May 24, 2012

Prudhomme-Ward on top of mixed doubles tennis again

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mixed champs.jpg Gordy Ward (left) and Sue Prudhomme won mixed doubles gold medals again. Click photo to enlarge.

You gotta hand it to Sue Prudhomme and Gordy Ward, especially when it’s time to give out gold medals in the NW La. District Senior Olympics mixed doubles tennis competition.

Prudhomme-Ward had some difficulty in their opening match with Tom and Patti Guanella, winning 7-5, 6-4. Then they scored routine wins over Sally and Rick Namie and Linda Dunn and Kenny Carter by identical scores of 6-2, 6-2, to end the round robin unbeaten and repeat as gold medalists. Namie-Namie bested Dunn-Carter 6-4, 6-4, and Guanella-Guanella 6-1, 6-3 and wound up with the silver medals.  Dunn-Carter scored a 6-3, 6-1 verdict over Guanella-Guanella to claim the bronze medals.

Competition was held at Bossier Tennis Center.


Sue Prudhomme-Gordy Ward d. Patti and Tom Guanella 7-5, 6-4; Sally Namie-Rick Namie d. Linda Dunn-Kenny Carter 6-4, 6-4; Prudhomme-Ward d. Namie-Namie 6-2, 6-2; Prudhomme-Ward d. Dunn-Carter 6-2, 6-2; Namie-Namie d. Guanella-Guanella 6-1, 6-3. Carter-Dnn d. Guanella-Guanela 6-3, 6-1.

May 23, 2012

Slight numbers sag doesn’t dampen No. 20

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12athletes celebration 046.JPG Ashley Hadley, representing Chesapeake Energy, received a special gold medal and a resounding “thank you” for her organization’s involvement as a sponsor of the 20th annual Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics from District Coordinator Doyle Blasingame during the Athletes Celebration at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs Wednesday. Click photo to enlarge.

The 20th renewal of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics could be remembered as the second-best ever –if you are looking at sheer numbers alone. This year’s edition drew 549 participants, off from 2011’s 570.

But District Coordinator Doyle Blasingame and the rest of the Steering Committee won’t let No. 20 take a backseat. “It was THE best ever,” was the consensus, numbers notwithstanding. Surges in the Bean Bag Baseball attendance and new bowling events added to the calendar and the unsurpassed Opening Ceremony and Health Fair at Horseshoe Casino and closing Wednesday at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs left the 2012 edition in a class by itself. It is estimated the Opening/Fair drew more than 600 attendees in the Horseshoe Casino Riverdome. And the Athletes Celebration drew a record crowd, too.

Blasingame said solid support from businesses and organizations such as Chesapeake Energy, Landers Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep, Bellaire Fitness Center, State Farm Insurance, Citizens National Bank, Home and Office Storage and Knights of Columbus Bossier Council 4873 as well as the Casino and Louisiana Downs added to the success story. That support, financially and in kind, helped the district insure itself and overcome the loss of insurance coverage available in the past through the parent organization, the LSOG.

Blasingame thanked the participants especially during the Athletes Celebration windup.  “Without you, there would be no reason for the games,” he said. And somewere in the background, there was an invitation for 2013 to COME JOIN OUR FUN!

Here’s a look at district attendance in years past:








Hoopaholics recognized for excellence

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cropped photo hoops.jpg The Hoopaholics Senior Women’s 3-on-3 basketball team was recognized at the Athletes Celebration of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics May 23 at Harrah’s Louisianaa Downs. Team members are (seated from left) Betsy Williams and Judy Emberton and (midrow) Cay Evans, Cheryl Wieser, Pam Eakins and Pauline Barbo and (back row) Lin Gamble, Marjorie Heath and Mary Parsons. Donna Shield, MaryNell Hawley and Coach Eva Gamble were unable to attend. Click photo to enlarge.

The Hoopaholics Senior Women’s 3-on-3 basketball team was in the spotlight at the Athletes Celebration which brought to a close the 20th edition of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics May 23 at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs’ Sky Room.

The team is made up of senior women from Shreveport and the Ark-La-Tex and have been in existence for the past eight years.

