June 11, 2016


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Bubba Ogden and Elaine Ingersoll posted the high serieses of the two genders during the NW District’s Singles Bowling competition at All Star Lanes.

Ogden’s 662 among the 70-74 age group bowlers outpaced Jim Draper’s 654 among the 80-84 keglers and Mike Berry’s 608 within the 70-74s.

Ingersoll won the Gold Medal among 65-69 bowlers with a 522 series. Next in line came Rhonda Ward’s 514 in the 50-59s, followed by Willie Mae Joyner’s 506 in the 70-74s.

Female Ages 50-59: Rhonda Ward 514 Gold. Gayle Pearce 498 Silver. Robin Rothenberger 404 Bronze. 60-64: Cathie Etheredge 449 Gold. Gaila Clark 448 Silver. Charlotte Harris 439 Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll 522 Gold. Paula Hadwin 461 Silver. Velma Johnson 399 Bronze. 70-74: Willie Mae Joyner 506 Gold. Lynn Stuckey 471 Silver. Mary Magness 435 Bronze. 75-79: Linda McKinney 459 Gold. Red Fletcher 457 Silver. Lajuana Shirley 445 Bronze. 80-Plus: Betty Hustead 482 Gold. Gwen Jordan 409 Silver. Peggy Haws 360 Bronze.

Male Ages 60-69: Wayne Mayo 598 Gold. Curtis Drayden 592 Silver. J.R. Morse 564 and George Patton 564 both Bronze. 70-74: Bubba Ogden 662 Gold. Mike Berry 608 Silver. L.D. Nash 525 Bronze. 75-79: Fred Walters 534 Gold. Danny McEachran 427 Silver. (no other participants). 80-84: Jim Draper 654 Gold. Gary Price 580 Silver. Ernest Good 501 Bronze. 85-89: Dick Hainey 507 Gold. Jimmie Adams 394 Silver.


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Steve and Daneita Adams posted the top series in the NW La. District Senior Olympics Scotch Mixed Doubles bowling competition and opened up a reign of superlatives at Holiday Lanes.

In subsequent events at Holiday Lanes, 9-Pin No Tap and Team, the Adams name appeared in the top spot also

Bowling in the 50-59 age bracket of Scotch Mixed Doubles, the Adams duo had a series of 584 to claim the Gold Medal for the age group. That score topped the 580 series by Gayle Pearce and Bill Laurenson in the same age bracket..

50-59: Daneita and Steve Adams 584 Gold. Gayle Pearce-Bill Laurensen 580 Silver. Rhonda Ward-Pete Callia 520 Bronze. 60-64: Diane Jobe-Fred Walters 552 Gold. Mary Foisy-J.R. Morse 501 Silver. Martha and James Susla 495 and Hubert Sit-Velma Johnson 495 tied for Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll-Beth Broner 539 Gold. Curtis Drayden-Margie Floyd 534 Silver. Paula and Larry Hadwin 518 Bronze. 70-74: Lynn Stuckey-Bubba Ogden 461 Gold. Diane Smith-B.J. Ellison 458 Silver. Lajuana Shirley-Richard Rice 446 Bronze. 75-79: Red Fletcher-Jim Draper 515 Gold. Ann Glisson-Linda McKinney 392 Silver. No Bronze awarded. 80-Plus: Mary and Gary Price 430 Gold. Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey 416 Silver. No Bronze awarded.

June 10, 2016


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DSC_1070 (7).JPG
Steve Adams, Charlie McCoy had hot hands at Holiday Lanes.

Steve Adams and Charlie McCoy managed to match 300 games in the NW La. District Bowling competition, but don’t call the newspapers yet. The 300s came in 9-Pin No Tap at Holiday Lanes.

