May 27, 2017


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Paula Hadwin and Curtis Drayden bowled high serieses to pace the singles division in the District bowling competition at Holiday Lanes.

On the women’s side, Hadwin put together a 582 series, sandwiching a high game of 247 along the way. Gayle Pearce and Lynn Stuckey each had 211 games as the second highest of the day. Pearce (526) and Stuckery (523) were 2-3 in the series standings.

On the men’s side, Drayden posted the best series (640), closed out with a 279 game, the high of the day. L.D. Nash and Fred Walters, each at 243, were close behind for high game honors. Nash and Don Preuett each posted serieses of 626, second best on the day.


Females Ages 50-59: Gold-Gayle Pierce. Silver-Frankie Smith. Ages 60-64: Rose Mary Crawford. Silver-Martha Susla. Bronze-Gaila Clark. Ages 65-69: Gold-Paula Hadwin. Silver- Cathie Etheredge. Bronze-Judy Lee. Ages 70-74: Gold- Lynn Stuckey. Silver-Sally Moody. Bronze-Janiet Lanclos. Ages 75-80: Gold- Brenda Beck. Silver-Red Fletcher. Bronze-LaJuana Shirley. Ages 81-plus: Gold-Betty Hustead. Silver-Gwen Jordan. Bronze-Lucille Godwin.

Males Ages 55-64: Gold-Joel Montgomery. Silver-Greg Clark. Bronze-John Clark. Ages 65-69: Gold Curtis Drayden . Silver JR Morse. Bronze- Mike Whitehead. Ages 70-74: Gold-L.D. Nash. Silver-Bob McCollum. Bronze Bubba Ogden. Ages 75-79: Gold-Don Preuett. Silver-Fred Walters. Bronze- Everett Fuller. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Dick Hainey. Silver-Jim Draper. Bronze-Gary Price.

Females Ages 50-59: Gold-Rhonda Ward-Ann Glisson 942. Silver-Gayle Pearce-Joann Smith 917. Bronze-Debbie Burch-Becky Parker 876. Ages 60-64: Gold-Rose Mary Crawford-Jane Pace 932. Silver-Diane Smith-Martha Susla 859. Bronze-Gaila Clark-Mary Foise 841. Ages 65-69: Gold-Cathie Etheredge-Joann Henderson 937. Silver-Judy Lee-Brenda Beck 874. Bronze-Paula Hadwin-Lajuana Shirley 823.. Ages 70-74: Gold-Lynn Stuckey-Red Fletcher 1,008. Silver-Sally Moody-Janet Lanclos 859. Ages 75-plus: Gold-Margie Floyd-Kay Staples 864. Silver-Gwen Jordan-Betty Hustead 778. Bronze-Bettye Tullis-Lucille Godwin 767.

Males Ages 60-64: Gold-James Rogers-Steve McCarter 1070. Silver-Greg Clark-Bubba Ogden 1066. Bronze-Joel Montgomery-Ray Smith 1007. Ages 65-69: Gold-J.R. Morse-Jeff Wilcox 1,280. Silver-Curtis Drayden-L.D. Nash 1173. Bronze-Steve Berry-Fred Walters 1160. Ages 70-plus: Gold-Gary Price-Jim Draper 996. Silver-Everett Fuller-Richard Rice 942. Bronze-Roger Hoeman-Dick Hainey 916.

Ages 50-54: Gold-Rhonda Ward-Bubba Ogden 1101. Silver: Gayle Pearce-Mike Thomas 1019. Ages 55-59: Gold-Joann Smith-Bill Lawrensen 1188. Silver-Sally Moody-John Clark 973. Bronze-Gaile and Greg Clark 885. Ages 60-64: Mary Foisy-J.R. Morse 1079. Silver-Joann and Robert Washington 908. Bronze-Martha and James Susla 853. Ages 65-69: Gold-Diane Jobe-Fred Walters 1063. Silver-Cathie Etheredge-Johnnie Taylor 1041. Bronze-Margie Floyd-Curtis Drayden 1015. Ages 70-79: Gold-Kay Staples-Don Preuett 1020. Silver-Diane and Ray Smith 1011. Sue and Mike Toloso 959. Ages 80-plus: Gold- Red Fletcher-Jim Draper 1012. Silver- Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 817.


Ages 50-54: Gold-Rhonda Ward-Bubba Ogden. Silver-Joan Bradford-Jeanne Smith. Agesm 55-59: Gold-Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurenson. Silver-Gaila and John Clark. Bronze-Judy Person-Glenda. Ages 60-64: Gold-Debbie Childs-Spike Prokopf. Silver-Mary Foisy-JR Morse. Bronze-Martha and James Susla. Ages 65-69: Gold-Diane Jobe-Fred Walters. Silver-Paula and Larry Hadwin. Bronze-Margie Floyd-Curtis Drayden. Ages 70-74: Gold-Diane and Ray Smith. Silver-Elaine Ingersoll-Beth Broner. Bronze-LaJuana Shirley-Richard Rice. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Betty Husted-Dick Hainey. Silver Mary and Gary Price. Bronze-Red Fletcher-Jim Draper.


Females Ages 50-59: Gold-Frankie Smith. Silver-Robin Rothenbrger. Ages 60-64: Gold-Kim Price. Silver-Gaile Clark. Bronze-Martha Susla. Ages 65=69: Paula Hadwin. Silver-Cathie Ethredge. Ages 70-74: Elaine Ingersoll. Silver-Diane Smith. Bronze-Beth Broner. Ages 75-79: Gold-B.J. Ellison. Silver-Brenda Beck. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Red Fletcher. Silver-(tie) Betty Hustead and LaJuana Shirley. Bronze-Retta Mathews.

Males Ages 55-69: Gold-JR Morse. Silver-Curtis Drayden. Bronze-Mike Whitehead. Ages 70-79: Gold-Bob McCollum. Silver-Larry Hadwin. Bronze-Fred Walters. Ages 80-plus: Gold-Jim Draper. Silver-Gary Price. Bronze-Dick Hainey.


Ages 50-59: Gold-Minds in the Gutter (Bubba Ogden, Spike Prokopf, Rhonda Ward, Ann Glisson). Silver-Spare Parts (Charlie Brinegar, Jane Pace, Joann Smith, Bill Laurenson). Bronze-Alley Oops (Cathie Etheredge, Debbie Burch, Betty Parker, Lynn Stucky). Ages 60-64: Gold-Bayou Buddies (Lily Fridenberg, Mary Foisy, JR Morse, Don Preuett). Silver-Has Beens (JoAnn Henderson, Joann Washington, Robert Washington, Richhard Rice). Bronze- Odd Balls (Gaila Clark, Judy Lee, Janiet Lanclos, Sally Moody). Ages 65-69: Gold-Salt and Pepper (Diane Jobe, Kay Staples, Curtis Drayden, James Bird). Silver-Just for Fun (Larry Hadwin, Paula Hadwin, Fred Walters, LaJauna Shirley). Ages 70-74: Gold-It’s Happening (Elaine Ingersoll, Beth Broner, B.J. Ellison, Nancy Dusang). Ages 80-plus: Gold-Hot Stuff (Gary Price, Mary Price, Red Fletcher, Jim Draper). Silver-Never Too Old (Betty Hustead, Gwen Jordan, Roger Hoeman, Dick Hainey).

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