“The Hoopaholics have represented our area with style and grace,” said Gerry Robichaux of the District steering committee in introducing the team.  ”The In Recognition of Excellence certificate we are giving these ladies says each of them and the team are to be commended for presenting such an excellent example of the values of remaining active, maintaining fitness and continuing the pursuit of excellence in sports for women of all ages.” Robichaux noted that the team has been active in the community making special appearances to shut-in and hospitalized children and adults.

Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame member and Hoopaholics player Lin Gamble, who was an NAIA All-America in her playing days at Ouachita Baptist College and represented the USA in World University Games and the Pan American Games in 1971, noted each of her teammates’ accomplishments by way of introduction to the gathering. Included in the group were Mary Parsons and Pauline Barbo, members of the famous All-American Redheads barnstorming teams of the 1950-70s.

Others recognized were Cay Evans, the LSUS professor who was instrumental in putting the team together in 2004, Pam Eakins, Betsy Williams, Judy Emberton and Marjorie Heath. Donna Shields, Mary Nell Hawley and coach Eva Gamble were unable to attend but were recognized.

The Hoopaholics, who conduct a 3-on-3 tournament each fall at LSUS, have won several district and state Senior Olympics titles and last year were runnersup to a team from San Diego in the National Senior Games in Houston in the 60-65 age bracket.

Special Awards highlight Athletes Celebration

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12athletes celebration 060.JPG12athletes celebration 056.JPG12athletes celebration 053.JPG12athletes celebration 064.JPG12athletes celebration 034.JPG12athletes celebration 041.JPG12athletes celebration 015.JPG12athletes celebration 028.JPG It was a very special occasion when athletes and friends gathered for the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics Athletes Celebration May 23 at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs’ sumptious Sky Room. Numbering pictures from upper left, Shelia Hunter, SPAR specialist from Airport Park, receives the prestegious Hazel Gay Award for outstanding contribution to Senior Olympics from District Coordinator Doyle Blasingame, who will appear in several of these pictures. (2) Harry Strain receives the Volunteer of the Year Award from Doyle. (3) Margie Bamburg holds the Athletes of the Year Award given her and her husband Dennis. (4) Susan Berry is almost in tears after being named winner of the Most Valuable Player Award (all-round service to the district) from Doyle.  (5) The Ken Howard’s Spirit Award, given to those who exhibit sheer joy from competing and who encourage others by their actions, was presented to co-winners Gary Price (center) and Bob Taylor (right) by Steering Committee member Gerry Robichaux (left). (6)) Then it was time for the presentor to be on the receiving end as the steering committee, represented by Marilyn Hainey (left) presented a miniature eagle coming home to rest rendering to Coordinator Blasingame for his untiring effort to keep the District Games running smoothly. (7) Special guest Col. Steve DePyssler, who competed in all events offered in the initial year of the District competition,  chats with Dorothy DePanion. Col. DePyssler is 94. (8) And another who dates back to the first district competition in 1992, Frances Hutton, enjoyed the good buffet offered by the Harrah’s Louisiana Downs staff. The Hoopaholics Senior Women’s 3-on-3 basketball team also was recognized at the gathering (see separate web entry). Click photos to enlarge.

May 19, 2012

Prude hits a triple in track championships

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12track notap 238.JPG Jenneth Merriman (foreground with ball cap) won the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award as the NW La. District Senior Olympics closed with track and field competition. With the Lanier family surround her, she received the award from Jesse’s widow, Jean Lanier, to her right. Click photo to enlarge.

Ken Prude backed his words with action Saturday as the track and field championships closed the 20th NW La. District Senior Olympics.

The 56-year-old Prude had easily the best performances in the 200 meters (28.21), 400 meters (1:01.84) and 800 meters (2:37.72). Recently Prude was in the papers for helping Dallas Cowboys No. 1 pick Mo Claiborne sharpen his trial performances prior to the NFL draft. Other collegians scattered to the West Coast or other places to sharpen their trial performances but Claiborne chose to stay close to home training with Prude.  Saturday Claiborne was in the stands as Prude scored his triple.

Larry Smith, who has been a regular in the senior games for several years, scored a double win Saturday. The lanky 65-year-old won the 50 meters in 7.19 and the 100 meters in 14.04.