Under 9-Pin No Tap format, each first ball knocking down nine or 10 pins is scored as a strike. Adams opened with games of 270 and 279 before rolling 300 for an 849 series. McCoy opened with his 300 and added a 227 and 226 for a 753 series. He was topped in the 70-74 age bracket by Blob McIntosh who rolled a 776 series. Curtis Drayton had the second highest series, 807.

Among the women, Danieta Adams rolled the high seri9es at 598, followed by BJ Ellkison at 597 and Rhonda Ward at 592.

Female Ages 50-59: Daneita Adams 598 Gold. Rhonda Ward 592 Silver. Renee White 374 Bronze. 60-64: Priscilla Wright 523 Gold. Charlotte Harris 517 Silver. Gaila Clark 440 Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll 573 Gold. Paula Hadwin 566 Silver. Sammie Cox 539 Bronze. 70-74: B.J. Ellison 597 Gold. Janet McKenzie 575 Silver. Mary Magness 559 Bronze. 75-79 Red Fletcher 551 Gold. Linda McKinney 512 Silver. Glenda Kenes 494 Bronze. 80-Plus Mary Price Gold. Betty Hustead 367b Silver. Retta Matthews 324 Bronze.
Male Ages 50-54: Greg Clark 572 Gold. Art Hardan 274 Silver. No Bronze awarded. 55-64: Steve Adams 849 Gold. Hubert Sit 674 Silver. No Bronze awarded. 65-69: Curtis Drayden 807 Gold. J.R. Morse 705 Silver. Doyle Harris 568 Bronze. 70-74: Bob McIntosh 776 Gold. Charlie McCoy 753 Silver. Richard Rice 711 Bronze. 75-79: Fred Walters 718 Gold. Doug Horne 623 Silver. Danny McEachran 567 Bronze. 80-Plus: Gary Price 612 Gold. Jim Draper 590 Silver. Dick Hainey 576 Bronze.


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DSC_1072 (7)1.JPG
Steve and Danieta Adams, Kathleen and Charlie McCoy put the shine on Star Frame.
When your team has the high individual series and the high team series it stands to reason you finish high in the team standings.

Thus was the case as the NW La. District Senior Olympics wrapped up bowling competition with team bowling at Holiday Lanes as the Star Frame team won high score for the day. Steve Adams had the high series, a 696 on games of 235, 233 and 228. The team of Steve Adams, Danieta Adams, Charlie McCoy and Kathleen McCoy posted a 2,268, highest of the competition, in winning the 55-59 age Gold Medal. Charlie McCoy rolled a 563 series, Danie3ta Adams a 511 and Kathleen McCoy a 498 for the Star Frame.

That was a torrid age battle. The Dixie Devils (Bill Laurenson 685, Charlie Brinegar 549, Rose Mary Crawford 463 and Joann Smith 459) finished second in the bracket with a 2,156 score.

Ages 50-54: Mixed Nuts 2,087 Gold. Dolls with Balls 1,434 Silver. 55-59: Star Frame 2,268 Gold. Dixie Devils 2,156 Silver. Spare Gals 1,514. Bronze. 60-64: Has Beens 1,829 Gold. Bayou Friends 1,803 Silver. Troubled Bowlers 1, 686. Bronze. 65-69: Just For Fun 2,080 Gold. Salt & Pepper 1,847 Silver. Never Give Up 1,399 Bronze.. 70-Plus: Older Folks 1,990 Gold. Oldeies But Goodies 1,665 Silver.

June 9, 2016


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DSC_1120.JPGDSC_1096 (2).JPGIn the left photo, Skip Kordas receives the Jesse Lanier Memorial Award from staffer Gerry Robichaux. At right, Amy Holmes (second from right) shares a happy moment with Jenny Hackman, Doug Skelton and Robichaux.
Skip Kordas captured the Jesse Lanier Memorial Trophy and Amy Holmes rewrote much of the women’s record book during the 2016 edition of Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics track and field.
Kordas, running for the first time in the event. shared the best time of the day in the 50-meter dash. Running in the 50-54 age group, he matched the 6.75 logged by Dallas’ Mitch Dickson, running among the 65-69 entries. Kordas had the best time of the day in the 100 meters (13.43) and the second-best clocking in the 200-meters (28.33), behind Larry “Super Rook” Smith’s 27.89.

