April 30, 2018


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Wayne Bamburg, who earlier in the NW La. District Senior Olympics captured a Gold Medal in the discus throw, was on target in washer pitch, winning another Gold Medal Monday (April 30) in Washer Pitch at Bellaire Fitness Center.

Bamburg finished ahead of Bobby Bearden and Johnny Lonadier in the medal race for competitors between the ages of 50 and 69.

Washer Pitch is a bracketed event, meaning many age groups were decided in face-to-face competition. Players score points by tossing a washer, used in ordinary mechanical work, into a cup three inches in diameter and 18 feet away. First player to score 11 points wins a match.

In the oldest age brackets, Jackie Conner won gold for the females and Robert Bates struck gold for the men.

Female: 55-64–Sheila Hunter Gold. Shelly Quarles Silver. 65-69–Paula Hadwin Gold. Lillian Trammel Silver. Betty Smith Bronze. 70-74–Peggy Chilton Gold. Rita Bates Silver. Linda Brangham Bronze. 75-79–Pat Bearden Gold. Glynda Brown Silver. Virginia Jones Bronze. 80-84–Barbara Wheeler Gold. Atlean Snow Silver. Sally Vaughn Bronze. 85-89–Jackie Conner Gold. Dot Barnett Silver. Maxine Thomas Bronze. Male: 50-69–Wayne Bamburg Gold. Bobby Bearden Silver. Johnny Lonadier Bronze. 75-79–Bob Taylor Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. 80-84–George Jernigan Gold. Bill Snow Silver. James Russom Bronze. 85+–Robert Bates Gold. Dick Hainey Silver.

April 27, 2018


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Five of the headliner events on the NW La. District Senior Olympics schedule are dead ahead Monday through Saturday, April 30-May 5.

WASHER PITCH is set for 9 a.m. Monday, April 30, at Bellaire Fitness Center, 4330 Panther Drive in Bossier City.

Seniors will take the starting line Wednesday, May 2, for the RECREATIONAL AND 5K WALK at 9 a.m. in Brownlee Park off Brownlee Road in Bossier City.

Bettye Virginia Park, 3800 Line Avenue in Shreveport, is the scene of BOCCE BALL competition beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday, May 3.

HORSESHOE competition is on tap Friday, May 4, at Knights of Columbus Hall, 5400 East Texas in Bossier City. The recreational division starts at 8 a.m. and the advanced division begins at 9 a.m.

ARCHERY rounds out the week, beginning at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 5, at Red River Archery Range, 4099 Radcliff Road in Shreveport.

It’s a busy week and late entries will be accepted at the discretion of event coordinators.



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WARNING: Don’t mess around with Linda and Lionel Brangham.

That’s the takeaway from the NW La. District Senior Olympics marksmanship competition held Thursday (April 26) at Shooters USA range. Linda won the Gold Medal for women pistol shooters ages 70-74 and Lionel matched that in the men’s ages 70-74 division. Then Lionel stuck around to pick up a Gold Medal in rifle shooting.

Linda scored a 168 of 300 points and Lionel 182 of 300 in the pistol competition.

Dan Saxon again proved the best pistol marksman among th older shooters, capturing a Gold Medal in the men’s 75-85 age group with a 187 score. “Dan wins every time he shows up,” remarked one observer.

Pistol Results

Female: Ages 70-74–Linda Brangham Gold. Velma Johnson Silver. Ages 75-79–Betty Cooley Gold. Gail Thompson Silver. Male: Ages 70-74–Lionel Brangham Gold. Ernie Chmielewski Silver. Wayne Bamburg Bronze. Ages 75-85–Dan Saxon Gold. Mike Berry Silver. Don Floyd Bronze.

Rifle Results
Female: Velma Johnson Gold. Male: Lionel Brangham Gold. Don Floyd Silver. Wayne Bamburg Bronze.

April 26, 2018


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Bob Taylor may have to move things around in his trophy cabinet to accommodate all the medals he’s won in the NW La. District Senior Olympics.

Wednesday (April 25), the veteran Senior Olympics competitor made all the right moves in capturing a Gold Medal for men ages 70-78 in the District chess championship at Bossier Council on Aging.

Bob was joined by Trey Taylor, his son, at the Gold Medal level. Trey won the 50-55 age bracket Gold ahead of Robert Batten.

Matt Alexander won Gold, Rick Rickenbach Silver and Dr. Nick Pariskh Bronze for ages 63-68.

Ages 50-55–Trey Taylor Gold. Robert Batten Silver. Ages 63-68 Matt Alexander, Gold. Rick Rickenbach Silver and Dr. Nic Parikh Bronze. Ages 70-78–Bob Taylor Gold. Robert Stockman Silver.


