June 11, 2018


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Don Preuett and Gaila Clark got the District Senior Olympics Bowling event off to a flying start in 2018.

Preuett missed by one pin a 700 series to lead all male scorers in the singles competition at Holiday Lanes. Bowling in the 70-74 age bracket, he had stiff competition from Bubba Ogden (696). Steve McCarter in the 65-69 age bracket, posted the next highest series, a 680.

On the female side, Clark had the best of it with a 488 series. In that same 55-64 age bracket, Debbie Burch rolled the next best score of the day (484). Paula Hadwin was next in line with a 483 score.

Preuett and partner Mike Berry posted a 1209 score in doubles, but that was the second best overall score of the day behind Terry Quinn and Fred Walters who came in with a 1386. Gayle Pearce and Joann Smith were the best in women’s doubles with a 1020 score.

Pearce and Mike Thomas paced the entries in mixed doubles with a 1158 score with Walters and his partner Diane Jobe next in line with a 1146 mark.

Medal winners with scores are listed below.


Females: Ages 55-64–Gaila Clark 488 Gold. Debbie Burch 484 Silver. Melissa Rutherford 369 Bronze. Ages 65-69–Paula Hadwin 483 Gold. Cathie Etheredge 464 Silver. Charlotte Rogers 405 Bronze. Ages 70-74–Willie Mae Joiner 460 Gold. Becky Parker 444 Silver. Sally Moody 423 Bronze. Ages 75-79–Brenda Beck 479 Gold. Diane Smith 432 Silver. Ages 80-84–Bettye Tullis 447 Gold. Lajuana Shirley 444 Silver. Lily Fridenberg 373 Bronze. 85-plus–Betty Hustead 362 Gold. Lucille Godwin 346 Silver. Males: Ages 55-64–Greg Clark 436 Gold. Joel Montgomery 435 Silver. Robert Lachman 434 Bronze. Ages 65-69–Steve McCarter 680 Gold. William Alexander 589 Silver. J.R. Morse 580 Bronze. Ages 70-74–Bubba Ogden 696 Gold. Larry Hadwin 611 Silver. Bob McCollum 566 Bronze. Ages 75-79–Don Preuett 699 Gold. Fred Walters 624 Silver. Mike Berry 603 Bronze. Ages 80-84–Jim Draper 540 Gold. Dick Hainey 514 Silver. Gary Price Bronze 484.

Females: Ages 55-64–Gayle Pearce-Joann Smith 1020 Gold. Gaila Clark-Sally Moody 869 Silver. Ages 65-69–Linda DePaul-Diane Smith 892 Gold. Paula Hadwin-Lajuana Shirley 840 Silver. Mary Foisy-Lilly Fridenberg 794 Bronze. Ages 70-79–Marilyn Ellison-Kathy Mitchel 817 Gold. Janiet Lanclos-Shirley Faulk 692 Silver. Ages 80-plus–Jean Brown-Betty Hustead 858 Gold. Bettye Tullis-Lucille Godwin 638 Silver. Males: Ages 50-64–Terry Quinly-Fred Walters 1386 Gold. Joel Montgomery-Ray Smith 993 Silver. Greg Clark-John Clark 919 Bronze. Ages 65-69–Will Alexander-Curtis Drayden 1096 Gold. Steve McCarter-James Rogers 1041 Silver. J.R. Morse-Johnnie Taylor 1032 Bronze. Ages 70-74–Robert Washington-Richard Rice 1029 Gold. Larry Hadwin-Dick Hainey 1011 Silver. Ages 75-84–Mike Berry-Don Preuett 1209 Gold. Jim Draper-Gary Price 1076 Silver.

Mixed Doubles
Ages 55-59–Mike Thomas-Gayle Pearce 1158 Gold. Bill Laurenson-Joann Smith 1111 Silver. Joann Washington-Robert Washington 1061 Bronze. Ages 65-69–Diane Jobe-Fred Walters 1146 Gold. Larry Hadwin-Paula Hadwin 1113 Silver. Sandra Pelton-James Pelton 952 Bronze. Ages 70-74–Pat Ogden-Bubba Ogden 1008 Gold. Curtis Drayden-Glynda Johnson 943 Silver. Ages 75-79–Diane Smith-ray Smith 918 Gold. Richard Rice-Lajuana Shirley 884 Silver. Ages 80-plus–Red Fletcher-Jim Draper 926 Gold. Dick Hainey-Betty Hustead 842 Silver.

