May 7, 2008

Trichel Leads Women in Darts Competition

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Luda Trichel posted the top score for females in winning the 70-74 age group gold medal in the NW La. District Senior Olympics dart competition.

Trichel scored 195 points which was 46 more than her nearest rival (Dolly Maness) for top score of the day. Maness won gold in the 75-79 age bracket.

Darts Results

50-54   Linda Knighton, Gold

            Dorathea Stone, Silver

55-59   Betty Smith, Gold

            Dianne Lewis, Silver

            Teri Ringey, Bronze

60-64   Robbie Day, Gold

            Ellendell Harbour, Silver

            Janice Bennett, Bronze

65-69   Diane Smith, Gold

            Sharlotte Mullins, Silver

            Mildred Prince, Bronze

70-74   Luda Trichel, Gold

            Jeri Lancaster, Silver

            Emily Smith, Bronze

75-79   Dolly Maness, Gold

            Annie Ardis, Silver

            Mary Knight, Bronze

80-84   Betty Holliday, Gold

            Frances Hutton, Silver

            Marie Powell, Bronze

85-89   Sue Garrison, Gold

            Lena Sheffield, Silver

            Doris Graff, Bronze

95-plus Alma Edwards, Gold


55-69   Harry Strain, Gold

            Robin Chandler, Silver

            Terry Byrnes, Bronze

65-69   Bob Taylor, Gold

            Bill Burchfield, Silver

            Chuck Lancaster, Bronze

70-74   Gerry Robichaux, Gold

            Gary Price, Silver

            Smiley Nehls, Bronze

75-79   John Grinsley, Gold

            Billy smith, Silver

            Curtis Cooper, Bronze

80-89   Dick Hainey, Gold

            Ken Howard, Silver

90-Plus W.J. Cooksey, Gold

            Harbin Boddie, Silver

            Henry Ward, Bronze

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