April 24, 2010

2010 NW La. District Senior Olympics Results

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Painting Jerri Price, Indian Girl, 1st; Juanita Pinion, Orange Poppies, 2nd; Juanita Pinion, Green Magnolias, 3rd.

Photography Tom Reilly, Calla Lily 1st; Tom Reilly, Water Lilly, 2nd; Tom Reilly, Blue Berries 3rd.

Needlework Margorie Ford, Crochet Bags, 1st; Jacque Wall, Cross Stitched Angel 2nd; Jerri Prize, Rainbow Afghan, 3rd.

Ceramics Blue Vase 1st; Lucelle Allen, Cream Bowl, 2nd; Lucelle Allen, Cream Vase 3rd.

Crafts Bill and Jeanelle Berger Crane Water Sprinkler 1st; Bill and Jeanelle Berger, Rocking Chair 2ne; Almaria Brown, Butterfly Centerpiece with Mat, 3rd.

Sewing Mardie Brosset, Baby’s White Dress/Slip 1st; Elman Tyner, Log Cabin Square Quilt 2nd, Jerrie Price, Baby Burp Towels, 3rd.

Best of Show Bill and Jeanelle Berger, Blue Heron Stained Glass.



50-59 AGE–Kay Free-Bill Free 1188, Jeanne Smith-Gary Price 1109, Rillia Smith-Everett Fuller 1,096. 60-64 AGE–Susan and Steve Berry 1,197; Kathleen and Charlie McCoy 1,171; Lynn Stuckey-Curt Dryden 1,122. 65-69 AGE–Notra Odom-Mike Berry 1,268; Kay Staples-Don Preuett 1,113; Diane and Ray Smith 1,050. 70-74 AGE — Betty and John Sands 1,164; Joe Rees-Tom Manry 1,157; Red Fletcher-Sonny Boy Phillips 1,073. 75-79 AGE–Tootie Chelette-Jim Draper 1,125; Frances Hutton-John Prudhomme 941; Gwen Jordan-Ernest Good 908. 80-84 AGE Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 1,001; Emily Marshall-Claude Friske 807; Connie Bogues-Howard Robertson 790.


AGE 55-59–Kay Free-Geneva Strain 952; Rillia Smith-Betty Jones 858; Kathy Center-Harriette Briggs 638. AGE 60-64–Betty Sands-Rita Buckley 1,027; Pam Zern-Peggy Haws 929; Margie Bamburg-Diane Smith 922. AGE 65-69–Minnette McElhannon-Kay Staples 939; Lynn Stuckey-Red Fletcher 896; Sandra Garrett-Jimmie Moreland 894. 70-89 AGE–Shirley Faulk-Jean Brown 966; Gwen Jordan-Emily Marshall 866; Frances Hutton-Betty Hustead 843.


AGE 55-64–Bill Free-Don Woolsey 1,306; John Ryan-Charlie McCoy 1,288; Curt Drayden-Tom Manry 1,197.AGE 65-69–Mike Berry-Don Preuett 1,286; Roy Harris-Richard Rice 1,085; Bob McCollum-Wayne Gates 1,036. AGE 70-74 McMcCowan-Erv Duncan 1,030; Everett Fuller-Aaron Smith 1,006. AGE 75-79–Jim Draper-Gary Price 1,187; John Sands-Kebn Ramey 1,177; Ernest Good-Mac McCallister 1,043. AGE 80-90–Dick Hainey-Howard Robertson 989; John Grimsley-Claude Firske 857.


AGE 50-59–Kay Free 597; Rillia Smith 476; Jeanne Smith 424.  AGE 60-64–Kathleen McCoy 537; Pam Zern 508; Ezell Barber 505. AGE 65-69–Willie Joyner 544; Geneva Strain 514; Susan Berry 511. Qualifiers Kay Staples 505, Margie Floyd 489, Diane Smith 458, Lynn Stuckey 474, Sandra Garrett 442. AGE 70-74–Bettie Sands 476; Annette Kellogg 448; Marilyn Lytle 448. Qualifers LaJuana Ramey 442, Sallie Vaughn 413, Lorraine Bean 411. AGE 75-79–Jimmie Moreland 523; Mary Price and Peggy Hawes 412 each. Qualifers Gwen Jordan 411, Peggy McCallister 361. AGE 80-84–Teresa Howard 389; Emily Marshall  367. AGE 85-89–Betty Hustead 466; Frances Hutton 390.


