April 25, 2017

Oldies Are Goodies in Shuffleboard

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The popular Shuffleboard doubles competition returned to the District schedule and Gary and Mary Price took home the Gold Medal for the 80-84 age bracket. And former National Senior Games Gold Medalist Jackie Conner and Robert Bates claimed singles titles in the two days of play at the Bill Cockrell Community Center, a new location for the shuffleboarding.

In singles play, Betty Smith graduated from a Bronze Medal in to Gold this year in the 65-69 age bracket for females while Delores Gentry moved up from silver in 2016 to gold this year.

Duane Chilton moved up an age bracket fron 2016 but had the same success, winning a Gold Medal in men’s 75-79 age group.

Doubles slipped off the schedule last year because officials tried to get doubles and singles played in the same day. Wiser heads scheduled singles and doubles on different days this year.


FEMALE—Ages 55-64: Gold - Shelly Quarles. Sliver - Donna Cole.Bronze - Patrica Pickett. Ages 65-69: Gold - Betty Smith. Silver - Linda Johnson. Bronze - Linda Brangham. Ages 70-74: Gold - Teresa Lambert. Silver - Linda Comstock. Bronze - Rita Bates. Ages 75-79: Gold- Cindy Cason. Silver-Marie PanQuin. Bronze- Mildred Reeves. Ages 80-84: Gold – Delores Gentry. Silver - Dot Young. Bronze - Dorothy Barnette. 85-90 plus: Gold - Jackie Conner. Silver - Maxine Thomas. Bronze - Marie Fitzgerald. MALE—Ages 55-74: Gold - Dywane Pickett. Silver - Bobby Bearden. Bronze - Dennis Bamburg. Ages 75-79: Gold - Duane Chilton. Silver - Chuck Lancaster. Bronze - Curtis Boyett. Ages 80-89: Gold - Robert Bates. Silver - Les Brosset. Bronze - George Jernigan.

Ages 55-59: Gold - Marie PanQuin / Shelly Quarles. Silver - Bobby Bearden / Dick Hainey. Bronze - Donna Cole / Velma Johnson. Ages 60-69: Gold - Dywane and Patricia Pickett. Silver - Ruby Thomas / Betty Smith. No bronze awarded. Ages 70-74: Gold - Duane Chilton / Peggy Tatum. Silver - Dennis and Margie Bamburg. Bronze - Robert and Rita Bates. Ages 75-79: Gold - Chuck and Jeri Lancaster. Silver - James Russom / Cindy Cason. Bronze - Mildred Reeves / Dot Young. Ages 80-84: Gold - Gary and Mary Price. Silver - Maxine Thomas / Barbara Wheeler. Bronze - Jo and George Jernigan.

April 24, 2017

Thomas, Hainey on Target in Darts

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Ruby Thomas and Dick Hainey had high scores in their respective genders during the 2017 Darts competition held at Knights of Columbus Hall April 22.
Ruby graduated up from a Bronze medal in 2016. Dick did not medal in 2016.
Meanwhile Barbara Wheeler and Les Brosset had the highest scores in the Accuracy Throws.

Dart Results

FEMALE Ages 55-59: Gold - Terri Merritt. Silver - Donna Cole. Bronze - Shelly Quarles. Ages 60-69: Gold - Lillian Williams. Silver - Linda Brangham. Bronze - Dianne Lewis. Ages 70-74: Gold - Ruby Thomas (Women’s High Score). Silver - Dorothy Schlegal. Bronze - Peggy Chilton. Ages 75-79: Gold - Sherri Vullo. Silver - Virginia Jones. Bronze - Mildred Reeves. Ages 80-84: Gold - Atlean Snow. Silver - Barbara Wheeler. No bronze awarded. Ages 90+ :Gold - Betty Holiday. Silver-Maxine Thomas. No bronze awarded.
MALE Ages 55-64 Gold - Tony Cole. Silver - Bobby Bearden. No bronze awarded. Ages 65-69: Gold - Curtis Chandler. Silver - Wayne Bearden. No bronze awarded. 65-79; Gold - Curtis Chandler. Silver - Duane Chilton, Bronze - Curtis Boyette . Ages 80+: Gold - Dick Hainey (Men’s High Score). Silver - Gary Price. Bronze - Bill Snow.