Holmes, in women’s 60-64 age bracket, just kept showing up at the starting line or the field events. She ran 8.45 in the 50 meters, 17.54 in the 100 meters, and 39.43 in the 200 meters. She threw 27-9 in the shot put, 63-6 in the javelin and 63-3 in the discus. An out-of-district performer, the 61-year-old Texan put her name in the track record books twice, only missing her own mark of 38.81 in the 200.

She beat her own age group discus mark by three feet, her own age group javelin mark by more than three feet and had a best for out-of-district competitors in the shot put.

“Her only problem was she faced an all-male selection committee,” said one insider after reviewing the day’s activity. Selectors are certain meet officials and past winners of the Lanier award, who are ineligible to repeat the honor. “Someone might consider awards for both genders in the future,” said another close to the results.

And let’s hear it for Haughton’s Velma Johnson, another first-timer. In the 50 meters, she erased the old mark of 11.19 with a 9.54. But in the field, she really tore up the records. She will be listed as the district’s best in the shot put (23-6 1/2), javelin (40-3) and duscus (44-1).

In the men’s division, 51-year-old Gene Strogen set over-all records in the discus (127-1) and shot put (36-11). In the 85-plus age division, Jimmie Adams (57-6 in the discus and 42-0 in the javelin) produced new in-district records on the day. Dickson matched the 50-meter mark for 65-69 runners and will hold the out-of-district record along side of iconic James Paddie, an in-district runner who posted his mark in 2005.

Field Events
Shot Put
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 27-9 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 23-6 Gold. Betty Smith 18.5 Silver. 70-74: Mildred Reeves 13-0 Gold OD. Ruby Thomas 11-3 Gold. Rosie Jackson 8-9 Bronze OD. 79-85: Barbara Wheeler 15-9 Gold OD. Dot Young 13-6 Silver OD.
Males Ages 40-49: Jerry Byrd Jr. 33-9. 50-59: Gene Strogen 36-9 Gold. Bobby Bearden 12-2 Silver. 65-74: Vince Breaux 31-9. Gold OD. Wayne Bamburg 30-0 Silver OD. Dan Ursery 24-3 Gold. 75-85: Julius Cassels 27-9 Gold. Charles Jolley 27-4 Silver. Jimmie Adams 21-1 Bronze.
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 63-3 Gold OD. Velma Johnaon 40-3 Gold Betty Smith 30-11 Silver. 70-74: Mildred Reeves 25-5 Gold OD. Ruby Thomas 22-10 Gold. Rosie Jackson 9-4 Bronze OD.
Males Ages 40-49: Jerry Byrd Jr. 110-0. 65-74: Vince Breaux 98-7 Gold OD. Wayne Bamburg 77-1 Silver OD. 80-85 Jimmie Adams 42-0 Gold.
Females Ages 62-69: Amy Holmes 63-3 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 44-1 Gold. Betty Smith 29-3 Silver. 70-79: Barbara Wheeler 32-6 Gold OD. Mildred Reeves 25-8 Silver OD. Ruby Thiomas 23-3 Gold. 80-89: Dot Young 312-1 Gold. Maxine Thomas 15-5 Silver OD.
Males Ages 40-49: Jerry Byrd 97-6. 50-69: Gene Strogen 127-1 Gold. Dan Ursery 77-6 Silver. Bobby Bearden 34-1 Bronze. Vince Breaux 90-5 Silver OD. 75-85: Julius Cassels 74-3 Gold. Charles Jolley 71-11 Silver. Jimmie Adams 57-5 Bronze.

