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Editor’s note—In some cases, age brackets are combined to provide competition for medals.


Male—50-64: Richard Guzman 235 Gold, Robin Chandler 165 Silver, Robert McNeil 145 Bronze. 65-69: Clarence Pinion 180 Gold, Michael Cyerniecki 95 Silver. 70-74 Chuck Lancaster 145 Gold, Harry Strain 130 Silver, Duane Chilton 105 Bronze. 75-79: Smiley Nehls 255 Gold, Gerry Robichaux 135 Silver, Bill Snow 115 Bronze. 80-89: Curtis Cooper 285 Gold, Les Brosset 265 Silver, Harold McEachern 250.

Female—55-59: Terri Merritt 220 Gold, Sheila Hunter 40 Silver. 60-64: Lillian Trammel 135 Gold, Martha Susla 90 Silver, Paula Hadwin 85 Bronze. 65-69: Faye Scroggins 235 Gold, Willie Mae Joyner 205 Silver, Charlene Dilce 140 Bronze. 70-74: Mildred Reeves 185 Gold, Marie PanQuin 175 Silver, Diane Smith 120 Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler 225 Gold, Pat  Reeves 205 Silver, Mary Jones and Atlean Snow 200 each Bronze (tie). 80-84: Dorothy DePanion 185, Barbara Nolan 135 Silver, Marie Fitzgerald 120 Bronze. 85-90: Maxine Thomas 245 Gold, Lorece Tettleton 95 Silver, Betty Holliday 85 Bronze.


Compound Release–50-54: Donald James 864/900 (26) Gold, Chip Hemphill 864/900 (19) Silver, Michael Hoskins 845/900 Bronze. 60-64: Gary Crain 855/900 Gold, Gerald Messina 790/900 Silver. 65-69: Phillip Thompson 847/900 Gold. 75-79: Bill Brown 846/900 Gold.

Bare Bow–Doug Gould 588/900 Gold.


Open Division: Young Guns Gold, Beanie Boppers Silver, Go Getters Bronze. Finals: Young Guns 31, Beanie Boppers 25 (first game). Young Guns 28, Beanie Boppers 14 (second game).

Residences: The Glen Gophers Gold, Summerfield Estates Sluggers Silver, Live Oak Astros Bronze. Finals: The Glen 14, Summerfield Estates 14.


Female–60-64: Marta Susla Gold, Juanita Pinion Silver. 65-69: Betty Dark Gold, Ruby Thomas Silver, Shelby Britt Bronze. 70-74: Ginny Bates Gold, Claudia Beene Silver, Sherri Vullo Bronze. 75-79:Jacque Wall Gold, Red Fletcher, Silver, Marge Short Bronze.

Male–65-69: Clarence Pinion Gold, Michael Czerniecki Silver. 70-84: Chuck Lancaster Gold, Les Brosset Silver, Duane Chilton  Bronze. 85-89: Dick Hainey Gold, Bob Bell Silver.



(1,2 or 3 finishers and bowlers reaching set minimum score standards qualify for state)

Female–55-59 Rose Mary Crawford 511 Gold, Gayle Pearce 478 Silver. 60-64: Paula Hadwin 549 Gold, Kay Free 523 Silver, Meme Briggs 418 Bronze. 65-69; Elaine Ingersoll 549 Gold, Willie Mae Joyner 524 Silver, Jane Pace 494 Bronze. 70-74: Brenda Beck 470 Gold, Diane Smith 468 Silver, Rose Martin 452 Bronze. 75-79: Jo Crone 504 Gold, Notra Odoms 494 Silver, Bettie Sands 430 Bronze. Red Fletcher 419 also qualified for state. 80-plus: Jimmie Moreland 465 Gold, Betty Hustead 442 Silver.

