May 23, 2013


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FEMALE: 60-69–Betty Smith 50 Gold. Susan Berry 53 Silver. Linda Brangham 56 Bronze. 70-74–Jo Ann Blasingame 52 Gold. Darlene Stone 55 Silver. Marti Brosett 60 Bronze. 75-84–Dot Morris 58 Gold. Doris Carter 59 Silver. Mary Price 60 Bronze. MALE: 60-69–Steve Pinkley 40 Gold. Lionel Brangham 41 Silver. 70-74–Harold Harvill 39 Gold. Larry Joubert 40 Silver. Bob Taylor 44 Bronze. 75-79–Jerry Warren 43 Gold. Bill Snow 45 Silver. Les Brosett 49 Bronze.


SINGLES–FEMALE: 50-64–Betty Smith Gold. Shelly Quarles Silver. 65-69–Ruby Thomas Gold. Prisella McGee Silver. Rosie Jackson Bronze. 70-74–Cindy Cason Gold. Jacque Wall Silver. Jenny Cardin Bronze. 75-79–Pat Reeves Gold. Mary Price Silver. Pat Pace Bronze. 80-84–Jackie Conner Gold. Dorothy DePanion Silver. Elaine Elkins Bronze. 85-89–Maxine Thomas Gold. Lorece Tettleton Silver.  MALE: 75-79–Les Brosset Gold. Doyle Blasingame Silver. James Russom Bronze. Special Age Bracket–Dick Hainey Gold. Dennis Bamburg Silver.

DOUBLES–65-69 Margie and Dennis Bamburg Gold. Jean Crews-Elaine Ingersoll Silver. Janice Bennett-Ellendell Harbour Bronze. 70-74 Jacque Wall-Red Fletcher Gold. Nancy Dusang-Diane Smith Silver. Cindy Casom-James Russom Bronze. 75-79 Doyle Blasiingame-Dick Hainey Gold. Les Brosset-Betty Turner Silver. Gary and Mary Prize Bronze.


5K: FEMALE–Nancy Gilliard 43:07 Gold. Pricella McGee 50:47 Silver. Diane Smith 59:03 Bronze. MALE–Fred Walters 43:06 Gold. Gary Albright 50:47 Silver. Bobby Turner 59:04 Bronze. One Mile: FEMALE– 50-59 Shelia Hunter 15:16 Gold. Sherry Quarles 21:03 Silver. 65-69 Faye Scroggins 17:42 Gold. Ruby Thomas 19:05 Silver. Willie Mae Joyner 21:34 Bronze. 70-74 Sherrie Vullo 15:12 Gold. Barbara Wheeler 17:34 Silver. 85-89 Maxine Thomas 18:15 Gold. Eddie Mae Shaw 21:37 Silver.  MALE–50-74 Duane Chilton 13:20 Gold. Robert McNeil 19:24 Silver. Dave Scroggin s 21:15 Bronze.


Female: 60-74–Ruby Thomas Gold. Betty Smith Silver. Jacque Wall Bronze. 75-79–Jo Ann Lonadier Gold. Bette Turner Silver. Mary Price Bronze. 80-89–Jackie Conner Gold. Lessie Cooperrider Silver. Lady Stacy Bronze. Male: 65-69–Dennius Bamburg Gold. Harry Strain Silver. 70-74–Duane Chilton Gold. Chuck Lancaster Silver. 75-79–James Russom Gold. Les Brosset Silver. Gary Price Bronze.



FEMALE: 50-59–Gayle Pearce (491) Gold. Rosemary Crawford (447) Silver. Debbie Burch (376) Bronze. 60-64–Paula Hadwin (527) Gold. Kay Free (492) Silver. Meme Briggs (412) Bronze. 65-69–Willie Mae Joyner (597) Gold. Susan Berry (519) Silver. Jane Pace (509) Bronze. 70-74–Jo Ann Henderson (522) Gold. Alice Blake (480) Silver. Brenda Beck (447) Bronze. 75-79–Red Fletcher (567) Gold. Jo Ann Smith (55) Silver. Mary Price (512) Bronze. 80-plus–Jimmie Moreland (484) Gold. Betty Hustead (433) Silver.

