May 14, 2013

Gilliard, Walters step out in Rec Walk

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013.JPG The medalists in the NW La. District Senior Olympics 5K walk pose for the camera. (Click to enlarge)

Nancy Gilliard and Fred Walters finished one-two in the 5K Rec Walk Monday as the NW La. District Senior Olympics rolled on.

They came almost stride for stride to the finish line before Walters stepped ahead in a time of 43:06 with Gilliard in at 43:07. Both got gold medallions as gender winners. Priscilla McGee won female silver in 50:47 and Diane Smith got bronze in 59:03. Gary Albright (50:47) and Bobby Turner (59:04) got silver and bronze respectively for males.

In the One Mile walk, Sherrie Vullo clicked off the best female time (15:21) for the gold in 70-74s. Duane Chilton, in the male 70-74 age bracket, had the best overall time (13:30).

The event was held on the walking trail in Brownlee Park.

The Results

5K: FEMALE–Nancy Gilliard 43:07 Gold. Pricella McGee 50:47 Silver. Diane Smith 59:03 Bronze. MALE–Fred Walters 43:06 Gold. Gary Albright 50:47 Silver. Bobby Turner 59:04 Bronze. One Mile: FEMALE– 50-59 Shelia Hunter 18:16 Gold. Sherry Quarles 21:03 Silver. 65-69 Faye Scroggins 17:42 Gold. Ruby Thomas 19:05 Silver. Willie Mae Joyner 21:34 Bronze. 70-74 Sherrie Vullo 15:12 Gold. Barbara Wheeler 17:34 Silver. 85-89 Maxine Thomas 18:15 Gold. Eddie Mae Shaw 21:37 Silver. MALE–50-74 Duane Chilton 13:20 Gold. Robert McNeil 19:24 Silver. Dave Scroggin s 21:15 Bronze.

May 11, 2013

Ruby Thomas shines in Ladders Golf

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001.JPG Ruby Thomas (right) finished ahead of Betty Smith and Jacque Wall in the female 60-74 ager bracket of Ladders Golf. (Click to enlarge photo)

Ruby Thomas was introduced to NW La. District Senior Olympics by her friend Betty Smith and she has enjoyed it. The only drawback is that the two were in the same age bracket. And Betty often finished ahead of her friend in the medal standings.

Not so Saturday, when Ruby won the gold medal in Ladders Golf on Bossier Knights of Columbus’ green, ahead of Smith.  It took several extra innings before Thomas scored a 35-30 win in the key match with Smith and wound up with a 3-0 record. “We kept tying,” Thomas said afterwards.  “But I just said to myself, ‘keep going’.”

Ruby agreed with those who call Ladders Golf an exasperating game. Ladders Golf is an off-shoot of the game of Snakes and Ladders where a three-feet long string with golf balls at each end is thrown toward a target with three rungs. Scoring is determined by the rung a throw  winds around and how many times the string entwines around the rung. “It’s exasperating because you can make what you think is a good throw and then your opponent can come along and knocks  you off (the rung), ” Thomas points out.  “Then you just have to shake that off and keep trying.”

Jacque Wall wound up with the bronze medal in the division which covered players from 60 through 74. Medals in female 75-79 went to Jo Ann Lonadier (gold), Bette Turner (silver) and Mary Price (bronze). In 80-89 Jackie Conner, Lessie Cooperrider and Lady Stacy finished 1-2-3.

Dennis Bamburg beat Harry Strain for the gold in male 65-69 division. Duane Chilton beat Chuck Lancaster for the gold in 70-74 and James Russom, Les Brosset and Gary Price finished 1-2-3 in the 75-79 age bracket.

May 10, 2013

Mother-Daughter team paces Bowling Doubles

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002.JPG Jo Ann Smith (right) and her mom, daughter Gayle Pearce, teamed for the Gold Medal in District Doubles Bowling at All-Star Lanes Friday. (Click to enlarge photo) 

The mother-daughter team of Jo Ann Smith and Gayle Pearce captured the female division 50-59 age bracket gold medal in the NW La. District’s Bowling Doubles with a pinfall of 1,054 Friday at All-Star Lanes.

Pearce, the daughter, paced her team with a top game of 211. The winners had a comfortable margin in their victory.  Rosemary Crawford and Jane Pace had a 975 total for silver and Debbie Burch and Becky Parker posted a 913 for the bronze.

