May 28, 2014

Berry, Chilton Among 2014 Senior Olympics Honorees

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1aawards2014 044.JPG 1aawards2014 031.JPG 1aawards2014 0331.JPG 1aawards2014 046.JPG From left Photo 1: Susan Berry (right), with Coordinator Doyle Blasingame, was winner of The Hazel Gay Award at the NW La. District Senior Olympics athletes banquet. Photo 2: Duane Chilton (left) and Maxine Thomas (right), shown with Blasingame, were named the districgt’s Athletes of the Year. Chilton also received the Volunteer of the Year Award. Photo 3: Red Fletcher (left) poses with Steering Committee member Gerry Robichaux at presentation of the Ken Howard’s Spirit Award. Photo 4: Les Brosset (left) holds his new MVP Award, presented to him by Blasingame (right). Click photos to enlarge.

Susan Berry won the coveted Hazel Gay Torch Award and Duane Chilton made history by winning two awards in the same year as the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics brought an end to the 2014 season with an athletes banquet at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs.

Red Fletcher won the Ken Howard’s Spirit Award, Les Brosset the MVP Award and Maxine Thomas was named Female Athlete of the Year for the 22nd renewal of the sports and games carnival for those 50 years of age or older.

Chilton was named Male Athlete of the Year and also took home the Volunteer of the Year Award. “Every time I looked up you were taking part in an event and then officiating or helping run and event. Then you were helping clean up or pack up and getting everything in the right place afterwards,” Coordinator Doyle Blasingame commented when presenting Chilton the Volunteer of the Year plaque.  “If I had a few more like you, this job as coordinator would be a breeze.”

Berry won the award named in honor of the late Hazel Gay, who was instrumental in getting the district games going after a year’s absence in 1995, following the event being started in Shreveport-Bossier by the YMCA (1992). “Everyone who was on the steering committee back in 1996 or worked with Hazel has a special place in their heart for her,” Blasingame said.

Fletcher, whose given name is Una, won an award named for Ken Howard. ”This award honors the way Ken Howard embraced the games, with an infectious enjoyment of all aspects of the competition and with a willingness and joy in helping and encouraging others to do the same,” said Gerry Robichaux of the Steering Committee. ”Red was an easy choice.”

Paula Hadwin, Betty Husted and Gayle Pearce finished 1-2-3 among females in the Bowling Sweepstakes competition while Jim Draper, Gary Price and Dick Hainey were 1-2-3 among the males.

Athletes and spouses and guests filled the Sky Club at Harrah’s Louisiana Downs for a sumptuous brunch and fellowship to close the district games which ran from March 20 through May 23.

May 23, 2014

Just 4 Fun Tops Team Bowling

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1abowlteam2014 060.JPG Youngster Dillon Kitchens stands with his grandfather, Fred Walters, part of the high scoring Just 4 Fun team in Team Bowling along with (from left) Larry and Paula Hadwin and Notra Odoms at Holiday Lanes. (click photo to enlarge)

Larry and Paula Hadwin, Fred Walters and Notra Odoms, bowling as the Just 4 Fun  team, scored the highest total in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Team Bowling event Friday at Holiday Lanes as the 22nd sports and games carnival for seniors drew to a close.

Bowling in the 60-64 age bracket, the winners posted a pinfall of 2,095, 59 pins better than their nearest rival for high score, The Young Guns, a foursome of RoseMary Crawford, Bill Laurenson, Bob McCollum and JoAnn Smith, who won the 55-59 age bracket Gold Medal. Fred Walters had a series of 219-214-183 to pace the Just 4 Fun foursome.

Teams are placed in age groups according to the age of the youngest team member. Teams could be made up of four women or two women and two men or a man and three women.

A team of Bert Carroll, Lynn Stuckey, Brenda Beck and Sonny Phillips, The Whatevers, claimed the 70-80+ age bracket Gold Medal with a 1,892 score.  Salt & Pepper (Minnette McElhannon, Clarence Greene, Kay Staples and Curtis Drayden) won the Gold Medal in the 65-69 age pairing.