MALE: 50-59–Bill Laurenson (701) Gold. Randy White (682) Silver. Skip Crawford (541) Bronze. 60-64–Steve McCarter (678) Gold. Ronnie Miller (667) Silver. Jeff Wilcox (613) Bronze. 65-69–Bob McCollum (658) Gold. Bill Free (614) Silver. Bennie Davison (592) Bronze. 70-74–Mike Berry (672) Gold. Fred Walter (649) Silver. Don Preuett (603) Bronze. 75-79–Bert Carroll (597) Gold. Jim Draper (565) Silver. Gary Price (554) Bronze. 80-plus–Ernest Good (466). Dick Hainey (441) Silver. Bob Bell (424) Bronze.


Age 50-59–Rosemary and Skip Crawford 1,248 Gold, Gayle Pearce and Bob McCollum 1,180 Silver. JoAnn Smith and Bill Laurenson 11,80 Silver. Age 60-64–Alice Blake and Steve McCarter 1,140 Gold. Paula and Larry Hadwin 1,144 Silver. Rachel and Don Preuett 1,105 Bronze. Age 65-69–Susan and Steve Berry 1,208 Gold. Lois Adger and Adam Holmes 1,015 Silver. Willie Mae Joyner and Clarence Greene 1,002 Bronze. Age 70-74–Lajuana Ramey-Richard Rice 1,055 Gold. Brenda Beck and Bert Carrol 991 Silver. Age 80-90–Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 1,007 Gold. Gwen Jordan-Bob Bell–863.


Medal winners: Female–50-59 Gayle Pearce-JoAnn Smith (1,054) Gold. Rosemary Crawford-Jane Pace (975) Silver. Debbie Burch-Becky Parker (913) Bronze. 60-64 Brenda Barber-Geneva Strain (1,052) Gold. Paula Hadwin -Lajuana Ramsey (982) Silver. Kay Free-Alice Blake (965) Bronze. 65-69 Susan Berry-Shelby Kautz (1,025) Gold. Mary Kullenberg-Notra Odoms (1,008) Silver. Betty Short-Marilyn Lytle (895) Bronze. 70-79 Jo Ann Henderson-Lynne Stuckey (1,016) Gold. Martha Loar-Marie Vallillo (906) Silver. Sandra Garrett-Jimmie Moreland (887) Bronze. Male–60-64 J.R. Morse-Harry Strain (1,106) Gold. Jimmy Harris-Sam Mendenhall (830) Silver. 65-69 Bob McCollum-Carroll Bert (1,273) Gold. Curt Drayden-Clarence Green (1,227) tied with Bill Free-Don Woolsey (1,227), both awarded Silver. Larry Hadwin-Fred Walters (1,176) Bronze. 70-74 Mike Berry-Don Preuett (1,352) Gold. Richard Rice-Rick Shuttlesworth (1,080) Silver.75-and-above Gary Price-Jim Draper (1,075) Gold. Dick Hainey-Howard Robertson (990) Silver. Ernest Good-Bob Bell (971) Bronze.


50-59–Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurensen 561 Gold. Skip and Rosemary Crawford 543 Silver. 60-64–Bill Porter-Red Fletcher 539 Gold. Linda Devan-Ronnie Miller 502 Silver. Larry and Paula Hadwin 496 Bronze. 65-69–Al Alford-Jo Ann Smith 525 Gold. Elaine Ingersoll-Jim Draper 511 Silver. Susan Berry-Shelby Kautz 470 Bronze. 70-74–Richard Rice-Lajuana Ramey 456 Gold. Minnette McElhannon-Kay Staples 430. 75-90–Dick Hainey-Betty Hustead 490 Gold. Mary and Gary Price 468 Silver.


