May 21, 2014

M. Berry, Fletcher Tops in No-Tap

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1a14bowling 006.JPG Red Fletcher (right) and Susan Berry finished one-two among the ladies in our No-Tap Bowling competition at Holiday Lanes. (click photo to enlarge)  

Mike Berry and Red Fletcher were high scorers Wednesday in the NW La. District Senior Olympics No-Tap Bowling at Holiday Lanes.

Berry, in men’s 70-74 age division, posted an 849 series on games of 298-300-251. Fletcher had a 645 series in the female 75-79 age group, on games of 196, 206 and 243.

In No-Tap Bowling, contestants are given credit for a strike if they knock over nine or ten pins with their initial attempt per frame.

Curtis Dreyden, in the 50-69 age grouping, finished second in the high series chase with a 797 on games of 258, 300 and 239.

Susan Berry finished second in the high score capitulation for the ladies.  Bowling in the 65-69 age group, Berry started like a house afire, posting a 244 initial score. She finished with a 230 in a 632 series. The 244 score was the individual high game for the ladies and Berry shared that honor with Elaine Ingersoll.


Female–60-64: Paula Hadwin 620 Gold, Ann Barber 467 Silver, Patti Kelly 461 Bronze. 65-69: Susan Berry 632 Gold, Elaine Ingersoll 615 Silver, Jean Crews 604 Bronze. 70-74: Linda McKinney 575 Gold, Kay Staples 510 Silver, Diane Smith 485 Bronze. 75-79: Red Fletcher 645 Gold, Notra Odoms 569 Silver, Mary Price 501 Bronze. 80-plus: Betty Hustead 548 Gold, Sue Crow 538 Silver.

Male–50-69: Curtis Drayden 797 Gold, Larry Hadwin 743 Silver, J.R. Morse 683 Bronze. 70-74: Mike Berry 849 Gold, Fred Walters 755 Silver, Don Preuett 728 Bronze. 80-84: Jim Draper 764 Gold, Gary Price 543 Silver, Ernest Good 536 Bronze. 85-plus: Dick Hainey 610 Gold, Bob Bell 541 Silver.

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