Significant individual efforts came from Curtis Drayden of Salt & Pepper who rolled a 239-192-213–644 series, and Jim Draper, the 80-year-old member of the Oldies But Goodies who rolled a 600 series on games of 222,186 and 192.

Others with high games included Laurenson (254), Carroll (230), Jimmy Harris (223), J.R. Morse (209), McCollum (206), Robert Washington (205), Gary Price (203) Brenda Beck (202) and Jo Ann Henderson (200).


Age 50-54: Young Guns (RoseMary Crawford, Bill Laurenson, Bob McCollum, JoAnn Smith) 2,036 Gold, Strikers (Jimmy Harris, Linda Jefferson, Geneva Markray, Barb Mills) 1,871 Silver. Age 60-64: Just 4 Fun (Larry and Paula Hadwin, Fred Walters, Notra Odoms) 2,095 Gold, Wild Bunch (Don Preuett, Mary Foisy, Lily Fridenberg, J.R. Morse) 1,942 Silver, Bowling Buddies (Sue Crow, Patti Kelly, Glenda Kenes, Ezell Barber) 1625 Bronze. Age 65-69: Salt & Pepper (Minnette McElhannon, Clarence Greene, Kay Staples, Curtis Drayden) 1,783 Gold, Danny’s Team (Susan Berry, Shelby Kautz, Bettie Sands, Dot Daugherty) 1,767 Silver. Age 70-80 plus: Whatevers (Bert Carroll, Lynn Stuckey, Brenda Beck, Sonny Phillips) 1,892 Gold, Has Beens (JoAnn Henderson, Lajuana Ramey, Richard Rice, Robert Washington) 1,889 Silver, Oldies But Goodies (Gwen Jordan, Dick Hainey, Betty Hustead, Jim Draper) 1,817 Bronze. Also Bowled: Hopefuls (Diane Smith, Gary Price, Mary Price, Ray Smith) 1,698.

May 21, 2014

M. Berry, Fletcher Tops in No-Tap

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1a14bowling 006.JPG Red Fletcher (right) and Susan Berry finished one-two among the ladies in our No-Tap Bowling competition at Holiday Lanes. (click photo to enlarge)  

Mike Berry and Red Fletcher were high scorers Wednesday in the NW La. District Senior Olympics No-Tap Bowling at Holiday Lanes.

Berry, in men’s 70-74 age division, posted an 849 series on games of 298-300-251. Fletcher had a 645 series in the female 75-79 age group, on games of 196, 206 and 243.

In No-Tap Bowling, contestants are given credit for a strike if they knock over nine or ten pins with their initial attempt per frame.

Curtis Dreyden, in the 50-69 age grouping, finished second in the high series chase with a 797 on games of 258, 300 and 239.

Susan Berry finished second in the high score capitulation for the ladies.  Bowling in the 65-69 age group, Berry started like a house afire, posting a 244 initial score. She finished with a 230 in a 632 series. The 244 score was the individual high game for the ladies and Berry shared that honor with Elaine Ingersoll.


Female–60-64: Paula Hadwin 620 Gold, Ann Barber 467 Silver, Patti Kelly 461 Bronze. 65-69: Susan Berry 632 Gold, Elaine Ingersoll 615 Silver, Jean Crews 604 Bronze. 70-74: Linda McKinney 575 Gold, Kay Staples 510 Silver, Diane Smith 485 Bronze. 75-79: Red Fletcher 645 Gold, Notra Odoms 569 Silver, Mary Price 501 Bronze. 80-plus: Betty Hustead 548 Gold, Sue Crow 538 Silver.

Male–50-69: Curtis Drayden 797 Gold, Larry Hadwin 743 Silver, J.R. Morse 683 Bronze. 70-74: Mike Berry 849 Gold, Fred Walters 755 Silver, Don Preuett 728 Bronze. 80-84: Jim Draper 764 Gold, Gary Price 543 Silver, Ernest Good 536 Bronze. 85-plus: Dick Hainey 610 Gold, Bob Bell 541 Silver.