Male–60-69: Bill Free 598 Gold, Curtis Drayden 590 Silver, Steve McCarter 577 Bronze. J.R. Morse 569, Bob McCollum 538, Bennie Davison 528, Darrell Dinkins 508, Adam Holmes 487 and Larry Hadwin 487 also qualified for state. 70-74: Harry Strain 665 Gold, Mike Berry 641 Silver, Fred Walters 550 Bronze. Ed Briggs 513, Richard Rice 504, Roger Shepherd 501 also qualified for state. 75-79: Don Woolsey 623 Gold, Everett Fuller 466 Silver, Bert Carroll 464 Bronze.80-84: Jim Draper 573 Gold, Gary Price 490 Silver, John Sands 435 Bronze. Everett Good 431 also qualified for state. 85-plus Dick Hainey 449 Gold, Bob Bell 390 Silver.


Female–55-59: Gayle Pearce-JoAnn Smith 1,014 Gold, Rose Mary Crawford-Jane Pace 969 Silver.  60-64: Paula Hadwin-Lajuana Ramey 1,033 Gold, Rachel Preuett-Red Fletcher 916 Silver, Cathie Ethridge-Jo Ann Henderson 913 Silver. Others Barb Mills-Genea Markray 766, MeMe Briggs-Betty Short 743. 65-69: Brenda Barber-Geneva Strain 994 Gold, Elaine Ingersoll-Jean Crews 965 Silver, Susan Berry-Shelly Kautz 936, Bronze. 70-74: Sandra Garrett-Jimmie Moreland 859 Gold, Diane Smith-B.J. Ellison 799 Silver, Margaret Thornton-Rose Martin 738 Bronze. Others Minnette McElhannon 669. 80-Plus: Jo Crone-Bettie Sands 861 Gold, Gwen Jordan-Betty Hustead 822.

Male–50-64: Rusty Bethley-Bert Carroll 1,165 Gold, Art and Ted Hardan 628 Silver.65-69: Clarence Greene-Curtis Drayden 1,257 Gold, Bill Free-Don Woolsey 1,163 Silver, Bubba Ogden-John Sands 1,134 Bronze. Others Richard Stuart-Richard Rice 1,060, J.R. Morse-Harry Strain 1,026, Larry Hadwin-Fred Walters 1,125, Adam Holmes-Malachi Cook 853. 70-74: Mike Berry-Don Preuett 1,243 Gold, Robert Washington-Everett Fuller 1,209 Silver, George Taylor-Ed Briggs 1,029 Bronze. 80-Plus: Gary Price-Jim Draper 1,058 Gold, Bob Bell-Dick Hainey 1,029 Silver.

Mixed Doubles

55-59: Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurenson 1,116 Gold, RoseMary and Skip Crawford 1,044 Silver, Jeanne Smith-Gary Price 942 Bronze. 60-64: Kay and Bill Free 1,136 Gold, Joann and Robert Washington  1,122 Silver, Paula and Larry Hadwin 1,007 Bronze. Others Mary Foisy-J.R. Morse 955, MeMe and Ed Briggs 944. 65-69: Jane Pace-Bob McCollum 1,166 Gold, Geneva and Harry Strain 1,143 Silver, Lois Adger-Adam Holmes 1,007 Bronze. Others Lynn Stuckey-Bennie Davison 970, Betty Short-George Taylor 908. 70-745: Lajuana Ramey-Richard Rice 1,017 Gold, Brenda Beck-Bert Carroll 978 Silver. 75-79 Notra Odoms-Jim Draper 1,029 Gold, Bettie and John Sands 845 Silver. 80-plus: Gwen Jordan-Bob Bell 918 Gold, Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 860 Silver.

