April 19, 2012


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50-54: Terri Merritt Gold, Pamela Robertson Silver.

55-59: Ruth Barham Gold, Willie Mae Mason Silver.

60-64: Paula Hadwin Gold, Pat Stell Silver, Diana carrier Bronze.

65-69: Janice Bennett Gold, Faye Scroggins Silver, Ruby Thomas Bronze.

70-74: Mildred Reeves Gold, Mary Jones Silver.

75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Pat Reeves Silver, Pat Pace, Bronze.

80–84: Dorothy Depanion Gold,  Marie Fitzgerald Silver, Mary Miller Bronze.

85-91: Maxine Thomas Gold, Levinia Edwards Silver.


50-64: Bkill Stell Gold, Robert McNeil Silver, Gary Calligas Bronze.

65-70: Bob Taylor Gold, Harry Strain Silver, Joal McKenzie Bronze.

75-79: Smiley Nehls Gold, Les Brosset Silver, John Ray Bronze.

80-85: Curtis Cooper Gold, Bob bell Silver, Dick Hainey Bronze.



55-59: Terri Merritt Gold, Ruth Barham Silver.

60-64: Paula Hadwin Gold, Pat Stell Silver, Betty Smith Bronze.

65-69: Janice Bennett Gold, Ellendell Harbour Silver, Faye Scroggins Bronze.

70-74: Mary Jones Gold, Mildred Reeves Silver, Jacque Wall Bronze.

75-79: barbara Nolan Gold, Pat Reeves Silver, Barbara Wheeler Bronze.

80-84: Marie Fitzgerald Gold, Dorothy Depanion Silver, Mary Knight Bronze.

85-89: Maxine Thomas Gold, Lady Stacy Silver.


60-64: Clarence Green Jr. Gold, Bill Still Silver, Gary Calligas Bronze.

65-69: Harry Strain Gold, Joal McKenzie Silver.

75-79: Duane Chilton Gold, Les Brosset Silver, Smiley Nehls Bronze.

80-84: Curtis Cooper Gold, Dick Hainey Silver, Bob Bell Bronze.


Footloose Gold, Country Diamonds Silver.


BEST OF SHOW– Sticks and Jewel Head Glass (Jenelle Berger)

PEOPLE’S CHOICE–Lighthouse Painting (Carolyn Evje).

CRAFTS–1. Air and Glass (William B. Berger). 2. Stained Glass Blue Crab (Jenelle Berger). 3. Burledwood vase (William B. Berger).

NEEDLEWORK–1. Plastic Canvas (Glenda McCarl).

PAINTING–1. Lighthouse (Carolyn Evje). 2. Winter Scene (Pat Berry). 3. Adaiseyaday (Joan Strickland).

SEWING–1. Pink Starburst (Jacque Wall). 2. Saints Fan (Willie Mae Joyner). 3. Dress (Glenda McCarl).


Female50-60: Margaret Blankenship Gold, Mary Davison Silver.

Male65-69: Dave Scroggins Gold, Joseph Snead Silver. 70-74 Bob Taylor Gold, Richard Skyles Silver. 75-Plus: Johnny McGraw Gold, Emile Turminello Silver, Roger Dowdall Bronze.


Female50-59: Sheila Hunter Gold, Willie Veley Silver. 60-64: Paula Hadwin Gold, Earlean Curry Silver, Betty Smith Bronze. 65-69: Janice Bennett Gold, Betty Stacker Silver, Pearlie Bell Bronze. 70-74: Marie PanQuin Gold, Cherry Atkins Silver, Mildred Reeves Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler first, Red Fletcher second, Pat Reeves third, Barbara Nolan fourth. 80-84: Mary Miller Gold, Lorece Tettleton Silver, Deola Cammack Bronze. 85-89: Dora Hullaby Gold, Dollie White Silver, Maxine Thomas Bronze. 90-Plus: Levinia Edwards Gold, Sunshine Cobb Silver, Manly Harris Bronze.

Men65-69: Harry Strain Gold, Dennis Bamburg Silver, Robert McNeil Bronze. 75-79: Les Brosset Gold, Gary Price Silver, James Russom Bronze. 80-84:Bob Bell Gold, Jim Hovingh Silver.

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