April 27, 2012

Robichaux, Hoppaugh Get Golds in Bocce Ball

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bocce 2012 061.JPG Gold medalist Patricia Robichaux is surrounded by silver medal winner Margie Bamburg (left) and bronze medalist Ellendale Harbour (right) at the NW La. District Senior Olympics bocce ball competition.

Patricia Robichaux “maxed out” in the third frame of her championship showdown with Margie Bamburg Friday to win the gold medal in NW La. District Senior Olympics bocce ball. She joined Maugurite Hoppaugh as a gold medalist in the two largest age brackets of the competition.

In head-to-head play, contestants play four frames, each tossing four balls a frame.  The object is to place shots closer to the pallino (or target ball) than any of the opponent’s ball.

In that critical third frame, Robichaux placed all four of her throws closer to the target ball than any of Bamburg’s tosses. But it took a precise measurement to determine the outcome.  The four points awarded in the frame gave Robichaux a 7-3 lead going into the final frame.  When one of her throws was second closest to the target in the final frame, Robichaux had the gold medal of the female 65-69 age bracked  wrapped up.

Robichaux beat Ginny Boyd in the medal round and Bamburg beat Ellendale Harbour to set up the championship match. Harbour beat Boyd for the bronze medal.

In pool play, Bamburg gave Robichaux her only setback by a 6-1 count.

Hoppaugh beat Jacque Wall and Jennie Cardin beat Arlene Gates in the 70-74 age group semifinals. Hoppaugh then beat Cardin for the gold and Gates beat Cardin for the bronze medal.  The 65-69 and the 70-74 age brackets were the largest age brackets with eight contestants each, forcing pool play.

Other results:

FEMALE–60-64: Betty Smith Gold, Betty Dark Silver. 75-84: Fern Belton Gold, Dorothy Depanion Silver, Jackie Conner Bronze. Bette Turner 4th. 85-91: Frances Hutton Gold, Sunshine Cobb Silver.

MALE–65-69: Harry Strain Gold, Dennis Bamburg Silver, Joal McKenzie Bronze. 70-74: Duane Chilton Gold, James Russom Silver. 75-85: Les Brosset Gold, Dick Hainey Silver, Gerry Robichaux Bronze.

April 22, 2012

Joubert, Berry Best at Chipping and Putting

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Larry Joubert and Susan Berry knocked the ball into the cup to pace the NW La. District Senior Olympics Chipping and Putting competition at The Practice Tee Sunday (April 22).

Joubert rolled in a six-footer among his four putts, each from a different distance and with different degrees of difficulty to the roll. Berry’s perfect chip was from 22 feet and from off the green above the hole. Medals were determined by the total distance away from the cup of the four tries each contestant had (low figure best). Joubert’s putting total was 6.1 feet; Berry’s chipping total was 16.8.

Sissie Schroeder was second overall with an 8.5 foot total in putting. Steve Pinkley was second in chipping with a total of 30.5 feet.

Chipping distances were 12, 14, 22 and 20 feet; putting distances were six, 14, 16 and 26 feet.



FEMALE–60-64: Sussie Schroeder Gold, Beth Porter Silver. 65-69: Susan Berry Gold, Darlene Stone Silver.

MALE–65-67: Larry Joubert Gold, Steve Pinkley Silver, Joal McKenzie Silver. 75-79: Jerry Warren Gold, Gary Price Silver, Les Brosset Bronze.


FEMALE–60-64: Beth Porter Gold, Sussie Schroeder Silver. 65-69: Susan Berry Gold, Darlene Stone Silver.

MALE–65-67: Steve Pinkley Gold, Joel McKenzie Silver. 75-79: Jerry Warren Gold, Gary Price Silver, Les Brosset Bronze.

April 20, 2012

Ron Adams battles thunderstorms to pace golf

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Ron Adams, 75, was best in rain and wet conditions (April 21) at Northwood Hills GC, shooting a three-over par 36-39–75 in the NW La. District Senior Olympics golf championship.

