May 30, 2015

Adams and McCoy Stand Firm in Team Bowling

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013.JPG Marilyn Hainey (right) and Bettie Turner man the results desk at Team Bowling as they have all District Bowling events. (Click photo to enlarge)

Operating under the name Star Team, the foursome of Donetta and Steve Adams and Kathleen and Charlie McCoy posted the high score of the day in the Team Bowling competition at Holiday Lanes that brought down the curtain on the 2015 Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics.

Star Frame had a pinfall of 2,225, a figure 175 pins better than their 55-59 age group runner-up X-Treme, a foursome of Joann Smith, Gayle Pearce, Don McGhee and Jeff Wilcox.

In winning the gold medal in the 60-64 age bracket, Just For Fun (Cathie Ethridge, Richard Rice, Lajuana Shirley and Robert Washington) posted a 2,137 for the second best score of the day.

Salt and Pepper (Curt Drayden, Minnette McElhannon, Clarence Greene and Kay Staples) won the 65-69 age bracket and The Hopefuls (Mary and  Gary Price, Diane and Ray Smith) won the 70-and above gold.

Steve Adams paced the Star Frame team with a 225-226-218–669 series, best of the day. Charlie McCoy had a 637 series.

Larry Hadwin’s 235 for Just for Fun was the high game of the day. Other top games were by Charlie McCoy (234 and 225)


AGES 55-59: Star Frame (Donetta and Steve Adams, Kathleen and Charlie McCoy) 2,225 Gold. X-Treme Team (Jeff Wilcox, Joann Smith, Gayle Pearce, Don McGhee) 2050 Silver. Whatever (Sammie Cox, Marianne Hopkins, Wayne Mayo, Rene White) 1640 Bronze.  60-64: Just For Fun (Paula and Larry Hadwin, Notra Odoms and Fred Walters) 2,134 Gold. Has Beens (Cathie Ethridge, Richard Rice, Lajuana Shirley and Robert Washington) 1,771 Silver. Pin Busters (Lily Fridenberg, Mary Foisy, George Patton, J.R. Morse) 1,725 Bronze. 65-69: Salt & Pepper (Minnette McElhannon, Kay Staples, Clarence Greene, Curt Drayden) 2,051 Gold. Soap Opera Girls (Ezell Barber, Glenda Kenes, Betty Ellison, Mary Parsons) 1,502 (Silver). 70-80-plus: The Hopefuls (Gary and Mary Price, Ray and Diane Smith) 1,820 Gold. Oldies But Goodies (Gwen Jordan, Betty Hustead, Dick Hainey, Jim Draper) 1,806 Silver.

May 28, 2015

The Real McCoys Dominate No-Tap

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009.JPG Charlie (left) and Kathleen McCoy posted high serieses in the district’s Nine Pin No Tap Bowling at Holiday Lanes. (click photo to enlarge)

It was a family affair Wednesday (May 27) in the NW District’s 9-Pin No Tap Bowling at Holiday Lanes when Kathleen and Charlie McCoy were top scorers for the sexes.

Kathleen posted a 666 series to pace the women’s side and win the 65-69 age bracket. She had a 31-pin advantage over her closest rival, Paula Hadwin, who packed off the 60-64 age group gold with a 635. Gayle Pearce won the 55-59 women’s gold with a 621.

Kathleen’s husband had an even wider margin (51 pins) over second-place when he posted an 843 series in the men’s 70-74 age bracket. Scoring in No Tap records a strike on every one-pin leave on a bowler’s first ball.

Steve Adams rolled a 792 for second spot in high series. He won the gold medal in the 55-59 age group. Larry Hadwin rolled a 747 series to win the 65-69 age gold.

McCoy’s series also contained high game of the day (300). Clarence Greene was next in line with a 290. Kathlene McCoy had a 254 game in her series for women’s high game.

The McCoys call Holiday Lanes their home house. Charlie said he enjoys No Tap an d uses it to keep sharp between seasons.

Other gold medal winners were Betty Ellison in women’s 70-74, Notra Odoms in women’s75-79 and Sue Crow in women’s 80-plus and  Gary Price in men’s 80-plus.