Scotch Doubles

55-59: Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurenson 497 Gold, Rose Kuplesky-Jane Pace 393 Silver.60-64: Larry and Paula Hadwin 509 Gold, Mary Foise-J.R. Morse 431 Silver, Ann Barber-Kathy Hayes 395 Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll-Jean Crews 555 Gold, Red Fletcher-Curtis Drayden 486 Silver. 70-74: Lajuana Ramey-Richard Rice 491 Gold, B.J. Ellison-Glenda Kenes 451 Silver, Minnette McElhannon-Kay Staples 387 Bronze. 75-plus: Notra Odoms-Jim Draper 483 Gold, Gary and Mary Price 444 Silver, Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 434 Bronze. Doubles


Female–60-64: Paula Hadwin 620 Gold, Ann Barber 467 Silver, Patti Kelly 461 Bronze. 65-69: Susan Berry 632 Gold, Elaine Ingersoll 615 Silver, Jean Crews 604 Bronze. 70-74: Linda McKinney 575 Gold, Kay Staples 510 Silver, Diane Smith 485 Bronze. 75-79: Red Fletcher 645 Gold, Notra Odoms 569 Silver, Mary Price 501 Bronze. 80-plus: Betty Hustead 548 Gold, Sue Crow 538 Silver.

Male–50-69: Curtis Drayden 797 Gold, Larry Hadwin 743 Silver, J.R. Morse 683 Bronze. 70-74: Mike Berry 849 Gold, Fred Walters 755 Silver, Don Preuett 728 Bronze. 80-84: Jim Draper 764 Gold, Gary Price 543 Silver, Ernest Good 536 Bronze. 85-plus: Dick Hainey 610 Gold, Bob Bell 541 Silver.


Age 50-54: Young Guns (RoseMary Crawford, Bill Laurenson, Bob McCollum, JoAnn Smith) 2,036 Gold, Strikers (Jimmy Harris, Linda Jefferson, Geneva Markray, Barb Mills) 1,871 Silver. Age 60-64: Just 4 Fun (Larry and Paula Hadwin, Fred Walters, Notra Odoms) 2,095 Gold, Wild Bunch (Don Preuett, Mary Foisy, Lily Fridenberg, J.R. Morse) 1,942 Silver, Bowling Buddies (Sue Crow, Patti Kelly, Glenda Kenes, Ezell Barber) 1625 Bronze. Age 65-69: Salt & Pepper (Minnette McElhannon, Clarence Greene, Kay Staples, Curtis Drayden) 1,783 Gold, Danny’s Team (Susan Berry, Shelby Kautz, Bettie Sands, Dot Daugherty) 1,767 Silver. Age 70-80 plus: Whatevers (Bert Carroll, Lynn Stuckey, Brenda Beck, Sonny Phillips) 1,892 Gold, Has Beens (JoAnn Henderson, Lajuana Ramey, Richard Rice, Robert Washington) 1,889 Silver, Oldies But Goodies (Gwen Jordan, Dick Hainey, Betty Hustead, Jim Draper) 1,817 Bronze. Also Bowled: Hopefuls (Diane Smith, Gary Price, Mary Price, Ray Smith) 1,698.


60-64: Nelson Bailey Gold. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold, Robert Stockman and Don Sorrells each Silver.


Male—50-54: Gary DePanion Gold. 60-64: Richard Guzman 161 Gold, Robin Chandler 111 Silver, Gary Calligas 74 Bronze. 65-69: Michael Czerniecke 122 Gold, Clarence Pinion 94 Silver.  70-74: Harry Strain 131 Gold, Chuck Lancaster 127 and Duane Chilton 127 Silvers (tie), Ed Dilworth 117 Bronze. 75-79: Bill Snow 197 Gold, Gerry Robichaux 159 Silver, Smiley Nehls 151 Bronze. 80-plus: Dick Hainey 126 Gold, Gary Price 125 Silver, Curtis Cooper 114 Bronze.