Vince Breaux of Lafayette dominated two of the three field events, 37 feet even in the shot put and 123-1 in the javelin.  Bruce Navarre in the discus (132-1) broke Breaux’ dominance.

Betty Smith had a big day in women’s division, winning two field events, 22-6 in the shot put and 34-1 in the javelin. On the women’s track, Jenny Hackman, in the special “pre-Olympics” 40-49 division, had the best times in the 50 (9.19), 100 (19.56), 200 (43.27) and 1,500 (7:13.87).

The Jesse Lanier Memorial Trophy went to Jenneth Merriman who competed in all of the running events.


(OD means Out of District)

50 metersFemale 40-49: Jenny Hackman 9.19 Gold. 60-64: Betty Smith 10.67 Gold, 65-69: Jenneth Merriman 12.56 Gold. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler 14.34 Gold OD. 85-89: Burtie Smith-Griffin 18.23 Gold, Maxine Thomas 18.37 Silver. Male 40-49: Mike Whitler 7.22 Gold, Randall Schramm 7.69 Silver, Floyd Galiano 8.7 Bronze. 50-59: Charlie Adams 7.25 Gold, Tim Mitchell 7.31 Silver. 65-74: Larry Smith 7.19 Gold, Bob Sutton 8.30 Silver. Curtis Turner 10.50 Bronze. 80-84: John Sell 11.15 Gold OD,  Jimmie Adams 11.20 Silver OD, Herman Maiden 20.65 Bronze.

100 MetersFemale 40-49: Jenny Hackman 19.56 Gold. 60-69: Betty Smith 21.72 Gold, Jenneth Merriman 24.68 Silver. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler 31.15 Gold OD. 85-89: Burtie Smith-Griffin 25.87, Maxine Thomas 37.78 Silver OD. Male40-49: Randall Schramm 14.13 Gold, Floyd Galiano 17.22 Silver. 50-59: Charlie Adams 14.09 Gold, Tim Mitchell 15.58 Silver. 60-64: Mike Loyd 14.41 Gold OD. 65-74: Larry Smith 14.04 Gold, Bob Sutton 15.89 Silver, Curtis Tanner 21.91 Bronze. 80-84: Jimmie Adams 22.56 Gold OD, John Sell 23.50 Silver OD, Herman Maiden 43.91 Bronze.

200 MetersFemale 40-49: Jenny Hackman 43.27 Gold. 65-69: Jenneth Merriman 59.30 Gold. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler 1:12.31 Gold OD. 85-89: Burtie Smith-Griffin 1:08.25 Gold, Maxine Thomas 1:25.10 Silver OD. Male40-49: Randall Schramm 30.25 Gold. 55-64: Ken Prude 28.21 Gold, Mike Loyd 31.47 Silver OD. 65-69: Larry Smith 28.47 Gold, Bob Sutton 34.75 Silver. 70-74: Curtis Turner 46.09 Gold. 80-84: John Sell 54.12 Gold OD, Jimmie Adams 1:01.36 Silver OD.

400 MetersFemale 65-69: Jenneth Merriman 2:31.12 Gold. Male40-49: Randall Schramm 1:11 Gold, Floyd Galiano 1:15.50 Silver. 55-59: Ken Prude 1:01.84 Gold. 70-74: Julius Cassels 1:31.56 Gold, Curtis Turner 1:47.16 Silver.

800 MetersFemale 65-69: Jenneth Merriman 5:23.09 Gold. Male– 40-49: Floyd Galiano 2:42.44 Gold, Randall Schramm 2:51.96 Silver. 55-59: Ken Prude 2:37.72, Nelson Bailey 3:16.36 Silver.

1,500 MetersFemale 40-49: Jenny Hackman 7:13.87 Gold. 65-69: Jenneth Merriman 11:51.25 Gold. Male 40-49: Floyd Galiano 5:37.11 Gold, Randall Schramm 6:02.28 Silver. 50-54: Gary Hackman 7:38.62 Gold.