Accuracy Throws
FEMALE Ages 55-64: Gold- Donna Cole. Silver-Terri Merritt. Bronze-Dianne Lewis. Ages 65-69: Gold- Betty Smith. Silver- Lillian Williams. Bronze-Linda Brangham. Ages 70-74: Gold-Linda Comstock. Silver-Peggy Chilton. No Bronze awarded. Ages 75-79: Gold-Mildred Reeves. Silver-Marie PanQuin. Bronze-Virginia Jones. Ages 80-84: Gold- Barbara Wheeler (women’s high score). Silver-Atlean Snow. Bronze-Dorothy Bodden. Ages 90-plus: Gold-Maxine Thomas. Silver-Betty Holliday. No bronze awarded.
MALE Ages 69-69: Gold-Curtis Chandler. Silver -Tony Cole. Bronze-Wayne Bamberg. Ages 75-79: Gold - Dave Bodden. Silver - Duane Chilton. Bronze – Curtis Boyett. 80-plus: Gold - Les Brosset (men’s high score) Silver - Dick Hainey. Bronze - Bill Snow.

April 20, 2017

A New Dawn in Table Tennis

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DSC_1293.JPGDawn Manning (center) won the Gold Medal in women’s singles during the District table tennis tournament Thursday (April 20) with Vickie Mericle (right) and Velma Johnson (left) finishing with silver and bronze respectively.


It was the dawn of a new day in District Table Tennis as Dawn Manning captured the Gold Medal in the women’s division.

Manning bested last year’s gold medalist Vickie Mericle in a three-set match that saw prolonged, spirited rallies. Then she put away Velma Johnson

Against Mericle, Manning won the second and third sets and had to come from behind in each. As the battle wore on, she began to cope with Mericle’s tactic of repeatedly moving her from one side of the table to the other by hitting to her forehand and then her backhand.

The Taylors, father Bob and son Trey, had a good night of it in the men’s division. Bob won the Gold Medal in men’s 75-79 singles, over Rodney Stratman. Trey won gold in the men’s 50-59 age bracket. Carlos Martin wound up with silver and Robert Lachman won silver.

Bob Taylor teamed with Troy McGee to win the gold in men’s 55-79 doubles over Lachman and Silberman. Silberman and McGee finished 1-2 in men’s 65-74 singles.

The Results
Females– Ages 55-69: Dawn Manning Gold. Vickie Mericle Silver. Velma Johnson Bronze. Males—Ages 50-59: Trey Taylor Gold. Carlos Martin Silver. Robert Lachman Bronze. Ages 65-74: Howard Silberman Gold. Troy McGee Silver. Ages 75-79: Bob Taylor Gold. Rodney Stratman Silver.
Males—Ages 55-79: Bob Taylor-Troy McGee Gold. Lachman-Silberman Silver.

April 10, 2017

Dominos Fall Just Right

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Gaaila Clark and Mose Kirkendall paced the younger set in the Northwest District domino competition April 7, claiming Gold Medals in the women’s and men’s divisions respectively in spirited competition at the Northwest Louisiana War Veterans Home in Bossier City.

Clark led the women’s 60-70 age bracket, finishing ahead of Juanita Reed. Kirkendahl was tops in an age bracket between 65-70 years of age.

Dominos Results
60-70– Gaila Clark Gold; Juanita Reed Silver. 71-75–Willie Myres Gold, Carol Estrada Silver. 75-90– Rose Black Gold. Dorothy Depanion Silver.