FEMALE: 55-64–Paula Hadwin 593 Gold. Patti Kelly 442 Silver. Debbie Stewart 338 Bronze. 65-69–Jean Crews 721 Gold. Susan Berry 648 Silver. Elaine Ingersoll 627 Bronze. 70-74–Kay Staples 615 Gold. Nancy Dusang 474 Silver. Rose Martin 390 Bronze. 75-79–Jo Ann Smith 578 Gold. Red Fletcher 567 Silver. Mary Price 496 Bronze.  80-Plus–Sue Crow 494 Gold. Betty Hustead 436 Silver. MALE: 55-64–Jeff Wilcox 827 Gold. Ronnie Miller 734 Silver. J.R. Morse 715 Bronze. 65-69–Curt Drayden 810 Gold. Bennie Davison 714 Silver. Clarence Greene 689 Bronze. 70-74–Fred Walters 751 Gold. Mike Berry and Rick Shuttlesworth tied 716 Silvers. Richard Rice 690 Bronze. 75-79–Jim Draper 734 Gold. Gary Price 717 Silver. 80-Plus–Dick Hainey 706 Gold. Bob Bell 620 Silver. Ernest Good 568 Bronze.


50-54–Dixie Devils: Gayle Pearce (527), Jo Ann Smith (447), Bob McCullom (579) Bill Laurenson (632) 2,185 Gold. Alley Oops: Susan Berry (506), Becky Parker (401), Debbie Burch (389), Shelby Kautz (491) 1,787 Silver. 55-59–Bowling4Fun: Paula Hadwin (501), Carol Miller ((425), Larry Hadwin (625), Fred Walters (592) 2,143 Gold. Star Rollers:  Mary Kallenberg (477), Geneva Strain (416), Harry Strain (479), Randy White (603) 1,975 Silver. 60-64–Bitches & Britches: Brenda Beck (532), Linda Devan (414), Bert Carroll (584), Ronnie Miller (471) 2,001 Gold. Wild Cuts: Ezell Barber (426), Lorraine Bean (277), Sue Crow (506), Patti Kelly (387) 1,596 Silver. Split Ends: Martha Loar (388), Vicki Hawthorne (269), Rose Martin (353), Debbie Stewart (269) 1,274 Bronze. 65-69–Salt & Pepper: Margie Flood (468), Annette Kellogg (408), Clarence Greene (534), Curt Drayden (654) 2,064 Gold.  2N2: Betty Jones (462), Red Fletcher (496), Al Alford (520), Bennie Davison (492) 1,970 Silver. Hasbeens: Lajuana Ramey(453), Jo Ann Henderson (476), Richard Rice (517), Robert Washington (519) 1,965 Bronze. 79-plus–Silver Rockers: Mary Price (427), Notra Odoms (483), Gary Price  (450), Jim Draper (568) 1,928 Gold. Pin Pickers: Betty Hustead (415), Gwen Jordan (440), Dick Hainey (455), ernest Good (466) 1,776 Silver.


8-Ball: Female–Margaret Blankenship Gold. Mary Davison Silver. Male–80-plus: Emile Tuminello Gold. Floyd White Silver. 75-79: Joseph Snead Gold. William Porter Silver. 70-74: Harry Strain Gold. Bob Taylor Silver. 9-Ball: Female–Blankenship Gold. Davison Silver. Male–80-plus: Tuminello Gold. White Silver. 75-79: Porter Jr. Gold. Snead Silver. 70-74: Taylor Gold. Strain Silver.


Dominoes–Open Division: Ronnie Miller Gold. Minnie Frances Silver. Rose Black Bronze. Skipbo–Open Divisionj: Jackie Conner-Dorothy DePanion Gold. Lady Stacey-Doyle Blasingame Silver. Lucy Lenard-Betty Holliday Bronze.  Phase 10–60-69: Betty Smith Gold. Carol Estrada Silver. Ruby Thomas Bronze. 70-74: Jacque Walls Gold. Margrette Blankenship Silver. Bob Taylor Bronze. 75-79: Doris Carter Gold. Bette Turner Silver.