FEMALE–(Ages 55-59): Gayle Pearce 621 Gold. Donetta Adams 612 Silver. Rene White 396 Bronze. 60-64: Paula Hadwin 635 Gold. Cathie Etheridge 524 Silver. Martha Susla 477 Bronze. 65-69: Kathleen McCoy 666 Gold. Elaine Ingersoll 582 Silver. Sammie Cox 479 Bronze. 70-74: Betty Ellison 574 Gold. Beth Broner 551 Silver. Brenda Beck 547 Bronze. 75-79: Notra Odoms 584 Gold. Red Fletcher 573 Silver. Glenda Kenes 472 Bronze. 80-plus: Sue Crow 514 Gold. Betty Hustead 485 Silver. Delores Gentry 306 Bronze.

MALE–(Age 55-64): Steve Adams 792 Gold. Will Alexander 688 Silver. James Susla 499 Bronze. 65-69: Larry Hadwin 747 Gold. Don McGhee 712 Silver. Curt Drayden 695 Bronze. 70-74: Charlie McCoy 843 Gold. Fred Walters 754 Silver. Mike Berry 695 Bronze. 80-plus: Gary Price 659n Gold. Dick Hainey 641 Silver. Jim Draper 585 Bronze.

May 26, 2015

Volunteers Make the Track Go ‘Round

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086.JPG Discus judge Joey Robichaux seems to be offering help to a competitor by adding a little body English to her throw. (click photo to enlarge)

By Gerry Robichaux

In the 22 years that I have been involved with the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics, track and field, with few exceptions, has been my event. As a sports writer for The Times of Shreveport, I had covered track and field from the high school to the college level. So when the YMCA began developing the first NW District games in 1992, someone raised my hand when the task of overseeing track and field came up.

I can tell you, it has had its headaches as well as its joys (mostly the latter). I’ve met some really great people. As I conducted my final event on May 16, I was especially glad to see friends who were there from the early days, good folks like Vince Breaux, Charles Jolley, Larry Smith, Tim Mitchell, Dan Ursery, Jenny Hackman and Wayne Hanson, to mention just a few.

Putting together the competition starts early: months before it is listed on our schedules, the task is to get high schools to agree to let the seniors use their track.

Next step, and an important one, is getting individuals to volunteer to conduct or time the six running events and the three field events. We have had the fortune of working with high school coaches who gave us a hand, from the first years when track coach Don Millen of Bossier High took me and a few others under his wing and taught us what had to be done to properly conduct a meet. Jim Gatlin and Warren Saucier later stepped up to help when we ran at Bossier High. Roy Underwood, M.D. Ray and Bob Marlowe also spent time with us early-on, clipboard or starter’s pistol in hand, keeping the ball rolling.

Other things done in advance include getting EMS assistance committed to being at the event, arranging for tents in case of rain, having sound equipment on site and preparing a competitors’ Welcome and Information Center (heats and lanes, time schedule for races and field events as well maps of the layout).

Recently things like lining off fields or cleaning up long jump pits, seeing to late registrations and passing out t-shirts, getting medals in place, making sure all the record keeping sheets are printed and rules are clear for each event, getting the field equipment  in the right place and being sure the most important doors are open (those marked male  or female) usually fell to a few of us who belong to the steering committee.

It takes a lot of folks to make things run smoothly. And May 16th, when I was director of my final track and field competition, I had a number of organizations and individuals step forward to make my life a lot easier. I’m grateful to them all: to Andy Shehee of Kilpatrick Life and Roseneath  for the tents, Russell Taylor  of Steadman’s Sports Center for the sound equipment, Red River Road Runners Club for timing equipment, Bossier City Fire Department EMS, Airline High School and Principal Jason Rowland, and the young men in the National Guard Youth Challenge Program in Minden.

And to Ronny Comstock, field judges Harold Aldrich, Clarence Pinion, Joey Robichaux and starter Felix Rivera,

And to steering committee members Lillian Trammel, Les Brossset, Bette Turner, Gary Price, Jackie Conner and Doyle Blasingame.

All these folks and entities and all the competitors stepped up and helped make my last go-round a memorable one.


May 23, 2015

The Adams Family Tops Scotch Doubles Bowling

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Danetta and Steve Adams  bested Joni Harris and Fred Walters for high score in the Scotch Doubles Bowling competition of the NW District Friday (May 22) at Holiday Lanes in Bossier City.

Matched up in the 55-59 age bracket, the Adams duo posted a 616 series to a 564 series by Harris and Walters. The top team had games of 208, 216 and 195. Harris-Walters posted 173-200-191–564.

High game of the day came from Rillia Smith and Will Alexander, who won gold in the 60-64 age bracket with a 541 series, topped by a 223 game.