Mike Berry and Don Preuett were hot in the men’s 70-74 age bracket, combining for a 1,352 pinfall that got them the gold by nearly 300 pins. Richard Rice and Rick Shuttlesworth won the silver. Berry-Preuett wrapped up the three-game set with a 500 game as Berry rolled the individual high game of the day, 256. Their middle game was 456 with Berry rolling a 246. He finished with a 703 individual series.

In men’s 60-64, J.R. Morse and Harry Strain won the gold with a 1,106. Gary Price and Jim Draeer won the 75 and above gold with a 1,075 score.

Brenda Barber and Geneva Strain captured the 60-64 gold among the ladies with a 1,052 score. Susan Berry and Shelby Kautz claimed the 65-69 gold and Jo Ann Henderson and Lynne Stuckey were the gold medalists in the 70-79 bracket.

Medal winners: Female–50-59 Gayle Pearce-JoAnn Smith (1,054) Gold. Rosemary Crawford-Jane Pace (975) Silver. Debbie Burch-Becky Parker (913) Bronze. 60-64 Brenda Barber-Geneva Strain (1,052) Gold. Paula Hadwin -Lajuana Ramsey (982) Silver. Kay Free-Alice Blake (965) Bronze. 65-69 Susan Berry-Shelby Kautz (1,025) Gold. Mary Kullenberg-Notra Odoms (1,008) Silver. Betty Short-Marilyn Lytle (895) Bronze. 70-79 Jo Ann Henderson-Lynne Stuckey (1,016) Gold. Martha Loar-Marie Vallillo (906) Silver. Sandra Garrett-Jimmie Moreland (887) Bronze. Male–60-64 J.R. Morse-Harry Strain (1,106) Gold. Jimmy Harris-Sam Mendenhall (830) Silver. 65-69 Bob McCollum-Carroll Bert (1,273) Gold. Curt Drayden-Clarence Green (1,227) tied with Bill Free-Don Woolsey (1,227), both awarded Silver. Larry Hadwin-Fred Walters (1,176) Bronze. 70-74 Mike Berry-Don Preuett (1,352) Gold. Richard Rice-Rick Shuttlesworth (1,080) Silver.75-and-above Gary Price-Jim Draper (1,075) Gold. Dick Hainey-Howard Robertson (990) Silver. Ernest Good-Bob Bell (971) Bronze.

HIGH GAMES–Male: Mike Berry 256 and 246, Bob McCullom 247, Robert Washington 244, Don Preuett 244, Clarence Green 244. Female: Gayle Pearce 211, Marie Kullenberg 208,  Rosemary Crawford 200, Jo Ann Henderson 200.

May 9, 2013

Blankenship holds onto Pool’s gold

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Margaret Blankenship defended her gold-medal status in the NW District pool competition while two also-rans from the men’s division a year ago moved up to gold in the event held Monday at Randall T. Moore Center.

Blankenship beat Mary Davison for both the women’s 8-ball and 9-ball gold medals. In 80-plus for men, Emile Tuminello, a silver medalist a year ago, beat Floyd White for golds in 8-ball and 9-ball. Joseph Snead, runnerup in 2012, beat William Porter Jr. for the 8-ball gold in 65-69 age group and Porter Jr. bounced back to win the 9-ball gold over Snead. In the 70-74 age group Harry Strain won 8-ball gold ahead of Bob Taylor Jr. But Taylor Jr. reversed the finish in 9-ball play.

Dominoes fall right for Ronnie Miller

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Whenever Ronnie Miller goes bowling, he usually carries a set of dominoes with him to the lanes. He is intent on bowling, but he holds out hope he might run into someone who wants to play a game of dominoes too.

So Miller found it especially gratifying that dominoes returned to the NW La. District Senior Olympics in 2013 after a three-year hiatus and he responded by winning the gold medal for the event held Thursday at Bossier Council on Aging.

“I’m happy it’s back,” the 62-year-old retired railroad worker said after finishing ahead of Minnie Frances and Rose Black in the competition for the gold, silver and bronze medallions offered by the district. Miller said while there were chances to play at the council hall,  there were few opportunities to play in a tournament foremat.

Miller’s gold medal came in one of three games offered on Table Games day in the Senior Olympics. Jackie Conner and Dorothy DePanion claimed gold in Skipbo, followed by Doyle Blasingame and Lady Stacey (silver) and Lucy Lenard and Betty Holliday (bronze).