Track Events
50 Meters
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 8.45 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 9.59 Gold. Betty Smith 11.37 Silver. 80-89: D. Young 20.66 Gold. OD. Maxine Thomas 32.29 Silver OD.
Males Ages 50-64: Skip Kordas 6.75 Gold. Tim Mitchell 7.44 Silver. Doug Skelton 8.36 Bronze. 65-74: Mitch Dickson 6.75 Gold OD. Larry Smith 6.81 Gold. Robert Sutton 9.58 Silver.
100 Meters
Females Ages 60-69: Amy Holmes 17.54 Gold OD. Velma Johnson 29.5 Gold.
Males Ages 50-64: Skip Kordas 13.43 Gold. Tim Mitchell 15.82 Silver. Doug Skelton 15.95 Bronze. 65-73: Mitch Dickson 13.67 Gold OD. Larry Smith 1.79 Gold. Robert Sutton 17.83 Silver.
200 Meters
Females Ages 50-64: Amy Holmes 39.43 Gold OD. Jenny Hackman 43.82 Gold.
Males Ages 50-59: Skip Kordas 28.33 Gold. Doug Skelton 38.03 Silver. Bobby Bearden 1:07.22 Bronze OD. 60-69:Larry Smith 27.89 Gold. 70-75: Robert Sutton 40.37 Gold. Julius Cassels 45.66 Silver.
400 Meters
Females Ages: Jenny Hackman 1:43.95 Gold.
Males: Doug Skelton 1:17.98 Gold. Julius Cassels 1:56.68 Silver.
800 Meters
Females Jenny Hackman 3:58. 78 Gold.
Males: Doug Skelton 3:01.22 Gold.
Jesse Lanier Memorial 1,500 Meters
Females: Jenny Hackman 7:46.27 Gold.
Males: Doug Skelton 6:37.13 Gold.

June 2, 2016


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DSC_1088 (4).JPGOn a bright afternoon, these participants helped close down the curtain on our 24th season.


Larry Joubert captured two Gold Medals, Jerry and his son Dale each captured a gold medallion and Leon Darden wrapped up the golfing sweepstakes crown during the annual Chip and Putt competition of the NW District Senior Olympics at The Practice Tee May 29th.

Joubert was the best among 70-74 age group entries in putting, ahead of Richard Beall and Robert Gatti. He bested Gatti and Joel McKinzie in chipping. Beall was the only golfer to can a putt in the competition, making and 18-foot downhiller.

Dale Warren claimed gold in putting and his dad gold in the 75-79 age bracket.

Darden won a Gold Medal in chipping among the 75-79s and a silver in putting and those two medals carried him to the best showing among contestants who entered the four events used to determine the golf sweepstakes winner, 18-hole medal play, miniature golf and chipping and putting. To be eligible, contestants must enter all four.

65-69: Steve Pinkley Gold. Harold Delaune Silver. 70-74: Larry Joubert Gold. Robert Gatti Silver. Joel McKenzie Bronze. 75-79: Leon Darden Gold. Jerry Warren Silver.
50-54: Dale Warren Gold. 65-69 Harold Delaune Gold. Steve Pinkley Silver. 70-74: Larry Joubert Gold. Richard Beale Silver. Robert Gatti Bronze. 75-79: Jerry Warren Gold. Leon Darden Silver.

May 31, 2016


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DSC_1100 (2).JPG
DSC_1111 (2).JPGDSC_1104 (2).JPG
DSC_1102 (2).JPGDSC_1109 (2).JPG
Linda Brangham (top photo) received the coveted Hazel Gay Torch Award during the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics Athletes’ Celebration May 31. Other award winners are shown in these photos. Photo 2, Doyle Blasingame, winner of a Distinguished Service Award, is flanked by Lionel Brangham and Ronny Comstock. Photo 3, Female Athlete of the Year Mildred Reeves of Union Parish, poses with Union buddies Maxine Thomas and Barbara Wheeler. Photo 4: Lionel Brangham presents Tony Cole with the Volunteer of the Year award. Photo 5:Jackie Conner shows off her MVP award. And Velma Johnson (Photo 6) beams after receiving the Ken Howard’s Spirit Award.