Scotch Doubles
Ages 50-59–Rhonda Ward-Deana Chesier 558 Gold. Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurenson 520 Silver. John Clark-Gaila Clark 474 Bronze. 60-64–Mike Foisy-Diane Jobe 545 Gold. Evelyn Ferrington-Janice Coulson 496 Silver. Judy Person-Van Bockhaus 383 Bronze. Ages 65-69–Mary Foisy-J.R. Morse 479 Gold. Paula Hadwin-Larry Hadwin 476 Silver. James Norfleet-Velma Johnson 458 Bronze. Ages 70-74–Elaine Ingersoll-Beth Broner 508 Gold. Curtis Drayden-Joann Smith 439 Silver. Robert Washington-Lajuana Shirley 409 Bronze. Ages 75-plus–Red Fletcher-Tim Draper 431 Gold. Diane Smith-Ray Smith 457 Silver. Mary Price-Gary Price 439 Bronze.

9-Pin No Tap
Female: Ages 60-64 Jan Brokhaus 461 Gold. Evelyn Farrington 459 Silver. Ages 65-69–Janice Coulson 558 Gold. Paula Hadwin 539 Silver. Sandra Coulson 481 Bronze. Ages 70-74–Elaine Ingersoll 609 Gold. Teresa Lambert 343 Silver. Ages 75-79–Beth Broner 686 Gold. Brenda Beck 592 Silver. Diane Smith 417 Bronze. 80-plus–Red Fletcher 485 Gold. Lajuana Shirley 464 Silver. Betty Hustead 417 Bronze. Males: Ages 55-64– John Clark 542 Gold. Joel Montgomery 528 Silver. Greg Clark 496 Bronze. Ages 65-69–William Alexander 601 Gold. J.R. Morse 562 Silver. Mike Whitehead 520 Bronze. Ages 70-74–Bob McCollum 684 Gold. Bubba Ogden 655 Silver. James Belton 633 Bronze. Ages 75-79–Don Preuett 704 Gold. Mike Berry 669 Silver. Ray Smith 575 Bronze. Ages 80-plus–Gary Price 634 Gold. Jim Draper 603 Silver. Dick Hainey 549 Bronze.

Team Event
Ages 50-59–Dixie Devils 2168 Gold. Minds in Gutter Space 1965 Silver. Alley Oops 1763 Bronze. Ages 60-64–Never Too Old 1849 Gold. We Four 1844 Silver. Has Beens 1785 Bronze. Ages 65-plus–Just 4 Fun 1960 Gold. Recycles 1897 Silver. Bayou Buddies 1850 Bronze.

June 9, 2018


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In 2018 NW Louisiana District Senior Olympics’ Ladders Golf, an event that often makes competitors want to tear their hair out, no one came away bald.

Instead Duane Chilton, Gary Price, Robert Bates, Cheryl Festervan, Priscillia McGee and Jo Jernigan came away with their locks intact and a Gold Medal around their necks.

“The game and its unpredictability can be extremely frustrating. You can feel at one moment that you are going to win a point easily and then a subsequent toss can turn things totally around,” said one person familiar with the game. “I’ve seen players come away from a round almost on the verge of tears.”

Competitors try to gain points by wrapping a 15-inch cord with golf ball sized wooden balls at each end (called a bola) around a target (the ladder) 15 feet away made up of three bars stretched at different heights, determining point values. Points also depend on the number of wraps the bola makes around the bar.

Ladders Golf is a bracketed event, meaning competitors are matched in head-to-head matches against each opponent in their flight with the first player to 21 points declared the winner of a match.

Females: Ages 65-69–Cheryl Festervan Gold. Betty Smith Silver. Linda Johnson Bronze. Ages 70-74–Priscellia McGee Gold. Velma Johnson Silver. Margie Bamburg Bronze. 75-plus–Jo Jernigan Gold. Darlene Stone Silver. Jackie Conner Bronze. Males: Ages 65-79–Duane Chilton Gold. Dennis Bamburg Silver. Lionel Brangham Bronze. Ages 80-84–Gary Price Gold. George Jernigan Silver. James Russom Bronze. Ages 85-plus–Robert Bates Gold. Dick Hainey Silver.