Adams, who wound up fifth in the National Senior Games golf event in Houston last July, used a strategy mastered in top golf competition around the world when he was in the military. “I choose a club higher than usual because the ball doesn’t fly as far in atmosphere like this,” he said following a round that saw him hit 17 of 18 fairways in regulation.  He played the front nine in even par 36.

His effort recaputured for him the honor of low scorer which escaped to Don Ashworth in 2011, ending a string of three straight for Adams who shared the honor with Rainey Rainwater in 2008 at 78 and then was all alone at 74 in 2009 and at 71 in 2010. Ashworth shot 40-39–79 Friday, which was six strokes off his 2010 effort. Johnny Buckley was the third lowest scorer at 81, followed by Robert Jahnke and Larry Joubert, each with 84.

Adams, who has competed in some high level and intense amateur events around the world, said he now enjoys playing in the Senior Olympics event, “because of the nature of these players. You find a friendliness and comraderie here.”

The top females were Madge Snyder at 90 and Cathy Buckley at 91.

Here are the medal winners in the various age brackets with scores in parenthesis:

MALE– 50-64: Bobby Waddell (89) Gold, Steve Pinkley (97) Silver, Cajun Perkins (105) Bronze. 65-69: Don Ashworth (79) Gold, Johnny Buckley (81) Silver, Robert Jahnke (84) Bronze, decided by scorecard playoff with Larry Joubert (84). Others George Taylor (85), Bill Carrier (94), Floyd Walworth (99). 70-74: Ron Adams (75) Gold, Bill Bunyard (91) Silver, Robert Gatti (99) Bronze. 75-79: Val Tucker (87) Gold, Larry Rowe (94) Silver, Jon Snyder (94) Bronze, decided by scorecard playoff. Also Jerry Warren (97).

FEMALE–60-69: Cathy Buckley (91) Gold, Susan Berry (94) Silver, Beth Porter (155) Bronze. 75-80: Marge Snyder (90) Gold, Jean Brown (133) Silver.

April 19, 2012


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50-54: Terri Merritt Gold, Pamela Robertson Silver.

55-59: Ruth Barham Gold, Willie Mae Mason Silver.

60-64: Paula Hadwin Gold, Pat Stell Silver, Diana carrier Bronze.

65-69: Janice Bennett Gold, Faye Scroggins Silver, Ruby Thomas Bronze.

70-74: Mildred Reeves Gold, Mary Jones Silver.

75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Pat Reeves Silver, Pat Pace, Bronze.

80–84: Dorothy Depanion Gold,  Marie Fitzgerald Silver, Mary Miller Bronze.

85-91: Maxine Thomas Gold, Levinia Edwards Silver.


50-64: Bkill Stell Gold, Robert McNeil Silver, Gary Calligas Bronze.

65-70: Bob Taylor Gold, Harry Strain Silver, Joal McKenzie Bronze.

75-79: Smiley Nehls Gold, Les Brosset Silver, John Ray Bronze.

80-85: Curtis Cooper Gold, Bob bell Silver, Dick Hainey Bronze.



55-59: Terri Merritt Gold, Ruth Barham Silver.

60-64: Paula Hadwin Gold, Pat Stell Silver, Betty Smith Bronze.

65-69: Janice Bennett Gold, Ellendell Harbour Silver, Faye Scroggins Bronze.

70-74: Mary Jones Gold, Mildred Reeves Silver, Jacque Wall Bronze.

75-79: barbara Nolan Gold, Pat Reeves Silver, Barbara Wheeler Bronze.

80-84: Marie Fitzgerald Gold, Dorothy Depanion Silver, Mary Knight Bronze.

85-89: Maxine Thomas Gold, Lady Stacy Silver.


60-64: Clarence Green Jr. Gold, Bill Still Silver, Gary Calligas Bronze.

65-69: Harry Strain Gold, Joal McKenzie Silver.

