April 15, 2014

Glen Gophers Pan Gold in Residential Beanbag Baseball

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Charlsie Alexander tossed up a double that scored the winning run for the Glen Gophers in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Residential Communities Beanbag Baseball championship Tuesday at the Riverdome of Horseshoe Casino.

The Glen won the Gold Medal over the Summerfield Estates Sluggers, 14-13. In the five-inning match (by mutual agreement). Summerfield tied the score at 13-all in the top of the fifth. But Alexander followed two extra-base hits by Doyle Barnett and Don Wallace by matter-of-factly tossing the beanbag into the target space marked “Two Bases” to force home the decider.

This was a big game for Alexander who had four hits in four at bats, including a home run, a home run, a single and the big double.  She batted lead off for the victors.

Beanbag Baseball is a target game that mimics action found in real baseball. Runners must be forced to the next base by a one, two or three base hit or home run.

Last year, The Glen Gophers lost out to The Waterford, 33-32, in the championship match and had to settle for the Silver Medal.  The Live Oak Astros finished with the Bronze Medal this season.

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