Female: 55-64–Paula Hadwin Gold. Sheila Hunter Silver, Betty Smith Bronze. 65-69–Charlene Dilce Gold. Willie Joyner Silver. Ruby Thomas Bronze. 70-74–Pinkie Johnson Gold. Pearlie Bell Silver. Cindy Cason Bronze. 75-79–Barbara Wheeler Gold. Athlean Snow Silver. Pat Reeves Bronze. 80-84–Jackie Conner Gold. Maria Fitzgerald Silver. Dorothy DePanion Bronze. 85-92–Mary Miller Gold. Levinia Edwards Silver. Maxine Thomas Bronze.

Male:50-54–Garry DePanion Gold. Robert McNeil Silver. 65-74–Bob Taylor Gold. Harry Strain Silver. 75-89–James Russom Gold. Gary Price Silver. Bill Snow Bronze.


ADVANCED: Female–60-74 Paula Hadwin Gold. Jacque Wall Silver. 75-79 Sallie Vaughan Gold. Rita Holloway Silver. Male–60-74 J.R. Morse Gold. Harry Strain Silver. Clarence Pinion Bronze. 75-84 Tom Koch Gold. Gary Price Silver.

RECREATIONAL: Female–60-64 Betty Smith Gold. Ruby Thomas Silver. 65-69 Geneva Strain Gold, Rosie Jackson Silver. 70-74 Darlene Stone Gold, Jenny Cardin Silver. 75-79 Barbara Wheeler Gold. Mary Price Silver. Barbara Nolan Bronze. 80-89 Marry Miller Gold, Lessie Cooperrider Silver. Maxine Thomas Bronze.


.22 Pistol: Male–65-74 Don Floyd Gold. Ernie Chmielewski Silver. Bobby Turner Bronze. 75-84 Dan Saxon Gold. Ray Hutcheson Silver. Gary Panzer Bronze. Female–Jackie Conner Gold. Mary Davison Silver.

.22 Rifle: Male–65-74 Don Floyd Gold. Ernie Chmielewski Silver. 75-79 Gary Panzer Gold. Les Brosset Silver.


Singles (three-man round robin): Men–55-59 Chris Miller Gold. Dan Keasler Silver. Darryl Tucker Bronze. 65-75 George Esters Gold. Larry Stier Silver. Bob Taylor Bronze.

Dougles–Dan Keasler-Darryl Tucker Gold. Bob Taylor-George Esters Silver.


70-74–Bob Taylor Gold. Robert Stockman Silver. Bob Sutton Bronze. 80-84–Bob Butland.  


Putting Male–65-69: Dywane Pickett 51 Gold. Steve Pinkley 64 Silver. 70-74: Robert Gatti 27 Gold. Larry Joubert 49 Silver. Robert Malone 73 Bronze. 75-79: Jerry Warren 22 Gold. Gerry Robichaux 65 Silver. Bill Snow 72 Bronze.  Female: Susan Berry Gold 100.

Chipping Male–65-69: Steve Pinkley 294 Gold. Dywane Pickett 366 Silver. 70-74: Robert Malone 195 Gold. Robert Gatti 332 Silver. 75-79: Jerry Warren 282 Gold. Gerry Robichaux 342 Silver. Bill Snow 502 Bronze.


Leading scores in the NW La. District Senior Olympics golf tournament at Northwood Hills Golf Club Friday:

Female–Jan Warner 46-47–93, Vicki Cella 48-49–97, Marg Snyder 50-50–100, Susan Berry 50-57–107, Sue Gilley 57-62–119.