65-70–Mose Kirkendoll Gold. Mister Nance Silver. 80-90—Mister Wells Gold. L. Green Silver. W. Currey Bronze.

April 7, 2017

Fun and Games at the Table

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DSC_1262.JPGLinda Johnson, Lillian Trammel and Donna Cole battle their way through a Mexican Train Dominos match during the District’s Table Games.
After the games of Mexican Train Dominos made its debut in the NW Louisiana District Senior Olympics, one of the competitors had a positive appraisal: Everyone had fun!
Donna Cole, Linda Comstock, Margie Waller and Bobbie Williams and Lionel Brangham probably had the most fun as they captured Gold Medals for their age brackets.
Gary and Mary Price ruled the SKIPO competition while Betty Smith, Carole Felts and Jeri Lancaster packed off Gold Medals in Phase 10.

Table Games Results

Phase 10
Gold–Betty Smith
Silver–Stella Hawkins
Bronze — Flo Arrant

Gold– Carole Felts
Silver –Carol Estrada

Gold–Jerl Lancaster
Silver –Bette Turner
Bronze–Doris Carter

Gold– Gary Price/ Mary Price
Silver–Dorothy Depannion/Jackie Conner
Bronze–Mose Kirkendoll/Rose Black

Gold – Donna Cole
Silver – Linda Johnson
Bronze – Lillian Trammel
Gold – Vicki Hawthorne (OD)
Gold– Linda Comstock
No bronze awarded

Gold – Margie Waller
Silver – B.J. Prudhomme
No bronze awarded

Gold – Bobbie Williams
Silver – Betty Daily
No bronze awarded


Bronze – Lionel Brangham
Gold – Vance Claassen
Silver – Jerry Smith

April 4, 2017

District Enters Heavy April Schedule

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The Northwest La. District Senior Olympics picks up speed in its 2017 renewal today. In the remainder of the month of April, there will be 10 events, starting today (April 5) with table games competition at the Bossier Council on Aging.

This year the card games of Skipbo and Phase 10 will be joined by a newcomer—Mexican Train Dominoes. Then on Friday (April 7) dominoes competition will begin at 9 a.m. at the NW La. War Veterans home on Arthur Ray Teague Parkway.

The District prides itself on offering activities that help keep seniors mentally sharp as well as physically toned. Coordinator Ronny Comstock points out that there will be a chess tournament on April 26.

Here is the district schedule through the month of April:

Wednesday, April 5—Table Games, 9 a.m. (Skipbo, Phase 10, Mexican Train Dominoes) at Bossier Council on Aging, 706 Bearkat Dr. Bossier City.

Friday, April 7—Dominos, 9 a.m. NW La. War Veterans Home, Arthur Ray Teague Parkway, Bossier City.

Tuesday, April 18—Shuffleboard Singles 8 a.m. Bill Cockrell Community Center, 4109 Pines Rd., Shreveport.

Wednesday, April 19—Shuffleboard Doubles 8 a.m. Bill Cockrell Community Center, 4109 Pines Rd., Shreveport.

Thursday, April 20—Table Tennis, 5:30 p.m. Bossier Recreation Offices, 3223 Old Shed Road., Bossier City.

Saturday, April 22—Accuracy Throws, 9 a.m. Knights of Columbus Bossier Hall, 5400 E. Texas, Bossier City

Monday, April 24–8-Ball Pool 9 a.m., Randal T. Moore Senior Center, 3101 Fairfield Avenue, Shreveport.

Wednesday, April 26—Chess, Noon, Randle T. Moore Senior Center, 3101 Fairfield Avenue, Shreveport.

Thursday, April 27—Marksmanship, 1 p.m., 22 rifles and pistols, Shooters USA, 357 Magnum Drive, Bossier City.

Saturday, April 29—Track and Field, 8:30 a.m. , Airline High School, Viking Drive, Bossier City.

April 3, 2017

A Look at Mexican Train Dominos

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Here’s a look at the newest game added to the District Senior Games schedule.