Female—55-59: Terri Merritt 102 Gold, Shelia Hunter 79 Silver. 60-64: Paula Hadwin 150 Gold, Lillian Trammel 123 Silver, Juanita Pinion 66 Bronze. 65-69: Ruby Thomas 158 Gold, Geneva Strain 152 Silver, Rosie Jackson 148 Bronze. 70-74: Marie PanQuin 187 Gold, Sherrie Vullo 97 Silver, Mildred Reeves 79 Bronze. 75-79: Red Fletcher 122 Gold, Barbara Wheeler 117 Silver, Mary Jones 107 Bronze. 80-84: Dorothy DePanion 90 Gold, Marie Fitzgerald 69 Silver, Barbara Nolan 55 Bronze. 85-89: Maxine Thomas 50 Gold, Lorece Tettleton 49 Silver, Betty Holiday 40 Bronze.


The Scoring

Female–Vicki Cella 44-44-88; Cathy Buckley 50-44–94.

Male–55-64: Dywane Pickett 43-36–79 Gold, Frank Petitto Jr. 53-52–105 Silver, Ray Torres 56-49–105 Bronze. 65-69: Ray Cella 39-35–74 Gold, Don Ashworth 37-43–80 Silver, Bob Jahnke 43-43–86 Bronze. Steve Pinkley 49-43–92, Charles Knox 47-47–94, Bobby Waddell 47-47–94, Bill Carrier 49-50–99. 70-79: Johnny Buckley 40-40–80 Gold, Larry Jaubert 47-36–83 Silver, Bill Bunyard 45-44–89 Bronze. James Maxwell 51-45–96, Jerry Warren 48-49–97, Robert Gatti 55-49–104. 80-plus: Tom Bachman 49-47–95 Gold, Val Tucker 49-51–100 Silver, Ray Mitchell 54-48–102 Bronze.



Female–60-74:Kat Bryan Gold, Geneva Strain Silver, Betty Smith Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Red Fletcher Silver, Dorothy Bodden Bronze. 80-89: Mary Miller Gold, Barbara Nolan Silver, Maxine Thomas Bronze.

Male–75-79: Les Brosset Gold. 65-89: Duane Chilton Gold, Dave Bodden Silver, Michael Czerniecki Bronze.


Female–60-69: Paula Hadwin Gold, Ruth Morgan Silver.  70-79: Rita Holloway Gold, Sallie Vaughn Silver.

Male–65-74: J.R. Morris Gold, Harry Strain Silver. 80-84: Tom Koch Gold, Gary Price Silver.


.22 Pistols

Females–80-84–Jackie Conner 166 Gold, Bette Turner 52 Silver.

Male–65-74: Don Floyd 212 Gold, Mike Berry 211 Silver, Ernie Chmielewski 210 Bronze. 75-84: Gary Panzer 234 Gold, Les Brosset 201 Silver.

.22 Rifles

Male–65-74: Don Floyd 189 Gold, Ernie Chmielewski 65 Silver, Joe Dernovish 30 Bronze. 75-84: Gary Panzer 61 Gold, Les Brosset 49 Silver.


Female–65-69: Susan Berry 49 Gold, Linda Brangham 50 Silver, Peggy Tatum 53 Bronze. Betty Smith 55, Ginny Boyd 57, Ruby Thomas 59, Shelby Butt 72. 70-74: Darlene Stone 47 Gold, Claudia Beene 57 Silver, Jo Ann Blasingame 59 Bronze. Carol Estrada 60, Mardie Brosset 63, Diane Smith 63. 75-79: Athlean Snow 52 Gold, Mary Price 54 Silver, Red Fletcher 57 Bronze. Doris Carter 66.

Male–60-69: Lionel Brangham 48 Gold, Michael Czerniecki 62 Silver. 70-74: Harold Harvill 41 Gold, Bob Taylor 42 Silver, Chuck Lancaster 57 Bronze. 75-79: Bill Snow 50 Gold, Doyle Blasiingame 57 Silver, Mack Metoyer 60 Bronze. 80-89 Gary Price 51 Gold, Les Brosset 54 Silver.