Linda Brangham was named winner of the coveted Hazel Gay Torch Award Tuesday as the Northwest District Senior Olympics honored individuals for superlative service to the 2016 effort.
Velma Johnson, Jackie Conner, Tony Cole and Doyle Blasingame joined Brangham among those honored Tuesday at the Athletes’ Celebration held at the Bossier Knights of Columbus Hall.
Brangham follows Lillian Trammel in the list of Torch Award winners. The award honors the late Hazel Gay, Program Director of the Bossier Council on Aging who was instrumental in keeping the district games alive after its founding group, the YMCA of Shreveport-Bossier, discontinued conducting them after 1994. Linda has worked tirelessly in numerous capacities through this, her first season on the board of district coordinators.
Johnson won the other “named” award, taking home the Ken Howard’s Spirit Award, which goes to the person who embraces the games with the same spirit the late Howard did. “Ken was part of almost everything offered, enthusiastically helping carry out the activities as well as encouraging his fellow competitors as they enjoyed the games,” recalled Gerry Robichaux, who presented the award. Les Brosset was the winner of the Howard’s Spirit honor last year.
Conner won the MVP Award. “She has been there any time we needed her, any time we asked, with advice and willing hands to help,” said Ronny Comstock, the first-year District Coordinator.
Cole was named Volunteer of the Year. “When something needed to be handled, needed to be accomplished, he was our man this year, We could count on Tony,” said Comstock.
Comstock and Lionel Brangham, the duo that directs the district this year, called a familiar figure to come forward later. They gave Doyle Blasingame the Distinguished Service Award, a new honor. “This is for his long service in building the Senior Olympics into what it is today, making our work so much easier, giving us advice and guidance in how things should be done,” said Comstock.
Blasingame retired after 19 seasons as coordinator last year. In receiving the DSA, he recalled his thoughts when a group of ladies from Union Parish several years ago asked if they could enter our district games because their Northeast District, housed in Monroe, shut down. “I didn’t want that to happen to (the Northwest District),” he said. “So I began looking for someone willing to take over here when our coordinators began to step down.” He said after Comstock and Brangham and their friends work this year, “I believe we are in good hands.”
In other awards:
—Joyce Middleton was named winner of The Susan Berry Golf Award, named for the late coordinator of district golf competition.
—Mildred Reeves was named Female Athlete of the Year.
—James Russom was named Male Athlete of the Year.
—Leon Darden won the Golf Sweepstake.
As individuals arrived at the Athletes’ Celebration, they were presented with an Aloha necklace made of colorful paper flowers. It established for all the theme of Good-bye to 2016 and Hello to 2017, which will mark the Silver Anniversary of the District’s Games. And 2016 will be remembered for a registration of 550 participants, second highest in the district’s history, topped only by a 570 figure in 2011.

May 13, 2016


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DSC_1087 (4).JPG DSC_1072 (5).JPGHigh series in Friday’s Doubles Bowling at All Star Lanes came from Don Preuett and Mike Berry (left photo) for the men and Gayle Pearce and Jean Smith (right photo) for the women.
Mike Berry and Don Preuett posted a 1,149 and the mother-daughter team of Gayle Pearce and Jean Smith a 1,010 for the top scores in the Northwest District Doubles Bowling competition at All Star Lanes Friday.

Pearce-Smith won the women’s 50-59 age bracket ahead of Rhonda Ward and Ann Glisson who had the next best series (980) on the women’s side of the event. Elaine Ingersoll and Beth Broner won the Gold Medal in the 65-69 bracket with 964, third highest series of the day on the female side.

J.R. Morse and George Patton (1,109) and Curtis Drayden and Clarence Greene (1,107) finished 1-2 in the 60-69 men’s age bracket and followed Berry-Preuett in the leading series standing.