DISCUSFemale 60-64: Betty Smith 34-0 Gold. 65-69: Ruby Thomas 27-2 Gold. 70-74: Barbara Wheeler 37.1 Gold OD. Male 50-54: Bruce Navarre 132-1 Gold OD. 60-64: Dan Ursery 80-1 Gold. 65-69: Darrel Harriman 119-0 1/2 Gold OD, Vince Breaux 118-1/2 Silver OD, Harold Landry 85-7 Bronze OD. 70-74: Julius C assels 90-7 1/2 Gold. 80-84: Jimmie Adams 65-9 Gold OD, Jack Haller Sr. 54-5 Silver OD, John Sell 48-6 Bronze OD. 85-89: Dick Hainey 43-2 Gold.

SHOT PUTFemale 60-69: Betty Smith 22-6 Gold. Ruby Thomas 15-5 Silver. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler 17-2 Gold OD, Mildred Reeves 14-0 Silver OD. Male 50-64: Dan Ursery 25-6 Gold, Gary Hackman 21-5 Silver. 65-69: Vince Breaux 37-0 Gold OD, Darrel Harriman 31-2 1/2 Silver OD, Harold Landry 30-1 Bronze OD. 70-74: Julius Cassels 32-7 Gold. 80-84: Jimmie Adams 27-6 Gold OD, Jack Haller Sr. 23-1 Silver OD, John Sell 17-4 Bronze OD. 85-89: Dick Hainey 23-4 1/2 Gold.

JAVELINFemale 60-74: Betty Smith 34-1 Gold, Ruby Thomas 29-9 Silver, Mildred Reeves 18-9 Bronze OD. Male 60-64: Dan Ursery 61-10 Gold. 65-74: Vince Breaux 123-1 Gold OD, Darrel Harriman 91-1 Silver, Julius Cassels 83-8 Bronze. 80-84: Jack Haller Sr. 53-10 Gold OD, Jimmie Adams 46-4 Silver OD, John Sells 30-4 Bronze OD.

May 18, 2012

Guanella-Dunn, Namie-Procell take tennis doubles titles

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no tap, tnnis 082.JPG Women’s Doubles winners Patti Guanella and Linda Dunn (from left) show off their golds along with silver medalists Sonia Killen and Bonnie Cox. Click photo to enlarge.

Patti Guanella and Linda Dunn, the first players to enter the 2012 tournament, shared honors with Rick Namie and Greg Procell in the NW La. District Senior Olympics doubles competition Friday at Bossier Tennis Center.

With Procell controlling the net and making numerous put-aways, he and the smooth-stroking Namie kept Tom Guanella and Joe Tauzin, several years their seniors, from establishing their game in men’s doubles.  The final was 6-0, 6-1.

Patti Guanella and Dunn were just too steady for Bonnie Cox and Sonia Killen in women’s doubles and rolled to a 6-1, 6-1 verdict in the decider of the round robin. The victors lost only five games in their two matches.  Cox and Killen looked like title threats in their opening victory Thursday morning, cruising past Paula Jones and Kay Richard 6-0, 6-1.

Because of a low turnout, age bracket play was abandoned.


Women–Bonnie Cox-Sonia Killen d. Paula Jones-Kay Richard 6-0, 6-1; Patti Guanella-Linda Dunn d. Jones-Richard 6-3, 6-0; Guanella-Dunn d. Cox-Killen 6-1, 6-1. Guanella-Dunn Gold, Cox-Killen Silver, Jones-Richard Bronze.

Men–Rick Namie-Gary Procell d. Tom Guanella-Joe Tauzin 6-0, 6-1. Namie-Procell Gold, Guanella-Tauzin Silver.

Magic numbers as two new bowling games debut at Holiday Lanes

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no tap, tnnis 070.JPG Don McGhee, Jeff Wilcox and Larry Hadwin (left to right) each scored a 300 in Nine-Pin No Tap which wrapped up a successful bowling program for the 20th NW La. District Senior Olympics. Click photo to enlarge.

Larry Hadwin, Jeff Wilcox and Don McGhee each rolled a 300 game as Nine-Pin No Tap completed a doubleheader of new bowling activities Thursday at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City.