Phase 10 drew the most action as three age groups offered medals. Betty Smith won the gold in the 60-69 age group, followed by Carol Estrada and Ruby Thomas. Jacque Wall won the gold in 70-74, followed by Margrette Blankenship and Bob Taylor. Doris Carter won the gold in 75-79 followed by Bette Turner.

May 8, 2013

Crawfords combine for Mixed Doubles Bowling crown

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tn.jpg The winning team in Mixed Doubles Bowling, Rosemary and Skip Crawford, smile for the camera. (Click to enlarge photo)

Rosemary and Skip Crawford combined for a 1,248 score, the best of the day, in winning the NW District Senior Olympics’ Mixed Doubles Bowling gold medal in the 50-59 age group Wednesday at All Star Lanes.

Skip, a nurse at LSU Medical Center, rolled a 683 series on games of 203-236-244. The series was second only to Steven Berry’s 689 on the day and the 244 game was bettered only by Steve Carter’s 247 and Berry’s 245.  The winning duo was helped along by Rosemary’s 210 game out of the box.  She finished with a 560 series, best of the day for women.

Skip Crawford said his bowling has been hampered by problems he has had with his knees. But still he has managed to hold an average of around 190, mainly substituting in leagues.

Gayle Pearce  and Bob McCollum won the silver medal for the age bracket with a 1,180 score.  McCollum rolled a 624 series and Pierce a 556 series. Jo Ann Smith and Bill Laurenson won the bronze medal with a 1,108 score, with Laurenson posting a 601 series.

In the 60-64 age bracket, McCarter and Alice Blake won the gold with 1,150 as McCarter rolled a 615 series and Blake a 535. The husband-wife team of Paula and Larry Hadwin won silver with a 1,144 score, with Paula posting a 559 series, aecond best among the distaffers, and Larry a 585. Rachel and Don Preuett took bronze with a 1,105 score on her 513 series and his 592.

In the 65-69 age competition, Susan and Steve Berry put together a strong second game of 201 and 228 respectively and posted a 1,208 score, good for the gold. Lois Adger and Adam Holmes posted a 1,015 for silver and Willie Mae Joyner and Clarence Greene had a 1,002 for bronze.

In the 70-74 age bracket, teams of Lajuana Ramey-Richard Rice (1,055), Brenda Beck-Bert Carrol (1,006) and Diane Smith-Jim Draper (991) finished 1-2-3. Betty Hustead and Dick Hainey had a 1,007 score for gold and Gwen Jordan and Bob Bell an 863 for gold and silver respectively in the 80-90 bracket.

TOP SERIES–Women: Rosemary Crawford 560, Paula Hadwin 559, Gayle Pearce 556, Alice Blake 535, Susan Berry 519. Men: Steven Berry 689, Skip Crawford 683, Bob McCollum 624, Steve McCarter 615, Richard Rice 607.

May 6, 2013

Barbara Wheeler top Washer woman

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Picture1.png Barbara Wheeler (left) poses with Event Coordinator Dick Hainey after receiving her gold medal in Washer Pitch. (click to enlarge photo)

Barbara Wheeler repeated her gold medal performance in NW District Washer Pitch competition Monday at Bellaire Fitness Center Monday.

The Union Parish visitor to the district produced four ringers in her four matches, one a “dead ringer,” one that settled in the cup without touching anything. “She spends a lot of time throughout the year practicing for this event,” related one fellow contestant. Wheeler took the gold in competition for those 75 through 79. Athlean Snow won silver and Pat Reeves won the bronze.

Paula Hadwin also repeated her gold medal, this time in an age bracket that stretched from 55 through 64. Sheila Hunter, silver, and Betty Smith, bronze, rounded out the top three.

Garry DePanion won the gold in men’s 50-54 and Robert McNeil claimed silver. Bob Taylor, gold, and Harry Strain, silver, paced the 65-74 age bracket and James Russom, Gary Price and Bill Snow finished 1-2-3 in 75-89 age bracket.

Other results: Female 65-69–Charlene Dilce Gold. Willie Joyner Silver. Ruby Thomas Bronze. Female 70-74 –Pinkie Johnson Gold. Pearlie Bell Silver. Cindy Cason Bronze. Female 80-84–Jackie Conner Gold. Marie Fitzgerald Silver. Dorothy DePanion Bronze. Female 85-92–Mary Miller Gold. Levenia Edwards Silver. Maxine Thomas Bronze.