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Paula Hadwin, Duane Chilton and Ed Dilworth came away with medals in a small group of advanced competitors in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Horseshoe event held at Knights of Columbus Hall in Bossier City May 4.

Chilton outdueled Dilworth for the Gold Medal in men’s 75-79 age group. In a rarely used rules stipulation, Hadwin won a Gold Medal in the female division by exhibiting ability to toss the horseshoes. The rule applies when there is only one entry in a competition.

Betty Smith, Velma Johnson, Barbara Wheeler and Maxine Thomas won Gold Medals in the recreational division for women.

Female: Ages 65-69–Paula Hadwin Gold. Males: Ages75-79–Duane Chilton Gold. Ed Dilworth Silver.

Females: Ages 55-69–Betty Smith Gold. Lillian Williams Silver. Dianne Gray Bronze. Ages 70-74–Velma Johnson Gold. Peggy Case Silver. Frances Pete Bronze. Ages 80-84–Barbara Wheeler Gold. Dot Young Silver. Mary Jones Bronze. 85-plus–Maxine Thomas Gold. Marie Fitzgerald Silver.

June 6, 2018


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Bob Taylor and Barbara Wheeler proved to be the best in Accuracy Throwing during the 2018 NW La. District Senior Olympics.

In the event which awards points for skill in throwing a softball, a football and a Frisbee@ through a ring 30 inches in diameter, Taylor, tossing in the 75-79 age bracket, outdistanced all male entries by 60 points with a 170 score. Wheeler, in females 80-84, was 25 points better than the second best score posted among the female entries with a 105 score.

Most of the competitors were familiar with footballs and softballs. It seems controlling the flight of the Frisbee@ that makes a big difference in final scoring.

Mary Jones posted a score of 80 to finish behind Wheeler in the 80-89 age bracket. Gary Price in the 80-plus age group for males had a 110 score, closest to Taylor.

Females: Ages 65-69–Lillian Williams Gold. Paula Hadwin Silver. Shelly Quarles Bronze. Ages 70-74–Linda Comstock Gold. Peggy Chilton Silver. Ages 75-79–Glynda Brown Gold. Pat Bearden Silver. Ages 80-84–Barbara Wheeler Gold. Mary Jones Silver. Joann Lonadier Bronze. Ages 80-89–Maxine Thomas Gold. Marie Fitzgerald Bronze. Males: Ages 50-59–Johnny Lonadier Gold. Bobby Bearden Silver. Ages 65-69–Robin Chandler Gold. Lionel Brangham Silver. Ages 75-79–Bob Taylor Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. Ages 80-plus–Gary Price Gold. Dick Hainey Silver.


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Maxine Thomas and Dick Hainey, two of the oldest competitors in the field at 91, were among the high scorers in the 2018 NW District Senior Olympics Darts event (Saturday) April 21 at Knights of Columbus Hall in Bossier City.

Thomas, a perennial visitor with the Road Warriors from Union Parish, finished with the second best score of the day (159) among all competitors. Paula Hadwin posted a 165, the best mark of the day, among females ages 55-69.

Hainey, who dates back to the late 1990s in Senior Olympics competition, had the best overall score (131) among male competitors, in the 80-plus age bracket. Gary Price was right on his heels in the same age bracket with a 121. Throwing in the 50-59 age division, Johnny Lonadier posted a 120 score.

Thomas and Hainey have one thing in common. They have both medaled in a much more strenuous endeavor, shot put, in track and field in the past.


Females: Ages 55-69–Paula Hadwin Gold. Lillian Williams Silver. Shelly Quarles Bronze. Ages 70-74–Peggy Chilton Gold. Linda Comstock Silver. Ages 75-79–Annette Burch Gold. Pat Bearden Silver. Glynda Brown Bronze. Ages 80-84–Mary Jones Gold. Barbara Wheeler Silver. Joann Lonadier Bronze. Ages 85 plus–Maxine Thomas Gold. Marie Fitzgerald Silver. Males: Ages 50-59–Johnny Lonadier Gold. Bobby Bearden Silver. Ages 65-69–Lionel Brangham Gold. Robin Chandler Silver. Ages 75-79–Bob Taylor Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. Ages 80 plus– Dick Hainey Gold. Gary Price Silver.

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