May 8, 2015

Dominoes Surges in Mind Games

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Dominos experienced a huge gain among the NW La. District games that focused on the mind: chess, cards and dominos.

With the shift in scene from Bossier Council on Aging to the Northwest Louisiana Veterans Home on Arthur Ray Teague Parkway this year, dominos attendance went from two to 18 entrants, according to Jackie Conner, who conducted the matches.

The age brackets went from 50 to 99 years among the males and 70-84 to cover the females in dominos. Curtis Drayden, Leon Green, William Helman and Prentice Darnell won age bracket gold medals while Marvalyn Jones was the female winning the golden medallion.

Two familiar faces, Nelson Bailey and Bob Taylor, were best in their age brackets in chess, played at Randle T. Moore Senior Center in Shreveport. Taylor and Jeri Lancaster were tops in the card game Phase 10 and Conner and Dorothy Depanion swept the gold in Skipbo in play hosted by Bossier Council on Aging.



Female –(Ages 70-84): Marvalyn Jones Gold. Doris Depanion Silver. Rose Black Bronze. Male–(Ages 50-66): Curtis Drayden Gold. Gary Depanion Silver. Mose Kirkendall Bronze.  85-89: Leon Green Gold. Donny Hester Silver. Clifton Wells Jr. Bronze. 90-94: William Helman Gold. Oddis Whittington Silver. 95-99: Prentice Dornell Gold. Olen Wise Silver. Doubles: Oddis Whittington-Olen Wise Gold. Curtis Drayden-Gary Depanion Silver. Jackie Conner-Dorothy Depanion Bronze.


Ages 60-69: Nelson Bailey Gold. Jimmy Harris Silver. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold. Robert Stackman Silver. Ronnie Bosco Bronze.


Ages 60-75: Bob Taylor Gold. Ruby Thomas Silver. Carol Estrada Bronze. 75-84: Jeri Lancaster Gold. Jacque Wall Silver. Bette Turner Bronze.


Jackie Conner-Dorothy Depanion Gold.  Rose Black-Mose Kirkendall Silver. Doyle Blasingame-Gary Prie Bronze.

It’s an Old Tune in Mini Golf

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1a15mini golf 036.JPG All smiles from top finishers Linda Bragham (left) and Harold Harvill in Miniature Golf at Party Central in Bossier City (click photo to enlarge)

In the aftermath of the NW La. District Miniature Golf competition Thursday (May 7), Steve Pinkley laughed and pointed to Harold Harvill, saying, “The only reason I play this is to beat him!”

Sorry Steve. You’ll have to try again next year. Harvill played the back nine at the Party Central course in Bossier City in two under par and finished with a one-over par 37, clear of Pinkley and the field by five shots. Pinkley’s 42 was a shot better than Mike Czerniecki in the overall scoring with  Jerry Warren in next at 45. Linda Bragham had a score of 48 to lead all women in the overall standings.

Bragham, who won silver in her age bracket last year, claimed a gold medallion in the 65-69 age bracket this year.

Pinkley had the consolation of winning gold in his 65-69 age bracket while Czerniecki improved his 2014 score by 19 strokes to nab a Silver Medal in the age grouping. Harvill was 10 strokes up on Leon Darden in the race for the 70-74 age group gold.

Warren, Gary Price, Kay Aldrich. Red Fletcher and Mary Price won gold in their age brackets.

Despite his dominance over the field, Harvill is a favorite among the Senior Olympics mini golfers, encouraging his foes, seemingly happy at their successes and accepting their good natured kidding. “He’s like a pro. I don’t know why we let him play among us amateurs,” needled Doyle Blasingame.  Doyle’s words rang with truth. In the 1960-70s, Shreveport was in the middle of the miniature golf boom that swept the country and Harvill was a ranked player nationally, playing in the course location at the corner of Jewella and Greenwood roads. That course is gone now, and somewhere someone probably is remembering the old song: “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”


Female–(Ages 65-69): Linda Bragham 48 Gold. Ginny Boyd 57 Silver. Teresa Lambert 62 Bronze. Ruby Thomas 64, Betty Smith 69, Linda Comstock 78. 70-74: Kay Aldrich 55 Gold on tiebreaker. Marilyn Hainey 55 Silver. Jo Ann Blasingame 56 Bronze. Carol Estrada 60, Diane Stone 62, Mardie Brosset 70. 75-79: Red Fletcher 54 Gold. Doris Carter 60 Silver. Retta Mathews 69 Bronze. 80-91: Mary Price 54 Gold. Betty Holliday 59 Silver. Delores Gentry 67 Bronze.

