May 17, 2014

Whitler, Sutton among Track and Field’s Best

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1a2014track 031.JPG1a2014track 024.JPG Barbara Wheeler (left photo) is in for some heavy lifting with her five track and field Gold Medals after Saturday’s event. At right, Doyle Blasingame presents the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award to runner Robert Sutton after the competition. (click photo to enlarge)

Mike Whitler gave the NW La. District Senior Olympics track and field championship a fast start and Larry Smith, Doug Shelton and Greg Baker  followed up with multiple bests Saturday.

Robert Sutton, a regular entrant in the district trackfest, won three Gold Medals in his age bracket and was named winner of the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award, given in honor of one of the district’s staunchest supporters. Sutton ran 8:03 in the 50, 17.69 in the 100 and 37.98 in the 200.

Whitler won the 50-meter dash in 6.67 seconds in the day’s first action. Smith then had best times of the day in the 100 meters (12.20) and 200 meters (29.37). Shelton kept the beat going by taking the 400, 800 and 1500 meters in times of 1:12.0, 3:13.0 and 5:44.0 respectively. Meanwhile Baker was producing the best discus effort 113-6 and top javelin throw (138-0). Baker beat out former Louisiana Tech javeliner John Allen (136-7) for the day’s leading effort.

Charles Jolly, another familiar face at the field competition, lofted the best shot put effort (38 feet and a half inch).

And on the women’s side, Barbara Wheeler claimed five age group gold medallions–in the javelin and discus and in the 50, 100 and 200 meters.

And 65-year-old Betty Smith to improve her skills in the field events each year.  She swept to Gold Medals in all three events, topped by a 36-8 toss in the discus. She added a 50-meter gold on the track Saturday.


Discus: Female–65-plus: Betty Smith 36-8 Gold, Barbara Wheeler OD 33-5 1/2 Silver, Mildred Reeves OD 29-3 Bronze.  Male– 60-69: Greg Baker OD 113-6 Gold, Dan Ursery 75-6 1/2 Gold,  Herb Stein OD 81-4 Silver. 70-84: Juius Cassels 80-6 Gold, Jack Haller OD 39-10 1/2 Silver.

Javelin: Female–65-74: Betty Smith 34-8 Gold, Mildred Reeves OD 18-9 Silver. 75-90: Barbara Wheeler OD 17-4 Gold, Annett Burch OD 10-3 Silver, Maxine Thomas OD 8-6 Bronze. Male–60-69-Greg Baker OD 138-0 Gold, Dan Ursery 48-6 Gold, John Allen OD 136-7 Silver, Herb Stein OD 106-3 Bronze. 70-84: Jack Haller OD 39-2 Gold, Julius Cassels 66-1 Gold.

Shot Put: Female–65-74: Betty Smith 19-1 Gold, Mildred Reeves OD 16-0 Silver. Male–60-69: Mah Pace OD 33-10 Gold, Herb Stein OD 27-3 Silver. 70-84: Charles Jolly 38-0 1/2 Gold, Julius Cassels 29-3 Silver.   80-plus: Jack Haller OD 18-2 Gold.

50 Meters: Female–50-69: Betty Smith Gold, Cheryl Webb Silver. 70-79: Barbara Wheeler Gold, Mildred Reeves Silver. 80-89: Maxine Thomas Gold, Thelma Pepper Silver. Male–50-59: Mike Whitler 6.67 Gold, Larry Goswick 7:54 Silver, Curtis Dancy 7.66 Bronze. 60-69:  Larry Smith 6.86 Gold,Tim Mitchell 7:46 Silver, Dan Ursery 7.62 Bronze. 70-74: Robert Sutton 8:03 Gold, Duane Chilton 8:75 Silver. 75-84: Bill Mazyck 10:80, C.P. Turner 11.07 Silver.

100 Meters: Female– 50-69: Cheryl Webb 20:46 Gold, Betty Smith 24.53 Silver. 85-89: Maxine Thomas 38:84 Gold, Thelma Pepper 39.39 Silver. Male–55-60: Tim Mitchell 12.37 Gold, Larry Goswick 13.59 Silver, Curtis Dancy 30.73 Bronze. 65-69: Larry Smith 12.20 Gold, Dan Ursery 13.58 Silver. 70-84: Robert Sutton 17.69 Gold, Curtis P. Turner 22.73 Silver, Bill Mazyck 28.90 Bronze.

200 Meters: Female–45-54: Jenny Hackman 42.55 Gold, Cheryl Webb 47.14 Silver. 75-89: Barbara Wheeler 1:18.77 Gold, Thelma Pepper 1:34.83 Silver. Male–60-69: Larry Smith 29.37 Gold, Dan Ursery 31.05 Silver. 70-75: Robert Sutton 37.98 Gold, Duane Shelton 39.19 Silver, Julius Cassels 43.19 Bronze.

400 Meters: Female–50-89: Cheryl Webb 1:44 Gold, Thelma Pepper 3:18.0 Silver. Male–50-79: Doug Shelton 1:12.0 Gold, C.P. Turner 1:48 Silver.

800 Meters: Female–45-54: Jenny Hackman 3:13.0 Gold, Cheryl Webb 3.56 Silver. Male–Doug Shelton 3:13.0 Gold.

1500: Female–45-54: Jenny Hackman 7:27.0 Gold, Cheryl Webb 7:26.0 Silver. Male–Doug Shelton 5:44.0 Gold.

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