May 5, 2016


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DSC_1059 (1).JPGDoubles Gold Medal winners Ricky Gross and Don Rogers (right) and Silver Medal winners Kenny Carter and Ed Dilworth (left) flank NW District Coordinator Ron Comstock in the top picture. Gold Medal winners in singles Lenda Patterson and Tommy Poljak stop for the camera with their new medallions (lower photo).

Two new names and two familiar ones dotted the results in Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics Tennis at North Bossier Tennis Complex Thursday.

Don Rogers and Ricky Gross, who usually confine their tennis to Querbes Park in Shreveport, ventured across the Red to capture the men’s doubles title for players 63-79 years of age. They beat Ed Dilworth and Kenny Carter, 8-0 in a pro set.

In men’s singles National Senior Games runner-up among 75-79 year olds Tommy Poljak defeated the 73-year-old Dilworth, 6-1, in a best-of-three match when a burst of realism overtook Dilworth.

In women’s singles, Lenda Patterson, a regular in leagues and women’s groups at North Bossier, bested Velma Johnson, 8-3 in a pro set in a match between ladies in their 60s. They continued and Patterson took two more sets, 8-5, 8-5.

Patterson said Johnson used soft returns to draw her into the court for most of her points. “I was hitting my forehand well,” she remarked about her own game.

“We enjoyed getting out and meeting players away from Querbes,” said Rogers, a retiree from American Airlines. “It was good to play on some good clay surfaces against some new folks.” He said he and Gross, who usually partner when they play with their regular Querbes group, “stayed away from unforced errors.” The duo seemed to control the pace of the game, also, off Rogers’ powerful forehand.

Carter, now 79, and Dilworth were both club and teaching pros in their younger days. Kenny, who played tennis alongside Tommy Robinson for Coach Dub Robinson at LSU in 1957-59, said he decided to give the game up two years ago. “I just put my rackets away.” But he begun working back recently at Dilworth’s invitation. “We played once together before this event,” he said. “I’m glad to get back.”

When asked what led to Poljak’s win Dilworth said, “I don’t know . . . If you come in, he passes you. If you stay back, he slices you with drops. He has all the shots. It’s obvious he’s been playing a lot,” he said of the national Silver medalist. In summation he said, “Tommy just cleaned my plough. We were going to play three-sets. But I told him after the first set. ‘Tommy, you’re just cleaning my plough,” adding there wasn’t much disagreement with the assessment.


Women’s 65-69 Singles: Lenda Patterson Gold. Velma Johnson Silver.
Men’s 77-79 Singles: Tommy Poljak Gold. Ed Dilworth Silver.
Men’s 63-79 Doubles: Don Rogers-Ricky Gross Gold. Dilworth-Kenny Carter Silver.

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