Other golds went to Elaine Ingersoll and Beth Broner (515) in the 65-69 division, Diane and Ray Smith (471) in the 70-74 division and Red Fletcher and Jim Draper (492) in the 75-plus bracket.


Ages 55-59: Danetta and Steve Adams 616 Gold. Joni Harris and Fred Walters 564 Silver. Jeanne Smith and Gary Price 468. 60-64: Rillia Smith and Will Alexander 541 Gold. Paula and Larry Hadwin 535 Silver. Cathie Ethridge and George Patton 506 Bronze. 65-69: Ellaine Ingersoll and Beth Broner 515 Gold. Kathleen and Charlie McCoy 505 Silver. Curt Dreyden-Joann Smith 482 Bronze. 70-74: Diane and Ray Smith 471 Gold. Richard Rice and Lajuana Shirley 422 Silver. Minette McElhannon and Kay Staples 372 Bronze. 75-Plus: Red Fletcher and Jim Draper 492 Gold. Betty Hustead and Dick Hainey 447 Silver.

May 22, 2015

Greg Hicks Dominates District Golf

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046.JPG Greg Hicks of Benton tees off on his winning round (click photo to enlarge)

Newcomer Greg Hicks battled his way past three veterans of the tournament and posted the low score in the NW District Golf Tournament at Shreveport Country Club Friday (May 22).

Hicks, a late entry with his father, 89-year-old Glen Hicks, fashioned a 41-39–80 as the senior golfers battled through some soggy conditions after heavy rains hit the course for two days leading up to the morning tee time.  He beat Bob Jahnke, who made a charge on the back nine and finished with a 45-37–82, Charles Knox (44-40–84) and Larry Joubert (41-43–84).

Jahnke, Knox and Joubert were 2014 entries in the tournament.

At the midway point of Friday’s round, Hicks had shaken off a bogey-bogey start on the first two holes and was in a tie with Joubert at 41. Knox, Robert Gatti and Steve Pinkley were tied three strokes off the pace. But Jahnke came racing down the stretch with birdies at the final two holes to move into the runner-up spot.

Using a new USGA tie-breaking method in a scorecard playoff, Knox’s birdie on the 17th hole edged Joubert’s par. Scorecards were matched by counting down from the 18th hole. Knox and Joubert had pars on the 18th.

Because rains on April 24 had forced the Senior Olympics to move to the tournament’s rain date, only 12 golfers returned to play and each group teed off from  No. 1, validating the new tiebreaker.

Seven golfers did not return from the original field, citing the wet conditions of the course that forced SCC Pro John Schurman to tell golfers they had to keep carts on the cart path rather than entering the fairways. “This made it pretty physical on us,” breathed Jerry Warren. “That and a course that doesn’t give us much roll today.”

Schurman and his staff conducted an event that prompted praise from the field, even those who posted higher scores than they usually do.


Overall Medal Scores

Greg Hicks 41-39–80; Bob Jahnke 45-37–82; Charles Knox 44-40–84; Larry Joubert 41-43–84; Steve Pinkley 44-41–85; Bill Bunyard 44-46–90; Richard Beall 50-41–91; Robert Gatti 44-49–93; Jerry Warren 45-48–93; Garland Williford 47-50–97; Leon Darden 50-50–100; Glen Hicks 60-54–114.

Medal Winners by Age Groups

65-69: Greg Hicks 80 Gold. Steve Pinkley 85 Silver. Garland Willifoprd 97 Bronze. 70-74: Bob Jahnke 82 Gold. Charles Knox 84 Silver. Larry Joubert 84 Bronze. Others Richard Beall 91, Robert Gatti 93, Leon Darden 100. 75-89: Bill Bunyard 90 Gold. Jerry Warren 93 Silver. Glen Hicks 114 Bronze.

May 21, 2015

Alexander, Crawford Top Singles Bowling

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001.JPG Will Alexander had the top individual game in NW District singles bowling (click photo to enlarge).

Will Alexander on the male side and Rose Mary Crawford among the females were the top scorers in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Singles Bowling event at All Star Lanes Wednesday (May 20).

Alexander, rolling in the men’s 55-64 age group, had a 660 series with games of 223, 211, 226. The second highest series of the day came in the 65-69 age grouping where Curtis Dreyden  had a 233 final game in a 653, beating out JR Morse for the gold medal. Morse had a  631 series. Steve McCarter in the 55-64 age group, rolled the second best game of the day, 231.

