May 4, 2016


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DSC_1054.JPGDSC_1063.JPG Nelson Bailey (left) ponders a move while Bob Taylor (right) makes his first move in the District Chess competition.

The game of chess has a thousand moves, but there was little movement among winners in the 2016 Northwest District results over what happened in 2015.

Nelson Bailey, the top ranked player in the event, won the Gold Medal in the 60-64 age bracket while Bob Taylor won the 70-74 age bracket just as he did a year ago. And the year before that and the year before that and ...

It's almost always the Nelson and Bob Show in chess in our district.

"Bailey has a ranking in the top 1,400 players in the country," said Taylor, who ranks among the top 1,600. When they meet up in the round robin event, Nelson and Bob usually battle to a draw. So it was Wednesday and Nelson claimed his age bracket. Taylor outdistanced Bob Sutton, winner of the Jesse Lanier Memorial Track Award two years ago, and Robert Stockman who shared the Silver Medal in the age grouping.

Taylor's toughest struggle in his age grouping may have come against Stockman. They played a two-hour match before Taylor finally pinned Stockman's king in a corner.

"Matches usually divide themselves into three phases, beginning, middle and end play," Taylor said. "I made so many mistakes I was in trouble early," he said. But he relied on an aggressive, attacking plan to gain the advantage in the middle portion.

Taylor was asked about the many strategies named after players and series of moves. "There are series of moves that have become famous throughout the ages. All kinds of names that you can find in the myriad books on the game," he said. "There are guys who read all the books to learn them all. I call them chessnuts," he said, smiling.

"I like the game because I love competition. Figuring things out. You get yourself in a fix and you try to think your way out," he said.


Ages 60-64: Nelson Bailey Gold. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold. Bob Sutton Silver. Bob Stockman Silver.

May 3, 2016


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Bob Taylor, Paula Hadwin, Barbara Wheeler and Jackie Conner tossed their names back in the ring of gold during the Northwest District Washer Pitch contest Monday.

And for James Russom it was a day to celebrate a turnaround. Rossun edged Bill Snow, the 2015 winner, to take the gold in the 75-79 men’s bracket.

Taylor repeated his Gold Medal performance of 2015 in the men’s 70-74 bracket. Hadwin won the women’s 65-69 division. Barbara Wheeler claimed the women’s 75-79 bracket and Conner graduated to the 85-plus women’s bracket to nab another gold medallion.

Female Ages 55-59: Donna Cole Gold. Shelly Quarls Silver. Sheila Hunter Bronze. 60-64: Barbara Jones Gold. Linda Jones Silver. Bronze not awarded. 65-69: Paula Hadwin Gold. Lillian Trammel Silver. Linda Brangham Bronze. 70-74: Annette Birch Gold. Rosie Young Silver. Willie May Joyner Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold. Atlean Snow Silver. Red Fletcher Bronze. 80-84: Marie Fitzgerald Gold. Jo Jernigan Silver. Dot Young, Bronze. 85-plus: Jackie Conner Gold. Lorece Tettleton Silver. Maxine Thomas Bronze.

Male Ages 55-64: Tony Cole Gold. Bobby Bearden Silver. No Bronze awarded. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold. Leslie Biggs Silver. Duane Chilton Bronze. 75-79: James Rossum Gold. Bill Snow Silver. Doyle Blasingame Bronze. 80-89: Gary Price Gold. Dick Hainey Silver. Les Brosset Bronze.

May 1, 2016


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Two events which fell victim to recent rain storms have been rescheduled in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics.

Horse Shoes will be held Saturday, May 28, at Bossier Knights of Columbus Hall. Recreational division will start at 8 a.m. and advanced division will begin at 9 a.m.

The Chip and Putt competition will be held Sunday, May 29, at The Practice Tee at the intersection of Benton Road and I-220. Chipping competition is set to start at 2 p.m. with putting competition to follow.

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