75-79: Duane Chilton Gold, Les Brosset Silver, Smiley Nehls Bronze.

80-84: Curtis Cooper Gold, Dick Hainey Silver, Bob Bell Bronze.


Footloose Gold, Country Diamonds Silver.


BEST OF SHOW– Sticks and Jewel Head Glass (Jenelle Berger)

PEOPLE’S CHOICE–Lighthouse Painting (Carolyn Evje).

CRAFTS–1. Air and Glass (William B. Berger). 2. Stained Glass Blue Crab (Jenelle Berger). 3. Burledwood vase (William B. Berger).

NEEDLEWORK–1. Plastic Canvas (Glenda McCarl).

PAINTING–1. Lighthouse (Carolyn Evje). 2. Winter Scene (Pat Berry). 3. Adaiseyaday (Joan Strickland).

SEWING–1. Pink Starburst (Jacque Wall). 2. Saints Fan (Willie Mae Joyner). 3. Dress (Glenda McCarl).


Female50-60: Margaret Blankenship Gold, Mary Davison Silver.

Male65-69: Dave Scroggins Gold, Joseph Snead Silver. 70-74 Bob Taylor Gold, Richard Skyles Silver. 75-Plus: Johnny McGraw Gold, Emile Turminello Silver, Roger Dowdall Bronze.


Female50-59: Sheila Hunter Gold, Willie Veley Silver. 60-64: Paula Hadwin Gold, Earlean Curry Silver, Betty Smith Bronze. 65-69: Janice Bennett Gold, Betty Stacker Silver, Pearlie Bell Bronze. 70-74: Marie PanQuin Gold, Cherry Atkins Silver, Mildred Reeves Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler first, Red Fletcher second, Pat Reeves third, Barbara Nolan fourth. 80-84: Mary Miller Gold, Lorece Tettleton Silver, Deola Cammack Bronze. 85-89: Dora Hullaby Gold, Dollie White Silver, Maxine Thomas Bronze. 90-Plus: Levinia Edwards Gold, Sunshine Cobb Silver, Manly Harris Bronze.

Men65-69: Harry Strain Gold, Dennis Bamburg Silver, Robert McNeil Bronze. 75-79: Les Brosset Gold, Gary Price Silver, James Russom Bronze. 80-84:Bob Bell Gold, Jim Hovingh Silver.

April 18, 2012

The Glen Snares Residential Communities Bean Bag Baseball Gold

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chess, rc beanbag 024.JPGFor The Glen scrapbook: Alma Edwards (right)  and the Team (below)

The Glen Gophers are the new champions of the NW La. District Senior Olympics’ Residential Communities Bean Bags Baseball competition.

Forced by The Waterford into a winner-take-all second game in the championship matchup, the new champs won in extra innings, 22-17.  The Waterford, which came back through the loser’s bracket, l2012 Health Fair 048.JPGooked strong in dominating the first game, 17-7. The Gophers won the right to have their name engraved on the Marilyn and Dick Hainey Residential Communities Bean Bag Baseball plaque as the 2012 gold medalist with  a clutch performance (click to enlarge team photo at right).

Afterwards, the team cited Reba Hering as a reason for their winning. “She kept us practicing and kept us together,” they chorused.

The Waterford finished as silver medalists and Live Oak won bronze. The finals were part of the NW LA District Senior Olympics opening ceremony and health fair in the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome.

The Astros had won seven previous gold medals in the district Residential Communities division.

With Alma Edwards, at 101 the oldest competitor ever to take part in a NW La. District activity, in the lineup, the Glen bounced the Live Oak Rookies, 27-15, as the tournament began at Bellaire Fitness Center on April 13. Meanwhile, the Waterford was pushing the Live Oak Astros into the losers bracket with a 27-15 decision.

The Glen went on to knock out Azalea Estates, 13-7, and then edged past the Waterford, 25-21, to go into the championship match unbeaten.