Female–65-74: Ginny Bates Gold, Betty Smith Silver, Ruby Thomas Bronze. 75-79: Jacque Walls Gold, Red Fletcher Silver.

Male–Bob Taylor Gold, Floyd White Silver, Mike Czernieki Bronze.


Female–65-74: Betty Smith Gold, Ginny Bates Silver, Ruby Thomas Bronze.75-79: Jacque Walls Gold, Red Fletcher Silver.

Male–Floyd White Gold, Bob Taylor Silver, Mike Czernieki Bronze.


One Mile Female–50-74: Kay Aldrich 13:13 Gold, Sherrie Vullo 14:15 Silver, Jo Ann Blasingame 15:24 Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler 16:40 Gold, Maxine Thomas 17:11 Silver.  Male–Duane Chilton and Fred Walters 12:49 each Golds, Michael Czerniecki 15:46 Bronze.

5K Female–70-79: Kay Aldrich 44:16 Gold, Sherrie Vullo 50:28 Silver, Jo Ann Blasingame 52:24 Bronze. Male–70-74: Djuane Chilton 42:49 Gold, Fred Walters 44:42 Silver.


Female–50-64: Juanita Pinion Gold, Shelly Quarles Silver. 65-69: Betty Smith Gold, Margie Bamburg Silver, Jean Crews Bronze. 70-74: Diane Smith Gold, Annette Burch Silver, Mildred Reeves Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Mary Price Silver, Red Fletcher Bronze. 80-84: Barbara Nolan Gold, Jackie Conner Silver, Marie Fitzgerald Bronze. 85-plus: Lorece Tettleton Gold, Phyllis Page Silver, Mary Miller Bronze.

Male–50-74: Duane Chilton Gold, Gary Depanion Silver, Dennis Bamburg Bronze. 75-79: James Russom Gold, George Jernigan Silver, Doyle Blasingame Bronze. 80-plus: Gary Price Gold, Les Brosset Silver, Dick Hainey Bronze.


SKIPBO–Doyle Blasingame-Gary Price Gold, Jackie Conner-Dorothy Depanion Silver, Betty Holliday-Lucy Leonard Bronze. Rose Black-Peggy Tatum Special Award.

PHASE 10–64-69: Betty Smith Gold, Ruby Thomas Silver. 70-74: Bob Taylor Gold, Carole Estrada Silver. 75-79: Jeri Lancaster Gold, Jacque Wall Silver, Doris Carter Bronze. 80-84: Bette Turner  Gold, Flo Arrant, Silver.

DOMINOES–Lee Hudson-Darrell Prentice Gold, William Hillman-Washington Wilson Silver, Frankie Canty-Clifton Wells Jr. Bronze.


Dan Keasler Gold, George Esters Silver, Ed Dilworth Bronze.


Men’s Doubles: Ken Carter-Ed Dilworth d. Tom Guanella-Tommy Poljak 9-7 (pro set).

Men’s singles: Tommy Poljak d. Kenny Carter 8-1. Poljak d. Dilworth 8-0. Level 2 Sam Merritt d. Ted Hardan, 6-1, 5-0 retired.


Female–50-59:Paula Hadwin Gold, Sheila Hunter Silver, Shelly Quarles Bronze.  65-69: Ruby Thomas Gold, Faye Scroggins Silver, Betty Dark Bronze. 70-74: Pearlie Bell Gold, Rosie Young Silver, Mildred Reeves Bronze. 75-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Athlean Snow Silver, Red Fletcher Bronze. 80-84: Jackie Conner Gold, Barbara Nolan Silver, Marie Fitzgerald Bronze. 85-89:Mary Miller Gold, Lorece Tettleton Silver, Eddie Shaw, Bronze.

Male–50-72: Bob Taylor Gold, Robert McNeil Silver, Gary Depanion Bronze. 75-80 Bill Snow Gold, James Russom Silver, Les Brosset Bronze. 85-plus Bob Bell Gold, Dick Hainey Silver.

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