May 17, 2014

Whitler, Sutton among Track and Field’s Best

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1a2014track 031.JPG1a2014track 024.JPG Barbara Wheeler (left photo) is in for some heavy lifting with her five track and field Gold Medals after Saturday’s event. At right, Doyle Blasingame presents the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award to runner Robert Sutton after the competition. (click photo to enlarge)

Mike Whitler gave the NW La. District Senior Olympics track and field championship a fast start and Larry Smith, Doug Shelton and Greg Baker  followed up with multiple bests Saturday.

Robert Sutton, a regular entrant in the district trackfest, won three Gold Medals in his age bracket and was named winner of the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award, given in honor of one of the district’s staunchest supporters. Sutton ran 8:03 in the 50, 17.69 in the 100 and 37.98 in the 200.

Whitler won the 50-meter dash in 6.67 seconds in the day’s first action. Smith then had best times of the day in the 100 meters (12.20) and 200 meters (29.37). Shelton kept the beat going by taking the 400, 800 and 1500 meters in times of 1:12.0, 3:13.0 and 5:44.0 respectively. Meanwhile Baker was producing the best discus effort 113-6 and top javelin throw (138-0). Baker beat out former Louisiana Tech javeliner John Allen (136-7) for the day’s leading effort.

Charles Jolly, another familiar face at the field competition, lofted the best shot put effort (38 feet and a half inch).

And on the women’s side, Barbara Wheeler claimed five age group gold medallions–in the javelin and discus and in the 50, 100 and 200 meters.

And 65-year-old Betty Smith to improve her skills in the field events each year.  She swept to Gold Medals in all three events, topped by a 36-8 toss in the discus. She added a 50-meter gold on the track Saturday.


Discus: Female–65-plus: Betty Smith 36-8 Gold, Barbara Wheeler OD 33-5 1/2 Silver, Mildred Reeves OD 29-3 Bronze.  Male– 60-69: Greg Baker OD 113-6 Gold, Dan Ursery 75-6 1/2 Gold,  Herb Stein OD 81-4 Silver. 70-84: Juius Cassels 80-6 Gold, Jack Haller OD 39-10 1/2 Silver.

Javelin: Female–65-74: Betty Smith 34-8 Gold, Mildred Reeves OD 18-9 Silver. 75-90: Barbara Wheeler OD 17-4 Gold, Annett Burch OD 10-3 Silver, Maxine Thomas OD 8-6 Bronze. Male–60-69-Greg Baker OD 138-0 Gold, Dan Ursery 48-6 Gold, John Allen OD 136-7 Silver, Herb Stein OD 106-3 Bronze. 70-84: Jack Haller OD 39-2 Gold, Julius Cassels 66-1 Gold.

Shot Put: Female–65-74: Betty Smith 19-1 Gold, Mildred Reeves OD 16-0 Silver. Male–60-69: Mah Pace OD 33-10 Gold, Herb Stein OD 27-3 Silver. 70-84: Charles Jolly 38-0 1/2 Gold, Julius Cassels 29-3 Silver.   80-plus: Jack Haller OD 18-2 Gold.

50 Meters: Female–50-69: Betty Smith Gold, Cheryl Webb Silver. 70-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Mildred Reeves Silver. 80-89: Maxine Thomas Gold, Thelma Pepper Silver. Male–50-59: Mike Whitler 6.67 Gold, Larry Goswick 7:54 Silver, Curtis Dancy 7.66 Bronze. 60-69:  Larry Smith 6.86 Gold,Tim Mitchell 7:46 Silver, Dan Ursery 7.62 Bronze. 70-74: Robert Sutton 8:03 Gold, Duane Chilton 8:75 Silver. 75-84: Bill Mazyck 10:80, C.P. Turner 11.07 Silver.

