the Sometimers, 32-23, to end up unbeaten in five games and claim the crown in the Age 50 Open division. The Astros rolled to their seventh title in eight tries in the Residential Community division, beating Summerfield Estates, 29-25 earlier in the day.

Les Brosset, Charles Citrano, John Ray and Celia Frazier had home runs in the fifth and sixth innings to help the Elders pull away from the Sometimers who could do little to close the gap in the top of the seventh and final inning.

The two results of Wednesday set up a repeat of the Senior Olympics World Series showdown between winners of the two divisions. The Astros won that last year in rather easy fashion. “They beat us unmercifully,” remembered Frazier who added, “It won’t happen that way this time.”

The 2011 tournament was the biggest ever (16) teams. The Astros beat their “little brothers,” the Live Oak Rookies, to reach the finals. 

The Sometimers battled their way into the division final through the losers bracket, put there by a loss to the Elders. They waited while the Beanie Boppers,Young Guns, Chunkers and Silver Sluggers worked through losers bracket contests–the Beenie Boppers eliminating the oung Guns and the Chunkers dropping the Silver Sluggers. The Beanie Boppers then stopped the Chunkers but were beaten by the Sometimers and wound up with the bronze medal for the division.

May 2, 2011

Scroggins Beats the Field in 8-Ball

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DSC_0385.JPGDave Scroggins (center) ran through the 65-plus age bracket in the NW La.District Senior Olympics 8-Ball Pool event unbeaten May 2, thanks in part to his wife Fay (left) who entered him in the competition. At right is 8-Ball Pool coordinator Clarence Pinion.

Fay Scroggins says she entered her husband, Dave, in the NW La. District Senior Olympics pool tournament because he was always talking about how well he could play the game. Dave says she did it just to see him get beat.

Regardless of motive, the Scroggins’ seemed to enjoy the outcome–Dave showed he had “game” and he never did get beaten, defeating six others in the 65-plus age bracket of the event played Monday at Randal T. Moore Senior Center. Closest challenger was Bob Taylor who finished with two losses in six matches and took the silver medal behind Scroggins’ gold.

Scroggins edged Taylor in the first match played in the division. When each had just one match left, Taylor ran into the hot stick of Floyd White who ran the table on him after Taylor’s break. It was sweet revenge for White, who lost out to Taylor in the opening round of the recent Holiday in Dixie Oldtimers Pool Tournament.

Meanwhile, Scroggins was having his way with Harry Strain to close out a perfect run. “My experience came from when I was young playing ‘on the street.’ Those games were different than these. I’m old school,” Scroggins said. “Some of the rules in this tournament were new to me.” One rule specific to the Senior Olympics game found a player with ball-in-hand following a miss on a sequencial shot by his opponent. In the long run, Scroggins enjoyed participating in the tournament as much as winning. “I just love the game,” said the retired A.T.T.-Lucent Technology employee.

Emile Tuminello, playing just a few days short of his 90th birthday, finished fifth Monday. He won the event last year and also took home gold in the LSOG (state) competition. He shrugged off his low finish Monday. “I’ll be back next year,” he said.

In women’s play, Margaret Blankenship outlasted Debbie Gay for the gold. “They played best-of-three and it was very close,” said Clarence Pinion, coordinator of the event for the NWLa district.


Women: Margaret Blankenship Gold. Debbie Gay Silver.

Men: 60-64–Clarence Greene Jr. Gold. Al Peterman Silver. Robert Williams Bronze. 65-Plus–Dave Scroggins Gold. Bob Taylor Silver. Floyd White Bronze. Terry Burns Bronze.  Emile Tuminello 5th. Roger Dowdall 6th. Harry Strain 7th.




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