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Richard Beall won a Gold Medal in men’s 67-75 age bracket during pool competition in the 2018 NW La. District Senior Olympics.

Meanwhile, Monte Brown, old regular Bob Taylor and Fred Walters each were awarded Gold Medals in the men’s 75-79 age bracket in a rare tie. Vickie Mericle, Velma Johnson and Teresa Lambert dominated the women’s competition.

Pool players met at Bill Cockrell Community Center after years of play being staged at Randall T. Moore Center. Remodelling of the Moore Center forced the move. This year’s competition drew a dozen entries.

Female:65-69–Vickie Mericle Gold. Betty Smith Silver. 70-74–Velma Johnson Gold. Ruby Thomas Silver. 75-84–Teresa Lambert Gold. Marsha Brown Silver. Delores Gentry Bronze. Male: 67-75–Richard Beall Gold. Harris Pullig Silver. 75-79–Monty Brown, Bob Taylor and Fred Walters each won Gold Medals in a three-way tie.


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Dawn Manning, who won a Gold Medal in 2017, and Dale Higginbotham, who returned to competition after several years absence, won age divisions in Northwest La. District Senior Olympics table tennis at Bossier Recreation Department April 19.

Manning beat Vickie Mericle for the gold in the women’s 55-59 age group foe the top medallion. .

Higginbotham received a Gold Medal for out-of-district entries in the men’s 75-79 age bracket. In a showdown with perennial leader Bob Taylor, Higginbotham prevailed. Taylor was awarded the Gold Medal for in-district entrants.

Female: 55-69–Dawn Manning Gold. Vickie Mericle Silver. 70-74–Marsha Brown Gold. Velma Johnson Silver. 75-79–Glynda Brown Gold. Male: 50-54–Gene Strogen Gold. 75-79–Dale Higginbotham Gold (OD). Bob Taylor Gold. Monty Brown Silver.

April 21, 2018


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Liz Sharp, Jenny Hackman and Velma Johnson epitomized the saying that a women’s work that is never done at the NW La. District Senior Olympics track and field championship Saturday (April 21).

Sharp, from Monroe, brought her own implements to the field events and had impressive marks in the discus (60 feet, 7 1/2 inches) shot put (27 feet, one inch) and javelin (64 feet, nine inches). Each figure betters the winning effort for her age at the 2017 LSOG championship.

Hackman, who had three top 10 finishes in the 2017 National Senior Games in Birmingham during the summer, earned district medals in the 200 meters (49.20), 400 meters (1:54.81), 800 meters (4:00.8)and 1,500 meters (7:58.0). In the 800 and 1,500, she was the lone runner on the track, male or female. But she plowed on anyway.

Johnson bounced around, taking part in the three field events and the 50 and 100 meter runs.

As expected, Larry Smith stood out in the running events on the male side, posting best times regardless of age in the 50 and 100 meter runs. In the 200, Ken Prude, nine years younger than the 71-year old Smith, had a best of 29:46 to 30.08.

Gene Strogen stood out in the men’s field events posting overall bests in the discus (98-2) and shot put (36-6).

Veteran track and field coach Frank Trammel conducted a fast-moving event in his first effort at the helm of the district meet.

Female: Liz Sharp (71) 60-7 1/2 Gold. Velma Johnson (70) 38-3 Silver. Betty Smith (69) 26-10 Bronze. Male: Gene Strogen (53) 98-2 Gold.Wayne Bamberg (68) 73-5 1/2 Gold. Dan Ursery (70) 62-4 Gold.
Female: Liz Sharp (71) 27-1 Gold. Velma Johnson (70) 21-0 Silver. Betty Smith (69) 17-4 1/2 Bronze. Male: Gene Strogen (53) 36-6 Gold. Wayne Bamberg (68) 31-8 Gold. Ken Endris (68) 22-8 Silver. Dan Ursery (70) 27-11 Gold. Charles Jolley (80) 28-4 1/2 Gold.
Female: Liz Sharp (71) 64-9 Gold. Velma Johnson (70) 42-3 Silver. Betty Smith (69) 29-11 Bronze. Male: Wayne Bamberg (68) 75-7 1/2 Gold.
Female: Velma Johnson (70) 09.00 Gold. Male: Mark Walker (55) 07:89 Gold. Tim Mitchell (64) 07:72 Gold. Gary Moore (66) 09:03 Silver. Larry Smith (71) 07:22 Gold. Dan Ursery (70) 07.72 Silver.
Female: Velma Johnson (70) 20:91 Gold. Male: Mark Walker (55) 22:09 Gold. Tim Mitchell (64) 29.31 Gold. Ken Endris (68) 16:63 Gold. Larry Smith (71) 14:33 Gold. Mike Loyd (70) 14:59 Silver. Dan Ursery (70) 15:14 Bronze. Robert Sutton (75) 18:12 Gold.
Female: Jenny Hackman (53) 49:20 Gold. Male: Mark Walker (55) 37:38 Gold. Ken Prude (62) 29:46 Gold. Ken Endris (68) 34:20 Gold. Larry Smith (71) 30:08 Gold. Dan Ursery (70) 32:21 Silver.
Female: Jenny Hackman (53) 1:54.81 Gold. Male: Mark Walker (55) 1:13.80 Gold. Ken Endris (68) 2:20.10 Gold.
Female: Jenny Hackman (53) 4:00.8. Gold.
1,500 METERS
Female: Jenny Hackman (53) 7:58. Gold.

