May 24, 2013

Dixie Devils claim a Team Bowling gold

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1alauren, bowling 027.JPG The Dixie Devils captured the Team Bowling championship as the 21st NW La. District Senior Olympics closed Friday at Holiday Lanes. Bill Laurenson is flanked by Gayle Pearce (left) and Jo Ann Smith with Bob McCollum in the background. Click photo to enlarge.

Paced by three 500-plus serieses, the Dixie Devils packed off the 50-54 age group gold medal in the Team Bowling competition of the NW La. District Senior Olympics at Holiday Lanes Friday (May 23).

Teams could be made up of four women, or two men and two women or three women and a man.

Gayle Pearce posted a 527 series to go with her male teammates Bill Laurenson (632) and Bob McCollum (579). Jo Ann Smith’s 447 rounded out the winning total of 2,187. Laurenson spun games of 215 and 235 in his series. McCollum had a 219 and Pearce a 214 game. Each member of the team received a gold medallion. They outscored the Alley Oops (1,787).

Bowling4Fun captured gold in the 55-59 age bracket with a 2,143 score. Larry Hadwin led the way with games of 216, 204 and 205 for a 625 series. His wife, Paula, rolled a 501 series. Fred Walters added games of 211 and 200 for a 593 series. Carol Miller rounded out the team score with a 425 series. The Star Rollers, paced by a high game and series from Randy White (233 and 603) finished second with a 1,975 score.

The Results

50-54–Dixie Devils: Gayle Pearce (527), Jo Ann Smith (447), Bob McCullom (579) Bill Laurenson (632) 2,185 Gold. Alley Oops: Susan Berry (506), Becky Parker (401), Debbie Burch (389), Shelby Kautz (491) 1,787 Silver. 55-59–Bowling4Fun: Paula Hadwin (501), Carol Miller ((425), Larry Hadwin (625), Fred Walters (592) 2,143 Gold. Star Rollers:  Mary Kallenberg (477), Geneva Strain (416), Harry Strain (479), Randy White (603) 1,975 Silver. 60-64–Bitches & Britches: Brenda Beck (532), Linda Devan (414), Bert Carroll (584), Ronnie Miller (471) 2,001 Gold. Wild Cuts: Ezell Barber (426), Lorraine Bean (277), Sue Crow (506), Patti Kelly (387) 1,596 Silver. Split Ends: Martha Loar (388), Vicki Hawthorne (269), Rose Martin (353), Debbie Stewart (269) 1,274 Bronze. 65-69–Salt & Pepper: Margie Flood (468), Annette Kellogg (408), Clarence Greene (534), Curt Drayden (654) 2,064 Gold.  2N2: Betty Jones (462), Red Fletcher (496), Al Alford (520), Bennie Davison (492) 1,970 Silver. Hasbeens: Lajuana Ramey(453), Jo Ann Henderson (476), Richard Rice (517), Robert Washington (519) 1,965 Bronze. 79-plus–Silver Rockers: Mary Price (427), Notra Odoms (483), Gary Price  (450), Jim Draper (568) 1,928 Gold. Pin Pickers: Betty Hustead (415), Gwen Jordan (440), Dick Hainey (455), ernest Good (466) 1,776 Silver.

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