The Astros worked their way past Azalea Estates, 16-13, and then beat ther Screaming Eagles, representing the NW La. Veterans Home, 31-17. That left the Screaming Eagles in fourth place overall.

With their backs against the wall, the Astros jumped off fast in the game to determine the losers bracket survivor.  Dan  Allbritton contributed a grand slam homer as the Astros took a 6-0 lead over Waterfordf in the top of the first inning.

But Waterford bounced back with five runs of its own in the bottom of the inning and stretched out to a 17-9 edge by the midway point of the final inning.  That was helped along by four RBI by Carolyn Biggs and a two-run triple by Deane Bennett. Albritton had another homer as the Astros tried one more comeback, cutting the difference to the final score of 17-15.

Mrs. Edwards missed last year’s tournament due to a broken hip, but said she was glad to get back to the three-times weekly practices of the Gophers after she rehabbed. She surpassed the late W.J. Cooksey, who played in the event when he was 100 in 2010.

Screaming Eagles, a team tha included mostly war veterans, got the warmest reception of any team as they finished fourth.

Tired but happy–Three of the hardest workers during the day were volunteers George and Sharon Boice and Bill Carrier, who help the contestants get ready to bat and officiated the event. ”This is great,” said George afterward.  “It’s demanding, but I never felt more satisfied after a day’s work than when I volunteered to help out four years ago.” “Seeing the excitement of these players is why I do this,” said Carrier.  “The smiles on their faces say more than any words I can come up about the event.”

Airport Park tops Krewe of Elders for Bean Bag Gold

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2012 Health Fair 076.JPG

The new and unbeaten champs from Airport Park

Airport Park was cleared for takeoff and soared to the gold medal in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Bean Bag Baseball competition. As part of opening ceremonies and the health fair at Horseshoe Casino’s Riverdome, the Park team knocked off the Krewe of Elders in the championship, 15-12, completing a perfect flight.

A three-run triple by Shelia Hunter in the bottom of the fourth inning brought Airport back into the lead at 14-11 and a home run by Willie May Joiner in the bottom of the fifth provided insurance.  Richard Skyles hit a home run in the sixth, but it wasn’t enough for the Elders, who won the gold medal in 2011.

Airport Park ran off three victories, including one over the Krewe, on March 24 to reach the championship unbeaten. The Krewe of Elders came through the losers’ bracket by beating the Silver Sluggers to survive, 12-9. That gave the Krewe a 4-1 mark and meant they had to defeat Airport twice if they wished to repeat as champs. The Silver Sluggers finished at 3-2 and claimed the bronze medal.

In an ironic twist, the Silver Sluggers beat the Young Guns to reach the losers’ bracket final against the Krewe.  The Sluggers-Guns match pitted a mother (Lessie Cooperrider of the Sluggers) against her daughters (Frances Bertrand and Margie Bamburg of the Young Guns). That score was 24-19. It marked the second year in a row that the Young Guns were eliminated from the tournament by the Silver Sluggers. Peggy Massey and Cooperrider hit last inning home runs to secure the win.

A total of 14 teams entered the event. Airport Park brushed aside the Beanie Boppers in what appeared to be an upset in the early rounds and then beat Glory Bound II and the Krewe of Elders in reaching the final round which will be staged as part of the Opening Ceremony and Senior Olympics Health Fair in the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome April 18.

April 15, 2012

Webb breaks through in cycling debut

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014.JPGReady at the start of the 5K trial, Cheryl Webb gets lasty-minute instructions from race official Danny Triplett.

Cheryl Webb, making her first start in the NW La. District Senior Olympics biking time trials, posted the best times among the women and veteran Charles Allen of Texarkana posted the top male times Sunday, to pack off gold medals in the 5 kilometer and 10 kilometer events.

Cyclists had to put up with strong cross winds over the course on Ellerbe Road near the Frierson Road intersection.