May 4, 2013

Morse best in Horseshoes

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028.JPG Gold medalist in the 60-74 age bracket for Advanced Horseshoes contestants J.R. Morse is surrounded by gold and silver medalists Tom Koch and Gary Price of the 75-84 age bracket. (Click to enlarge)

J.R. Morse rolled undefeated through four matches and claimed the gold medal in Advanced Horseshoes’ 60-74 age group Saturday as the NW La. District Senior Olympics continued at Bossier Knights of Columbus Hall.

Morse, a retired GM worker, threw 12 ringers on the way to his win. Harry Strain took the silver medal and Clarence Pinion the bronze medallion. In the 75-84 age group, Tom Koch beat out Gary Price for the gold.

Paula Hadwin repeated as gold medalist in the female 60-74 age grouping, followed by Jacque Wall. Sallie Vaughn won gold and Rita Holloway silver for women 75-79.

In the recreational competition, Geneva Strain and Rosie Jackson won gold and silver respectively in the female 65-69 bracket and Betty Smith and Ruby Thomas finished 1-2 in 60-64. In the 70-74 grouping, Darlene Stone and Jenny Cardin won gold and silver respectively. In 75-79, Barbara Wheeler , Mary Price and Barbara Nolan finished 1-2-3.  Wheeler pitched a double-ringer in one of her matches. in female 80-89 Mary Miller won gold, Lessie Cooperrider silver and Maxine Thomas bronze.

In men’s 70-79 Les Brosset picked up the gold, Duane Chilton got the silver and Chuck Lancaster took the bronze.

May 2, 2013

Saxon buzzes Marksmanship competition

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011.JPG Top guns in the .22 pistol competition in district Senior Olympics were Jackie Conner (left) and Dan Saxon. (click to enlarge photo)

Dan Saxon, who spent some of his professional life shooting down pesky insects as director of Caddo Parish mosquito control, was on target Wednesday in the Marksmanship competition of the 21st NW La. District Senior Olympics at Shooters USA in Bossier City.

In .22 pistol competition, Saxon, who has a significant history in military service marksmanship competition, scored 215 of a possible 300 points, beating back two worthy opponents in the 75-84 age bracket.  Behind Saxon’s gold came Ray Hutcheson’s silver (with 177 points) and Gary Panzer’s bronze (144 points).

Saxon’s win was not unexpected. He is a past member of the Louisiana National Guard pistol team who competed six times in the Camp Perry (Ohio) national championship. He was named to the President’s 100 at Camp Perry and twice named a Double Distinguished Shooter in that event because of his proficiency with rifle and pistol.

“I’ve been practicing a little,” he admitted Wednesday.  “But I hadn’t reached that kind of score recently.”

Don Floyd , Ernie Chmielewski and Bobby Turner finished 1-2-3 in .22 pistols for the 65-74 age bracket and Jackie Conner won gold and Mary Davison was awarded silver in women’s pistols.

Floyd and Chmielewski finished 1-2 in .22 rifles for the 65-74 age bracket and Panzer and Les Brosset were 1-2 in the 75-79 age group.

The event was run off with the assistance of Charlie Bright and Mike Bankston of the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Miller grinds out another in Table Tennis

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019.JPG ”Follow the bouncing ball,” Chris Miller seems to be warning as he readies a serve in district table tennis. (Click to enlarge photo) 

Chris Miller swept to another table tennis singles championship in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Wednesday at Bossier Parks and Recreation offices on Old Shed Road.

Miller claimed gold in a division for ages 55-59. Dan Keasler won silver and Darryl Tucker took bronze. Steady George Esters won gold, newcomer Larry Stier silver and Bob Taylor bronze in a division for 68-75 year olds. Keasler and Tucker won the doubles match over Esters and Taylor, taking three games to two.

“The only way Miller doesn’t win is when he doesn’t play,” said one onlooker. Chris missed the 2012 competition.

Miller was tested in only two games in taking two best-of-five matches. Keasler kept his match with the winner close, dropping games by 11-6, 11-5 and 11-8. Miller bested Tucker 11-3, 11-3 and 11-3.

Keasler took the silver in by an 11-5, 11-4,11-3 count.

Esters beat Stier 11-5, 11-2 and 11-2 and Taylor 11-4, 11-4,11-5. Stier beat Taylor  3 games to two, taking  a lead in a 12-10 game, evening the match with a 13-11 victory and prevailing in the decider 12-10. Taylor’s wins were by 11-8 and 11-8 in games two and three.

In doubles, the winners took the deciding game by by 10-8, jumping out to a 5-0 lead and then putting down a comeback by Esters and Taylor.

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