100 Meters: Female– 50-69: Cheryl Webb 20:46 Gold, Betty Smith 24.53 Silver. 85-89: Maxine Thomas 38:84 Gold, Thelma Pepper 39.39 Silver. Male–55-60: Tim Mitchell 12.37 Gold, Larry Goswick 13.59 Silver, Curtis Dancy 30.73 Bronze. 65-69: Larry Smith 12.20 Gold, Dan Ursery 13.58 Silver. 70-84: Robert Sutton 17.69 Gold, Curtis P. Turner 22.73 Silver, Bill Mazyck 28.90 Bronze.

200 Meters: Female–45-54: Jenny Hackman 42.55 Gold, Cheryl Webb 47.14 Silver. 75-89: Barbara Wheeler 1:18.77 Gold, Thelma Pepper 1:34.83 Silver. Male–60-69: Larry Smith 29.37 Gold, Dan Ursery 31.05 Silver. 70-75: Robert Sutton 37.98 Gold, Duane Shelton 39.19 Silver, Julius Cassels 43.19 Bronze.

400 Meters: Female–50-89: Cheryl Webb 1:44 Gold, Thelma Pepper 3:18.0 Silver. Male–50-79: Doug Shelton 1:12.0 Gold, C.P. Turner 1:48 Silver.

800 Meters: Female–45-54: Jenny Hackman 3:13.0 Gold, Cheryl Webb 3.56 Silver. Male–Doug Shelton 3:13.0 Gold.

1500: Female–45-54: Jenny Hackman 7:27.0 Gold, Cheryl Webb 7:26.0 Silver. Male–Doug Shelton 5:44.0 Gold.

May 16, 2014

Home Sweet Home for Crews-Ingersoll

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1a2014Scotchbowl 003.JPG Jean Crews and Elaine Ingersoll (from left) used the day’s best single game and series to beat Red Fletcher and Curtis Drayden for the Gold Medal in the 65-69 age bracket of NW La. District Senior Olympics Scotch Doubles at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City. (Click photo to enlarge)

After going ”abroad” to share high game honors in NW La. District Senior Olympics Singles Bowling at All Star Lanes earlier in the week, Elaine Ingersoll teamed with Jean Crews to pace scoring in Scotch Doubles competition Friday at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City.

The top duo calls Holiday Lanes home, Elaine holding a 168 average there and Jean a 143.

“This is our house,” Elaine said after she and Jane had a 46 pin edge over the next highest team, Paula and Larry Hadwin.

Elaine is part of a NW La. District Senior Olympics first family. Her father, the late George Labonte, taught her the game beginning when she was 16. Her mother, Doris, won a Shuffleboard Gold Medal in the National Senior Olympics. When the YMCA of Shreveport-Bossier established the district games in 1992, the Labontes were among its advisors as to the conduct of the senior games. Both George and Doris are former Athletes of the Year for the NW La. District. And Elaine and her father made up one of the first father-daughter bowling teams in district bowling competition.

“We just love this house,” Elaine said after Friday’s victory “The lanes are nice and smooth. Today we just picked one another up when we needed to. Jane’s right handed and I’m lefthanded and that worked in our favor when we had to pick up spares.”

The winners’ series opened with a 189, followed by a 166 and capped with a 200, the high game of the day.  In their age bracket, the winners bested Red Fletcher and Curtis Drayden by 69 pins for the Gold Medal for bowlers 65 to 69 years old.

Other Gold Medals went to Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurenson, 497 in the 55-59 age group, the Hadwins, 509 in 60-64, Lajuana Ramey and Richard Rice, 491 in 70-74 and Notra Odoms-Jim Draper 483 in 75-plus.