In Nine-Pin No Tap, any first-ball knocking off nine pins counts as a strike. McGhee tied his 300 in with earlier games of 256 and 262 to post the highest series for the day (818). That won him the gold medal in the men 60-64 age bracket. Wilcox opened with a 205 and added a 252 before hitti ng 300 and his 797 won the bronze medal in the 60-64 bracket.  In the 65-69 age bracket Hadwin roared out of the blocks with his 300, but slipped to 190 before coming home with a 245 and his 735 was good for second behind Harry Strain’s gold showing of 753.

Carolyn Freeman rolled a 713 in the 50-59 age bracket to top the ladies. She had the top individual game (263) also.

Earlier in the week, Strain and Richard Rice stood out as Scotch Doubles Bowling joined the senior sports carnival, also at Holiday Lanes. Strain-Rice captured the gold in the 65-74 age bracket with a 570 score as mixed teams and teams of the same gender competed in the same competition.

In Scotch Doubles, the top mixed team score came from Paula and Larry Hadwin (534) in the 60-64 age grouping. Margie and Dennis Bamburg’s 475 was second best in the 65-74 age group and second best among mixed teams.


FEMALE50-59: Gayle Pearce 580 Gold, Priscella Wright 423 Silver.  60-64: Carolyn Freeman 713 Gold, Paula Hadwin 588 Silver, Diana Carrier 533 Bronze. 60-65: Diane Smith 585 Gold, Susan Berry 577 Silver, Margie Bamburg 518 Bronze. 70-74: Jo Ann Smith 664 Gold, Kay Staples 640 Silver, Brenda Beck 562 Bronze. 75-79: Betty Jo Duncan 545 Gold, Mary Price 529 Silver, Red Fletcher 514 Bronze. 80-Plus: Sue Crow 626 Gold, Jimmie Moreland 527 Silver, Betty Hustead 480 Bronze.

MALE50-59: Pat Jarecki 759 Gold, Mark Edmonson 742 Silver. 60-64: Don McGhee 818 Gold, Jeff Wilcox 797 Silver, Curt Drayden 753 Bronze. 65-69: Harry Strain 753 Gold, Larry Hadwin 735 Silver, Ray Smith 726 Bronze. 70-79: Gary Price 698 Gold, John Sands 654 Silver, Jim Draper 614 Bronze. 80-85: Dick Hainey 649 Gold, ernest Good 582 Silver, Bob Bell 539 Bronze.


50-54: Mark Edmonson-Pat Jarecki 499 Gold, Bill Laurenson-Gayle Pearce 493 Silver, Pam Robertson-Joal McKenzie 390 Bronze. 60-64: Paula and Larry Hadwin 534 Gold, Mary Kullenberg-Lajuana Ramey 469 Silver, Ron Hall-John Sands 458 Bronze. 65-74: Harry Strain-Richard Rice 570 Gold, Margie and Dennis Bamburgh 475 Silver,  Diane Smith-Nancy Dusange 428 Bronze. 75-85: Jim Draper-Gary Price 523 Gold, Erv Duncan-Ernest Good 472 Silver, George Reed-Bob Bell 435 Bronze.

May 15, 2012

Rare deadheat highlights the stroll to gold

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A rare deadheat highlighted the recreation walk in the NW La. District Senior Olympics.

Barbara Wheeler and Pat Reeves stepped across the finishline in the same time (14 minutes, 53 seconds) to share the 75-79 gold medal in the one-mile walk at Brownlee Park. It caused race chairman Doyle Blasingame a bit of bewilderment when he could find no one who witnessed the finish to choose one walker over the other.  So he awarded both ladies gold medals.

Gary Price won gold in the 5K with a 49:30 to Blasingame’s 52:50.


Female55-64: Betty Smith 15:10 Gold, Shelia Hunter 18:25 Silver. 65-69: Ruby Thomas 17:25 Gold, Janice Bennett 18:07 Silver, Shirley Lee 23:38 Bronze. 70-74: Ceil Cowan 15:38 Gold, Mildred Reeves 18:19 Silver, Arlene Gates 26:11 Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler, Pat Reeves each 14:53 Golds. 80-84: Maxine Thomas 17:05 Gold, Eddie Shaw 19:50 Silver.

Male–Robert McNeil 23:25 Gold, Dick Hainey 23:58 Silver.

5K–Gary Price 49:30 Gold, Doyle Blasingame 52:50 Silver.

