May 10, 2016


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DSC_1119.JPGDiane Smith (center) won gold in females 70-74 age group with Ruby Thomas (right) and Teresa Lambert (left) taking silver and bronze.
DSC_1116.JPGMarie Fitzgerald (center) won the 80-84 women’s gold with Delores Gentry (right) and Retta Matthews finishing 2-3.

Save for the pucks clicking against one another or banging into the wooden side boards, there usually isn’t much noise during Senior Olympics shuffleboard. No raised voices, just polite conversation and a lot of quiet strategizing. So it’s nice to hear some kickback between contestants. It reminds you that there is intense competition.

So when bystanders watching Betty Smith’s match with Diane Gray appraised her effort with “that’s a great shot,” Gray’s response was refreshing. “Not for long,” she said determinedly, sending her puck right at Smith’s, knocking it sideways and settling in for seven points for Diane.

Now we’re talkin’. Let’s have a cheer. Some foot-stomping from the spectators. Let’s make a Wave.

Alas Gray, making her first start in Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics shuffleboard Tuesday, couldn’t delay Smith’s march to a medal in the females 65-69 age bracket. Betty won the match easily and would later claim bronze in the bracket behind Gold Medal winner Elaine Ingersoll and Silver Medal winner Linda Comstock.

A large field of players spent a little over four hours sifting out the winners at Bellaire Baptist Fitness Center.

Jackie Conner, who won Gold Medals in the National Senior Games (1999 and 2001), had too much savvy for her foes in claiming the women’s 85-plus category ahead of Maxine Thomas and Dorothy Depanion. Other women’s Gold Medals went to Diane Smith, Donna Cole, Marie Fitzgerald and Red Fletcher.

On the men’s side, Duane Chilton, Doyle Blasingame and Les Brosset won Golds.

And gentility prevailed all day.


Females Ages 55-64: Donna Cole Gold Shelly Quarles Silver. Linda Johnson Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll Gold. Linda Comstock Silver. Betty Smith Bronze. 70-74: Diane Smith Gold. Ruby Thomas Silver. Teresa Lambert Bronze. 75-79: Red Fletcher Gold. Sherrie Vullo Silver. Jacque Wall Bronze. 80-84: Marie Fitzgerald Gold. Delores Gentry Silver. Retta Matthews Bronze. 85-Plus: Jackie Conner Gold. Maxine Thomas Silver. Dorothy Depanion Bronze.

Males Ages 50-74: Duane Chilton Gold. Tony Cole Silver. Art Harman Bronze. 75-79: Doyle Blasingame Gold. Curtis Boyett Silver. 80-85: Les Brosset Gold. Gary Price Silver. George Jernigan Bronze.

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