It was a full day for Webb, who in the morning Sunday won her age bracket in a dual-alon (running and bicycling) with the Sunrise Bicycle Club. “I was drafted for the Senior Olympics,” the 50-year-old physical therapist with CHRISTUS Schumpert hospital said. “Sandy (Triplett, who helps run the bike trials each year) asked me to enter this morning.” Webb raced 9 minutes in the 5K and 18:03 in the 10K. Triplett posted 9:25 and 18.53 for golds in women’s 60-69 age bracket. Sara Burroughs won the 70-74 gold with times of 11.41 and 23.35.

Allen uses this cycling event each year to measure how he held up through the offseason. He logged gold medal times of 7.46 and 15.31 in the two trials Sunday.  “With times like those I’d say that’s real good,” said the 68-year-old Allen, who will train next for the Arkansas State Time Trials (a 25-miler) and later take part in the Arkansas and Louisiana state Senior Olympics.  Sunday, he finished ahead of 59-year-old Willis-Knighton respiratory therapist Steve Tabler (8:31 and 16.17) and  69-year-old Robert Sutton (12.44 and 25.71).

Bernie Tull, a regular in this event for several years, won the 70-74 golds with times of 8.44 and 18.14. Joe Hinton posted 10.25 and 20.38 for the silvers.

Curtis Turner won two bronzes for his times of 10.58- 22.12.067.JPG

Contestants and workers made 2012 time trials a success.

April 14, 2012

Landers backs Senior Olympics again

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landers, knights etc 040.JPG Denny Rogers (left), Managing Partner of Landers Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, and April Adams (right), Customer Relations of the dealership, flank District Senior Olympics golf coordinator Susan Berry at the announcement of the dealership’s support of the Senior Olympics golf tournament for the sixth year.

Landers Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep dealership for the sixth year will be the presenter of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics golf tournament to be held April 20 at Northwood Hills Golf Course.

“We are pleased that Landers is again supporting us,”said Doyle Blasingame, chairman of the District Olympics. “It marks them again as a good corporate citizen aware of methods of increasing the quality of life for the community. We are greateful to Denny Rogers for this continued support.”

Rogers, Managing Partner of Landers, said his organization considers such support as a way to thank the people of the community who have chosen over the the years to bring their business to  the dealership. “We are proud to continue the tradition of the American car dealership supporting the community,” he said.

In addition to helping the Senior Olympics, Landers supports youth athletics with its Athlete of the Week selection and has backed professional teams in the Arena League, CHL and independent professional baseball. It also supports the construction of extensive and safe recreational areas and playgrounds.

April 13, 2012

Taylor, Bailey shine in chess

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chess, rc beanbag 053.JPGBob Taylor (center) and Nelson Bailey (to Bob’s right) were the gold medalists in NW La. District chess April 13. Other medalists were Bob Butland, Loyd Christo and Robert Stockman (from left).

There wasn’t much movement at the top of the NW La. District Senior Olmpics chess competition this year–Bob Taylor and Nelson Bailey ruled again.

This time the competition was broken  into age brackets with Taylor winning the 70-plus and Bailey dominating the 69-and below age division.  Taylor beat Bailey in an open competition in 2011.  Taylor gained gold and Bob Butland won silver in 70-and above this year.  Loyd Cristo took silver and Robert Stockman took bronze behind Bailey.

Competition was held at Randall T. Moore Center and drew six entries, an improvement over 2011.

April 11, 2012

The Best of Times Spotlights Senior Olympics

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The April edition of The Best of Times magazine focuses on the 20th edition of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics.

An article by Gerry Robichaux traces the beginning of the spectacular for those 50 and over and points out some of the exploits of participants. The Best of Times, loaded with articles and information pertinent to seniors, is available free at numerous locations in and around Bossier-Shreveport.

The Best of Times radio show (9 a.m. Saturday, April 14 on KWKH) will feature Doyle Blasingame, District Coordinator, and Bette Turner of the District Steering Committee as guests of host Gary Calligas.

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