Mexican Train Dominoes Rules
Players will first shuffle the dominoes. Each player will then draw one domino.
The player drawing the highest numbered domino wins the draw.
Return the dominoes to the bone yard and re-shuffle, then draw your dominoes
to play. For 4 players, draw 15 dominoes. For 5 players, draw 12 dominoes.
Beginning the Game
Play will begin with the “double 5” domino. If no one has the “double 5”, players
will draw one domino until the “double 5” is drawn, beginning with the player
who won the first draw, then the player to his or her left draws, ect. The player
having the “double 5” plays it in the center of the “station” and it becomes the
“engine” for all other trains played out of the “station”. The rules for
playing doubles applies. Play then continues to the left.
Public Trains
All trains begin the game as “private”, and only the player who owns the train
may play on it. When a player draws a domino and is unable play it, they must
mark their train as “public” by placing a marker on their train. Players have the
option, whether they can play on their own train or not, of playing a domino
on any train currently marked “public”. When a player with a “public” train adds
a domino to it, it becomes “private” again and may not be played on except
by the train’s owner.
The Mexican ( Community ) Train
The Mexican Train is an additional train that anyone may play on during their turn.
They can start the Mexican Train (by playing a domino matching the engine) or
add to the train once it is started. The Mexican Train may be started out of the
“Station” or off to the side. Only one Mexican Train is allowed.
Playing Doubles
When a double is played, it must have another domino played on it. Adding this
domino to the double is called “finishing”, “satisfying the double” or “covering the
double”. The player who played the double must take another turn. This additional
turn follows exactly the same rules as any normal turn. They may play anywhere
they like, and do not have to “finish the double” on this turn. They may play
elsewhere and, provided they make a legal play, do not have to mark their train
for not finishing the double. Like any other turn, if they cannot play they must
draw a domino and mark their train as “public”. If a double remains unfinished
after it has been played, the train becomes a “public” train. No other train can be
added to by any player until someone “finishes the double”. Play passes to the
next player who can legally play on this train (if the train is theirs, or if they can
legally play on “public” trains). If they cannot “finish the double”, they must draw
a domino, and if they cannot play it on the double, their own train becomes
“public”. Play continues like this until someone “finishes the double”.
Playing Two Doubles
On rare occasions a player may be able to play two doubles on his or her turn, first,
on their “private” train, then on the Mexican Train or on another “public” train.
That player does not have to “finish” either double. The next player then has to
follow the rules for doubles, “finishing” the FIRST double played. Once the FIRST
double is “finished”, the SECOND double must likewise be “finished”.
Exception to the Doubles Rule
If the double played is that players LAST domino it does not have to be “finished”.
The round ends. If that round began with the “double blank”, the game ends.
Ending a Round or the Game
When a player plays his or her last domino, play stops. All other players report the
sum of their remaining dominoes to the scorekeeper. If that round began with the
“double blank”, the game ends. The player with the lowest score wins the game.

March 23, 2017

Sometimes It’s Enough in Beanbag Play

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DSC_1267 (2).JPG
The Sometimers captured the 2017 Beanbag Baseball crown to open the
25th year of the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics March 23.
Edna Neill, JoJo Mazyck, Shera Peterson, Cookie Thomas and Lynette
Wynn comprise the front row from left with Bill Mazyck, Howard Peterson,
Mike Fort and Larry Wynn round out the champion squad on the back row.

The Sometimers were on target most of the time March 22-23 in winning the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics Beanbag Baseball title at VFW Hall No, 4588.

The team played six games through two days and won them all. In fact, in the opening match of the second day, The Sometimers routed the Silver Sluggers 31-11 and then closed out the day by beating the Silver Sluggers 19-16 for the Gold Medal.