Male–Ron Adams 42-40–82, Val Tucker 42-42–84, Bob Jahnke 44-40–84, Jon Snyder 43-44–87, Charles Knox  44-44–88, Larry Gilley 44-44–88,  Dwayne Pickett 44-44–88, Larry Joubert 46-45–91, Don Ashworth 48-46–94, Steve Pinkley 48-37–95,Tom Bachman 47-49—96,  Larry Rowe 47-49–96, Bill Hendricks 48-48–96, Bobby Waddell 48-53—101, Rahy Mitchell 47-54—101, Jerry Warren 49-56—105, Dennis Calhoun 55-56—111, Bill Carrier 54-63—117.


Female—Warner Gold, Cella Silver, Snyder Silver. Male—65-69: Jahnke Gold, Knox Silver, Pickett Bronze. 70-74: Adams Gold, Joubert Silver. 75-79: Jon Snyder Gold, Larry Rowe Silver, Jerry Warren Bronze. 80-84: Tucker Gold, Bachman Silver, Mitchell Bronze.


Male: 78-95–Henry Ward Gold. Ray Osborne Silver. Pepper Bergeron Silver.

Female: 61-74–Linda Stringer Gold. Susie Urbina Silver. 80-85–Lou Manson Gold. Helen Montgomery Silver. Marion Brown Bronze. 90-95–Jaye Byrd Gold. Marguerite Gilleon Silver. Alma Baird Bronze.


Open Division

Silver Sluggers Gold. Beanie Boppers Silver. Harry’s Crew Bronze. Championship score: Silver Sluggers 23, Beanie Boppers 14.

Senior Residence Championship

The Waterford Gold. The Glen Silver. Azalea Estates Bronze. Championship score: The Waterford 33, The Glen  32.


Female: 55-64–Betty Smith Gold. Fran Bertrand Silver. 65-69–Geneva Strain Gold. Janice Bennett Silver. Ellendale Harbor Bronze. 70-74–Arlene Gates Gold. Jenny Cardin Silver. Nancy Dusang Bronze. 80-84–Bette Turner Gold. Joan Herring Silver. Margarite Hofpaugh Bronze. 80-84–Lessie Cooperider Gold. Elaine Elkins Silver. Connie Bogue s Bronze.

Male: 50-64–Dennis Bamburg Gold. Robert Burtrain Silver. Harry Strain Bronze. 70-74–Chuck Lancaster Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. 75-84–Les Brosset Gold. Dave Hebringhusen Silver.

Female: 50-54–Teri Merritt Gold. Wilma Coleman Silver. 60-64–Carolyn Martin Gold. Freida Fontenot Silver. Lillian Trammel Bronze. 65-69–Ruby Thomas Gold. Willie Joyner Silver. Lois Adger Bronze. 70-74–Jacque Wall Gold. Pearlie Bell Silver. Gloria Griffin Bronze. 75-79–Atlean Snow Gold. Mary Jones Silver. Barbara Wheeler Bronze. 80-89–Dorothy DePanion Gold. Mary Miller Silver. Betty Holliday Bronze.

Male: 50-64–Robin Chandler Gold. Garry DePanion Silver. Gary Calligas Bronze. 65-69–Clarence Green Gold. Harry Strain Silver. 70-74–Chuck Lancaster Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. 75-79–Harold McEachern Gold. Gerry Robichaux Silver. Les Brosset Bronze. 85-90–Bob Bell Gold.


Female:60-64–Betty Smith Gold. Paula Hadwin Silver. Littlebit Martin Bronze. 65-69–Willie Mae Joyner Gold. Charlene Dilce Silver. Ruby Thomas Bronze. 70-74–Jean McEachern Gold. Diane Smith Silver. Pearlie Bell Bronze. 75-79– Pat Reeves Gold. Joann Lonadier Silver. Barbara Wheeler Bronze. 85-89–Lorece Tettleton Gold. Mary Miller Silver. Betty Holliday Broinze.

Male: 60-64–Robin Chandler Gold. Harry Strain Gold (tied). Clarence Green Bronze. 70-74–Chuck Lancaster Gold. Duane Chilton Silver. 75-79–Harold McEachern Gold. Les Brossett Silver. Gerry Robichaux Bronze.

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