April 16, 2018


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DSC_1293.JPGDSC_1267 (2).JPGTrack and field, table tennis and darts and accuracy throws will round out this week in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics.

Coach Frank Trammel will welcome senior athletes to Benton High School track Saturday (April 21) at 8:30 a.m. for running events and throws in the javelin, discus and shot put. This will be Trammel’s first attempt to guide the event. Last May the weather forced two rain delays and eventually cancelled the competition and the former nationally recognized distance runner and cross country coach is ready and anxious to go this time. First running event will be the 50 meter dash. The field events will begin at the same time.

Darts and accuracy throws will begin at 9 a.m. Saturday (April 21) at the Knights of Columbus Hall at 5400 East Texas in Bossier City.

On Thursday (April 19) table tennis competition will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Bossier Recreation Office at 3223 Old Minden Road in Bossier City.

There is still time to sign up for any of the events on the district calendar.


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The Young Guns and Roadrunnners I won 2018 Beanbag Baseball Gold Medals in NW District Senior Olympics play.

Captain Margie Bamburg saw her Young Guns replaced The Sometimers as champs. Roadrunners I was best among out-of-district teams. Mixed Nuts, captained by Duane Chilton, won the Silver Medal among district teams and Krewe of Elders won the Bronze Medal.

Dennis Bamburg, Dywane Pickett, Patricia Pickett, Andy Cory, Judy Cory, James Russom and Cindy Cason rounded out The Young Guns, a team with many Golds from previous years.

Chilton’s team included Emma Lambert, Deborah Powell, R.C. Tatum, Mary Jones, Diane Tyler, Peggy Chilton, Joann Lanadier, Johnny Lonadier and Gary Tyler.

Julia Collins captained the Krewe. Other members were Bill Still, A.J. Cascio, Sue Prudhomme, Liz Skyler, Richard Skyler, Patsy McGee, Lana Cross, Bill Wisby, Charles Citrano, Sylvia Mobley, Gerald Kent and Paula Tugwell.

Dot Young captained the Roadrunners and her roster incluced Fred Ford, Barbara Wheeler, Wilma Thrasher, Maxine Thomas, Sybil Calloway, Patsy Sellers, Patsy Reeves, Dorothy Richardson, Annette Burch, Mildred Reeves and Tiny Ward.

April 10, 2018


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DSC_14631.JPG>Gary Calligas flanked by Dick and Marilyn Hainey

Gary Calligas received the 2017 Torch Award at the opening ceremony of the 26th NW La. District Senior Olympics Tuesday (April 10).

The presentation of the coveted award, given in honor of the late Hazel Gay, highlighted the event, which returned to the Bossier Civic Center after 10 years in other locations. Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker welcomed the Senior Olympics back to the Civic Center to open Tuesday’s ceremony.

Others receiving awards for the 2017 year were Linda Comstock (Ken Howard’s Spirit Award), Ruby
Thomas and Lionel Brangham (Athletes of the Year), Velma Johnson (Most Valuable Player), Emma Gene Brown of Red River Bowmen Range (Volunteer of the Year) and Don Ashworth (Susan Berry Memorial Outstanding Golfer Award).

Denny Rogers, Managing Partner of Landers Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM, was named winner of the Distinguished Service Award for steadfast support of the district games for more than 10 years. April Babcock, Landers Customer Relations Supervisor, accepted the award for Rogers.

Calligas, the man behind The Best of Times magazine and The Best of Times radio program, has been a member of the district’s supervisory board for nearly 20 years. The Best of Times has conducted senior health fairs as part of district’s opening ceremonies during that span.

Senior Olympics activities resume on Thursday with Table Games competition at the Bossier Council on Aging on Bearkat Drive at 9 a.m.

AN ASIDE: While Mayor Walker was being introduced for his welcoming words to the seniors, it was noted that he is a veteran of the NW Louisiana District Senior Olympics. “He was a great third baseman for our slo-pitch softball team,” a former team member told the audience. The Mayor smiled at the recollection.

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