The Silver Sluggers won the Silver Medal and last year’s champion, The Rascals, settled for the Bronze Medal, as the Sometimers beat them, 19-17, to set up the Gold Medal showdown. JoJo Mazyck went 3-for-3 with a couple of home runs in pacing the win. Mazyck and her husband Bill, Larry Wynn and Sherra Petterson also had big offensive games. “But we had many contributers in most of our games,” team captain Bill Mazyck said.

This was no surprise win for the Sometimers as almost all of the squad played in years past as Better Than Best. “Some of the players thought that name was a little too arrogant,” said Captain Bill Mazyck. “So we became The Sometimers.”
In 2011 the team won a Silver Medal as The Sometimers. The Silver Sluggers won a Gold Medal in 2012.

Last year’s champion, The Rascals, fell on hard times in their first game in the tournament March 22, beaten by the Benton Council on Aging Tigers, But the team fought itsr way back.

Other second day scores: Diamonds 2 11, David Raines Cougars 2; Rascals 17, Beanie Boppers 16; Knights of Columbus 15, Go Gettrers 2 5; Rascals 19, Diamonds 2 14; Silver Sluggers 2 17, Knights of Columbus 9.

Beanbag Baseball is a target game with players throwing beanbags toward a target 17 feet away, seeking to drop them through holes labeled home run, three bagger, two bagger and single, as well as out and foul. Team rosters bat in order for a designated number of innings.

The Beanbag competion opened the sports and games carnival for 50 year olds and older. Various activities are scheduled through May 26.

March 20, 2017

Live Oak Rookies Assisted Living’s Best Beanbaggers

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The Live Oak Rookies repeated as champions of Beanbag Baseball in the Northwest Louisiana District Senior Olympics Assisted Living Division March 17 at Bellaire Fitness Center.

The Rookies took the Gold Medal ahead of the Waterview Wildcats. The Bloom Angels earned the Bronze Medal. In 2016, the Rookies finished ahead of the other Live Oaks team, the Astros, with the Azalea Estates Honey Bees taking the Bronze Medal.

This year’s event drew eight teams and 104 players, one of whom checked in at 102 years of age.

Marilyn Hainey, who began conducting the Assisted Living Division with her husband Dick. said the event gives her a warm feeling. “I know I will have to give it up some time, but when I see the smiles and hear the laughter of the players, it’s hard not to want to come back next year.” She’s been with Northwest District Senior Olympics for 24 years and at the Assisted Living helm for 15.

The District’s Open Division kicks off on Wednesday (March 22) with Beanbag Baseball set for VFW Post 4588 Hall in Bossier City at 9 a.m.

June 11, 2016


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1a2014archery 030.JPG(File Photo)
Kenneth Hemphill posted the top score in winning the Gold Medal for 50-54 age bracket entrants in the NW District Senior Olympics Archery competition at Red River Archery Range.

Hemphill posted an 880 score of a possible 900 with 39 in the 10 ring. Michael Hopkins won the Silver Medal in the age bracket with an 816 with 13 10s.

Denise McKelvain was the top female in compound release. Among the leaders in the men’s division were Robert Miller 877 (26), Gary Crain 874 (29) Carey King 863 (63) and Phillip Thompson 859 (24).

Thomas Wachtel had the top score with the Barebow Recurve.

Barebow Recurve–Males Ages 55-59: Timothy Wachtel 430 Gold.
Compound Release–Females 50-54 Denise McKelvain 739 (5) Gold. Males 50-54: Kenneth Hemphill 880 (39) Gold. Michael Hoskins 816 (13) Silver. 55-59: Mike Hutchins 861 (27) Gold. 60-64: Robert Miller 877 (26) Gold. Carey King 863 (63) Silver. Mark Quinton 844 (15) Bronze. Also Gerald Messina 713. 65-69: Gary Crain 874 (29) Gold. Phillip Thompson 859 (24) Silver. Bobby McLain 842 (20) Bronze. Also Chris Comeaux 827 (20), Claude Matherne 719 (5). 75-79: Robert Taylor 813 (8) Gold.

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