May 15, 2013

Bamburgs in long haul Shuffleboard

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020.JPG Dennis and Margie Bamburg all smiles after winning a gold in Shuffleboard doubles.(click photo to enlarge)

If the 2013 Shuffleboard competition in the District had been held aboard ship, it would have had to have been on a slow boat to China.

Contestants battled through a day that began at 8 a.m. and finished at 4:30 p.m. That’s when Dennis and Margie Bamburg received their gold medallions in the 65-69 age bracket doubles. Both singles and doubles competition occupied the long day at Bellaire Fitness Center. A healthy entry in singles, most of whom stayed for the doubles matches, made for so many matches on the day.

Betty Smith won gold and Shelly Quarles silver in  the females 50-64 age bracket. Ruby Thomas (65-69), Cindy Cason (70-74), Pat Reeves (75-79), Jackie Conner (80-84) and Maxine Thomas (85-89) claimed other female gold medals. Les Brosset and Dick Hainey won golds in the male age groups.


SINGLES–FEMALE: 50-64–Betty Smith Gold. Shelly Quarles Silver. 65-69–Ruby Thomas Gold. Prisella McGee Silver. Rosie Jackson Bronze. 70-74–Cindy Cason Gold. Jacque Wall Silver. Jenny Cardin Bronze. 75-79–Pat Reeves Gold. Mary Price Silver. Pat Pace Bronze. 80-84–Jackie Conner Gold. Dorothy DePanion Silver. Elaine Elkins Bronze. 85-89–Maxine Thomas Gold. Lorece Tettleton Silver. MALE: 75-79–Les Brosset Gold. Doyle Blasingame Silver. James Russom Bronze. Special Age Bracket–Dick Hainey Gold. Dennis Bamburg Silver.

DOUBLES–65-69 Margie and Dennis Bamburg Gold. Jean Crews-Elaine Ingersoll Silver. Janice Bennett-Ellendell Harbour Bronze. 70-74 Jacque Wall-Red Fletcher Gold. Nancy Dusang-Diane Smith Silver. Cindy Casom-James Russom Bronze. 75-79 Doyle Blasiingame-Dick Hainey Gold. Les Brosset-Betty Turner Silver. Gary and Mary Prize Bronze.

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