Male–(Ages 65-69):   Steve Pinkley 42 Gold. Mike Czerniecki 43 Silver. Lionel Brangham 46 Bronze. Ronnie Comstock 55. 70-74: Harold Harvill 37 Gold.  Leon Darden 47 Silver. Robert Gatti 49 Bronze. Bob Taylor 57. 75-79: Jerry Warren 45 Gold. Jim Aldrich 51 Bronze. Doyle Blasingame 59 Bronze. Chuck Lancaster 63. 80-89: Gary Price 53 Gold. Les Brosset 57 Silver. Dick Hainey 62 Bronze.

Top 10 Women Overall: Linda Bragham 48, Mary Price 54, Red Fletcher 54,  Kay Aldrich 55, Marilyn Hainey 55, Jo Ann Blasingam 56, Ginny Boyd 57, Betty Holliday 59, Doris Carter 60, Carol Estrada 60.

Top 10 Men Overall: Harold Harvill 37, Steve Pinkley 42, Mike Czerniecki 43, Jerry Warren 45 Lionel Bragham 46, Leon Darden 47, Robert Gatti 49, Jiim Aldrich 51, Gary Price 53, Les Brosset 56.

May 6, 2015

Wheeler Claims a Repeat Gold in Horseshoes

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052.JPG030.JPG049.JPG Doug McDaniel (left) upended J.R. Morse (right) in Men’s Advanced 60-65 Horseshoes. Meanwhile, Dorothy Bodden congratulates Barbara Wheeler after finishing second to her in the Women’s Recreational 75-79 age bracket in NW District competition (click photos to enlarge)

Doug McDaniel upended J.R. Morse in the 65-69 age bracket for men in the NW La. District Horse Shoe competition, but Barbara Wheeler, Tom Koch, Paula Hadwin and Les Brosset repeated Gold Medal performances in other age brackets.

A large group of competitors cheered ringers and moaned near misses throughout the morning at the pits behind the Bossier Knights of Columbus Hall. McDaniel used a shorter 30-foot distance for his efforts that the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association (NHPA) okayed due to a knee injury he suffered. Morse, who won Gold a year ago, threw from the standard distance of 40 feet for the age group.

Hadwin repeated a stellar performance in Advanced Female 75-79. She ruled the 60-69 combined age bracket in 2014. Koch finished ahead of Gary Price for the second year in a row in the Advanced Male 80-84. Brosset won gold among Recreational Males 75-79. Wheeler, who won gold in the state competition in 2013,  claimed her second district gold medallion in Recreational Women 75-79, the division she dominated last year.


ADVANCED Female –(Ages 75-84): Paula Hadwin Gold. Mary  Price Silver. Retta Mathews Bronze. Male 65-69: Doug McDaniel Gold. J.R.Morse Silver. 80-84: Tom Koch Goid. Gary Price Silver.

RECREATIONAL Female–(Ages 65-69): Teresa Lambert Gold. Peggy Tatum Silver. Betty Smith Bronze. 70-74: Mildred Reeves Gold. Annette Burch Silver. Sherrie Vullo Bronze.  75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold. Dorothy Bodden Silver. Joann Lonadier Bronze.  80-89: Dorothy Yioung Gold. Barbara Nolan Silver. Delores Gentry Bronze. Male–50-69: Art Hardan Gold. Mike Czerniecki Silver. Ronny Comstock Bronze. 70-74: Duane Chilton Gold. 75-89: Les Brosset Gold. Ted Hardan Silver. Dave Bodden Bronze.