Crawford had a series of 158-170-192–520 series to lead the 50-59 women. Joann Smith rolled a 502 series to gain the 75-79 women for the second lowest mark of the day. Elaine Ingersoll won gold in the 65-69 women’s group with the third best series of the day, 467.  Best of the day games were by Crawford (192), Smith (188) and Ingersoll (177).

Recapping the Gold Medals, Crawford, Paula Hadwin (60-64), Ingersoll, Beth Broner (70-74), Smith and Lily Fridenbert 80-plus took the top medallions among the women and Alexander, Dreyden, Mike Berry (70-74), Gary Price (80-plus) reigned among the men.


FEMALES–(Ages 50-59): Rose Mary Crawford 520 Gold. Robin Rothenberger 459 Silver. 60-64: Paula Hadwin 445 Gold. Martha Susla 433 Silver. Cathie Etheridge 397 Bronze. Also Debbie Stewart 304. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll 467 Gold.  Meme Briggs 410 Silver. Brenda Modisette 401 Bronze. 70-74: Beth Broner 414 Gold. Rose Martin 406 Silver. Diane Smith 380 Bronze. Also Vicki Hawthorn 338, Brenda Beck 355. 75-79: Joann Smith 502 Gold. Red Fletcher 461 Silver. Lajuana Shirley 412 Bronze. 80-Plus: Lily Fridenberg 432 Gold. Sue Crow 351 Silver. Betty Hustead 259 Bronze.

MALES–(Ages 55-64): Will Alexander 660 Gold. Bill Laurensen 608 Silver. Steve McCarter 590 Bronze. Also James Susla 479, Wayne Mayo 437. 65-69: Curt Drayden 653 Gold. J.R. Morse 631 Silver. Larry Hadwin 563 Bronze. Also Don McGhee 512, George Patton 485, Jimmie Harris 415. 70-74: Mike Berry 599 Gold. Ray Smith 522 Silver. Fred Walters 520 Bronze. Also Bob McCollum 503, Bob Rice 483, Ed Briggs 454. 80-Plus: Gary Price 496 Gold. Jim Draper 484 Silver. Ernest Good 458 Bronze. Also Dick Hainey 444.

May 18, 2015

Matt Pace Claims Lanier Award in Track

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386.jpg Matt Pace, winner of the  Jesse Lanier Memorial award as the outstanding individual in the NW La. District track meet, muscles up in the shot put ring. (click photo to enlarge)

One thing about Larry Smith. If you beat him in a foot race, he’s ready to give you your “props”.

Saturday, it was Matt Pace whose case Smith was building after the Fredericksburg, TX, resident made the trip to Bossier City specifically to run in the NW La. District Senior Olympics. Pace captured four 60-64 age group Gold Medals, three coming in the 50-meters, 100-meters and 200-meters, and each in the best times of the day regardless of age group. Smith, now in the 65-69 age group, posted times just over those of Pace, who also won a gold medallion in the shot put with the second best effort of the day regardless of age group.

Smith remembered that the Jesse Lanier Memorial Trophy goes to the outstanding individual performer in the NW District track and field meet. And just minutes after Pace, in the inside lane of the 200 meter run, flew past everyone to the best time of the day (27:05), Smith asked one of the voters on the Lanier panel who he favored. “I gotta like Pace,” the voter replied. That brought a wide smile to Smith’s face. “That’s my man,” he exclaimed.

Among the female competitors, a strong case could be made for Amy Holmes in the Lanier vote. She won fiver golds: in the 200 (38.81) and 400 (a minute and 38 seconds) meter runs and in the shot, javelin and discus. The 61-year old recorded a 23 foot 3 inch effort in the shot put, a 60-foot-2 throw in the javelin and a 60-foot-8 figure in the discus. The discus and javelin figures broke the district records for her age group (60-64). Sandy Triplett owned both those records from 2010 at 55-6 and 49-3.  Holmes’ 38.81 200-meter trip shattered the age group record of 44.20 set by Betty Taylor in 2000.

Pace ran 6.94 and 13.19 in the 50 and 100. He threw 31-3 1/2 in the shot put, the second best throw of the day among all competitors. In each of the sprints, Pace bested Smith, who competed in the same heat but was running in the 65-69 age bracket.  Vince Breaux of Lafayette, an icon in the district’s field events, had the best shot put at 37-1 1/2 on a day when over-night rains left the weight areas muddy and not likely to inspire the seniors to great performances.