AGE 50-59–Ronnie Griggs 675; Matt Laenger 443; AGE 60-64–Curt Drayden 609; Bill Free 608; Don McGhee 566. AGE 65-69–Bob McCollum 640; Charlie McCoy 639; Ray Smith 610. Qualifers Harry Strain 579, Richard Rice 578, Mike Berry 572, John Webb 529. Roy Harris 523. AGE 70-74–Sonny Boy Phillips 668; Don Preuett 622; Don Lynch 601. Qualifiers Bill Gordon 596, Tom Manry 577, Everett Fi;;er 498. AGE 75-79–Gary Price 673; Ernest Good 616; Aaron Smith 521. Qualifers Mac McCallister 513,Jim Draper 509, John Sands 501, Ken Ramey 447, AGE 80-84–Dick Hainey 510; John Grimsley 505. AGE 85-plus–Claude Friske 492; Howard Robertson 471′ Wes Rance 414.


Skipbo–Dorothy DePanion and Jackie Conner Gold; Gary and Mary Price Silver; Will Brown and Lucy Leonard Bronze.

Pinochle–Teresa Howard Gold; Emily Marshall Silver; Harold Miles, Bronze.

Phase 10–Jacque Wall Gold; Bette Turner Silver; Bob Taylor Silver.


Nelson Bailey, Gold; Bob Taylor, Silver; Bill Johnson, Bronze.


5-Kilometer Women 55-59 Terry Harkey 9:38 Gold,Tanya Tingle 9:58 Silver,  Edie Wilhite, 14.16 Bronze. 60-65 Sandi Triplett 9:56 Gold.

Men 50-54 Tim Goeders 8:09 Gold. 55-59 Tim FitzGerald 7:11 Gold, Derwood Wilhite 9:35 Silver, Ric Pennington 10:20 Bronze. 60-64 Bob Crosby 7:51 Gold, Nick Williamson 7:58 Silver, Dimitri Papadimitrios 9:00 Bronze. 65-69 Charles Allen 7:44 Gold, Bernie Tull 8:35 Silver, Scott Taylor 13:16 Bronze. Robert Sutton 14:20. 70-74 Joe Hinton 9:55 Gold, Curtis Turner 10:16 Silver.

10-Kilometer WOMEN 55-59 Harkey 19:11 Gold, Tingle 19:48 Silver. 60-65 Triplett 19:42 Gold. MEN  55-59 Wilhite 20:50 Gold. 60-64 Crosby 16:11 Gold, Williamson 18:03 Silver, Papadimitrios 19:23 Bronze. 65-69 Allen 15:33 Gold, Tull 17:49 Silver. 70-74 Hinton 19:46 Gold, Turner 21:17 Silver, Sutton 30:42 Bronze.


Female 70-74 Red Fletcher, Gold. Male 60-64 Al Peterman, Gold. 65-69 Clarence Pinion, Gold; Harry Strain, Silver; Bob Taylor, Bronze.  Male 75-79 Henry”Hank” Eady, Gold; Abry Cahn, Silver. Men 85-89 Emile Tuminello, Gold.

Female 50-64 Faye Jamison, Gold; Dianne Lewis, Silver; Ellendell Harbour, Bronze. Female 65-69 Janice Bennett, Gold; Diane Smith, Silver; Pearlie Bell, Bronze. Female 70-74 Mary Jones, Gold; Jean McEachern, Silver; Athlean Snow, Bronze.Female 75-84 Emily Marshall, Gold; Margaret Baldwin, Silver; Connie Bogues, Bronze.Female 85-plus BNetty Holliday, Gold; Frances Hutton, Silver; Jaye Byrd, Bronze.
Male 50-64  Will Browne, Gold; Matt Laenger, Silver; Robin Chandler Bronze. Male 65-69 Bob Taylor, Gold; Joal McKenzie, Silver. Male 70-74 Chuck Lancaster, Gold; Smiley Nehls, Silver; Wallace McCartney, Bronze. Male 75-79 Curtis Cooper, Gold; George Stinson, Silver; Les Brosset, Bronze. Male 80-84 Herman Maiden, Gold; Dick Hainey, Silver.


Female 50-64 Sheila Hunter, Gold; Betty Smith, Silver. Female 65-69 Willie Joiner, Gold; Pinkie Johnson, Silver (shootoff); Ruby Young, Bronze. Female 70-74 Red Fletcher, Gold (shootoff); Juanita Tucker, Silver; Martha Shaw, Bronze. Female 80-84 Eddie Shaw, Gold. Men 65-74 Ray Smith, Gold (shootoff); Gerry Robichaux, Silver. Men75-79 Gary Price, Gold.