May 4, 2015

Doug McDaniel Walks off with Washer Pitch Gold

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012.JPG Doug McDaniel puts a little body English on a washer pitch as opponent Lionel Bragham (right) and James Rossum look on (click picture to enlarge)

Talk about saving the best for last, Doug McDaniel did that as if it were scripted during the NW La. District Washer Pitch competition Monday (May 4) at Bellaire Fitness Center.

Into the final inning of his match with Lionel Brangham the score was knotted at 19 apiece, despite McDaniel putting three ringers into the cup during the early innings. Brangham was up first in the last inning and made two throws good enough to gain an edge and it looked bright for him after McDaniel’s first three throws did little to threaten Brangham’s point total.

Then on his final throw of the match, McDaniel dropped Perfect Shot Number Four in the cup. No bouncing in. No sliding in. Just perfectly into the cup without hitting anything but the bottom. That shot was good as gold. In fact it won McDaniel a Gold Medal in male’s 60-69 age bracket with Brangham, smiling at the way he lost, congratulating the winner and settling for silver.

The Washer Pitch field was one of the most spirited of the sports carnival for seniors this year and it provided some keen competition as the contestants really seemed to enjoy the activity. But for Barbara Nolan there was some disappointment. “I really love the camaraderie and being with new people,” she said when asked what it is that makes the game popular. Pressed, she said she liked it because it brought her back to her childhood in the little community of Crossroads, outside Farmerville.

She had two sisters and three brothers and their father decided to provide an inexpensive pastime to occupy them. “He dug a hole in the backyard and gave us some old washers and we played this game all the time as kids,” she said. That training has helped her sister, Mary Miller, win Gold Medals in three straight district Senior Olympics. Mary was under the weather this year and, sadly, all the early learning didn’t help Barbara in her quest for a medal. She finished outside the medals in women’s 80-84 age bracket, won by Jackie Conner with Patsy Reeves and Dorothy Young rounding out the medalists.

Conner, Barbara Wheeler, Bob Taylor and Les Brosset repeated age group victories for the second straight year.


FEMALE – (Ages 55-64): Donna Cole Gold. Paula Hadwin Silver. Lillian Trammel Bronze. 65-69: Betty Dark Gold. Betty Smith Silver. Peggy Tatum Bronze. 70-74: Mildred Reeves Gold. Marie Panquin Silver. Cindy Casum Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold. Rita Holloway Silver. Sallie Vaughn Bronze. 80-84: Jackie Conner Gold. Patsy Reeves Silver. Dorothy Young Bronze. 85-90: Ivy Thomas Gold. Maxine Thomas Silver.

MALE–(Ages 50-54): Art Hardan Gold. Gary Depanion Silver. 60-69: Doug McDaniel Gold. Lionel Brangham Silver. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold. David Reeder Silver. Duane Chilton Bronze. 75-79: James Russon Gold. Ted Hardan Silver. 81-89: Les Brosset Gold. Dick Hainey Silver. Bob Bell Bronze.

May 3, 2015

Hemphill Leads Field in Archery

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089.JPG Here’s the cast of characters as Archery drew entries from Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas (click photo to enlarge). 

Kenneth Hemphill of Bossier City posted the best score of the day, 879 of a possible 900, in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Archery competition at Red River Bowmen Range Saturday (May 2).

Hemphill won the Gold Medal in Male Compound Release for ages 50-54. He outdistanced Mark Primos (861/900) and Michael Hoskins (851/900) in the age group. The field of 16 archers shot 30 times each from 60, 50 and 40 yards.  Several newcomers to the competition said they enjoyed the change.

“I’ve been shooting 3D targets,” said Lori Hornback, a Californian now living in Haughton. “I was a little apprehensive about the distance, but I really liked it.” The lone female in the field, she posted an 833 in compound release with 10 bulls-eyes.

Hemphill led males with 42 bulls-eyes.