“I wanted to compete against Larry and Dan Ursery, especially at this meet,” Pace said. “We’ve been together at meets in Arkansas and Louisiana and they have always told me about the Bossier City meet. How it is well run and how it draws some really good competition. I wanted to see for myself.”

“We used to meet when we ran at Bossier High’s track six or seven years ago,” Smith remembered of facing Pace. “He was great back then but I could beat him. We’re both a little older now.”

Pace’s early athletics revolved around baseball. He was a centerfielder and because of his speed the Minnesota Twins drafted him. But a knee injury in 1960 was a third strike for the baseball career. In fact it took three surgeries to get the knee back to where he could even dream of athletics in his future. “The doctors told me I would always walk with a limp,” he recalls. So his running became therapy and over time it has made him a formidable foe in masters and senior track.

In other results Saturday, Ken Prude smashed two age group marks during the morning at Airline High School track. Prude, 59, eclipsed his own mark in the 400 with a time of a minute and one second. The old mark was 1:06.2 by Wayne Roper in 2006. Prude ran 2:24 in the 800 meters, 13 seconds better than he clocked in 2012.

There were six previous winners of the Lanier award in this year’s field–Bob Sutton (2014), Randy Schramm(2013), Prude (2012), Breaux (2010), Dan Ursery (2008), and Smith (2007). Rules state if you win the award, you are out of that competition in the future. Other winners include Joe Cordill (2002), Roper (2003), Dickie Morgan (2004), Randy Nelson (2005), Pam Elder (2007), Mike Cox (2009) and  Janneth Merriman (2011).



FEMALE: 60-64: Amy Holmes OD 23-3 Gold. 73-78: Barbara Wheeler OD 15-0 1/4 Gold. Mildred Reeves OD 13-6 1/2 Silver. Annette Burch OD 12-6 Bronze. 80-85: Dorothy Young OD 13-6 1/2 Gold. 86-plus: Maxine Thomas OD 8-3 1/2 Gold. Male: 70-77: Vince Breaux OD 37-1 1/2 Gold. Charles Jolley 30-2 3/4 Gold. Robert Gatti 28-6 Silver. Julius Cassels 27-2 3/4 Bronze. 63-67: Matt Pace OD 31-3 1/4 Gold. Nolt Menard 27-4 3/4 Gold. Dan Ursery 25-4 Silver.


FEMALE: 60-64: Amy Holmes  OD 60-2 Gold. 70-74: Mildred Reeves OD 20-11 Gold. 80-84: Dorothy Young 23-10 Gold. MALE–70-74: Vince Breaux OD 102-8 Gold. Robert Gatti 79-0 Gold. 65-69: Herb Stein OD 91-2 Gold.


FEMALE: 60-64: Amy Holmes OD 60-8 Gold. 69-73: Mildred Reeves OD 31-1 1/2 Gold: Annett Burch OD 27-3 Silver. Rose Jackson OD 16-5 Bronze. 75-78: Barbara Wheeler OD 33-10 Gold. 80-84: Dorothy Young OD Gold. 85-plus: Maxine Thomas OD 6-5. MALE: 65-69: Nolt Menard 94-7 Gold. Herb Stein OD 73-8 1/2 Silver. Dan Ursery 54-8 Silver.


FEMALE: 73-81: Dorothy Young OD 19.14 Gold. Annette Buirch OD 19.15. Silver. Maxine Thomas 22.93 Bronze. MALE: 49-52: Randy Schramm 7.19 Gold. Doug Skelton  8.74 Silver. 60-64: Matt Pace OD 6.94 Gold. 65-69: Larry Smith 6.97 Gold. Dan Ursery 7.56 Silver. Nolt Menard 8.86 Bronze. 70-75: Pete Clarke 7.94 Gold. Bob Sutton  8.38 Silver. Duane Chilton 8:56 Bronze. 80-plus: Wayne Hanson 10.30 Gold.


MALE: 49-52: Randy Schramm 13.91 Gold. Doug Skelton 14.72 Silver. 60-64: Matt Pace OD 13.19 Gold. Tim Mitchell 15.08 Silver. 65-69: Larry Smith 13.25 Gold. Mike Loyd 14.16 Silver. Dan Ursery 15.11 Bronze. 70-74: Pete Clarke 14.50 Gold. Bob Sutton 16.70 Silver. Duane Chilton 176.78 Bronze. 81-plus: Wayne Hanson 31.52 Gold.