May 12, 2012

As the camera saw it

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12 FT, Hotshot, shuffleboard 096.JPG12 FT, Hotshot, shuffleboard 008.JPG12 table tennis, table games 043.JPG12bowling singles, some tennis 016.JPG 12 bowl and horseshoes 018.JPG 12 bowl and horseshoes 052.JPG 035.JPG 12puttputt, joey,shooting 056.JPG12puttputt, joey,shooting 017.JPG 011.JPG2012 Health Fair 059.JPGIn the photo at upper left, Ellendell Harbour shoots in shuffleboard. Moving clockwise the camera clicks as Don Ashworth hones in on a shot in Team Hot Shot. Dave Ogywn hits a slapshot in table tennis and Sally Namie serves one up in tennis. Also, Bill and Kay Free enjoy a winning smile in bowling and Paula Hadwin tosses a horseshoe toward the stake. Next,  Harriet Boddie and partner Dave Fortuna are on alert at the net in pickleball action. In Picture 8, Susan Berry retrieves her ball after sinking a three in miniature golf. And next Ernie Chmielewski applies immediate action in marksmanship competition. In thenext photo, Bernie Tull gets some key information from event judge Danny Triplett in the bike trials. And all the activitry was for the new 20th year medals (next photo)Click photos to enlarge.

Jane Pace helps set pace in bowling singles

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12bowling singles, some tennis 006.JPG Jane Pace fired her best shot in final game of singles bowling championship. Click photo to enlarge.

Jane Pace and Jeff Wilcox led the way in the Bowling Singles championship of the District May 11 at All Star Lanes.

In the women’s 65-69 Pace saved the best for last, rolling a 193 game after games of 154 and 179 for her 526 series.  Wilcox had a 672 series on games of 235, 201 and 236 among men 60 to 64.

High single games were by Notra Odoms (207) in the women’s 75-79 grouping and Curt Draydon (258) among men ages 60-64.



50-59: Rosemary Crawford 538 Gold, Gayle Pearce 496 Silver.60-64: Kay Free 541 Gold, Paula Hadwin 491 Silver, Mary Kullenberg 476 Bronze. Qualifiers Rachel Preuett 475, Harriet Briggs (OD) 449, Ann Barber 430, Diana Carrier 416. 65-69: Jane Pace 526 Gold, Willie Mae Joyner 519 Silver, Lynn Stuckey 509 Bronze. Qualifiers Susan Berry 505, JoAnn Henderson 476. 70-74: Joann Smith 505 Gold, Kay Staples 466 Silver, Sandra Garrett 459 Bronze. Qualifier Margie Floyd  424. 75-79: Betty Sands 497 Gold, Notra Odoms 467 Silver, Red Fletcher 459 Bronze. Qualifiers Mandy Hawkins 449, Sherrian Bryan 444, Marilyn Lytle 382. 80-84: Jimmie Moreland 502 Gold, Jean Brown 472 Silver, Teresa Howard 380 Bronze. Qualifier Connie Bogues 349. 85-90: Betty Hustead 451 Gold, Frances Hutton 280 Silver.


50-59: Bill Laurenson 649 Gold, Patrick Jarecki 640 Silver, Randy Whiter 575 Bronze. 60-64: Jeff Wilcox 672 Gold, Curt Drayden 599 Silver, J.R. Morse 548 Bronze. Qualifier Don McGhee 536. 65-69:Bill Free 661 Gold, Bob McCollum 655 Silver, Robert Washington 608 Bronze. Qualifiers Mike Berry 596, Richard Rice 590, Harry Strain 585, Ed Briggs 538, Larry Hadwin 528. 70-74: Don Woolsey 643 Gold, Don Preuett 600 Silver, Don Lynch (OD) 520 Bronze, Everet Fuller 481 Bronze. Qualifier Everett McCowan 467. 75-79: John Sands 563 Gold, Bert Carroll 548 Silver, John Draper 537 Bronze. Qualifiers Erv Duncan 519, Gary Price 483, Smitty Smith 481. 80-84: Ernest Good 492 Gold, Bob Bell 392 Silver. 85-89: Dick Hainey 501 Gold, Howard Robertson 421 Silver.

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