Another shooter making his first appearance in competition, Timothy Wachtel in male barebow recurve, said he enjoyed himself as time went on. “I was worried about having the  ‘first time’ jitters when I started. But that wore off rather quickly and I enjoyed myself. Everyone was real supportive. I’m grateful to the Senior Olympics for putting this on.” Wachtel had an experience many high-handicap golfers have.  He had a bulls-eye on his final shot of the day, similar to a par on the final hole. “It makes me want to come back,” he said. Wachtel outscored Jim Metzger, 363 to 261 in the category that does not use aiming devices.

Another entrant, Steve McManus of Texarkana, is using archery as a form of rehabilitation. “I’ve been shooting for 10 weeks now,” he said. “The doctors said I had to do something for exercise. I’ve been disabled since I was 50 years old, using oxygen and fighting diabetes.” The 64-year-old now shoots every day at his home, learning with the help of Archery Outfitters in Texarkana. He says he doesn’t need oxygen any more and has fewer problems with diabetes. And he says his wife is learning to shoot with the help of Archery Outfitters also.

McManus says he had to practice for the 60-yard distance and did so by opening two doors in his house, standing across the street from his house and shooting through them  to the target in his back yard to become familiar with the long shot.

Kenneth Perry, who was president of the Red River Bowmen’s Club in the 1970s, returned to the range Saturday from Austin, TX. He won gold in the 70-74 age bracket in compound release. He scored an 847 with 15 bulls-eyes. The range has undergone many changes since last he was on the grounds, he said.

While Wachtel thanked the Senior Olympics, the organization has to thank Emma Gene Brown of RRBC for bringing in the contestants and conducting a smooth competition again. “We really rely on her,” said Doyle Blasingame, coordinator of the NW district games.


Females: Compound Release–Lori Hornback 833 Gold.

Males: Barebow Recurve Ages 55-59: Timothy Wachtel Gold 363. 70-74: Jim Metzger Gold 261. Compound Release Ages 50-54: Kenneth Hemphill Gold 879. Mark Primos Silver 861. Michael Hoskins Bronze 851. 55-59 : Billy Evans Gold 865. Steve Malone Silver 844. 60-64: Gary Cain Gold, 864. Brian Cobb Silver 816. Steve McManus Bronze 705. 4th Gerald Messina 462. 65-69: Phillip Thompson Gold, 868. 70-74: Kenneth Perry, Gold 847. Robert Taylor Silver, 788. 80-84: Bill Brown, Gold 815.

It Was a Good Year for Marksmanship

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pistols.jpghey2.jpg Dan Saxon (3rd from left in left photo) once again was the top pistoler in the NW La. District Olympics marksmanship competition. Jackie Conner (left) made medal presentations to Les Brosett and Gary Panzer and Linda Brangham and Mike Berry (click photos to enlarge)

Dan Saxon, who makes a habit of winning Gold Medals in the pistol division, did it again in the district marksmanship competition at Shooters USA April 30.

Meanwhile, the husband-wife team of Linda and Lionel Brangham made a successful debut in the competition. As the lone female, Linda pocketed gold in pistol. And Lionel won the 65-75 bracket golds in pistol and rifle.  He outshot Joe Dernovish (silver) in rifle and Mike Berry (silver) and Dernovish (bronze) in pistols.

Saxon bested Les Brosett (silver) and Gary Panzar (bronze) in 79-81 ages. Panzar got revenge in the rifle competition, winning gold while Brosett settled for silver.

“With the new faces we can look forward to the future in marksmanship,” said Jackie Conner, who onducted the competition.

May 1, 2015

Table Tennis: The Few, The Proud . . .

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20150430_181728_resized.jpg Bob Taylor (left) returned to capture gold medal over Art Hardan (right)

After a year away, Bob Taylor returned to table tennis, one of the sports he helped get into the NW La. District Senior Olympics. And he did so with a Gold Medal performance.

Taylor beat Art Hardan, winning a best-of-five showdown, 3-0.

After the match, Taylor had a good word for Hardan, a newcomer to table tennis. “He’s a competitor,” Taylor said, noting Hardan came back in the first game to get to 10-9 before losing.

Only four players entered and one pulled out before competition began. Hardan smashed Gerry Robichaux 3-0 to reach the medal matchup.

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