FEMALE: 50-61: Amy Holmes OD 38.81 Gold. Jenny Hackman 44.34 Silver. MALE: 49-52: Randy Schramm Gold. Doug Skelton Silver (times unavailable). 60-65: Matt Pace 27.05 Gold. Ken Endres 32.84 Silver. Nolt Menard (time unavailable). 66-69: Larry Smith Gold. Mike Loyd Silver. Dan Ursery Bronze (times unavailable).  70-74: Pete  Clarke 30.25 Gold. Bob Sutton 37.16 Silver. Duane Chilton 39.36 Bronze.


FEMALE: 50-61: Amy Holmes OD 1 minute 38 seconds, Gold. Jenny Hackman 1:45 Silver. MALE: 49-52: Doug Skelton 1:14 Gold. Randy Schramm 1:22 Silver. 55-59: Ken Prude 1:01 Gold. 60-65: Ken Endres OD 1:28 Gold. Nolt Menard 1:30 Silver. 70-74: Pete Clarke 1:15 Gold. Julius Cassels 1:49 Silver. 80-plus: Ray Nelson 2:12 Gold.


FEMALE: 50-61: Jenny Hackman 3:54 Gold. Amy Holmes 4:45 Silver. MALE:  49-54: Floyd Galiano 2:45 Gold. Doug Skelton  2:47 Silver. Randy Schramm 2:49 Bronze. 55-59: Ken Prude 2:34 Gold. 65-69: Nolt Menard 3:10 Gold. 80-plus: Ray Nelson 5:16 Gold.


FEMALE: 50-54: Jenny Hackman 7:36 Gold. MALE: 49-52: Floyd Galiano 5:49 Gold. Doug Skelton 6:21 Silver. Randy Schramm 6:54 Bronze.

May 17, 2015

Pruett-Fletcher, Morse-Patton Top Bowling Doubles

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Rachel Preuett and Red Fletcher combined for a 1,071 series to pace the women and J.R. Morse and George Patton posted a 1,204 series to lead the men in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Bowling Doubles at All-Star Lanes Friday (May 15).

Pruett’s 211 game and 510 series paced her team as the duo jumped into the lead of the of the 65-69 age bracket from the onset. She also had games of 164 and 135. Fletcher had games of 183-169-155 for a 507 series. Gayle Pierce, paired with Joann Smith in the women’s 50-59 age group, had the top series of the day at 548.

Morse and Patton started slowly with Morse rolling a 165 game and Patton reaching 160. But Patton climbed to 254 (high game of the day) and 206 in his second and third games for the day’s best  620 series while Morse rolled games of 202  and 214 to claim Gold in the men’s 65-69 age group.


FEMALE –(Ages 50-59): Gayle Pearce-Joann Smith 972 Gold. Robin Rothenberger-Rose Mary Crawford 913 Silver. 60-64: Paula Hadwin-Lajuana Shirley 911 Gold. Cathie Etheridge-Johnette Malone 794 Silver. 65-69: Rachel Preuett-Red Fletcher 1,017 Gold. Elaine Ingersoll-Beth Broner 919 Silver. Brenda Barber-Geneva Strain 859. Bronze. 70-plus: Bettye Tullis-Kay Staples 822 Gold. Gwen Jordan-Betty Hustead 813 Silver. Shirley Faulk-Jean Brown 705 Bronze.

MALE–(Ages 55-64): Bill Laurenson-Bob McCollum 1,168 Gold. Curt Drayden-William Alexander 1,111 Silver.  65-69: J.R. Morse-George Patton 1,204 Gold. Larry Hadwin-Fred Walters 1,195 Silver. Jimmy Harris-Ed Briggs 886 Bronze. 70-74: Robert Washington-Richard Rice 1,184 Gold. Mike Berry-Don Preuett 1,172 Silver. Rau Smith-Geore Levesque 971 Bronze. 80-plus: Jim Draper-Gary Price 1,060 Gold. Ernest Good-dick Hainey 955 Silver.

May 13, 2015

Sometimes Last Shall Be First in Shuffleboard

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003.JPG 007.JPG Jeri Lancaster sends a disc as Jacque Walls looks on during shuffleboard in left photo. At right, Ted Hardan shoots as Chuck Lancaster looks on (click photos to enlarge).

