May 5, 2011

Lynn Beaty Still Has a Good Shooting Eye

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007.JPG  Lynn Beaty (second from right) was the high scorer in both rifle and pistol competition in the District Marksmanship competition at Shooters USA.  Other medal winners were (from left) Bob Turner, Al Peterman, Les Brosset and Joe Dernovich.

 Lynn Beaty of Haughton, trying his hand in the Senior Olympics for the first time, walked away with two gold medals in the marksmanship competition of the Northwest District May 5 at Shooters USA.

If you’re putting two and two together, this is the same Lynn Beaty who helped Coach Billy Montgomery and the Haughton Buccaneers to the state high school basketball championships in 1968 and 1969. He was a shooter back then too, only it was jump shots and set shots as he and Kenny Covington, Benny DePrang, John Bradshaw and Kenny “Snake” Cowan were the Bucs’ starting five both years.

Beaty, now 59, scored a 207 out of a possible 300 in .22 pistol shooting and had a 172 in .22 rifle shooting to outpace the marksmanship field. Al Peterman, a marine veteran, was second in both categories for ages 55-64. He scoresd 183 in pistols  and 55 in rifles. Age groups were combined to provide competition for medals. Bob Turner finished third in pistols.

“My wife showed me her entry form for the tennis tournament and said I ought to get into something,” Beaty said. “I was unable to make the archery competition so I thought I’d give (shooting) a try,” Beaty said.

Les Brosset and Joe Dermovich swapped places in the pistol and rifle shooting for the 70-79 age category. Dermovich was the better in pistols (132 to 76) and Brosset had the edge in rifles.

On the women’s side, Dot Turner blistered Jackie Conner in pistols, scoring a 186 for the gold to Conner’s 88 for silver.

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