55-59: Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurenson 497 Gold, Rose Kuplesky-Jane Pace 393 Silver.60-64: Larry and Paula Hadwin 509 Gold, Mary Foise-J.R. Morse 431 Silver, Ann Barber-Kathy Hayes 395 Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll-Jean Crews 555 Gold, Red Fletcher-Curtis Drayden 486 Silver. 70-74: Lajuana Ramey-Richard Rice 491 Gold, B.J. Ellison-Glenda Kenes 451 Silver, Minnette McElhannon-Kay Staples 387 Bronze. 75-plus: Notra Odoms-Jim Draper 483 Gold, Gary and Mary Price 444 Silver, Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 434 Bronze.

May 15, 2014

Harville, Stone Lead Way in Mini Golf

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1a2014 recwalk 005.JPG Whoa Buddy. Harold Harvill tees off on the third hole in the shotgun start to the Miniature Golf competition and it took the perennial leader five strokes to finish the hole. He played the next 17 holes in two-over par. (click photo to enlarge)

Senior Olympians went swinging in the rain Thursday during the district Miniature Golf competition, and it followed a familiar tune — Harold Harvill shot the best score of the day to win medalist honors for the ninth straight time.

Harvill beat back regular nemesis Bob Taylor by a single stroke with a five-over par 41.

On the female side, Darlene Stone bested Susan Berry 47 strokes to 49, with Linda Brangham in third place with a 50.

The evening began with ominous clouds crowding in on the Party Central course and Harvill’s opening hole looked almost as bad as the weather. He took a maximum 5 strokes on the opening assignment and it took him three holes to record his first ace. Harville shot 39 in  the 2013 renewal.

Stone bettered her 2013  performance by eight shots. Betty Smith’s 50 was the best performance in 2013. She shot 55 Thursday, but failed to medal in the 65-69 age bracket.

Other top female scorers were Athlean Snow 52, Peggy Tatum 53, Mary Price 54, Claudia Beene 57, Ginny Boyd 57 and Red Fletcher 57. Other top male scores came from Lionel Brangham 48, Bill Snow 50, Gary Price 51, Les Brosset 54, Doyle Blasingame 57, Chuck Lancaster 57, Mack Metoyer 60, Michael Czerniecki 62.

Play was interrupted once due to rain, but the field of 27 managed to finish out their rounds after a short delay.


Female–65-69: Susan Berry 49 Gold, Linda Brangham 50 Silver, Peggy Tatum 53 Bronze. Betty Smith 55, Ginny Boyd 57, Ruby Thomas 59, Shelby Butt 72. 70-74: Darlene Stone 47 Gold, Claudia Beene 57 Silver, Jo Ann Blasingame 59 Bronze. Carol Estrada 60, Mardie Brosset 63, Diane Smith 63. 75-79: Athlean Snow 52 Gold, Mary Price 54 Silver, Red Fletcher 57 Bronze. Doris Carter 66.

Male–60-69: Lionel Brangham 48 Gold, Michael Czerniecki 62 Silver. 70-74: Harold Harvill 41 Gold, Bob Taylor 42 Silver, Chuck Lancaster 57 Bronze. 75-79: Bill Snow 50 Gold, Doyle Blasiingame 57 Silver, Mack Metoyer 60 Bronze. 80-89 Gary Price 51 Gold, Les Brosset 54 Silver.


Aldrich, Chilton, Walters Pace Rec Walk

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1a2014 Rec Walk 003.JPG 1a2014 Rec Walk 007.JPG  1a2014 Rec Walk 0231.JPG Duane Chilton (left photo) and Kay Aldrich make it to the finish line in the 5K Rec Walk. At right is the cast of characters in the event. (click photos to enlarge)

Kay Aldrich and Duane Chilton posted the best times in the NW La. District Senior Olympics 5K Rec Walk Thursday at Brownlee Park.

Chilton covered the distance in 42 minutes and 49 seconds for the Gold Medal in a combined 65-74 age bracket. Last year he won the gold medallion in the one-mile walk. Officials used 5K entrants’ one-mile times within the 5K timing Thursday to determine medals for one mile and Chilton shared the medal for that distance with Fred  Walters at 12:49 each, which eclipsed Chilton’s winning clocking of 13:20 in 2013.

