July 18, 2013

Dates for state LSOG are listed

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Yes Virginia (or Harry or Paula or Dick). There is a 2013 Louisiana Senior Olympic Games state competition.

According to a new website on the internet (www.lsog1.net), the dates for the 2013 LSOG are Sept. 14-Oct. 20.  And the majority of the events will be staged in Jefferson Parish, run under the auspices of the Greater New Orleans District of the LSOG.

“The Games are on for this year. We are moving forward,” said Tom Burkhart, vice president of a new group of state officers. With that, he erased a big question mark that hung over the future of the LSOG for the past several months.  During that time, the organization’s website disappeared and contacting anyone who knew anything about 2013 and the future of the state games was frustrating.

Burkhart is vice president in charge of competition on the new board behind the LSOG. Juanita Forbes of Alexandria is the new President/Treasurer and the state offices have been moved to Alexandria.  Landry Camardelle, Vice President, Janey Perez, Program Director and Denise Loveless-Forrest, Secretary, round out the officers.

A state grant is in the works, but Burkhart says that has brought enhanced scrutiny of the plans and possibilities of the LSOG. “And rightfully so,” said Burkhart. “They are looking hard at what we plan to do and how we will accomplish it,” he said. The Greater New Orleans District is helping the LSOG in its attempt to gain funding and sponsorships, he added.

For those of you who qualified for state competition through the NWLSOG, here are dates listed for state competition: Shuffleboard doubles and singles Sept 23-24; Table Tennis Sept. 25, Bowling Singles Sept. 26, Doubles Sept. 27. Mixed Doubles are slated for Sept. 25. Horseshoes and Track and Field (discus, javelin, shot put) Sept. 28 and Golf Oct. 1.

You may find more information and entry blanks for the 2013 state games at the new website (www.lsog1.net).

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