March 22, 2020


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Track & Field, originally scheduled for 18 April has been delayed until further notice. New date will be provided when available. Thank you.

March 16, 2020

Delayed Events

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Due to circumstances beyond our control we have to delay the following events until a later date to be determined:
Dominos; originally scheduled for Mar 27,
Table Games; originally scheduled for Apr 2,
Recreational & 5K walk; originally scheduled for Apr 8.

March 11, 2020


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The first game of this year finally got under way after we ran around like chickens being chased by other chickens throwing darts at them. That being said, Annette Burch and Pat Bearden had one heck of a game. Annette got gold with a score of 147 to 143. In fact, if Pat were in any other female age group she’d be wearing gold today. Duane Chilton had high score for the day of 245!
Women: (60-64) Gold(G)Sheila Hunter, Silver(S)Shelly Quarles. (65-74)(G)Paula Hadwin, (S)Diane Gray, Bronze(B)Ruby Thomas. (75-79)(G)Annette Burch, (S)Pat Bearden,, (B)Diane Smith. (80-84)(G)Mary Jones, (S)Barbara Wheeler, (B)Atlean Snow. (85+)(G)Dot Young, (S)Patsy Reeves, (B)Patsy Sellers.

Men: (50-64)(G)Johnny Lonadier, (S)Bobby Bearden. (70-79)(G)Duane Chilton, (S)Dale Higginbotham, (B)Wayne Bamberg. (80-84)(G)Markey Rogers, (S)Bill Snow. (85+) (G)Dick Hainey, (S)Gary Price.

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