Aldrich claimed gold in the 70-74 age group for women with a time of 44:16 (second best overall regardless of gender). Her one-mile time was 13:13, also worth gold in an expanded women’s age grouping (50-79).

Walters finished third overall in the 5K with a 44:42 time.

The event was rescheduled from May 12 to Thursday because of weather conditions.


One Mile Female–50-74: Kay Aldrich 13:13 Gold, Sherrie Vullo 14:15 Silver, Jo Ann Blasingame 15:24 Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler 16:40 Gold, Maxine Thomas 17:11 Silver.  Male–Duane Chilton and Fred Walters 12:49 each Golds, Michael Czerniecki 15:46 Bronze.

5K Female–70-79: Kay Aldrich 44:16 Gold, Sherrie Vullo 50:28 Silver, Jo Ann Blasingame 52:24 Bronze. Male–70-74: Djuane Chilton 42:49 Gold, Fred Walters 44:42 Silver.

May 14, 2014

Hadwin, Ingersoll, Strain Top Singles Bowling

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1a2014bowling singles 007.JPG 1a2014bowling singles 0101.JPG Singularly best. Paula Hadwin (left in left photo) and Elaine Ingersoll and Harry Strain (right photo) had high serieses in District Bowling Singles Wednesday at All star Lanes. (click photos to enlarge)

Paula Hadwin and Elaine Ingersoll, the latter with a little motivation because of a little spectator, rolled the top individual serieses on the women’s side and Harry Strain edged Mike Berry for the same honor on the men’s side in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Singles Bowling Wednesday at All Star Lanes.

Hadwin opened her day with a 200 game and followed with 173 and 176 for a 549 series to win the Gold Medal in female 60-64 age. She bettered her 167 average in all three games. Ingersoll, with her baby great grand daughter Alisyn watching,  rolled 163 to open, followed with a 169 and topped off with a 217, best game of the day by a female, to win the Gold Medal in 65-69 age bracket with a 549 pinfall. She has a 168 average in league play at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City.

“I had only one open frame all day,” offered Strain in explaining his series 665 for gold in the men’s 70-74 age grouping. Harry had games of 207, 233 and 225 for his 665 series, beating Mike Berry by 24 pins for high series of the day. Berry’s 641 came on games of 238, 204 and 199.

Curtis Drayden, runner-up to Bill Free in the 60-69 age bracket, posted the high game of the day (267). Free had a 598 series to 590 for Drayden. Other men’s golds went to Don Woolsey (623) in 75-79, Jim Draper (573) in 80-84 and Dick Hainey (499) in 85-plus. Other women’s golds went to Rose Mary Crawford (511) in women 55-59, Brenda Beck (470) in 70-74, Jo Crone (504) in 75-79 and Jimmie Moreland (465) in 80-plus.

Bowlers qualified for the state Senior Olympics (LSOG) Singles Bowling in the fall by winning a gold, silver or bronze medal or by reaching set minimum scores for their age bracket.


(1,2 or 3 finishers and bowlers reaching set minimum score standards qualify for state)

Female–55-59 Rose Mary Crawford 511 Gold, Gayle Pearce 478 Silver. 60-64: Paula Hadwin 549 Gold, Kay Free 523 Silver, Meme Briggs 418 Bronze. 65-69; Elaine Ingersoll 549 Gold, Willie Mae Joyner 524 Silver, Jane Pace 494 Bronze. 70-74: Brenda Beck 470 Gold, Diane Smith 468 Silver, Rose Martin 452 Bronze. 75-79: Jo Crone 504 Gold, Notra Odoms 494 Silver, Bettie Sands 430 Bronze. Red Fletcher 419 also qualified for state. 80-plus: Jimmie Moreland 465 Gold, Betty Hustead 442 Silver.

