April 26, 2009

Allen, Bouso Tops in Bike Trials

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biking 2009 018.jpg Charles Allen (center front row) and Tony Bouso (on far left) paced the NW La. Senior Olympics bike trials (click to enlarge image)

Charles Allen, who was the first athlete to enter the 2009 NW La. District Senior Olympics back in February, and Tony Bouso, one of the latest entries, posted sweeps in the bike trials Sunday (April 26).

Allen won the 65-69 age bracket 5-kilometer trial in 7 minutes and 39 seconds and then came back to triumph in the 10-k in 15:36. The New Boston, TX, cyclist said the times were a good gauge to his work to prepare for the cycling season. In his fourth year in the sport, Allen is a three-time winner of the 10-K trials and two time winner in the 5-K at the LSOG competition in Baton Rouge. “This was a good start,” said Allen, who trains indoors in preparation for the racing season. “I don’t like to train on the roads around New Boston. I think it’s dangerous. I have an indoor trainer,” he said.

Bouso, 50, felt right at home tooling past the oil and gas wells along the course. He works with CenterPoint Energy’s business division. Bouso, a Bossier High School grad who plans to return to the school May 16 for the Senior Olympics track and field championship, posted a 7:30 in the 5K and a 15.11 in the 10K Sunday. He was one of the cyclists to sign up at the last minute for Sunday’s event.

Sandi Triplett posted the best women’s times, 9:32 in the 5K and 18.54 in the 10K.


5 Kilometer

Men’s 60-64—1. Bob Crosby 8:07.

Men 65-59 – 1. Charles Allen 7:39. 2. Joe Hinton 9:39. 3. Scott Taylor 11:11. 4. Bob Sutton 12:36.

Men’s 70-74—1. Curtis Turner 10:22.

Women’s 50-54—1. Tanya Tingle 9:53.

Women’s 55-59—1. Sandi Triplett 9:32.


Men’s 50-64—1. Bob Crosby 16.23.

Men’s 65-69—1. Charles Allen 15:36. 2. Joe Hinton 19.52. 2. 3. Scott Taylor 23:10. 4. Bob Sutton 28:31.

Men’s 70-74—1. Curtis Taylor 21.13.

Women’s 50-54—1. Tanya Tingle 20.14.

Women’s 55-59—1. Sandi Triplett 18.54.

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