Women 50-59 Diane Lewis, Gold; Faye Jamison, Silver. Women 60-64 Betty Smith, Gold; Ellendell Harbour, Silver; Ruby Thomas, Bronze. Women 65-69 Geneva Strain, Gold; Janice Bennett, Silver; Diane Smith, Bronze. Women 70-74 Red Fletcher, Gold; Jean McEachern, Silver; Mary Jones, Bronze. Women 75-79 Mary Knight, Gold; Margaret Baldwin, Silver; Esther Kaufmen, Bronze. Women 80-84 Lady Stacy, Gold; Lucy Leonard, Silver; Gerdine Hunt, Bronze. Women 85-plus Betty Holliday, Gold; Esther Bremer, Silver; Frances Hutton, Bronze.

Men 50-64 Matt Laenger, Gold; Will Brown, Silver; Robin Chandler, Bronze. Men 65-69 Harry Strain, Gold; Clarence Pinion, Silver; Bob Taylor, Bronze. Men 70-74 Doyle Blasingame, Gold; Gerry Robichaux, Silver; Chuck Lancaster, Bronze. Men 75-79 Curtis Cooper, Gold; Les Brosset, Silver; George Stinson, Bronze. Men 80-90 Plus Henry Ward, 143, Dick Hainey, Silver; John Landon, Bronze.



Donna Cobb 83, Kathleen McCoy 89, Bobbie Almond 99, Susan Berry 100.


Ron Adams 71, Keith Mire 75 Richard Almond 77, Bob Jahnke 77, Larry Joubert 78,  Buck Gibbs 79, Larry Rowe 80, John Rambin 82, Mike Smith 82, Bobby Washington 84, Jerry Taylor 84, Tim Glennon 86, Steve Pinkley 87, Charles Knox 87, Ray Mitchell 87,  Jay Fortenberry 89, Ken Ramey 89, Tom Perry 90, Hilton Bordelon 92, Titor Molinar 92, Jerry Warren 93, Ed Walker 94, Bill Carrier 95,Floyd Walsworth 95, Robert Gatti 95, Walt Klecko 97, Jerry Causey 99, Tom Sweeney 100, Gary Price 102,  Dale Warren 103, Bill Snow 103.

Medals by Age


50-54 Donna Cobb, Gold. 60-64 Kathleen McCoy, Gold. Bobbie Almond, Silver. 75-79 Susan Berry, Gold.


50-54 Tim Glennon, Gold, Dale Warren, Silver. 55-59 Bobby Washington, Gold, Tom Sweeney, Silver. 60-64 Richard Almond, Gold, John Rambin, Silver, Mike Smith, Bronze. 65-69 Bob Jahnke, Gold, Larry Joubert, Silver, George Taylor, Bronze. 70-74 Ron Adams, Gold, Keith Mire, Silver, Larry Rowe, Bronze. 75-79 Ray Mitchell, Gold, Tito Molinar, Silver, Walt Klecko, Bronze. 80-84 Buck Gibbs, Gold.


Men 65-69 Bob Taylor, Gold; Men 75-79 Tom Koch, Gold; Gary Price, Silver. Female 70-74 Juanita Tucker, Gold; Jeri Lancaster, Silver. Female 75-79 Mary Price, Gold. Female 85-89 Frances Hutton, Gold.

PISTOL — Women Dorothy Turner, Gold; Jackie Conner, Silver. Men 60-64 James Hawthorne, Gold; Al Peterman, Silver; Don Floyd, Bronze. Men 70-79 Ray Hutcheson, Gold; Les Brosset, Silver; Joe Dernovish, Bronze.

RIFLE — Men 60-69 Don Floyd, Gold; James Hawthorne, Silver; Al Peterman, Bronze. Men 70-79 Joe Dernovish, Gold; Les Brosset, Silver.


Coed Competition: One Mile–50-54 Shelia Hunter (18.3), Robert McNeil (31.0). 60-64 Faye Scroggins (16.4), Ruby Thomas (17.2), Betty Dark and Beth Thomas tie (22.2). 80-84 Olivia Lewis (19.2), Eddie Shaw (19.5). 85-89 Dora Hullaby (22.0), Luvenia Edwards (22.1).

5K–Jo Ann Blasingame and Gary Price tied at 49.1 each. Doyle Blasingame 53.4.


Women 60-64 Ruby Thomas Gold, Betty Smith Silver. Women 70-79 Mary Price Gold, Jacque Wall Silver, Jackie Conner Bronze.

Men 70-74 Doyle Blasingame Gold, Jack Fesmire Silver. Men 75-79 Gary Price Gold, Les Brosset Silver.

Men’s Singles 50-69 Chris Miller, Gold; George Estes, Silver; Dale Higginbotham, Bronze. 70-79 John Ray, Gold; Gerald Pruett, Silver.Men’s Doubles 50-59 Miller-Estes, Gold; Taylor-Higgenbotham, Silver.

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