High individual series for men went to J. R. Morse (639) and Morse and Gary Price shared high-game honors (227). On the female side, Ann Glisson at 528 had the high individual series and Joann Smith at 194 the high individual game.

Females Ages 50-59: Gayle Pearce-Jean Smith 1,010 Gold. Rhonda Ward-Ann Glisson 980 Silver. Robin Rothenberger-Jane Pace 869 Silver. 60-64: Charlotte Harris-Mary Magness 933 Gold. Cathie Etheredge-Jo Ann Henderson 891 Silver. Gaila Clark-Mary Cowser 852 Bronze. 65-69: Elaine Ingersoll-Beth Broner 964 Gold. Paula Hadwin-Lajuana Shirley 928 Silver. Rachel Preuett-Red Fletcher 900 Bronze. 70-74: Brenda Beck-Lynn Stuckey 959 Gold. Diane Smith-B.J. Ellison 899 Silver. Janet McKenzie-Margie Floyd 844 Bronze.75-90 plus: Gwen Jordan-Betty Hustead 720 Gold. Eleanor Ritchie-Sue Crow 717 Silver. Shirley Faulk-Jean Brown 608 Silver.

Males Ages 60-69: J.R. Morse-George Patton 1,109 Gold. Curtis Drayden-Clarence Greene 1,107 Silver. Wayne Mayo-Ken Kristick 1,057 Bronze. 70-74: Mike Berry-Don Preuett 1,149 Gold. Larry Hadwin-L.D. Nash and Robert Washington-Richard Rice tied at 1,002 for Silver. James Rogers-Bob McCollum 970 Bronze. 75-Plus: Jim Draper-Gary Price 963 Gold. Ernest Good-Dick Hainey 910 Silver.

May 12, 2016


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DSC_1092 (3).JPGDonna Cole (left) and Ed Reynolds were female and male medalists in Miniature Golf.
DSC_1095 (1).JPGTop female scorers included (from left) Juanita Tucker, Mary Price, Louise Rowell and Linda Brangham.
DSC_1094 (2).JPGA father-son medal performance for Jerry Warren (front) and Jimmy Warren

Donna Cole and Ed Reynolds, two newcomers to the Northwest District’s Miniature Golf competition, posted the low score in their respective divisions Thursday evening at Party Central in Bossier City.

Reynolds shot six-over par 42 to pace the men’s competition, a stroke better than last year’s low scorer Harold Harvill, Bob Taylor and Lionel Brangham, who conducted the event. Cole posted 48 to lead the women, two better than Juanita Tucker and three ahead of Mary Price.

It is interesting to see the attention Harvill draws in this event (he has been low scorer 14 times over the years). When Taylor, who beat Harvill for the honor in 2002, rolled in a hole-in-one on the 18th hole, he realized he had tied Harvill at 43. Alas Taylor and Harville were in the same age bracket (70-74) with Reynolds. Under tournament rules, ties are broken by a scorecard playoff in determining the medal standings and Harvill captured the Silver Medal and Taylor settled for bronze behind Reynolds’ gold.

Brangham won the Gold Medal in the 65-69 age group. Bill Snow and Jerry Warren also won age group Gold Medals among the men.

Besides Cole, Carol Estrada, Juanita Tucker, Mary Price and Louise Rowell won Gold Medals among the women. On the women’s leader board, Tucker 50, Price 51, Rowell 52, Linda Brangham 53 and Sally Vaughan 54 followed Cole. Top men’s scores included Steve Pinkley 47. Jerry Warren 47, Jimmy Warren 47 and Bill Snow 47.


