May 18, 2013

Baker, Schramm headline Track and Field

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126.JPG Randall Schramm (right) receives the Jesse Lanier Memorial Tropyh from Mark Lanier, son of the late Jesse Lanier. Gerry Robichaux, one of the track and field coordinators, is in the background. (click to enlarge) 

Greg Baker, a visitor from Lafayette, set an age group record in the javelin and turned in creditable performances in the discus and shot put, and Randall Schramm turned in a persistent performance on the track Saturday in the NW La. District Senior Olympics track and field meet at Airline High School.

Baker, in the men’s 60-64 age group, threw the javelin 147-7, beating the age group tops of 141-6 established for out-of-district performers by Vince Breaux of Lafayette in 2007. He threw  the discus 112-2 and the shot put 36-0, all worth golds, but bettered in the past by Breaux at 137-7 and 43-3 respectively in the age group.

After being nipped at the tape by Mike Whittler in the 50 meters to open the meet, Schramm, who is stationed at Barksdale AFB, kept showing up at the starting line for the rest of the running events. In the 40-49 age group, Whittler beat him in a time of 7.58 to 7.72 seconds in the short race. Schramm had the best times in the 100 meter (12.14), the 200 (32.04), the 400 (1:25.06), the 800 (4:20.50) and the Jesse Lanier Memorial 1500 (6:47.50).

For his work, Schramm was named winner of the Jesse Lanier Memorial award given to the outstanding performer in the meet.

The late Jesse Lanier’s son Mark was on hand to present the trophy to Schramm and he graciously thanked the District for remembering his father for more than 10 years with the trophy presentation. “My father loved competition, and our family is especially grateful that the Senior Olympics allowed him to continue competing and that you have memorialized him with this award.”

“This is one of our favorite moments, when we can present this award that recalls a dear friend,” said Gerry Robichaux, representing the district at the presentation.

District coordinator Doyle Blasingame also singled out another favorite of the NW La. games, Burtie Smith-Griffin, who has carried the name of our area to the national level, competing in five National Senior Games (nee National Senior Olympics). He recalled that Burtie took time before her marriage to Robert Griffin to compete in the district track meet hours before the nuptials. “As she entered the final strides of the 200 meters, we all sang ‘here comes the bride’ in her honor,” Blasingame remembered.


50 Meters: Female–65-69 Ruby Thomas 19.13 Gold. 85-89 Burtie Smith-Griffin 13.10 Gold. Maxine Thomas  19.91 Silver. Male–40-49 Mike Whittler 7.58 Gold. Randall Schramm 7.72 Silver. 55-59 Tim Mitchell 7.76 Gold.  70-74 Bob Sutton 8.74 Gold. Duane Chilton 9.09 Silver. Robert Gatto 11.2 Bronze.  80-84 John Sell 11.66 Gold. Bill Mazyck 11.83 Silver. Jimmie Adams 13.83 Bronze. 100 Meters: Female–85-89 Burtie Smith-Griffin 25.31 Gold. Maxine Thomas 39.13 Silver. Male–40-49 Randall Schramm 12.14 Gold. 55-59 Tim Mitchell 12.82 Gold. Curtis Dancy 13.15 Silver. 70-74 Bob Sutton 14.55 Gold. 80-84 Bill Mazyck 22.19 Gold. John Sell 22.32 Silver.Jimmie Adams 25.11 Bronze. 200 Meters: Female–40-49 Jenny Hackman 4.51 Gold. Male–40-49 Randall Schramm 32.04 Gold. 55-59 Tim Mitchell 37.42 Gold.  80-84 John Sell 53.51 Gold. Jimmie Adams 103.35 Silver. 70-74 Robert Gatti 111.84 Gold. 75-79 Joe Scales 100.70 Gold. 400 Meters: 40-49 Randall Schramm 1.25.06 Gold. 75-79 Joe Scales 2.25.06 Gold. 800 Meters: Female–40-49 Jenny Hackman 5:22.6 Gold. Male–40-49 Randall Schramm 4:20.50 Gold. 75-79 Joe Scales 6.11 Gold. Jesse Lanier Memorial 1500: Female–40-49 Jenny Hackman 7:39.06 Gold. Male–40-49 Randall Schramm 6:47.50. 75-79 Joe Scales 12:43.16 Gold.

Shot Put: Female–60-64 Betty Smith 18-9 Gold. 65-69 Ruby Thomas 12-0 Gold. 75-79 Barbara Wheeler 16-9 Gold OD. 85-89 Maxine Thomas 9-0 Gold. Male–50-54 Robert Bertrand 30-0 Gold. 60-64 Greg Baker 36-0 Gold OD. 70-74 Julius Cassels 32-4 Gold. Robert Gatti 29-9 Silver. 75-79 Charles Jolley 31-0 Gold. 80-84 Jimmie Adams 25-2 Gold OD. Jack Haller Jr. 20-6 Silver OD. John Sell 15-11 Silver. Discus: Female–60-64 Betty Smith 33-8 1/4 Gold. 65-69 Ruby Thomas 24-6 Gold. 75-79 Barbara Wheeler 39-5 Gold OD. 85-89 Maxine Thomas 19-4 Gold OD. Male–50-54 Robert Bertrand 71-9 Gold. 60-64 Greg Baker 112-2 Gold OD. 70-74 Robert Gatti 92-11 Gold. Julius Cassels 83-2 Silver. Duane Chilton 52-9 Bronze. 75-79 Charles Jolley  72-2 Gold. 80-84 Jimmie Adams 62-8 Gold. Jack Haller Jr. 46-10 Silver. John Sell 40-5 Bronze. Javelin: Female–60-64 Betty Smith 38-7 Gold.  65-69 Ruby Thomas 34.0 Gold. Male–50-54 Robert Bertrand 51.6 Gold. 60-64 Greg Baker 147-7 Gold OD. 70-74 Julius Cassels 77-3 Gold. Bob Taylor 75-5 Silver. Robert Gatti 74-11 Bronze. 80-84 Jimmie Adams 49-0 Gold. Jack Haller Jr. 42-10 Gold.

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