May 12, 2012

As the camera saw it

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12 FT, Hotshot, shuffleboard 096.JPG12 FT, Hotshot, shuffleboard 008.JPG12 table tennis, table games 043.JPG12bowling singles, some tennis 016.JPG 12 bowl and horseshoes 018.JPG 12 bowl and horseshoes 052.JPG 035.JPG 12puttputt, joey,shooting 056.JPG12puttputt, joey,shooting 017.JPG 011.JPG2012 Health Fair 059.JPGIn the photo at upper left, Ellendell Harbour shoots in shuffleboard. Moving clockwise the camera clicks as Don Ashworth hones in on a shot in Team Hot Shot. Dave Ogywn hits a slapshot in table tennis and Sally Namie serves one up in tennis. Also, Bill and Kay Free enjoy a winning smile in bowling and Paula Hadwin tosses a horseshoe toward the stake. Next,  Harriet Boddie and partner Dave Fortuna are on alert at the net in pickleball action. In Picture 8, Susan Berry retrieves her ball after sinking a three in miniature golf. And next Ernie Chmielewski applies immediate action in marksmanship competition. In thenext photo, Bernie Tull gets some key information from event judge Danny Triplett in the bike trials. And all the activitry was for the new 20th year medals (next photo)Click photos to enlarge.

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