It’s the equivalent of the “walkoff” home run, the buzzer-beating goal in basketball or the last-quarter rally in football. That’s how some describe the strategy  in shuffleboard.

Chuck Lancaster spoke about strategy during the NW La. District shuffleboard competition Tuesday (May 10) at Bellaire Fitness Center, shortly after he had felt the sting of a loss on the last shot of his match with Ted Hardan for the men’s 75-79 Gold Medal.

“We learned that a few years ago in the state (LSOG) competition in Baton Rouge. Down there, players would not go out playing offense (shooting to build score) all the way, but would wait until they had the advantage of the last shot of an inning when their opponent had  delivered the last of his four discs.” The rules call for each contestant to have four discs per inning and with each inning players alternating who goes first in a one-black-one-yellow sequence or vice versa. Lancaster had just come away from a gut-renching loss to Hardan in which the last shot was the decider.

Lancaster and Hardan split two matches in the best-of-three format. In the final match, Lancaster reached the final effort of the match with a chance to win. But his shot knocked his opponent’s disc out of a seven area (that’s good) but continued into the “kitchen” (that’s bad). Score for a disc in the “kitchen” is a minus 10. “I felt I had him beat until that happened,” Lancaster said.

“It’s the first time I’ve played shuffleboard,” said Hardan. ‘ So I really didn’t have a strategy,” he said. “I know now it takes skill to play the game, but you have to have your share of luck too. It helps when your foe makes a mistake.”

Ted’s son Art, listening to his father’s ideas about the game, added the best advise he could come up with about being successful: “Stay out of the kitchen,” he chortled as he headed for his automobile.

The Hardans came away with a Gold Medal each as Art defeated Gary Depanion in the title match of the division for men 50-54.

The Lancaster family didn’t go away empty-handed. Jeri claimed the gold medallion in women’s 75-79. When our cameras passed one of her matches, she misfired on a shot, sending it off the mat, leaving her with a smile at her misfortune She recovered to post a 4-0 record for the day, beating out Red Fletcher (3-1) for gold. Barbara Wheeler took bronze.


Female–(Ages 55-69): Donna Cole Gold. Theresa Lambert Silver. Betty Dark Bronze. 70-74: Ginny Bates Gold. Annette Burch Silver. Sherrie Vullo Bronze. 75-79: Jeri Lancaster Gold. Red Fletcher Silver. Barbara Wheeler Bronze. 80-84: Jackie Conner Gold. Marie Fitzgerald Silver. Delores Gentry Bronze. 85-89: Maxine Thomas Gold. Phyllis Page Silver. Betsy Wainwright Bronze.

Male–(Ages 50-54): Art Hardan Gold. Gary Depanion Silver. 65-74: Dennis Bamburg Gold. Lionel Brangham Silver. Ronny Comstock Bronze. 75-79: Ted Hardan Gold. Chuck Lancaster Silver. 80-84: Dick Hainey Gold. Les Brosett Silver. Gary Price Bronze.

May 10, 2015

Cole, Vullo Climb to Top in Ladders Golf

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Donna Cole and Sherrie Vullo, both late entries, captured Gold Medals Saturday (May 9) as contestants beat the weather in the NW District Ladders Golf competition at Bossier Knights of Columbus Hall.

Cole battled her way through the largest field, women ages 55-69 to claim her gold medallion. Second in her pool to Betty Smith, she came back top outdistance Smith in the finals. Smith settled for silver and Linda Brangham claimed the Bronze Medal.

Vullo signed up in the morning of play and was perfect in four matches to claim the 74-79 age bracket for women. Retta Mathews finished with a Silver Medal and Jacque Wall won the Bronze Medal.

Other Gold Medal winners were Jackie Conner in women’s play and Lionel Brangham, James Rossum and Garyn Price among the men.

While Bossier City was under intermittent showers most of the morning, there were few delays due to weather at the KC Hall grounds.


Female–(Ages 55-69): Donna Cole Gold. Betty Smith Silver. Linda Brangham Bronze.70-79: Sherrie Vullo Gold. Retta Mathews Silver. Jacque Wall Bronze. 80-90-Plus: Jackie Conner Gold. Mary Price Silver. Delores Gentry Bronze.

Male–(Ages 65-69/70-74): Lionel Brangham Gold. Duane Chilton Silver.  75-79: James Russom Gold. Roger Shepherd Silver. Chuck Lancaster Bronze. 80-89: Gary Price Gold. Les Brosset Silver. Dick Hainey Bronze.

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