Male–60-69: Bill Free 598 Gold, Curtis Drayden 590 Silver, Steve McCarter 577 Bronze. J.R. Morse 569, Bob McCollum 538, Bennie Davison 528, Darrell Dinkins 508, Adam Holmes 487 and Larry Hadwin 487 also qualified for state. 70-74: Harry Strain 665 Gold, Mike Berry 641 Silver, Fred Walters 550 Bronze. Ed Briggs 513, Richard Rice 504, Roger Shepherd 501 also qualified for state. 75-79: Don Woolsey 623 Gold, Everett Fuller 466 Silver, Bert Carroll 464 Bronze.80-84: Jim Draper 573 Gold, Gary Price 490 Silver, John Sands 435 Bronze. Everett Good 431 also qualified for state. 85-plus Dick Hainey 449 Gold, Bob Bell 390 Silver.

May 13, 2014

Bailey Best among Chess Men

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1a2014shuffleboard 017.JPG Bob Taylor looks as if he needs an Excedrin during his tense match with Nelson Bailey in the district Chess competition.(click photo to enlarge)

Nelson Bailey returned to the chessboard Tuesday and won a key match against the 2013 and perennial champion Bob Taylor to win gold in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Chess competition at Randall T. Moore Center.

Bailey, the field’s highest rated player by the U.S. Chess Federation, beat Bob Taylor in the battle of titans.  It was a match that almost went to a draw as both players were reduced to pawns and a king each. Bailey stopped Taylor’s attempt to reach king’s row and then was able to turn the trick himself.

Bailey missed the 2013 Chess competition and bowed to Taylor in head-to-head the year before. But he owns a Gold Medal this time around for the 60-64 age field.  Taylor won the Gold among 70-74 age players, stopping Robert Stockman and Don Sorrells who deadlocked for the age group Silver Medal. It was Stockman’s second silver in a row.

It proved a long day for the five-player field (Ronne Basco was the other player), play beginning at just after noon and finishing at the 5:30 mark.


60-64: Nelson Bailey Gold. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold, Robert Stockman and Don Sorrells each Silver.

Shuffleboard: A Time to Move Up

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1a2014shuffleboard 019.JPG Betty Smith, Margie Bamburg and Jean Crews (from left) were medalists in the female 65-69 age bracket of Shuffleboard 2014. (click photo to enlarge)

Lorece Tettleton and James Russom improved their 2013 finishes Tuesday in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Shuffleboard competition–and packed home Gold Medals in their age brackets.

Tettleton, one of the ladies visiting from Union Parish, won the women’s 85-plus age bracket, beating  Phyllis Page and Mary Miller, another Union Parish entrant. Tettleton won a silver medallion in 2013.

Russom bested George Jernigan and Doyle Blasingame for the male 75-79 Gold Medal. The decision was determined on a point differential in a three-man round robin. Russom finished third in the age bracket in 2013.

Juanita Pinion was a first-time competitor and first time Gold Medal winner in the female 50-64 grouping this year. Betty Smith graduated to the 65-69 age group and won another Gold Medal.

Diane Smith in female 70-74 and Union Parish visitors Barbara Wheeler (75-79) and Barbara Nolan (80-84) claimed Gold Medals in their respective groups. Gary Price won Gold in male 80-plus.

Because of time constraints in using the Bellaire Baptist Fitness Center, doubles competition was not held.


Female–50-64: Juanita Pinion Gold, Shelly Quarles Silver. 65-69: Betty Smith Gold, Margie Bamburg Silver, Jean Crews Bronze. 70-74: Diane Smith Gold, Annette Burch Silver, Mildred Reeves Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Mary Price Silver, Red Fletcher Bronze. 80-84: Barbara Nolan Gold, Jackie Conner Silver, Marie Fitzgerald Bronze. 85-plus: Lorece Tettleton Gold, Phyllis Page Silver, Mary Miller Bronze.

Male–50-74: Duane Chilton Gold, Gary Depanion Silver, Dennis Bamburg Bronze. 75-79: James Russom Gold, George Jernigan Silver, Doyle Blasingame Bronze. 80-plus: Gary Price Gold, Les Brosset Silver, Dick Hainey Bronze.

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