June 9, 2016


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DSC_1120.JPGDSC_1096 (2).JPGIn the left photo, Skip Kordas receives the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award from staffer Gerry Robichaux. At right, Amy Holmes (second from right) shares a happy moment with Jenny Hackman, Doug Skelton and Robichaux.
Skip Kordas captured the Jesse Lanier Memorial Trophy and Amy Holmes rewrote much of the women’s record book during the 2016 edition of Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics track and field.
Kordas, running for the first time in the event. shared the best time of the day in the 50-meter dash. Running in the 50-54 age group, he matched the 6.75 logged by Dallas’ Mitch Dickson, running among the 65-69 entries. Kordas had the best time of the day in the 100 meters (13.43) and the second-best clocking in the 200-meters (28.33), behind Larry “Super Rook” Smith’s 27.89.

Holmes, in women’s 60-64 age bracket, just kept showing up at the starting line or the field events. She ran 8.45 in the 50 meters, 17.54 in the 100 meters, and 39.43 in the 200 meters. She threw 27-9 in the shot put, 63-6 in the javelin and 63-3 in the discus. An out-of-district performer, the 61-year-old Texan put her name in the track record books twice, only missing her own mark of 38.81 in the 200.

She beat her own age group discus mark by three feet, her own age group javelin mark by more than three feet and had a best for out-of-district competitors in the shot put.

“Her only problem was she faced an all-male selection committee,” said one insider after reviewing the day’s activity. Selectors are certain meet officials and past winners of the Lanier award, who are ineligible to repeat the honor. “Someone might consider awards for both genders in the future,” said another close to the results.

And let’s hear it for Haughton’s Velma Johnson, another first-timer. In the 50 meters, she erased the old mark of 11.19 with a 9.54. But in the field, she really tore up the records. She will be listed as the district’s best in the shot put (23-6 1/2), javelin (40-3) and duscus (44-1).

In the men’s division, 51-year-old Gene Strogen set over-all records in the discus (127-1) and shot put (36-11). In the 85-plus age division, Jimmie Adams (57-6 in the discus and 42-0 in the javelin) produced new in-district records on the day. Dickson matched the 50-meter mark for 65-69 runners and will hold the out-of-district record along side of iconic James Paddie, an in-district runner who posted his mark in 2005.

Field Events
Shot Put
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 27-9 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 23-6 Gold. Betty Smith 18.5 Silver. 70-74: Mildred Reeves 13-0 Gold OD. Ruby Thomas 11-3 Gold. Rosie Jackson 8-9 Bronze OD. 79-85: Barbara Wheeler 15-9 Gold OD. Dot Young 13-6 Silver OD.
Males Ages 40-49: Jerry Byrd Jr. 33-9. 50-59: Gene Strogen 36-9 Gold. Bobby Bearden 12-2 Silver. 65-74: Vince Breaux 31-9. Gold OD. Wayne Bamburg 30-0 Silver OD. Dan Ursery 24-3 Gold. 75-85: Julius Cassels 27-9 Gold. Charles Jolley 27-4 Silver. Jimmie Adams 21-1 Bronze.
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 63-3 Gold OD. Velma Johnaon 40-3 Gold Betty Smith 30-11 Silver. 70-74: Mildred Reeves 25-5 Gold OD. Ruby Thomas 22-10 Gold. Rosie Jackson 9-4 Bronze OD.
Males Ages 40-49: Jerry Byrd Jr. 110-0. 65-74: Vince Breaux 98-7 Gold OD. Wayne Bamburg 77-1 Silver OD. 80-85 Jimmie Adams 42-0 Gold.
Females Ages 62-69: Amy Holmes 63-3 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 44-1 Gold. Betty Smith 29-3 Silver. 70-79: Barbara Wheeler 32-6 Gold OD. Mildred Reeves 25-8 Silver OD. Ruby Thiomas 23-3 Gold. 80-89: Dot Young 312-1 Gold. Maxine Thomas 15-5 Silver OD.
Males Ages 40-49: Jerry Byrd 97-6. 50-69: Gene Strogen 127-1 Gold. Dan Ursery 77-6 Silver. Bobby Bearden 34-1 Bronze. Vince Breaux 90-5 Silver OD. 75-85: Julius Cassels 74-3 Gold. Charles Jolley 71-11 Silver. Jimmie Adams 57-5 Bronze.

Track Events
50 Meters
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 8.45 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 9.59 Gold. Betty Smith 11.37 Silver. 80-89: D. Young 20.66 Gold. OD. Maxine Thomas 32.29 Silver OD.
Males Ages 50-64: Skip Kordas 6.75 Gold. Tim Mitchell 7.44 Silver. Doug Skelton 8.36 Bronze. 65-74: Mitch Dickson 6.75 Gold OD. Larry Smith 6.81 Gold. Robert Sutton 9.58 Silver.
100 Meters
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 17.54 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 29.5 Gold.
Males Ages 50-64: Skip Kordas 13.43 Gold. Tim Mitchell 15.82 Silver. Doug Skelton 15.95 Bronze. 65-73: Mitch Dickson 13.67 Gold OD. Larry Smith 1.79 Gold. Robert Sutton 17.83 Silver.
200 Meters
Females Ages 50-64: Amy Holmes 39.43 Gold OD. Jenny Hackman 43.82 Gold.
Males Ages 50-59: Skip Kordas 28.33 Gold. Doug Skelton 38.03 Silver. Bobby Bearden 1:07.22 Bronze OD. 60-69:Larry Smith 27.89 Gold. 70-75: Robert Sutton 40.37 Gold. Julius Cassels 45.66 Silver.
400 Meters
Females Ages: Jenny Hackman 1:43.95 Gold.
Males: Doug Skelton 1:17.98 Gold. Julius Cassels 1:56.68 Silver.
800 Meters
Females Jenny Hackman 3:58. 78 Gold.
Males: Doug Skelton 3:01.22 Gold.
Jesse Lanier Memorial 1,500 Meters
Females: Jenny Hackman 7:46.27 Gold.
Males: Doug Skelton 6:37.13 Gold.

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