Female Ages 60-64: Donna Cole 48 Gold. Linda Johnson 64 Silver. No Bronze awarded. 65-69: Louise Rowell 52 Gold. Linda Brangham 53 Silver. Betty Smith 62 Bronze. 70-74: Carol Estrada 56 Gold. Jeanette Kohlnhofer 56 Silver (tie broken by scorecard playoff). Marilyn Hainey 58 Bronze. 75-79: Juanita Tucker 50 Gold. Sallie Vaughn 54 Silver. Kay Aldrich 57 Bronze. 80-84: Mary Price 51 Gold. Doris Carter 56 Silver. Retta Matthews 64 Bronze.

Males Ages 65-69: Lionel Brangham 43 Gold. Steve Pinkley 47 Silver. Jimmy Warren 47 Bronze (tie broken by scorecard playoff). 70-74: Ed Reynolds 42 Gold. Harold Harvill 43 Silver. Bob Taylor 43 Bronze (tie broken by scorecard playoff). 75-79: Bill Snow 47 Gold. Jim Aldrich 49 Silver. Leon Darden 54 Bronze. 80-89: Jerry Warren 47 Gold. Gary Price 52 Silver. Les Brosset 54 Bronze.

May 11, 2016


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DSC_1092 (2).JPGMargie Floyd and Curtis Drayden (second and third from left) led the way in Mixed Doubles bowling with a 1,068 series at All-Star Lanes. ahead of the Joann Smith (left) and her partner Bill Laurenson (not shown), who had a 1,066 series. Cathie Etheredge and George Patton (at right) had the third best series of the day (1,055).
Margie Floyd and Curtis Drayden combined for the top series in NW District Mixed Doubles Bowling Wednesday at All Star Lanes in the first of six bowling events in the 2016 Senior Olympics.

With Drayden posting a 647 series, including a high game of 253, the leading pair posted a 1,068 score, two pins better than Joann Smith and Bill Laurenson. Third best series belonged to Cathie Etheredge and George Patton (1,055).

Floyd-Drayden won the Gold Medal in the 65-69 age group, ahead of Sammie Cox and L.D. Nash (1,045) and Rachel and Don Preuett (1,026). Smith and Laurenson claimed the 55-59 age grouping ahead of Gary Price and his daughter Jeanne Smith. Etheredge-Patton ruled the 60-64 bracket ahead of Gaila Clark and Wayne Mayo (965) and Mary Foisy and T.R. Morse (939).

Gayle Pearce and Mike Thomas won gold in the 50-54 age bracket with a 986 series. Rhonda Ward and Bubba Ogden were second with 910.

In team events such as doubles, the age designation is made usjng the age of the younger participant.

Laurenson had the high series for the boys at 648 with Drayden a pin back. Wayne Mayo (558), J.R. Morse (532) and Mike Thomas (520) rounded out the top five. Cathie Etheridge (561), Paula Hadwin (528), Sammie Cox (522), Rachel Preuett (504) Mary Maness (476) and Gayle Pearce (466) led the way for the girls.

Drayden had the high game for the men while Etheredge (223) led the ladies.

Next for bowlers is doubles Friday the 13th at All Star.

Ages 50-54: Gayle Pearce-Mike Thomas (986) Gold. Rhonda Ward-Bubba Ogden (910) Silver. 55-59: Joann Smith-Bill Laurenson (1,066) Gold. Jeanne Smith-Gary Price (840) Silver. 60-64: Cathie Etheredge-George Patton (1,055) Gold. Gaila Clark-Wayne Mayo (965) Silver. Mary Foisy-J.R Morse (939) Bronze. 65-69: Margie Floyd-Curtis Drayden (1,068) Gold. Sammie Cox-L.D. Nash (1.045) Silver. Rachel and Don Preuett (1,026) Bronze. 70-74: Lajuana Shirley-Richard Rice (988) Gold. Mary Magness-Danny McEacharn (919) Silver. Diane and Ray Smith (900) Bronze. 75-90-Plus: Red Fletcher-Jim Draper (1,004) Gold. Betty Hustead-Dick Hainey (863) Silver. Gwen Jordan-Ernest Good (788) Bronze.

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